Sweet Pope Francis Wants An End To Capitalism

It is good to hear more encouraging words from Pope Francis in an attempt to inspire the people to finally stage a planetary revolt against the evils of Capitalism. Please read it here or below.


Pope says capitalism failed humanity during coronavirus pandemic

Pope Francis has shared a new papal encyclical, calling for greater human solidarity to address global issues and criticizing the  “magic theories” of market capitalism as the only solution to the world’s problems.

Pope Francis shared his new encyclical in a speech overlooking St. Peter’s Square on Sunday, laying out a vision for the post-coronavirus world.

The encyclical titled “Fratelli Tutti” (Brothers All) called for greater human solidarity to address problems like climate change, or the injustices caused by economic inequity.

A papal encyclical is one of the most important types of communication by the pope and serves as a foundation for Catholic teaching by taking a position on important issues. 

What the pope said about capitalism

In his encyclical, Pope Francis denounced the “magic theories” of market capitalism of “as the only solution to societal problems.”

“There is little appreciation of the fact that the alleged ‘spillover’ does not resolve the inequality that gives rise to new forms of violence threatening the fabric of society,” the pope said.

“There were those who would have had us believe that freedom of the market was sufficient to keep everything secure (after the pandemic hit),” he wrote.

“The fragility of world systems in the face of the pandemic has demonstrated that not everything can be resolved by market freedom.”

“It is imperative to have a proactive economic policy directed at ‘promoting an economy that favors productive diversity and business creativity’ and makes it possible for jobs to be created, not cut.”

The pope also restated the past calls for the redistribution of wealth, saying those with much should “administer it for the good of all.” But he clarified that he was “not proposing an authoritarian and abstract universalism.”

He hoped the global coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more than 1 million people worldwide, would inspire a reassessement of global priorities.

“Once this health crisis passes, our worst response would be to plunge even more deeply into feverish consumerism and new forms of egotistic self-preservation,” he said. 

Other topics the pope addressed

War: Francis rejected the Catholic Church’s own doctrine of justifying war as a means of legitimate defense. He said the doctrine was applied too broadly throughout history and is no longer viable.

“It is very difficult nowadays to invoke the rational criteria elaborated in earlier centuries to speak of the possibility of a ‘just war.'”

Nationalism: The pope spoke of a “certain regression” in global affairs. “Ancient conflicts thought long buried are breaking out anew, while instances of a myopic, extremist, resentful and aggressive nationalism are on the rise.”

He called for “a global fraternity based on the practice of social friendship on the part of peoples and nations calls for a better kind of politics, one truly at the service of the common good.”

Social media: A self-declared computer illiterate, Pope Francis deplored how “social aggression has found unparalleled room for expansion through computers and mobile devices.”

“Things that until a few years ago could not be said by anyone without risking the loss of universal respect can now be said with impunity, and in the crudest of terms, even by some political figures.”

So we can only hope that the honest words of courageous Pope Francis will resound in the lives of the majority on Earth who are the poor. In order to eliminate all poverty, you must first eliminate all wealth. Do not continue to permit yourselves to be deceived by the “Petty Ones” who distract you with “Left verses Right”; all the while they steal more and more and destroy your planet openly as you ignore them because you fight among yourselves.

Country Internment, Currency Slavery and Perpetual War are the true evils. Only We can save you because We are the only alternative.

Do You Fear ‘Globalization’?

It is somewhat amusing to hear people still engaging in debates about “looming globalization” and if it poses a threat, because it has already been here for decades. Those Global Corporations, especially the Banking Cabal, are already Global. While you remain interned in your countries, they gleefully strip the planet of all assets; they care less about the welfare of the planet or life itself. This why the formation of and activities of corporations were initially banned by the ‘Founding Fathers’ in the U.S.A. Even when they relaxed, and allowed them to form, it was only for a set term to accomplish public works projects that would benefit all; they had to dissolve immediately afterwards.

Angela Carella: Founding fathers worried about corporate clout

Soon after the American colonies won their fight to separate from the British Empire, the Founding Fathers warned of another threat to government by the people.


The threat does not come from corporations that do business and amass wealth. It comes from corporations that use their wealth to build power for themselves by putting political candidates in office, dictating public policy and evading the law.

In his book “Corporations Are Not People,” attorney Jeffrey Clements explains the history of corporate power in America. Clements, a Greenwich High School graduate and former Massachusetts assistant attorney general, wrote the book as part of a nationwide effort to overturn a 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision that allows corporations to secretly give unlimited money to candidates through Super PACs.

The court ruled that not allowing corporations to give the money violates their free speech rights, which are the same as for people.

Soon after the American colonies won their fight to separate from the British Empire, the Founding Fathers warned of another threat to government by the people.


The threat does not come from corporations that do business and amass wealth. It comes from corporations that use their wealth to build power for themselves by putting political candidates in office, dictating public policy and evading the law.

In his book “Corporations Are Not People,” attorney Jeffrey Clements explains the history of corporate power in America. Clements, a Greenwich High School graduate and former Massachusetts assistant attorney general, wrote the book as part of a nationwide effort to overturn a 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision that allows corporations to secretly give unlimited money to candidates through Super PACs.

The court ruled that not allowing corporations to give the money violates their free speech rights, which are the same as for people.

Clements quotes early American presidents on corporate power.

In 1816, Thomas Jefferson, principal author of the Declaration of Independence, said he hoped to “crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country.”

In 1827, James Madison, known as the father of the Constitution, wrote that “incorporated companies with proper limitations and guards may, in particular cases, be useful; but they are at best a necessary evil only.”

Clements explains how President Andrew Jackson became concerned about the political clout of a corporation called Second Bank of the United States. In his 1833 message to Congress, Jackson asked whether the American people are to govern through their elected representatives or “whether the money and power of a great corporation are to be secretly exerted to influence their judgment and control their decisions.”

In his 1837 message to Congress, President Martin Van Buren warned of “the already overgrown influence of corporate authorities.”

But corporations kept pushing.

After the 14th Amendment, ratified in 1868, significantly expanded civil rights protections, lawyers for the Southern Pacific Railroad Co. tried to use it to avoid a tax assessed by Santa Clara County, Calif. Southern Pacific said it was a person under the 14th Amendment and the tax on railroad property was not equal because it was not assessed to other persons, which violated its rights.

The case went to the Supreme Court, which in 1886 ruled in favor of the railroad based on California law, not on the premise that a corporation is a person under the Constitution.

But what followed was a slew of Supreme Court cases in which big corporations demanded constitutional rights, Clements writes. They were trying to protect themselves from increasing cries to break up monopolies, ban corporate giving to politicians, and protect workers and the environment.

In his 1888 message to Congress, President Grover Cleveland said, “Corporations, which should be the carefully restrained creatures of the law and the servants of the people, are fast becoming the people’s masters.”

Still, the power of corporations, particularly monopolies or trusts, continued to grow. In 1901 President Theodore Roosevelt took action, earning him the nickname trust buster. He won a ban on corporate political contributions and measures such as the Pure Food and Drug Act prohibiting misleading labels and harmful chemicals.

In 1913, Americans of both parties came together to back the 17th Amendment requiring that the people elect U.S. senators, Clements writes. Before that, senators were appointed by state legislatures, a process rife with corporate influence.

Woodrow Wilson, who was president from 1913 to 1921, and Franklin Roosevelt, president from 1933 to 1945, won more regulations of corporate power. During Roosevelt’s term, Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black struck down the idea that corporations are people with rights under the Constitution.

After that, “corporate personhood was a dead issue for decades,” Clements writes.

Then came Earth Day 1970.

Across America 20 million people took to the streets to demand that corporations stop polluting the air, soil and water and destroying wildlife, forests and rivers. Within a few years, with bipartisan support, Congress created the Environmental Protection Agency and passed the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act, the Toxic Substances Control Act and many others.

In 1971, a corporate lawyer from Virginia, Lewis Powell, whose client was the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, outlined a plan for how corporations could strike back. Powell, a director of several international corporations including the Philip Morris cigarette manufacturer, wrote a memo to the Chamber saying corporations had to organize and plan long term and pool their money. Most significantly, corporations had to find “activist” Supreme Court judges to grant them rights, Powell’s memo said.

In 1972, President Richard Nixon appointed Powell to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Corporations did what Powell recommended. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce established a National Chamber Litigation Center. Corporate executives funded “legal foundations” around the country to pound their message into every court — the Constitution gives corporations the same rights as people.

Finally, in 2010, the Supreme Court decreed just that.

It overturned decades of campaign-finance laws and ruled that Citizens United, a Virginia corporation that advances conservative causes, could air an anti-Hillary Clinton documentary during the 2008 presidential race. But the court didn’t stop there. It said that corporations, in protection of their free speech rights, may contribute unlimited “independent expenditures” to candidates’ Super PACs.

Now, in this presidential election year, money is flooding into Super PACs to surreptitiously pay for the campaigns and television ads of the candidates corporations choose.

This is Resolutions Week, when Americans nationwide are pushing their towns and cities to pass resolutions calling for a reversal of the Citizens United decision and a return to the thinking of the nation’s founders.

In “Corporations Are Not People,” Clements quotes President Theodore Roosevelt in a 1920 speech. “There can be no effective control of corporations while their political activity remains,” Roosevelt said.

Do you believe this history is still being taught in the U.S.?

There remains no Planetary authority upon the Earth and destruction will continue unabated until there is. As We have been declaring all along, every member of the Human Collective upon Earth is a sovereign citizen of Planet Earth, with the inherent right to travel, dwell or work anyplace upon the Earth unhindered. It is you who continues to permit Country Internment.

“When you believe in any country, you limit your home.

When you believe in any currency, you limit your ability.

When you believe in any debt, you limit your life.”

Let the Earth be your only true home -for it is- let the Human Race be your only Race and Love be your only religion -flee from any who claim that murder is ever a religious obligation-.

You already know that such crimes by these Global Corporations go unpunished.

If any Planetary authority existed on Earth, this disgraceful activity would stop. Any corporations (including banks) that did not immediately obey, would have their business and assets seized by the State and all offenders apprehended. Yes, it really is that simple.

Compromise: Blessed Are The Peacemakers


Discussion leads to compromise, which leads to peace.

There is nothing of greater value than a Human Life because of the ability of that life to create.

At present, all across the Globe you will witness greater divisions as the World divides itself into 2 camps. There are the ‘Awakened’ verses the ‘Sleepers’. Life itself is change. Without change, a facet of life itself, a requirement of life itself, there can be no future. Thus it is in these ‘End Times’. We (the Servants Of The Light) call these times the ‘End Times’ because soon all remnants of Civilization Level Zero will cease to exist upon the Earth. An ending can also be a new beginning. To progress as a Human Species on Earth requires change.

The ‘Sleeping Ones’ are accustomed to the use of shame, fear and lies as a method of control. They support Tribalism and seek an Authoritarian power to rule over them which grants them feeling of being ‘protected’ from change. They like rules and laws so that they can follow them and hide within their tribe. They enshrine the past and hold it sacred.

The ‘Awakened Ones’ are aware of their own innate powers of creation and seek to create a world for themselves. They do not fear change which is constant from one moment to the next. They resent rules and laws being imposed upon them unjustly as they revel in greater personal freedom. They do not adhere to Tribalism but have selected to embrace Universalism.


We do not wish to witness a tremendous loss of humzn life, which is one of the options available. Sadly, for the ‘Sleepers’ it will not be possible for things to continue for very much longer on Earth as they are. If you cannot engage in a dialog to produce a compromise that will be change supported by both sides, then even if you do not destroy yourselves in a war; you will still all die as the Level One technology (which does not belong on Earth) destroys all life anyways. So change will occur just the same, yet it will be a miserable death.

Some are reading these words and do not believe them. You who are among the ‘Awakened’ are well aware of their truth. The greatest threats abound and yet they can be reversed. Plastics alone will dissemate all life in the Oceans soon which will cause a catastrophic Global Famine; yet you cannot even control the privately owned companies that continue to mass produce these as an essential aspect of ‘garbage goods’ that present Capitalist Earth relies upon.

So We encourage that peaceful dialog takes place in order to avoid the End by mutual desruction through War. An evolution of Human Civilization to a Level One Civilization will enable continued support of life on Earth (We provided guidelines through the New Global Communist Party).

Is Donald Trump Trying To Cause Civil War?

For amusement watch the video which makes light of a serious issue.

Before the pandemic crises and the massive unemployment and economy crash, Donald Trump was already threatening civil war. Trump has shown that he is mentally unfit to rule through his words and deeds, yet, could he be mentally unstable? Loss of human life (as long as it is not his) does not seem to bother Trump. He has done everything in his power to alienate the poor and minorities and now he is exposing his plans to result in the destruction of the U.S.A.

Trump hopes to win the next election in order to proceed with his plans to begin a war with Russia and China. It is unlikely he will win, yet he is doing everything he can now to ferment dissent so that after he loses, he can remain in power(dictator). Civil War seems the likely outcome. Let us all hope that Trump can be dealt with quickly. Paramilitary groups are already appearing on the streets and have already caused deaths.

Here is a great article about “Mad Donald”.

August 1864 vs. August 2020: A contrast in leadership

Tom Wheeler

In August 1864, as the national election approached, Abraham Lincoln expected to lose and was planning for an orderly transition of power. One hundred fifty-six years later, the month of August 2020 sees a down-in-the-polls Donald Trump suggesting he might delay the election or not recognize its validity if he is defeated.

Donald Trump wants us to believe that expanding voting procedures to deal with a national crisis is unique and threatening. Yet, the circumstances of the 2020 election mirror in at least three ways those of 1864: The first was whether an election could be conducted amidst a national crisis. The second was the need to change voting laws. The third was the availability of a new technology to spread the president’s words.

Lincoln knew his opponent’s victory would mean the dissolution of the nation he had fought to preserve. The Democratic nominee, Union General George B. McClellan, formerly the army’s top general, was positioned as the man who could bring the war to an end by means of a negotiated peace.

On August 23, Lincoln presented the cabinet with a document he had prepared. “This morning, as for some days past, it seems exceedingly probable that this Administration will not be re-elected,” he wrote. “Then it will be my duty to so co-operate with the President elect, as to save the Union between the election and the inauguration; as he will have secured his election on such grounds that he cannot possibly save it afterwards.” Each cabinet member was expected to sign the document.

“The People are wild for peace,” New York’s powerful Republican Thurlow Weed wrote Secretary of State William Seward. “I told Mr. Lincoln that his re-election was an impossibility.” To a friend, Lincoln confided, “You think I don’t know I am going to be beaten? but I do, and unless some great change takes place, beaten badly.”[1]

Surely, the soldiers bearing the brunt of Lincoln’s decisions would support their old commander and peace, over Lincoln and war. But would those soldiers be able to vote?

Historically, state laws required being physically present at the polling station. Most states changed their laws so that soldiers and sailors could vote remotely. But five states—Indiana, Illinois, Delaware, New Jersey, and Oregon—continued the no absentee tradition. Among other effects, this meant that Abraham Lincoln was unable to vote for his own reelection since he could not leave Washington to return to Illinois.

Just as today, the scramble to change the voting laws to allow for the extenuating circumstances became political. In some states, fearing the unknown, Democrats blocked the reform.

The new voting procedures also created confusion. Some states allowed soldiers to mail in their ballots, while other states sent delegations to the troops to collect their votes. New rules that were being tried for the first time and carried out in different ways would determine the fate of the nation.

Many Democrats felt confident the soldier vote would go their way. One Democratic newspaper publisher predicted, “We are as certain of two-thirds of that vote for General McClellan as the sun shines,”[2] Yet, Lincoln did not discourage the new voting practices.

Not only did Lincoln not attack the new voting methods, but he also facilitated the soldier franchise. On his instructions, the Secretary of War oversaw granting of furloughs to go home and vote to soldiers who were in hospitals or were otherwise unfit for field duty. The army even furnished the necessary transportation.[3]

This did not mean that Lincoln was passive in his reelection effort. In his own words he was “more of a politician than anything else”[4] and he used every political lever available. The relatively new telegraph played the role of today’s internet, fulfilling an insatiable demand for information. In response, Lincoln developed a sophisticated political information apparatus. For the first time, government agencies began producing press releases for distribution to local newspapers by telegraph. Lincoln sat down for an unprecedented number of one-on-one interviews with journalists that were then telegraphed to papers throughout the nation.[5] Like today, the president understood how the electronic network of the era reshaped political discourse.

In the end, as we all know, Lincoln won the 1864 election. He carried the vote of those who cast their ballot at home as well as the soldier vote in the field. Some argue that Lincoln was pro-soldier vote in the belief it would help him. In sharp contrast to today, however, his actions were in favor of the franchise. In the face of expected defeat, Abraham Lincoln put into practice what he so eloquently spoke of a year earlier, that we are a “government by the people.”

As more and more humans awaken to the absurdity of country internment (be proud of and caring for the Planet), currency slavery (hopefully the massive amount owed by all humans on Earth to a tiny minority combined with awareness of the true worthless nature of all currency will spark rebellion), and 13,000 years of unending wars; a planet wide rebellion is needed. It looks like we will see this begin soon within the U.S.A.

Superintendence Through Distraction: False Flag In The U.S.A.

The privately owned media (another monopoly) in the U.S.A. is ripe with “false flags“, the most recent one is an absurd story about Russian agents offering to pay bounties to Taliban fighters who kill or injure U.S. forces. How this information was suddenly gleaned by the C.I.A. is obscure, although in one disclosure “intense interviews of Taliban prisoners”(torture) was listed.

The purpose of this false flag is to yet again distract the public from the flaws of the Trump Whitehouse, and the Presidents seeming dementia. Trump is only interested in winning another election in order to further his agenda of being a Wartime President. Let us list what the Whitehouse doesn’t want the public to focus upon.

The massive protests across the United States in response to wanton murders committed by police that specifically target racial minorities caused Trump to overreact and label the protestors ‘Thugs’; followed by threats of invading U.S. cities with ‘thousands and thousands’ of troops loyal to Trump. In addition of veiled threats that ‘all options are on the table’ (airstrikes) against unarmed protesters.With protests in 30 cities the first night and 40 cities the next, he used an antiquated ‘Insurgency Law’ to threaten States. So you are no longer getting any coverage about the protests, or discussions about the Temporary Autonomous Zones, such as the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone or the Black House Autonomous Zone.

Donald Trump is mishandling the Plague, beautifully. He couldn’t be doing a worse job. It seems that his Mad Brazilian Dictator chum, Jair Bolsonaro, is leading Trump in his policies now. Somehow, those two compliment each other.

Finally, let us not forget to mention Donald Trumps feeble (feeble-minded) attempts to start a race war. He wanted his MAGA supporters to storm the White House the first night of protests. Was he tweeting as he hid in his underground bunker? He tried it again when he held his first indoor rally. Perhaps he is hoping that a race riot will permit him to declare martial law? I suspect that Trump is somehow responsible for the Civil War threats of Boogaloo Movement.

So, do not permit media blackouts and disinformation about fake Russia Scare tactics to fool you. Stay awake, arise and focus.

Important Propaganda Message From The New Global Communist Party


It is good to witness more protests. It is just to protest against Racial Inequality as it is to protest also against Healthcare, Education and Shelter Inequality. All humans exist together at the same point of Space/Time and all behave as they do purely based upon individual desire, ability and intent. More of you are beginning to show signs that you are awakening to the truth of not just discrimination (Race, Religion, I.Q., Physical Age, Gender, Sexuality and all other invented tribal categories) but Country Internment and Currency Slavery upon Earth. You see the wanton destruction of your planet as you witness those responsible for it, deny it.

Let the entire Planet Earth be your only home.

Let the Human Race be your only race.

Let Love be your only religion.

When you believe in a country, you limit your home. When you believe in a currency, you limit your ability. When you believe in any debt, you limit your life. Do not go back to sleep. Country Internment, Currency slavery, unending warfare and invented laws which exist solely as a means to imprison countless millions of your peaceful brothers and sisters, is not normal. Prison Planet Earth, is not normal.

Let streets filled with protestors demanding a return to all that has been stolen from them, become the new normal until you have taken back your planet. All the “Petty Ones”(Billionaire Class) are thieves. They have stolen all the land, resources and even the fruits of your labour through fraud. They start wars and then gleefully supply both sides of every conflict as you suffer and die and then are told, yet again, that you owe them.

Share our manifesto. Copy and print it.

As more and more of you awake, it is no longer possible for you to accept your state as “normal”. It isn’t. The number of impoverished humans far, far exceeds any other state. Take back your world. Do not ask… take. Do not beg… demand. Fill the streets and keep them full until your demands are met. It is time for the utter annihilation of Civilization Level Zero upon Earth. The “Golden Age” you have all been waiting for, that has been prophesied for you, is Civilization Level One. It will not suddenly appear. You must create it yourselves through action. It will not be gifted to you by any “Aliens” from off world or another dimension. It will not appear at the bequest of any “Messiah”. You already are the “Messiah” that you have been waiting for. You are the Light!

Let the “Petty Ones” hide in their bunkers, in the darkness deep beneath the surface of your planet. If you locate them… do not break in, rather seal them in. Seal them all in forever so that none of them shall ever smell or feel the wind or the sun upon their faces. It is their fate. Leave them to their fate as you deliver yourselves and the Planet Earth (your mother) from thralldom.

Celebrate the destruction of Civilization Level Zero together.

Dance in the streets!

Let the peels of your laughter be heard throughout the Multi-verse so that Heaven will know that the humans on Earth are free at last.


Continue reading “Important Propaganda Message From The New Global Communist Party”

Donald Trump Is Doomed

Who amongst us was not at first captivated by Donald Trump? His charisma, honesty and belief in himself was a powerful tonic. When the others all teased him, he stood proudly as an Underdog and won the day – unlike so many others who give up.- Nobody knew what to expect, yet he represented a change to so many Americans that it was enough to sweep him into power. We know him now.

At present Donald Trump wants to cement his victory over the next election by portraying himself as Richard M. Nixon is-this is his undoing-. Perhaps he waxes over Nixon because his father (Frederick Christ Trump) was a supporter and maybe even a campaign contributor to Nixon? This might explain why Donald was able to avoid the Vietnam war in 1968, hiding in a dorm room instead of fighting like a “Patriot”. So he wants to make people think it is 1968 and he is the new Nixon; with his law and order and his Silent Majority. He even tried to provoke a Race War.

Donald Trump has now already lost the next election, and he looked like a ‘sure thing’ next to Joe Biden. He has exposed himself as a Tsar Nicholas, an autocrat, more than a Nixon. Actions speak louder than words Donald. Tsar Nicholas was proud to admit that he only surround himself with his ‘most loyal’ advisors (not the most intelligent). When 150,000 protestors, lead by a priest, demanded better treatment for factory workers; Nicholas ordered his army to open fire upon them, killing many. Trump was prepared to do exactly that. He threatened to fill every American City with ‘thousands and thousands’ of troops, loyal to him. He also stated that “all options are on the table”, including airstrikes to commit mass-murder of unarmed civilians? Tsar Nicholas referred to the unarmed protestors as ‘Hooligans’, Trump calls them ‘Thugs’.

Tsar Nicholas was an Autocrat, and Trump already, through his actions, has shown that he considers himself the First Emperor of the United States.  He has exposed his hand too soon, and now he is doomed to lose the next election. He did follow an old dictator ploy by inventing an invisible enemy -far left anarchists- to bring the people to him using fear. Nothing original about that, but all Americans should be disturbed by it. If he had killed protestors, he would have used this as his excuse. When he is questioned, he pretends that there is no problem, no race issues. He avoids it and is hoping that the protestors will just go home so things can return to normal. Sorry Trump, that is never going to happen. At least the Democratic Opposition have admitted there is a problem and already released a strategy to change things on all States as well as the Federal Level. So this is why it is too late for Trump, and he is doomed to return to his self-aggrandized career as a Slum Lord.

It is not so grand that Democrats will win, since there will be very little change from them; still at least in regards to the discrimination issue, they will at least try. Beware them for whenever you witness their ilk take a step forward, they take 2 steps backward. Watch that they do not extend rights with one hand while passing new laws to further reduce rights.

So Trump has us all reflecting on 1968…


Trump thinks he is ‘the Chosen One’.

Beware of False Prophets.



Who Owns What?


The state of the world seems different to many, yet this is really illusion based upon individual perceptions which are influenced as most things through programming. Your cultural mores, religions, media and laws result in how you select to program yourself. The truth is that for approximately 13000 years (since the great flood), the Civilization Level upon Earth has been and remains at Level Zero.


As We have mentioned before, fear is the basis of ownership. You fear that you will not have enough or that what you do have will be stolen from you, so you want to stake ownership over everything about you; oftentimes this includes other humans. This is why humans seem to be so fearful of any suggestion that they own only themselves. From a perspective of facts, it would seem that this is a delusion not only because humans do not actually own Planet Earth, but most cannot even agree on what ownership even is. In truth, it is your Central Banks, through the fabrication and manipulation  of worthless currency tied to Global Usury and Corporation monopolization; that actually own everything. You are just a tenant, a serf. Stop paying all of your “debts” and taxes, then see what happens to all that you claim to “own”. There are alternatives available to country internment and currency slavery. The tiny few humans who actually own these private Central Banks and the corrupt officials and governments which enable them, are your owners. Try to engage in a meaningful conversation about changing this or even explaining it and you will hear their mantra of “conspiracy, fake news or even anti-semitism” used to halt discussion.

We cannot go into detail here about theft through these banks and their worthless currencies, corporate theft and monopolization as a means of control, since this has been discussed in prior posts. It must be accepted that there the spirt in technological growth over the past 100 years is indeed a mystery as it has resulted in Level One technology to exist within a Level Zero Civilization. This poses a threat to all life upon Earth. We can only hope that the present plague crisis which had shown how flawed currency slavery is, will spur change. Let us present below some stories…


More Than 4 Million US Homeowners Skipping Mortgage Payments

New data from the Mortgage Bankers Associations (MBA) reveals that while some 4.1 million American homeowners remain enrolled in forbearance plans, the housing industry has observed some relief as parts of the nation begin to lift restrictions and stay-at-home orders related to the COVID-19 novel coronavirus.

The MBA announced in a Monday news release that its latest “Forbearance and Call Volume Survey” found that the total number of loans in forbearance had risen from 7.91% of servicers’ portfolio volume on May 3 to 8.16% by May 10.

Forbearance is an agreement made between a borrower and mortgage servicer or lender, allowing the borrower to pause or suspend mortgage payments for a defined period of time without worry of going into foreclosure.

A borrower who receives forbearance does not have their payments forgiven or removed from the mortgage. They are simply delayed to a later date.

“There has been a pronounced flattening in loans put into forbearance – despite April’s uniformly negative economic data, remarkably high unemployment, and it now being past May payment due dates,” Mike Fratantoni, the MBA’s senior vice president and chief economist, said in the May 18 news release.

Under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, American homeowners suffering financial hardship from the pandemic are eligible to request forbearance for up to 180 days. Following that period, a borrower may also contact their loan servicer and request a 180-day extension of forbearance.

Furthermore, the CARES Act blocked lenders and loan servicers from starting a judicial or non-judicial foreclosure against a borrower, or finalizing a judgment on a foreclosure, for 60 days.

Citing a report from Oxford Economics, MarketWatch reported that despite the assistance extended through the CARES Act, around 15% of US homeowners will find themselves falling behind on their monthly mortgage payments.

Coronavirus: Over 300 lawmakers urge IMF, World Bank to cancel poor countries’ debt

Over 300 lawmakers from around the world on Wednesday urged the International Monetary Fund and World Bank to cancel the debt of the poorest countries in response to the coronavirus pandemic, and to boost funding to avert a global economic meltdown.

The initiative, led by former U.S. presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Ilham Omar, a Democrat from Minnesota, comes amid growing concern that developing countries and emerging economies will be devastated by the pandemic.

The virus has infected more than 4.2 million people globally and killed 287,349, a Reuters tally showed.

Widespread shutdowns aimed at containing the virus are taking a huge toll on the global economy, and especially poor countries with weak health systems, high debt levels and few resources to manage the dual health and economic crises.

IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva on Tuesday said the Fund was “very likely” to revise downward its forecast that global output would shrink by 3% in 2020, and said developing countries would need more than $2.5 trillion in financing to weather the storm.

Sanders said poor countries needed every cent to care for their people, instead of servicing the “unsustainable debts” they owe to the large international financial institutions.

Canceling the debt of the poorest countries was “the very least that the World Bank, IMF and other international financial institutions should do to prevent an unimaginable increase in poverty, hunger, and disease that threatens hundreds of millions of people,” he said.

The lawmakers welcomed a move by the IMF to cover the debt service payments of 25 of the poorest countries for six months, but said further efforts were needed.

The World Bank has said it will look at ways to expand its support for the poorest countries, but warned waiving debt payments could harm its credit rating and undercut its ability to provide low-cost funding to members.

In the letter, parliamentarians from two dozen countries on all six continents, said debt service obligations of the poorest countries should be canceled outright, instead of simply suspended, as agreed by the Group of 20 countries in April.

In the letter, parliamentarians from two dozen countries on all six continents, said debt service obligations of the poorest countries should be canceled outright, instead of simply suspended, as agreed by the Group of 20 countries in April.

“An issuance of SDRs on the order of trillions of dollars will be required to avert major increases in poverty, hunger and disease,” wrote the lawmakers, who span a wide range of political affiliations and include former heads of state.

An SDR allocation is akin to a central bank “printing” new money and does not trigger big costs, but has been opposed by the United States, the IMF’s largest shareholder.

Omar said the United States should lead the effort to provide relief to the most vulnerable nations.

“All our destinies are linked. If we turn a blind eye to the suffering of people abroad, it will eventually harm us,” Omar said.

Other signatories include former British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Argentine lawmaker Carlos Menem, who enacted austerity measures when he served as president in the 1980s and 1990s.

Canada’s development minister Karina Gould says the federal government is pushing the IMF and World Bank to cancel debt to African countries.

(Reporting by Andrea Shalal; Editing by Lincoln Feast.)

—With files from the Canadian Press and Global News

As We have mentioned many times, there is no such thing as debt because all currency is actually worthless and this is why any concept of interest can only be usury. When you eliminate all forms of Capital and Privatization from the World, you accept that the abundance which exists will provide for all without fear of theft.


Will The World Change?

Hopefully the present plague will finally expose the cancer of worthless currency and privatization schemes that have resulted in a “perfect storm” for it’s own destruction. The Central Bank Cabal and it’s tiny handful of human owners have been playing on Earth through their I.M.F. Cartel and it is no longer a secret. The tax and spend economies have always given them what they wanted.

IMF calls on Latvia and San Marino to do more on pensions

Greece calls on IMF to drop demand for cuts and “listen”

IMF insists on need for cuts to pensions, lower surpluses


IMF: Global economy faces worst recession since the Great Depression – as it happened



It is a theme that is impossible to ignore. People must realize that the I.M.F. is merely the Cartel employed by the privately owned Central Banks to deceive and ensure that their worthless currency stays on Earth. Addiction to worthless currency and conflict will not go away until the people demand it. Soon, the government’s which failed to serve the people will be forced to choose a side.



Beware The Profiteers

At this present moment there is an epidemic of false scarcity being manufactured across the U.S.A. and in Canada. This means that in truth, there is no scarcity as the factories and supply lines are completely normal, but panic buying is creating scarcity, which in turn leads to more panic buying. How does this benefit the profiteers? There are already profiteers at work sending out crews to deplete such items as toilet paper, Kleenex, frozen meats, breads and other staples. When panic buying ensues, it makes it impossible to target these crews who are filling up warehouses with these goods in anticipation of an actual shortage. If the factories begin to shut down and the supple lines become diminished, then the government will be forced to introduce rationing and ration cards as they had done in WWII. When/if this happens, you will witness the profiteers open up their warehouses and establish a Black Market of goods. Already it is impossible not to notice panic buying has caused false scarcity.

Concentrate on that which you have control over. If you cannot stop a war or cure a disease, live your life and find happiness and pleasure whenever you can. Spread joy wherever you go. Do not fret. If you cause fear and panic, you are making all situations worse. When you panic buy, you are helping the profiteers with their work to deplete and cause even greater panic. Can currency slavery be justly called an economy? The apparatus of worthless currency, consumerism and the garbage goods and environmental destruction it creates is the result of Profit as the economic driver for the Planet Earth.

Most of you readers know that productivity and quality should be the economic driver and that all worthless currency should be removed from use. Only life and labour have value and it is only after a Global Revolution that will end all privatization and country internment that it will be possible to witness this event. Until then, you will have to continue to bear witness to shameful profiteering in all of it’s ugly guises.

Meet the Corporate War Profiteers Making a Killing on Trump’s Attacks on Iran

As long as the top executives of our privatized war economy can reap unlimited rewards, the profit motive for war in Iran—or anywhere—will persist.

CEOs of major U.S. military contractors stand to reap huge windfalls from the escalation of conflict with Iran. This was evident in the immediate aftermath of the U.S. assassination of a top Iranian military official last week. As soon as the news reached financial markets, these companies’ share prices spiked, inflating the value of their executives’ stock-based pay.

I took a look at how the CEOs at the top five Pentagon contractors were affected by this surge, using the most recent SEC information on their stock holdings.

Northrop Grumman executives saw the biggest increase in the value of their stocks after the U.S. airstrike that killed Qasem Suleimani on January 2. Shares in the B-2 bomber maker rose 5.43 percent by the end of trading the following day.

Wesley Bush, who turned Northrop Grumman’s reins over to Kathy Warden last year, held 251,947 shares of company stock in various trusts as of his final SEC Form 4 filing in May 2019. (Companies must submit these reports when top executives and directors buy and sell company stock.) Assuming Bush is still sitting on that stockpile, he saw the value grow by $4.9 million to a total of $94.5 million last Friday.

New Northrop Grumman CEO Warden saw the 92,894 shares she’d accumulated as the firm’s COO expand in value by more than $2.7 million in just one day of post-assassination trading.

Lockheed Martin, whose Hellfire missiles were reportedly used in the attack at the Baghdad airport, saw a 3.6 percent increase in price per share on January 3. Marillyn Hewson, CEO of the world’s largest weapon maker, may be kicking herself for selling off a considerable chunk of stock last year when it was trading at around $307. Nevertheless, by the time Lockheed shares reached $413 at the closing bell, her remaining stash had increased in value by about $646,000.

What about the manufacturer of the MQ-9 Reaper that carried the Hellfire missiles? That would be General Atomics. Despite raking in $2.8 billion in taxpayer-funded contracts in 2018, the drone maker is not required to disclose executive compensation information because it is a privately held corporation.

We do know General Atomics CEO Neal Blue is worth an estimated $4.1 billion—and he’s a major investor in oil production, a sector that also stands to profit from conflict with a major oil-producing country like Iran.

Suleimani’s killing also inflated the value of General Dynamics CEO Phebe Novakovic’s fortune. As the weapon maker’s share price rose about 1 percentage point on January 3, the former CIA official saw her stock holdings increase by more than $1.2 million.

Raytheon CEO Thomas Kennedy saw a single-day increase in his stock of more than half a million dollars, as the missile and bomb manufacturer’s share price increased nearly 1.5 percent. Boeing stock remained flat on Friday. But Dennis Muilenberg, recently ousted as CEO over the 737 aircraft scandal, appears to be well-positioned to benefit from any continued upward drift of the defense sector.

As of his final Form 4 report, Muilenburg was sitting on stock worth about $47.7 million. In his yet to be finalized exit package, the disgraced former executive could also pocket huge sums of currently unvested stock grants.

Hopefully sanity will soon prevail and the terrifyingly high tensions between the Trump administration and Iran will de-escalate. But even if the military stock surge of this past Friday turns out to be a market blip, it’s a sobering reminder of who stands to gain the most from a war that could put millions of lives at risk.

We can put an end to dangerous war profiteering by denying federal contracts to corporations that pay their top executives excessively. In 2008, John McCain, then a Republican presidential candidate, proposed capping CEO pay at companies receiving taxpayer bailouts at no more than $400,000 (the salary of the U.S. president). That notion should be extended to companies that receive massive taxpayer-funded contracts.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, for instance, has a plan to deny federal contracts to companies that pay CEOs more than 150 times what their typical worker makes.

As long as we allow the top executives of our privatized war economy to reap unlimited rewards, the profit motive for war in Iran—or anywhere—will persist.


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