Ready For Another World War?


“We have said for sometime now that “Petty Ones” who have managed to successfully keep you all divided through Country Internment and Currency Slavery could no longer hide what it is that they do from you. They have been successful in keeping you all distracted through Private Media control that bombards you with constant advertisements for “junk products” – remember that the economic driver on Capitalist Earth remains “profit” and there is no profit in making things that last or cure or actually solve a problem.- distract you by making you think that personal decisions about things such as narcotics or private Human sexuality is somehow important or that “debt” exists and you owe them.

Right now the organization which calls itself N.A.T.O. (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization) has proven itself to be yet another tool for “corporate colonialism” so War is employed in order to invade another targeted country to “protect the financial interests” of a N.A.T.O. State (Central Bank). These same Privately owned Central Banks which control the armies of “N.A.T.O.” are also the same ones who own and control the majority of all private corporations on Earth.

The disturbing growth of Nationalism (Nationalism is a political, social, and economic system characterized by the promotion of the interests of a particular nation, especially with the aim of gaining and maintaining sovereignty over the homeland) is an indication that the “Petty Ones” are gearing up for War. They want to persuade you that somehow, living your life in an Internment Camps is not only a good thing (as is living on a tiny postage stamp as opposed to living on the Planet Earth) but that you should be so grateful to them you will be willing to sacrifice your own life as well as the lives of your children and grandchildren.

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Great powers commemorate First World War, and plan the next one

13 November 2018

Over the past weekend, the leaders of the world’s great powers met in France to commemorate the official end of World War I. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and US President Donald Trump pulled long faces, hugged each other and gave speeches lamenting the “horror” and “tragedy” of a war that claimed more than 16 million lives.

But their talk of “tragedy” and “suicide” could not hide the fact that they are all engaged in active preparations for a new and deadly world military conflict.

Trump, as usual, did not feel the need to hide his love of bloodshed. His speech at the Suresnes American Cemetery just outside Paris was a jingoistic rant. Trump praised the “great warriors” who “fought through hell to turn the tide of the war” and lauded the “ferocious” American marines who were termed “Devil Dogs” by the terrified German soldiers.

Unlike Merkel and Macron, the American President did not give an inch to the idea, universally acknowledged throughout the world since the fall of the Third Reich, that World War I was a disaster, in which millions were slaughtered either through the ignorance of generals or the avarice of politicians and industrialists. It was, in the words of Trump, a “noble” struggle to bring “peace” and defend “civilization.”

The speeches of Macron and Merkel betrayed the same bloody sentiments merely covered over with a dirty layer of dishonesty. Macron styled his speech as a condemnation of “nationalism,” while Merkel lamented the war as a “hideous labyrinth of merciless battles,” as “senseless bloodshed” caused by “national arrogance and military hubris.”

But Macron’s speech was, in its content, a celebration of the great lie peddled by the Germano-French fascist movement: that the “Great war” was an all-pervasive moment of national unity, in which social and class divisions were cast aside for the defense of the fatherland. For the fighters, Macron said, “France symbolized all that was beautiful in the world.” The soldiers in the trenches were “our family, the family that we belong to today,” creating “one France … popular and bourgeois.”

This statement was entirely consistent with Macron’s declaration just a few days earlier that Philippe Pétain, the Nazi-collaborationist dictator of Vichy France who sent tens of thousands of Jews and anti-fascists to their deaths, was a “great soldier.”

For Merkel’s part, her invocation of the “horrors” of the first world war were coupled with appeals for Germany to end its “isolation” by becoming a great power. The Chancellor declared: “The First World War showed us what kind of ruin isolationism can lead us into. And if seclusion wasn’t a solution 100 years ago, how could it be so today?”

What an absurd lie. Every freshman history textbook makes it clear that the war was not caused by Germany’s “isolationism” but by the desire of Kaiser and Chancellor to secure what Wilhelm II called Germany’s “Place in the Sun”—colonial possessions at the expense of her competitors who had arrived earlier on the world arena.

It was to secure German world power that Merkel’s predecessor, Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg, said in 1914 that the object of his regime was to “lay the foundations for German predominance in Europe.”

With very minor modifications, these are the sentiments animating the Chancellery of the Federal Republic, as expressed by its leading ideologists. In the words of Humboldt University professor Herfried Münkler, Germany must become the “taskmaster” of Europe, exercising “determined political and economic leadership” over the continent.

On the other side of the Rhine, the sentiments of the ruling classes are just as warlike. Just days after Macron’s speech, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire called for the formation of a “European Empire” to compete economically and militarily with the United States and China. While the population of Europe, given the horrors of two world wars, will find such talk of empire “unattractive … in tomorrow’s world, it’s going to be all about power … Europe cannot be shy any longer about using its power.”

Le Maire concluded, “Everybody knows it takes guts to stand in the way of Donald Trump’s administration … The people of Europe have had enough of the babble.”

This is a deliberate and conscious restatement of German chancellor Bismarck’s adage that leadership will be decided not by “liberalism but by power,” not by “speeches,” but by “blood and iron.”

Such militarist, and essentially fascistic, sentiments are expressed not only in words, but in deeds.

US President Donald Trump, with the support of a Democratic opposition that functions largely as a rubber-stamp for his assault on democracy, has embarked upon the largest military build-up since the Cold War, withdrawing from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) nuclear treaty with Russia and massively expanding the United States’ nuclear arsenal. He has begun deploying 15,000 troops on American soil, asserted the right to overturn constitutional amendments by executive fiat and started the construction of concentration camps capable of holding tens of thousands.

Macron, pursuing his country’s own breakneck military rearmament, has pushed for the creation of a “European army” to counter the United States and China, to be paid for by the types of anti-worker austerity policies his government is pioneering.

Merkel presides over a grand coalition government dedicated to military rearmament and the projection of power overseas. She, too, supervises the construction of concentration camps to hold helpless refugees. Her government is a den of crypto-fascists, exemplified by the recently-fired head of the country’s secret service, Hans-Georg Maassen, who defended neo-Nazi rioters who attacked Jews and foreigners.

In collaboration with the neo-fascist Alternative for Germany (AfD), Maassen authored a report placing those who oppose capitalism, including the Socialist Equality Party, under surveillance as “left-wing extremists.” And in the latest exposure of the viper’s lair that is the German military/intelligence apparatus, the news weekly Focus Magazine reported that internal army investigations have uncovered a massive plot by as many as 200 military personnel to round up and murder left-wing politicians.

Today’s drive toward military conflict on the part of the great powers is rooted in the same fundamental contradictions of capitalism—between the world economy and the outmoded nation-state system, and between socialized production and the private ownership of the means of production—that led to two world wars in the 20th century.

It is also fueled by intensifying domestic political and social tensions within each of the major imperialist countries. The governments of Macron, Trump and Merkel are all broadly hated as direct instruments of a corrupt financial oligarchy. These governments see in war not only the pretext to use police-state repression against their opponents, but for the promotion of far-right forces to create a constituency for their policies of militarism and austerity and to use as shock troops against the growing struggles of the working class.

We live, as World Socialist Web Site editorial board chairman David North has argued, in the “Unfinished 20th Century.” All the demons that plagued the last century return to vex our own. But this means that the tasks confronting humanity remain the same. The bloodletting of the First World War was ended by two revolutions: in Russia and in Germany. But each was strangled. In Germany, this was quick, with the bullets of Friedrich Ebert’s Freikorps. In Russia it was slow, with the triumph of Stalinism that ended in the dissolution of the USSR. It is the defeat of those revolutions that has led the specter of world war to return.

The antipode to world war, now as then, is the international working class, armed with the program of socialist internationalism. It is the fear of this vast and powerful social force that drives the bourgeoisie to war and dictatorship, and it is this social force that must be mobilized to oppose the return of imperialist barbarism.

Andre Damon

Do not continue to believe in their lies. Awake!

Eventually only Anarcho-Communism will deliver the Planet Earth towards Human Civilization Level One. At this moment in time, the technological level of Humans on Earth is beyond the current level of Human Civilization which makes it a threat to all life. Only by establishing the First Planetary Counsel on Earth, closing all Internment Camps and eliminating Currency Slavery as well as all other forms of slavery; will peace and prosperity for the entire Human Collective upon Earth become a reality. This is what you have all been waiting for.


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The New Global Communist Party Needs Your Help

Greetings Comrades!

The New Global Communist Party needs your help.

We have noticed many changes taking place across the Internet as well as across the Earth. Let us discuss the Internet first. Recently Google has decided to alter the way it lists and indexes pages on the Search services it provides. This means that We “The New Global Communist Party” are not appearing any longer in searches of our name at the beginning of every search as we used to. We were always the first entry in any search of The New Global Communist Party or Global Communist Party; Now We only appear at the top of the search if you type “The New Global Communist Party” in quotations. If you type new global communist party, We now appear only on page 5; if you type the new global communist party, We appear on page 6. This makes no sense to Us as We are the only New Global Communist Party. There is nothing We can do to alter this fact.  We are calling on you all to aid us by sharing links to our Homepages Here

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Communism and Anarchy 

Communists and Anarchists are One Family. We have always served each other and We will always continue to do so. Our goals as the New Global Communist Party is to eradicate all of these “Internment Camps” on Earth which masquerade as countries and do not serve the people in any way. We will create a free World without borders where each and every Human on Earth will be a sovereign citizen of Earth with the right to travel, live or work anyplace upon the surface of the Earth unhindered. We will permit all like-minded Humans to gather into communities of service to each other in unconditional love; these will be your City-states.

Only We have the intention of establishing the First Planetary Council on Earth and only We will be governed through that council and not by any single Leader (Dictator). There is more and more a term “Anarcho-communism” being used. If you examine the “Official definition” that appears online you will see it states:

“Anarcho-communism (also known as anarchist communismfree communismlibertarian communism and communist anarchismis a theory of anarchism which advocates the abolition of the state, capitalism, wage labour and private property (while retaining respect for personal property) in favour of Common Ownership of the means of production, direct democracy and a horizontal network of worker’s councils with production and consumption based on the guiding principle: “From each according to his ability, each according to his needs.”

This is a very similar to us. However We intend to create the Planetary Council to rule all of Earth  which includes the Independent City-States. We do not intend to become involved with personal lives in these States other than to ensure that certain Universal Laws, Universal Human Rights and the eradication of the Nuclear Family are observed. Otherwise all Humans are free to govern themselves. We will guarantee that Humans are Equal as We are the first truly Egalitarian Party on Earth. All laws must be based upon individual desire, ability and intent. No Humans behave in any way other than based upon those things. Not based upon your physical age, gender, race, tribe, I.Q. etc. We will eliminate all form of Capital from Earth.

Do not believe that We are anything other than peaceful. We always rely upon courage, pride and truth and never upon fear, shame and lies. We have observed some attempts in the Media to link us to violence that does not relate towards us in any way. Always remember to beware what you read about or see in the Media. Such as this example below.


Suicide bomber targets security service building in north Russia

Three others were injured when an explosive device went off inside the FSB building in Arkhangelsk city.

A 17-year-old student has blown himself up in the lobby of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) in the northern city of Arkhangelsk, injuring three employees.

The unnamed teenager detonated a homemade explosive device at about 9am (06:00 GMT) on Wednesday and died on the spot, the country’s Investigative Committee said in a statement.

The Committee released a CCTV photo of the perpetrator, a young, clean-shaven white man with short brown hair.

An official, who spoke to AFP news agency on condition of anonymity, named the suicide bomber as Mikhail Zhlobitsky, a student at a local technical college.

Svetlana Petrenko, the spokeswoman for the Investigative Committee, said the bomber’s flat was being searched and that his friends and close relatives were being questioned.

She said checks would also be carried out to establish whether he was a member of any banned group.

Regional governor Igor Orlov said that the authorities were working to establish the type of explosive used.

“Things are very serious,” he said. “We are taking measures to increase security of all public and state buildings in Arkhangelsk region.”

Communist anarchists

Seven minutes before the blast, a post in an anarchist forum on Telegram, a messaging service, warned that the FSB building would be the target of a “terror attack”.

The writer of the post, who signed as Valeryan Panov, said he would claim responsibility for it.

“The reasons are quite clear to you. I have decided to do this because the FSB has gone fucking mad. It is inventing cases and torturing people,” said the post.

“I will most likely croak in the blast. I wish you a bright future of anarchist communism.”

The FSB is the main successor to the feared KGB agency, known for persecuting dissidents in the Soviet era.

Attacks by anarchists on Russian authorities have in the past included setting police cars on fire and throwing Molotov cocktails at the offices of the ruling party United Russia.

Always remember that our path is the path of peace. We do not nor have ever encouraged violence and so it is not true when you read more and more any articles about Anarcho-communism being linked to violent acts in the Media.

Do not forget that the New Global Communist Party also has an official religion. It is the Unorganized Path of Light.

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We do not have any official connection to any country the way that many of these other “Communist” organizations do. This is impossible because We refuse to have any connection to any of the present Internment Camps that exist on Earth.  Remember that there is no valid government on Earth beyond the Municipal Level and that there is no Power on Earth that has any authority over you without your consent.

We do not desire worthless currency or valueless shiny metals or shiny stones. We desire you. Construct a Temple of Light for Us to share together within your hearts. Let that be our place. Carry Us with you and share Us with all you meet.

We encourage all of you to spread the truth about Us and about Anarcho-communism by copying our propaganda and sharing it along with all of our sites and writings with the World. Translate it if you can into your local languages and post public notices.

We love you and thank all of you.

It Is Good to Laugh

Today there will be some amusing videos posted here that We hope will bring a smile to your face. It is good to laugh.

I actually wanted to post a number of funny videos here but… much to my chagrin it seems that almost all content has now been seized by these “Pay per-view” online such as the anal Retentive Chef episodes among many others. It seems that they are stealing more and more from what was once readily available to the online community, including music videos.


The Greater The Personal Ego, The Less Respect For Other Life


On Earth it is easy to become lost and confused between what is and what is not; including yourselves. It has been discussed that the larger you permit your Human Ego to become, the greater will be the separation between yourself and your other Human Family members. The Ego lends itself to self-aggrandizement and the false perceptions of ownership over the World and over other Humans. It is obvious that the most direct proof of life is a separate heartbeat. Life begins with the Heart in respect to the growth of all fetus’ within eggs both within as well as without the womb. As the Human Ego becomes dominate, the respect for all life outside of yourself will become diminished. It easy to witness this horror on Earth through the examination of abortion (murder of an unborn fetus) being used more and more upon Earth. In Nature it is a thing that would be unheard of as it is always the mother who will fight to the death in most cases, to protect her children (depending upon the species). To witness the appalling behaviour on Earth of abortion can only be attributable to the perception of false ownership over other life. We can blame the “Nuclear Family” for this. In truth we know that all children born on Earth are equal members for our Human Collective. As a result of the “Nuclear Family”, more and more pregnant females are left isolated and made to feel that somehow the child is “theirs” and is solely their responsibility. Combine this unreasonable demand with the use of “consumerism” being programmed into the Human Collective here (causing pregnant females to think that they need so many consumer goods to support a child); leads to an overwhelming sense of fear among these pregnant females. If there were no “Nuclear Family”, then this fear would not exist as it would be clear to all pregnant females that they have joy to be contributing a new member to our Human Collective on Earth and that the child will be received by and cared for by the Collective. It is the growth of personal Human Ego that causes this sense of ownership, selfishness and the corresponding lack of respect for other human life it breeds.

Pope Francis (Light Worker) has made his position clear on this matter.

Contempt for life is the source of all evil, pope says

VATICAN CITY – Procuring an abortion is wrong, inhumane and like hiring a hit man “to fix a problem,” Pope Francis said.

It is a contradiction to allow for killing a human life in a mother’s womb “in the name of protecting other rights,” he said during his weekly general audience in St. Peter’s Square Oct. 10.

“How can an act that suppresses the innocent and defenseless budding life be therapeutic, civilized or simply humane?” he asked the more than 26,000 people present.

“Is it right to snuff out a human life to solve a problem?” he asked, until the crowd shouted loudly, “No.”

“Is it right to hire a hit man to solve a problem? No, you can’t. It’s not right to take out a human being, a small one, too, in order to fix a problem. It is like hiring a professional killer,” he said.

The pope took a brief break from the Oct. 3-28 Synod of Bishops on young people to attend the morning general audience and continue his series of talks on the Ten Commandments.

He reflected on the Fifth Commandment, “You shall not kill,” as being like a wall of defense, protecting the most fundamental value in human relationships – the value of life.

“One can say that all the evil done in the world can be boiled down to this: contempt for life,” the pope said.

“Life is attacked by wars, by organizations that exploit people” and creation, by “the throwaway culture,” by systems that subjugate human lives to the calculated advantage of others, all while a “scandalous” number of people live in disgraceful conditions.

“This is contempt for life, that is, to kill in some way,” he added.

Violence and refusing life are rooted in fear, he said.

Welcoming another challenges one’s own selfish individualism, he said, pointing to the example of when a mother and father discover their unborn child will be born with disabilities.

These parents “need true closeness, true solidarity to face reality and overcome understandable fears. Instead, they often receive hasty advice to terminate the pregnancy,” he said, adding that the phrase, “‘terminate the pregnancy’ means to directly take someone out.”

“A sick child is like every person in need on earth,” like the elderly who need care, like the poor who can barely make a living, he said.

They are all treated as if they were a problem, he said, but in fact, they are “a gift of God that can pull me out of my egocentricity and help me grow in love.”

“Vulnerable lives show us the exit, the road to save us” from a selfish existence and to discover “the joy of love,” he said, adding a word of thanks to Italian volunteers, saying they had the strongest dedication he has ever seen.

The idols of the world that lead people to refuse life are power, success and money, such as when decisions to end someone’s life are based on the costs involved if that life were to continue.

“The only authentic measure of life” is love, he said; God loves every single human life.

“In every sick child, in every weak elderly person, in every desperate migrant, in every fragile and threatened life, Christ is looking for us, he is seeking our heart in order to open it up to the joy of love.”

“It is worth welcoming every life because every person is worth the blood of Christ himself. You cannot scorn what God has loved so much,” he said.

“Do not scorn life,” not the lives of others or one’s own, he said, particularly with addictions that ruin lives and can lead to death.

So many young people, the pope said, need to hear the call not to devalue or refuse their lives, which are “a work of God, you are a work of God!”


At this moment it is possible to witness the same seeming struggle between those who have personal power and those who do not. It has been discussed that the ones who have abandoned their personal power are insecure and feel compelled to exercise power/authority over others as a means to divest these others of their personal power as well. It is almost always accomplished through the use of shame, fear and lies. They will rely upon the use of Classificationism in order to divide and subdivide the Human Collective on Earth into smaller and smaller groups and then attempt to turn these groups against each other; carefully selecting the smallest one for scapegoating and even possible genocide.

It is time for you to awake to what you are and what you are not.

Are More And More Humans Awake And Aware?

Greetings Human Collective upon the surface of Earth.

Many of you are now aware of what it means to be “awake”; still We will provide an explanation of how We perceive this term in respects to the Human Collective. We encourage you all to “awake and arise”.

To be individually “awake” is be aware of what you are and what you are not, to know where you are and what is happening about you. To no longer be distracted by memories of the past (you have no past) or obsessed with which possibilities await you in your future (you create your future in each moment).  Remember that distraction through such pettiness as consumerism, narcotics, sex, war, politics of countries etc. is a means of superintendence. Be mindful now that you are all equals on Earth and it is no longer possible for the Awakened Ones to be deceived into believing that they must be measured against each other. You stand with God as you each create your own lives. Your thoughts are a mirror that your life will follow. Your brain controls your body as it also acts a receiver of all perfect or imperfect thought-forms from the source field and it is each of your that individually decides which of these thought-forms to accept or to reject in your lives. You are always taking action within this Realm that affect yourselves. Even a decision to do nothing is a decision to do something.

We have told you that it is no longer possible for the “Petty Ones” who are running the Internment Camps on Earth to hide what it is that they are actually doing from you. They have lost this power to deceive. You all are now becoming more and more aware of Universal Law, Universal Rights and fellowship as the Human Family that you are all. It is impossible for any Human to own anything apart from themselves and worthless paper. Country Internment only permits a small minority of your members to steal your individual freedoms from you, all land, all resources and the very fruits of all human labour for themselves. It is not possible for this truth to remain hidden from the majority of you any longer. You are the majority! How many of your non-violent Brothers and Sisters are lamenting in prisons at this very moment? They are regarded as nothing more than slave labour. “Prisoners within a prison”.

Traditionally on Earth your Human Collective lived in City-States. We would like to see you establish the first Planetary Council of Earth, close all of the internment camps and permit like-minded individuals to gather together into communities of service to each other in unconditional love. It is time for a return to City-States and eliminate all of these fabricated “borders” on Earth. Each of you already are and have always been sovereign citizens of Earth with the right to travel, live, work anyplace upon the surface of the Earth unhindered. We can finally eliminate all currency from Earth. You already know that it can only ever be a means for the few to persuade you that you must substitute something that is worthless for something that is valuable. It is time to end currency slavery upon Earth.

Child concentration camps in America

2 October 2018

Across the United States, under cover of darkness, the government is rounding up immigrant children and sending them to a desert concentration camp in Tornillo, Texas, near the US-Mexico border. In recent weeks, hundreds have been transferred from foster shelters to Tornillo, where they live in tents, 20 to a room.

The New York Times spoke with employees at shelters who described scenes that recall the most shameful episodes in American history, including the capture of fugitive slaves, the forced removal of Native Americans from their land, and the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War Two.

According to the Times, “In order to avoid escape attempts, the moves are carried out late at night because children will be less likely to try to run away. For the same reason, children are generally given little advance warning that they will be moved.”

With the children in a panic, some shelter employees reportedly cry when officials descend upon their facilities. Others protest and raise concerns about the safety of the children at the desert concentration camp, to no avail. Children beg to know whether they will be taken care of at their new location. Phone numbers for their emergency contacts are written on belts tied around the children’s waists.

Roughly 13,000 children are currently detained in shelters and immigration detention facilities nationwide, a record high. Conditions in immigration detention centers and shelters are deplorable, with children reporting cases of rape, sexual abuse and physical violence.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is expanding the size of the Tornillo tent city, which currently houses 1,600 immigrant youth, to 4,000. Starting in November and extending through March, the average daily low temperature will be below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Trump administration will soon begin detaining children indefinitely, having pulled out of the Flores settlement, a court agreement that barred the government from detaining immigrant children for more than 20 days. The administration has also been arresting, detaining and deporting relatives of detained children who submitted official applications to sponsor the children.

The midnight Gestapo-style roundup of children has been treated as a non-event by the two big business parties and the corporate media. Instead, the entire political and media establishment is focused exclusively on the allegation that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford at a party in 1982, when they were both teenagers.

The Democratic Party’s focus on Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual assault is a deliberate effort to distract from his record as a defender of indefinite detention and torture under the Bush administration. Democrats have covered up the fact that in 2017 Kavanaugh ruled to deny a detained 17-year-old immigrant the right to abort a pregnancy on the grounds that immigrants are not entitled to basic rights.

Speaking Saturday in Austin, Texas, Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi made revealing comments about the Democratic Party’s midterm election strategy. She advised candidates not to focus on Trump’s attacks on immigrants, explaining that calling for “shutting down ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement]” merely “serves the president’s purpose.” According to the Texas Tribune, Pelosi said she has told Democratic candidates that focusing on the issue would “waste energy.”

Despite its claims to be an “anti-racist” party, the Democratic Party is orienting itself toward Trump’s anti-immigrant chauvinism. On September 26, nearly 70 percent of Democrats in the House of Representatives voted either “yes” or “present” on a resolution “recognizing that allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote devalues the franchise and diminishes the voting power of the United States citizens.” Keith Ellison, a leader of the “progressive” wing of the Democratic Party, was among those who voted in favor of the anti-immigrant resolution.

The same day as the congressional vote, Democratic California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a state bill that would have barred immigration officials from arresting immigrants at courthouses. Brown also extended the deployment of the state’s National Guard on the Mexican border.

Following the Democrats’ lead, many political groups that call themselves “socialist” but in reality function as factions of the Democratic Party, have dropped the defense of immigrants.

The International Socialist Organization has not published an article on the US government’s attacks on immigrants since September 10. Socialist Alternative and Jacobin magazine, which is linked to the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), have not published articles on the US immigration situation since August 24 and August 22, respectively. The fall issue of the DSA’s magazine Democratic Left does not include a single reference to the attacks on immigrants.

The Socialist Equality Party views the defense of immigrants as an urgent question not only for immigrants themselves, but for the defense of the democratic rights of the working class as a whole.

The attack on immigrants is an attack on the working class. There are 20 million undocumented immigrants in the US, comprising a significant section of the working population. While the ruling class seeks to divide different sections of workers against one another, the fight against corporate power and social inequality is impossible without the unity of immigrant and non-immigrant workers.

Moreover, the police state methods currently employed against immigrants will be used against all workers and political opponents of the government. The federal government is building a network of concentration camps and empowering state agencies to break down doors, set up checkpoints, conduct military-style workplace raids and haul people off without due process. This is a powerful mechanism of state repression that the ruling class will use against striking workers and demonstrators.

The defense of immigrant workers is necessary to establish the unity of the working class internationally. In almost every country, immigrants comprise a significant section of the working class, and everywhere their rights are under attack. In Germany, Poland, Hungary, Austria and across Europe, governments are adopting the anti-immigrant policies of neo-Nazi parties in an effort to pit workers against each other and block the growth of the class struggle.

Nationalists like Bernie Sanders claim that immigrants weaken the position of the working class. To the contrary, the presence of large international populations within each country testifies to the global character of production and the global character of the working class. It reflects the objective identity of interests of workers of all countries and all national origins, who face the same conditions of exploitation at the hands of the same transnational corporations. Workers today have an unprecedented opportunity to open lines of communication between one another across national boundaries and strengthen their position against their common corporate enemies.

The fight to secure the basic democratic and social rights of the working class requires a resolute defense of the rights of immigrants and unqualified opposition to all forms of racism and national chauvinism. The Socialist Equality Party demands:

• The immediate release all detained immigrants and the dismantling of immigrant concentration camps and prisons

• The abolition of ICE, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and all immigration-related enforcement agencies internationally

• The prosecution of all government officials responsible for jailing immigrants and immigrant children

• Immediate citizenship for all undocumented people wherever they reside

• The de-militarization of borders and dismantling of border checkpoints to allow free and safe passage

• The guaranteed right of workers to travel and move about the world as they please.

Workers must revive the time-honored slogan “An injury to one is an injury to all!” This is a necessary prerequisite for the development of an international revolutionary socialist movement.

Eric London

Armed police used in illegal evictions in Dublin, Ireland

By Steve James
2 October 2018

Gerard Doyle is a homeless father of two, living with his partner in emergency accommodation in Dublin for nine months. His Facebook video posts while fending off an illegal eviction attempt by armed gardai (police) called by the landlord of his homeless hostel have been viewed thousands of times.

The first video clip records Doyle and his partner trying to calm down gardai and prevent the armed unit from breaking down the door of his flat. The second clip shows Doyle explaining the bullying tactics of his landlord and Dublin City Council.

Ten years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers and an Irish-based property bubble triggered the greatest financial crisis in Irish history, housing conditions are becoming desperate for large numbers of workers and young people.

Demonstrations have taken place in Dublin and towns and cities across Ireland against unaffordable housing. Thousands of mostly young protesters blocked O’Connell Bridge on Dublin for over an hour on September 22 in one of several demonstrations that began in a number of locations and converged on the city centre.

Demonstrators carried placards with slogans such as “Student homes, not student loans,” “Less cardboard, more homes” and “Public housing, not landlord state.” Smaller protests also took place around the country.

Over the summer, other groups, such as the Dublin Central Housing Action group and Take Back the City, have occupied properties to highlight the grotesque levels of empty properties scattered around the country amid a deepening housing emergency.

In the week before the Dublin protest, vanloads of gardai from the Public Order Unit broke into a property in North Frederick Street, Dublin. Six people from the Take Back the City group were removed and arrested. A squad of gardai wearing balaclavas boarded up the building. When approached by the Irish Times, they refused to give their names.

According to figures published by the property website, the median deposit for first-time buyers in Dublin has reached €54,389, while average monthly rents are an astronomical €1,936. Average salaries in Dublin are €36,919, or €3,076 per month, meaning that nearly two thirds of an average salary would be required to rent an average dwelling and anyone below this salary figure has little or no chance of doing so.

While a software engineer might expect to earn €43,011, the living wage is a minimal €11.90 per hour. Someone earning this wage would need to work 162 hours monthly, or 37.5 hours weekly, just to pay an average rent. They would have nothing at all left over. Someone on the minimum wage of €9.55 an hour would have to work 46.7 hours and spend 100 percent of their wages on rent to keep a roof over their head.

Across the Republic of Ireland, average rents are at an all-time high of €1,304. The price of new rental contracts rose 12.4 percent last year and are now 27 percent above the peak of the pre-crash Celtic Tiger boom.

The consequences, as well as brutally squeezed living standards, have included an inevitable rise in homelessness, evictions, mortgage and rent arrears along with all the associated stresses.

In August, mother of six Margaret Cash, from Tallaght, Dublin, was forced to sleep in a Garda station because she had been unable to retain the emergency accommodation she had been forced into only days previously. The landlord of her emergency flat forced her out to make way for students. She had moved into emergency accommodation last September when the private house she had been renting was repossessed.

This month, Dublin City Council sought to remove Claire Elliot and her three children from a vacant house they had been occupying for a fortnight. Elliot had been on the waiting list for social housing since 2008. She was evicted from her private rented flat because the landlord was selling the property and she was forced into hotels and B&Bs, miles away from her children’s schools. The city council told the High Court that they expect her to live in an emergency hub for three years. She described the hubs to the Irish Times: “You’re in a room with bunk beds, barely any room for a cot. People are arguing, taking each other’s food–arguing over the washing machines, arguing over the kids. They’re stressful places.”

In all, 700 families became homeless in Dublin alone in the first seven months of 2018; and in total, 9,891 people were in emergency accommodation, including 3,867 children. These figures represent a 21 percent increase in one year for adults and a 30 percent increase for children.

Regional figures show the same pattern. In Limerick, the number of homeless children increased 120 percent in a year, from 80 to 176. In counties Kildare, Meath and Wicklow the figure increased 98 percent. In Galway, Mayo and Roscommon child homelessness rose 77 percent. In Cork, some 1,400 people used Cork Simon’s homelessness service, an increase of 18 percent to 2017, while the numbers of long term homeless grew by 10 percent.

While living conditions for workers are becoming impossible, the Irish bourgeoisie is desperately trying to maintain the most permissive and friendly environment for some of the world’s largest corporations. Just over a week before the housing protests, the Irish Department of Finance announced the US tech giant Apple, the world’s largest company by market capitalisation and one of two worth over $1 trillion, had completed the transfer of €14.3 billion into an escrow account run by the Irish government.

The transfer arose out of a 2016 European Commission (EC) ruling, following a three-year investigation, which found that Apple had effectively paid just 1 percent tax on its European profits in 2003. Even this low figure had diminished to the vanishingly low 0.005 percent by 2014, through use of a variant of the “Double Irish” tax dodge employed by many US-based finance and tech outfits. Tax swindling on a massive scale remains the basis for much of the Irish economy.

The EC ruling expressed rapidly deepening transatlantic inter-imperialist tensions, which imperil the entire business model of the Irish economy. The EC demanded that Ireland collect the money, deemed state aid, from Apple. But the Irish government has no intention of touching the money. To maintain the country as a low-tax platform in the eurozone and the EU, the government transferred the money into a secure account and came into conflict with the EC over delays in collecting the sum. Legal action in the European courts is expected to continue for years.

For comparison, the Irish Exchequer has collected €32.4 billion in 2018 to date. Of this, income tax, largely from workers, amounted to €13 billion while VAT on retail sales, also mostly from the working class, accrued €9.4 billion. Corporation tax from companies that include Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Google and Oracle generated a mere €4.4 billion. The money the government refuses to collect from Apple is more than the country’s entire annual income tax take and almost as much as the entire 2017 health budget, €14.6 billion, for a nation of 4.7 million people.

There is only One Truth.

Life on the Run

God said:

Beloved, We speak from the depths of Our One Heart and Soul. There is nothing else to say, for We are One in Truth. There is no other to speak of.

True, there is a certain amount of blither and blather that goes on in the world. Take it with a certain grain of salt and a certain amount of common sense or nonsense, as the case may be.

You don’t want to pretend away life. You want the simple truth and nothing but the truth. You have had enough of tom-foolery in one form or another. You are sure you want no more of it. You want the real thing and to be finished with all the knock-offs and dithering-around.

For instance, so as it is seen in the so-called real world, someone in a uniform on Earth can arrest someone out of a uniform.

By the same token, a boy can wear a military uniform and go off to war when he has just started to shave. What fol-de-rol is this? What a game of “Let’s Pretend” can be taken so seriously, yes, with a straight face, do you believe?

Why, the whole stage of life is set for high drama. Good grief, you might just as well think that the whole purpose of life is the height of drama and not life itself. After all, the world seems to be a soap opera when all is said and done. Shenanigans? Who has not been fooled?

Does life take a back seat to drama? Can it be that which really matters is Light! Camera! Action! Yes, is drama the thing of which life is made now? Is drama the purpose of life and not character the purpose of life or true growth? Drama holds sway? The play is the thing? Life is not so much? Theater is everything? The play is the thing, uniform and all, as if life is nothing but a flurry of excitement on stage and that’s all that matters until the lights go off. Does life amount to a song and dance, a parade for those who watch the parade go by and not for the marchers themselves?

Can life be a made of a lot of hooey and not much more by the wayside? It couldn’t have been you who took presentations seriously. It can’t be that there are real dress rehearsals. The play must go on, so it seems. Not everyone has his day in court. All the paraphernalia and subterfuge of life while life is doing its thing.

Do some shows get pushed off the road or the bus breaks down and all that sort of thing? Does everyone get his own turn, yes or no?

Are some of My children down-played amidst the whole play of drama? What is the real story? Has the real story of life on Earth actually begun? Or is life all about dancing around the mulberry bush?

What passes for life, and what is the real thing, for is all of life jammed in however it may be?

“I no longer want to settle for anything less than the real goods,” you may say. You may say:

“Right now I am here for this one ride. I want to size it up as I go along. I don’t want any more wool pulled over my eyes. Give me the liberty to love life as love truly is.

“God, please establish me in full sunlight and liberty and nothing less. No longer will I be set-up. Pour life on me, God, as it is truly is. I am to be the real goods from now on. I will accept no less, so help Me God.”

We (The Servants of the Light), have told you time and time again that each of you is Unique within the Multi-verse. Your immortal “I Am” presence is a frequency of Light (Imperishable Creator Light) that is partially made by you through all of your actions. This is at present contained within a Human Vessel while you struggle through the dense, low frequency of this lower Realm. Just as no 2 human vessels have the same fingerprints; so it is that no 2 human souls have the same frequency. So this means that all of you are equal. There is no greater than or less than. When you all accept this you will learn to care about where you are standing, what you are thinking and how you are treating those about you. You will stop concerning yourselves with where others are standing, what others are thinking and how others are treating those about them. As long as you do no harm to others are harm to your environment… you are free to pursue your own lives. You do not own others or this planet.

Peace! Awake and Arise!

Paedophiles viewing child sex abuse images once every 23 minutes in England and Wales as crimes rocket… — Our Love Frontier

…. Date: September 19, 2018 01) Paedophiles viewing child sex abuse images once every 23 minutes in England and Wales as crimes rocket Thanks to feinmann0! “It means paedophiles are committing crimes at least once every 23 minutes in England and Wales, causing some senior police officers to call for the government to consider ‘alternatives’ […]

via Paedophiles viewing child sex abuse images once every 23 minutes in England and Wales as crimes rocket… — Our Love Frontier


I would like to know what these so called “sex abuse” images actually are. I am prepared to bet that the majority of them are not actual sex acts at all. These Internment Camps that have been successful at this time in keeping the Human Collective on earth segregated and “asleep” pass so many absurd laws in order to target portions of their populations to slave labour. They never provide clear definitions of what “abuse” actually is… never mind “sex abuse”. This is most likely because if they did… their definitions would apply to themselves. I have already provided a definition of Sex Abuse:

“Non-consensual sex through direct force applied (violence) or non-direct force applied (extortion) is abuse. Anything else is consensual sex and is not abuse in any way. The acts between the individuals involved is meaningless.”

I bet almost all of these innocent victims targeted and charged under these absurd new laws will never even see the inside of a court house due to plea bargaining -a procedure that prevents an accused from being innocent until proven guilty-. In Canada we no longer have criminal lawyers. Practically all innocent victims charged in this country will plea guilty to crimes they never committed because that is what the almost all the lawyers in Canada do now. They do not want to defend anyone in court… just collect a paycheque for doing the least possible and damned the innocent victims who find themselves labelled for life on parole, registries or worse.


Support Pope Francis

At this moment there seems to be a disturbing increase in intense media coverage about the private lives of Humans on Earth. More and more and more do we witness reports about “Sex Crimes” which are not real and millions and millions upon millions of innocent victims being sent to prisons Globally to serve as slave labour for “invented” Sex crimes which have no true basis in reality. We know that all humans are free to whatever they desire provided that the do not cause harm to others or to the environment. We also know that all consensual sex is completely harmless and is also an excellent form of exercise that is fun for humans of all ages. There is no “Normal” on Earth. There should be peace on Earth. There will be peace on Earth when Humans learn to care about where they are standing, what they are thinking and how they are treating those about them and not to care about where other humans are standing, or what others are thinking or how others are treating those about them. You create your life… it is and it has never been something that happens to you without your consent. Remember “thoughts are a trail of breadcrumbs that your life will follow.” No Being under Heaven has any authority over you without your consent.

Too many Humans are neglecting their feelings in order to “gain approval” from some perceived “majority” which does not exist. You must all accept that in order to live in peace with each other you must abandon these false concepts of any of you being “entitled” or having somehow “power over others”. No Human owns this Planet… not even the smallest part of this planet. No human owns any other human. All slavery is bad as there is no “Good and Bad” slavery, war, torture, rape etc. Child slavery on Earth is a thing that must be ended. Throughout history you have had periods where slavery was considered acceptable. You have also had periods where all humans were equal and even the young were expected to be equal members of society.

At this moment our Brother Pope Francis, a Lightworker who is doing his best to promote world peace, tolerance and discourage those who worship “Profit”; is coming under attack. Read the story HERE or below.

Here Are the Catholic Church Politics Behind That Letter Calling on Pope Francis to Resign


August 28, 2018

A scathing letter attacking Pope Francis over claims that he covered up allegations of sexual abuse by a high-profile American cardinal has brought into focus a crisis in the Catholic Church.

The 11-page text, written by noted anti-gay conservative Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, calls for Francis to resign over his alleged negligence. Vigano accuses Francis of covering up sexual abuse allegations against ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick in a letter that comes as multiple sexual abuse scandals again rock the church. The letter has sown division among leaders of Catholic Church in the United States.

One longtime Vatican watcher and scholar of the Catholic Church says the open attack on Pope Francis — coming at an especially vulnerable time for him — appears to be mostly about personal animus and the Pope’s move to make the Church more accepting of gays. The Pope’s defenders have already started to dispute details in Vigano’s letter.

Francis accepted McCarrick’s resignation in July and ordered him to a “life of prayer and penance” following accusations that the cardinal sexually abused adult seminarians and minors. McCarrick, the powerful head of the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., stepped down after an investigation by the Church concluded that claims he sexually abused a teenage altar boy were credible.

Vigano’s letter contains serious allegations about Francis’ response to reports of McCarrick’s abuse. But it also includes a screed against homosexuals and it can be seen as a homophobic attack against Francis, who has worked to open up the church to people who are gay or lesbian, among others who are turned away in accordance with the church’s teaching.

Massimo Faggioli, a theology and religious studies professor at Villanova University, says the charges in Vigano’s letter are motivated by a personal vendetta on behalf of conservative American Catholics. “People are especially upset with the fact that Francis is opening the church on sexuality and homosexuality,” Faggioli tells TIME. “So, here you have a very cynical alliance with a cynical agenda that has nothing to do with the sex abuse crisis.”

Here’s a breakdown of the accusations against Francis and why they are coming up now.

Who is calling for Pope Francis’ resignation and why?

Vigano in his letter has called on Francis and all others who he says remained silent about McCarrick’s abuse of seminarians to resign. Vigano writes that he informed Francis of McCarrick’s inappropriate behavior in 2013. Francis, he alleges, “continued to cover for” McCarrick.

Conservative bishops in America have voiced their support for Vigano since the letter was published on Sunday.

Cardinal Raymond Burke, the former archbishop of St. Louis, said the “appropriate sanctions must be applied,” if Vigano’s allegations are substantiated, the New York Times reports. Bishops David Konderla and Joseph Strickland also joined the surge of conservatives standing up with Vigano.

“As your shepherd, I find them credible,” Strickland wrote in a statement about the allegations brought up by Vigano, according to the Times.