Venezuela: A Triggered Civil War Will Result In A Million Dead

The situation at present in Venezuela is a crises that has been building slowly there. Those of you who are familiar with the recent history of Venezuela will note that it is a mirror of much that has taken place in Central and South America which is used as a “playground” for political interference by outside interests. Many of these are apparent in the “Clash” between the theory of Capitalism and Communism. In truth… there is no Communism on Earth as true Communism will not permit the existence of currency or any form of privatization or the Nuclear family. The reality of Central and South America is basically a clash between different expressions of Capitalism. The crises in Venezuela has been created by the privately owned Central Banks which insist that the justly elected government of Nicolas Maduro Moros is indebted to them.

You who read this are all aware now that the Central Banks are responsible for almost all of the conflicts that occur on Earth. At present they are relying on N.A.T.O. armies to serve as their armed wing and they use “Sanctions” to destabilize peaceful governments. They are responsible for the shortages in Venezuela through this subterfuge that has failed in Cuba and Iran. The shortages that have caused civil unrest in Venezuela is not caused by the government of Venezuela.

The U.S.A. has been an aggressive agent of the privately owned Central Banks  throughout all of Central and South America. Their last coup attempt was a failure because Hugo Chavez (Hero to the people and an example for the world) had the overwhelming support of the people. So their coup attempt was a failure despite their control over the media. Right now it appears as if this new coup will be a success although it will still result in the deaths of a million humans. As long as countries remain addicted to currency they will be open to such abuses by these privately owned Central Banks.

If Venezuela had only set itself free from currency, this present crises would not exist.

Currency : When something worthless is presented and perceived as  being valuable.

How does a Nation set itself free from currency slavery?

The first thing that a Nation must do is establish itself as autonomous with respect to it’s internal resource utilization and the domestic needs of the people. A great example of this is Cuba. Fidel Castro did not permit the Central Banks to destroy Cuba as he was able to establish Cuba as an autonomous Nation. Cuba does not have to rely on imports or worthless Central Bank currency.

The Nation must end all forms of privatization. No private ownership of property. vehicles or businesses must be permitted. All things must be held in trust to the people by the State. This means that since there is no longer private ownership there is no longer and bills, debts etc. Currency is a virus that propagates itself through the illusion of dependency.  When all Humans are employees of the State, all businesses are supplied by the State including labour and resources, shipping etc.

Rely on independent means for trade. When Hitler first assumed power in Germany prior to WWII, the German Economy was in ruins. This issue was dealt with effectively by eliminating the need for Central Banks and their constant demands of repayment for false debt. Hitler was able to resurrect Germany by dealing directly with foreign Nations in trade that included Barter of goods as well as the manufacturing base and labour of the German people. By eliminating the greedy privately owned Central Banks and by beginning massive public works projects to provide for the unemployed (such as the Auto Bahn), Hitler saved Germany just as Fidel Castro saved the people of Cuba.

Under the leadership of Hugo Chavez, this road might have been selected if he had not died so suddenly.

Stop believing that there must be staged conflicts between “Capitalism” and “communism”. Earth is a Capitalist planet and it will remain as such as long as you believe that you require currency. You require only management! Effective management of unfettered labour, and resources are all that you require for everything. Please view Currency Slavery as the true horror it is. There are enough resources upon Earth to meet the demands of all Nations. There is no longer any need to fear shortages which have been proven time and time again to be “staged”.

When you release fear, you release the need to claim “ownership” over everything.

Please read this inspirational message.

Be the Light

God said:

Beloved, unto love, devote yourself. Even as you feel disappointed and heartsore, dedicate yourself to love. Remember love. When you are aware of anger – this awareness is a sham. This isn’t a semblance of truth. You may be sincere, believing you are honest to the core, yet less than love is shallow. It feels real, yet it is a flare-up and not the truth of you. Hostility may be evident to you, yet hostility defies the truth. Hard-heartedness is a fallacy. Oh, My, how convinced you are that this is the base truth of your heart when it is not. Convinced and true are two different stories. You are a sharp salesman to yourself and to others. Tell yourself another story. Raise yourself in your own estimation, and raise yourself and raise everyone in your words to everyone.

“Once a joke, twice a fool.”

You know the meaning of the word foolhardy. You’ve heard the word rash. You’ve heard the word nonsense.

The world has many words that signify mayhem.

You are not the only one who sets a trap for yourself.

Life is a passing thing. Don’t be so quick to disparage life. Don’t pass life by. Give credit to yourself and to Me. No longer dispute the Sun, the beautiful Golden Sun. Don’t sully the God-given Sun. If you have anything to prove, it is light. Absolutely not is it lack of light in the world that is to pretend light away. Lack of light is a pretense.

Life on Earth is not intended to be folly.

You have heard that you have more than one life. If there are thousands of your lives, there isn’t one life that you want to waste or ravage or any other’s life that you want to step on.

It is true that the Sun goes down every night. The Sun has its curtain pulled down every night, and every morning the Sun rises hale and hardy. Pull up the blinds and score the Sun like a basketball in a net, basket after basket, every throw a win.

If, on an odd day, you seem unable to give yourself happiness, then be sure you give someone else some happiness that day. At the least, you don’t have to keep yourself in the doldrums. What merit hold the doldrums for you? How do you serve anyone when you are cheerless?

Don’t say you can’t help it. You have to help it. You are here to help the land you live in and everyone who lives in it.

Help reward the world right and left. Help someone every day. Make a point of it. If you find yourself unable to smile for your Self, radiate a smile for someone else. To smile isn’t meant to be arduous. A smile is meant to be ardor.

No way are you to stick yourself to a grindstone.

Pick a flower. Give a dog a bone. Once in a while, throw caution to the winds. Give life its due. Give your Self a lift.

Color your Self Beautiful. Hitch a star. Ride a wave. Hum a tune. Play a guitar. Bang a drum. Let Me speak for you. Set life down lightly. Stir the world to new heights. Put your bare feet on the grass. Shine your heart high. Spin gold. Dance your way to the Sun. Embody the Sun. Take your place in the Sun. Pull everyone else up – those who are called everyone else when they can only be the same as you. Give yourself a leg up. Climb that stairway to Heaven. Roll over lightly. Change. Forget about mistakes – yours and others. Shine the world. Clean mirrors. Spin your way to Heaven. Be awake. Be the Light of the World.

Set yourself free from currency slavery by recognizing it for what it is and knowing that fear will never be anything more than a prison. Awake and arise and help your other brothers ans sisters within your Human Family do the same. Imagine a world without bills, taxes, graft, corruption, greed, theft and constant wars; you are imagining a World free from Central Banks and the horror that belief in worthless currency cause.


Humans Are Creatures Of Habit


“An object at rest will desire to stay at rest and an object in motion will desire to stay in motion.” The Planet Earth at present is a “mess”. When you distance yourself and examine the Planet and the Human Collective upon the surface that occupy it and their relations towards each other and the planet; it is impossible to see it as anything but a “mess”.

It has been discussed before that you have no past. Many humans like to lament about the past and believe in such dogmas as “we learn from the past”. Humans do not learn from the past which should enforce the idea within you that it is not real. It can never be changed or relived. Yet We hear the same expressions and the same belief’s over and over and over again even though… by now… the majority of you should know that this is false. Humans are creatures of habit and even though they like to complain and then preach about how they would like to see life upon Earth change, they still do not desire to change themselves.

You get up, eat, work, sleep and perhaps distract yourselves with drugs, sex, parties, shopping etc. Still… you complain about poverty, taxes, bills, wars, inequality, slavery etc. yet do nothing about it. You will say “I am only one man/woman, what can I do about it?” You are the entire human Collective upon the surface of Earth. You can do something about it. Stop living your lives in a rut where you just repeat the same behaviors over and over including the complaining.

We (The Servants Of The Light) have asked you many times to stop paying all bills including taxes, rent, mortgages etc. Stop accepting currency for your labour. Stop agreeing to County Internment and Currency Slavery. Stop serving in any military or enforcing laws you feel are wrong. There is no such thing as everything being both “good” and “bad” at the same time. Accept responsibility for your own life as an individual and begin to fulfill your dreams by living them. You must not be slaves to your habits or you would have “cleaned up this mess” on Earth long ago.

At present the Civilization Level upon Earth is not on par with the Technological Level. This is why the technology upon Earth is posing a threat to not only the Humans but to the entire planet. You think you own the Earth as you think that you own everything and everyone else around you. Each Human Being upon Earth actually owns exactly the same thing… yourself and worthless paper you covet. You do not own the land, resources or any other Human. It will not be possible for the Human Collective upon the surface of the planet Earth to destroy the Planet because it will not be permitted. The Earth does not belong to you. It was here long before and will remain long after. When you accept and realize that you do not own everything then it will dawn upon you that you have no use for the use of currency (shiny stones, shiny bits of metal, privately mass-manufactured tiny strips covered in cartoons). How did this gulf between Civilization Level and Technological Level Come about?

For thousands of years the Civilization Level upon Earth has been at Zero.

  • No Unity but instead a siege mentality of Human groups living divided and in disharmony from one another.
  • The belief and fear of scarcity and Humans who look or behave differently from you.
  • Constant wars.
  • Disparity, poverty, destruction of the planet.
  • Slavery of humans by other humans.
  • Greedy and selfish behavior is rampant.
  • Unjust imprisonment of millions.

How did these humans obtain this technology which does not belong on Earth and must not be permitted to remain on Earth? Perhaps it was gifted to you in hopes that an advanced technology would spawn a growth in Civilization Level? If so… it has not worked

It is imperative that soon the Human Civilization Level on Earth (zero) be at par with the Technological Level. How can this be achieved?

A: A major celestial event must commence that will destroy all of the current technology upon Earth… such as an E.M.P. event as an example. Thus restoring balance upon Earth between Civilization Level and Technological Level. This event must also be so extreme that it will prohibit the possibility of any “hidden technology” to survive (such as underground or under the Ocean). In the long-run… this will most likely cause a great many Human Vessels to cease to function.

B: The Human Collective upon Earth must evolve immediately into a Level One Civilization through their own desires and intentions and take all necessary actions to do this.

We advise you to establish the first Planetary Council of Earth so that you can begin the process of ending all Country Internment and Currency Slavery upon Earth. You do not live on “autonomous postage stamps”, you live upon the entire Planet Earth and anything that happens upon it will have an effect upon you all. You are all One Family. The Human Family. Accept this responsibility. The correct definition of currency is “when you have been convinced that something which is worthless is valuable”. This is the only definition of currency. We know all about some of the groups who are active on Earth (you know who you are) that are attempting to start a “reboot” on Earth with a new form of currency and new elites and new poverty and new slavery and new wars… all over again. Those of you who are reading these words are quite well aware of who you are and what you are doing. It is possible still for you to change things if you will only “break your habits” and start accepting personal responsibility for things and then following it with action instead of raising your hands and lamenting that it is all beyond your control. It is YOU who have caused this present situation and permit it to continue if you ignore it.

We are beginning to witness some stirring now upon the Earth whereby small groups are beginning to point out the absurdities and refuse to lay down and sleep again. We want more of this. We want more spreading of truth and more protests and more and more of you to change your habits so that you do not allow the Awakening Ones to be the minority that is silenced. Only “Time” will tell if things change soon before “time” runs out for you.

Break your habits. This is partly why it has been so easy for the “Petty Ones” to program you through conditioning and segregation. Start spreading the truth today.

Here is an inspirational message for you from Our Creator.

Whose Life is This?

God said:

Beloved, from Heaven, you came to Earth. You have been on an adventure day and night, awake and asleep. You sure haven’t been stuck in one place. We, you and I as One, dance through the horizon, and We dance for joy. You and I swing as One. We dance non-stop with exhilaration. Our One Heart dances to beat the band and to elevate Earth.

“God, I ask you: You know the extent to which I can leap? Why do the imagined others in the world seem to know what I should do and believe, and they know limits to set on me and where to skip over me?

“When I say I require help, I will ask.

“When I cry out: “I can’t find my way,” why do others not see me as knowing? Why do others in the world believe they have the last word to say about me? Sometimes I feel so stifled and so and feel so desirous of being seen and heard.

“It seems I have to fight to be seen. I have to yell to be heard. Am I not sanctioned by the world at large? Am I asking too much to exist as myself on Earth and not as how someone else thinks I ought to be? Dear God, sometimes I feel gagged and bound.

“The world often seems too stringent on me, as if I exist only with someone else’s sanction.

“God, I have mostly thought life is made of You and that I also exist. Too often it seems that I may not be seen at all.

“God, I ask, on Your behalf, to please allow me to exist as I exist on my own terms and that the world let me exist without trying hard to change me. I don’t like feeling compressed. You, God, on the other hand, expand me, and that’s fine with me.

“I ask for peace. I ask to be allowed to be free from what seems to smother me. It can’t be so that all in the world know more about me than I know for myself. Please help me fend off others from thinking they know my own life better than I do and that I am to go
according to another’s worldly will.

“Where does freedom exist for me? I may not know it all, yet I yearn to speak up for myself. I don’t want to be tied and bound.

“Why must everyone and his brother be so sure they know better than I how I am to pursue life better than I know myself? I will improve myself, thank you.

“Otherwise, I want to run away. There are those who deem to improve me at every turn; I can hardly breathe.

“God, tell me, please, that no one is to take over my God-given life. Will You declare this in no uncertain terms? It feels like no one hears me but You, God. I am so grateful to You. You do see Me from across the miles. You see me. You care. You let me be. You let me play my part. You do not order me around.

“God, I don’t ask to be seated at the head of the table. I just want to exist free and clear.

“Am I the only one who feels smothered?

“God, You have cried out: ‘Let My People go.’”

“I know You would free me. I feel Your welcome. It is the world that has its doubts about me. Do I abjectly recluse myself from being seen? God, have I been shunted away? I do not see my place card. I see You, God. I see You smiling at me. It seems like the world simply doesn’t see me. The rest of the world bears me no ill will but just cannot see me in the crowd. Is this how it is to be, dear God? I crave my freedom.”

This post is not meant to inspire fear. Do not be afraid. There is only life.





The Deceivers Show Their Hands In France

The use of deception is being used in France in order to maintain the rule of Emmanuel Macron (agent for the Rothschild Family) by distracting the public from just protests with this “Debate”. Always remember that distraction is used as a means of superintendence. The “Petty Ones” who have kept you divided and at War through Country Internment and Currency Slavery have used this method to keep the vast majority of impoverished humans upon Earth separate and silent. Let’s not forget that Human Civilization will never reach Level One upon Earth until you end all Country Internment and Currency Slavery upon Earth. To the Public in France… never forget what Macron represents.

Let us read more about Emmanuel Macron. Here or below.

France’s President Macron meets with ministers to discuss 2019 reform push

Date created : 

French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday met with cabinet ministers to lay out his 2019 agenda for reform. Proposals include overhauls of France’s employment benefits and pension system as well as steep cuts in the public sector.

Macron has vowed to push ahead with the reforms – which he insists are necessary to get the ailing French economy back on track – despite a gruelling year that saw his approval ratings plummet and which were capped by the nationwide “Yellow Vest” protests.

The “Yellow Vest” demonstrations, which were triggered by a tax hike on diesel fuel, grew into nationwide protests against social injustice and forced the government to suspend some of its planned reforms, such as an overhaul of the pension system.

In a bid to make the French feel more involved, Macron has therefore promised to launch a national debate on the proposed changes and will in January send a letter to all French citizens outlining the details of his plans. A national debate will then be held across France over a three-month period.

FRANCE 24’s Paccalin: ‘Macron’s tone is more defiant now’

If Macron really care about the people in France then he would be doing everything to eliminate all private ownership in France. If all public transportation was available for free to every human in France, there would be less reliability upon personal vehicles and fuel as well as an opportunity for massive employment by an expansion of public transport. Since the Earth remains in the grip of “Capitalists” who only want you to care about their worthless, privately manufactured currency and privately owned banks, it is difficult to achieve this dream for France.

More about Macron.

Emmanuel Macron: The Rothschild Agent Who Convinced Trump to Stay in Syria

April 16, 2018
Baron David de Rothschild with his employee, Emmanuel Macron and his wife. Macron only appeared on the French political scene last year and suddenly became president of France in a race against Marine LePen.

Emmanuel Macron, the highly-paid Rothschild investment banker who became president of France less than a year ago, told French media on Sunday that “we convinced” President Donald Trump to stay in Syria. 

Who is “We”?
Given the fact that Macron is a highly-paid Rothschild agent who became president of France, the question needs to be asked: Who is “we”?
“Ten days ago, President Trump was saying the United States of America had a duty to disengage from Syria… I assure you, we have convinced him that it is necessary to stay for the long term,” Macron said in a televised interview.

This admission by Macron indicates to me that the Rothschilds are the hidden hand behind the whole media drama about the alleged nerve gas attacks in Salisbury and Syria. This would explain the way the media has been in lock step with the anti-Russian and anti-Syrian narratives, neither of which are supported with any evidence.

Rothschild partners on the Golan Heights oil project include Dick Cheney and Rupert Murdoch, the Rothschild-funded owner of News Corp. The Rothschilds invest in media in order to control public opinion.
The recent Salisbury-Syria nerve gas drama is a perfect example of how their media investment works for them.
Why would the Rothschilds be involved in such dastardly intrigue? Firstly, because they are the leading Zionist family in Britain and France and the Zionist war effort in Syria is in desperate need of their help since the Syrian army is winning the war. Secondly, because they are invested in the oil fields on the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, which legally belong to Syria. If Syria becomes fragmented as per the Israeli plan to dominate the region (i.e. Yinon Plan, 1982) there will be no legal challenger to Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights.
British prime minister Theresa May views the Balfour Declaration with the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and Jacob Rothschild at his house. The Balfour Declaration, which is the birth certificate for the Zionist state, was actually a letter written to Lord Rothschild in 1917. The letter stated Britain’s support for a Zionist state in Palestine, which was in effect one party (UK) giving to a second party (Rothschild Zionists) the land of a third party (i.e. Palestine, Palestinians).
Why would France, or America for that matter, want to wage war illegally against the government of Syria in the first place? Macron’s frank admission suggests that we are not really talking about French national interests at all — but about the interests of the Zionist international, which is headed by the Rothschilds.
 The Rothschilds own the mainstream media outlets that promote the false pro-war narrative against Syria. They also happen to own the oil of the occupied Golan Heights.
A popular expression that is used influence where a person points blame for an event is… “follow the money…”  It is now known to all readers that all currency is worthless on Earth and that all of these Central Banks which claim that they are “owed” are all privately owned.
Let’s read more about this villain.

Macron sparks new outrage with comments launching ‘national debate’

Date created : 

President Emmanuel Macron’s hopes to quell the economic anger of Yellow Vest protesters by announcing a national debate ran aground on Tuesday when he sparked new outrage by saying some of those struggling economically were just “screwing up”.

Macron had planned to try to quell a rising tide of economic anger with a speech in Normandy announcing a round of public gatherings that would form a “grand national debate” on the issues facing France, from tax reform to green energy.

But instead he sparked an immediate backlash while on a surprise visit to the town of Gasny by seeming to suggest that many of those struggling economically had only themselves to blame.

Even as the French president expressed his desire to help people in “difficult economic circumstances” by making them “more responsible”, he mused that while some were “doing the right thing” others were just “screwing up”.

His sentiments, as well as the vulgar expression he used in French, sparked immediate reactions on social media from politicians on both the left and the right.

Socialist politician Olivier Faure was one of the first to fire back.

”I want to answer the president: There are rich people who are good citizens and rich people who screw up, and who seriously screw up,” he told Reuters. “This way of always … [suggesting] that it is the poorest who are committing the abuses cannot be countenanced.”

MP Daniel Fasquelle of the right-wing Les Républicains party tweeted:

“Mr. #Macron launches the grand debate by targeting troubled French people who are ‘screwing up’. How can we unite and appease the country if we continue to stigmatise and set the French against each other? This requires a change of policy but also of attitude on the part of [those in] power.”

“Emmanuel #Macron wants to ’empower’ people in ‘difficulty’ because ‘there are some who do the right thing and there are those who screw up’ according to him…” tweeted MP Valérie Boyer of Les Républicains.”

“[T]he year 2019 begins as it ended. Debates are now open but still the same contempt for the French!”

Macron had already unleashed a fresh wave of indignation on Friday, when he said that too many French citizens “think they can get things without making an effort“.

The 41-year-old centrist has made a series of comments perceived by many French as arrogant and out of touch, including when he told a jobless man that all he had to do was “cross the street” to find work.

France has had an unemployment rate hovering near 10 percent for most of the past decade.

A former Rothschild investment banker, critics have slammed Macron as “the president of the rich”.

‘This debate does not represent the people at all!’

‘Talk, exchange and debate’

Macron had hoped that by introducing a more inclusive, participatory style of governing he could take some of the anger out of the Yellow Vest movement. In an open letter to the French citizenry on Sunday, Macron listed 35 questions to be put to a “grand national debate” and said he hoped as many citizens as possible would participate in town hall-style gatherings across the country.

“We won’t agree on everything, that’s normal, that’s democracy,” he said in his letter. “But at least we’ll show we are a people who are not afraid to talk, exchange and debate.”

The meeting in Grand Bourgtheroulde kicked off two months of public consultations in towns and villages across the country on four main themes: taxation, France’s transition to a low-carbon economy, democracy and citizenship, and the functioning of the state and public services.

Following the two-month debate Macron said he would come up with a “new contract for the nation”.

>> ‘Yellow Vests’ open a new front in the battle: Popular referendums

Security was tight for his visit to Grand Bourgtheroulde, a town of 3,500 people that lies about 30 kilometres from the city of Rouen and where a Yellow Vest demonstration ended in clashes with police on Saturday.

Many Yellow Vests and opposition politicians have reacted sceptically to Macron’s initiative, however, calling it a smoke-and-mirrors attempt to sap the strength of their movement.

They cite the Macron government’s refusal to consider bringing back a controversial “wealth tax” on high earners as proof that it has already decided the outcome of the dialogue.

Analysts and many in Macron’s own party fear the public consultations will spur a cascade of nebulous demands or calls for the repeal of longstanding laws, such as those that abolished the death penalty or allowed gay marriage.

An Elabe poll released Tuesday showed the French feel lukewarm about the national debate, with 40 percent saying they intend to participate but 66 percent saying they did not think it would end the Yellow Vest unrest.

The task of organising the forums has fallen to local government minister Sébastien Lecornu and junior environment minister Emmanuelle Wargon. Five independent auditors will be appointed to ensure the debates remain free of government interference.

The Yellow Vest protests began in mid-November over a proposed fuel tax increase that would have unfairly penalised farmers and rural or small-town inhabitants who depend on their cars for transport. Since then they have grown into a broader push to tackle income inequality and give citizens more of a say in government decision-making, including calls for introducing citizen-sponsored referendums.

(FRANCE 24 with AFP and REUTERS)

It important that all of the protesters in France do not let up or slow down. You must all awake and begin to demand that everything that has been stolen from you is returned and that Country Internment and currency Slavery upon Earth is finally ended. Do what you can to increase the numbers as well as the places of protest in France and elsewhere. These protests must be expanded to include every major city in Western Europe as well as North and Central and South America.



Let’s Make 2019 a Year Of Peace & Freedom

Let us all strive to finally make some changes start in 2019 to the liberation of our Human Collective upon Earth from Country Internment, Currency Slavery and the constant state of War that this situation continues to create upon Earth. We can work together to begin the next level of Human Civilization upon Earth (Civilization Level One).

Inspirational Message 

Voila, This Is You, My Beloved!”

God said:

Beloved, you radiate a vibration in the world. Fingerprints are said to be individual. There is not one other set of fingerprints in the world just like yours.

Even as all are One, One Magnificent One, no one individually radiates the same vibration as you do, and you do it so naturally without giving a thought to it. Naturally means without effort. It takes no effort for a rose to grow. It takes no effort for spring to become summer.

In terms of the world, your sole vibration may also vary. There are moments when your vibrancy is tip-top, and other moments when you may vibrate slower or faster.

No matter, I know how to pick you out in a crowd. I know you. It can be said that I single you out. No thought goes into it, you understand. I know you instantly. No thinking has to go into it.

“Voila, it’s you!”

You shine above the crowd. It is your vibration that dances to a different beat, slower or faster, or to a certain staccato perhaps. It doesn’t matter. It is you.

You, yourself, also feel your own tempo to suit yourself more than at one time than another.

It is your vibration dancing. Your vibration may be more charming one time or another. Still, it is you, My darling.

We could be talking about a grade of silk that feels a little different to the touch from the one next to it.

We speak of a certain scent of a rose almost indiscernible from another, yet it is you as One Rose like no other. Regardless of the fact that each soul is One, each soul has its own whisper.

Beloved, I would know you anywhere.

You do understand that I can pick you out in a crowd.

“Ah, this is you, My Beloved,” My heart says, and We embrace. My recognition is not even a heart’s breath away from you.

I do not have to think. I know.

You also know when you are picking up on a different vibration. It will come to you. Not that it has to, yet you do desire in the same way that you want to name this tune.

You may wonder whether life passes by only in thoughts. You turn a book’s pages, and so you think you read and live it.

In the sense of sight, there are colors. In the sense of hearing, there are sounds and tones.

In all senses, there are subtleties. There may be subtleties that you may discern yet may not be able to describe. You know indescribably. You may forget an intrinsic name in a thrice, yet you almost have its name and where it lives.

This is something like the way you can recall whether it is today or tomorrow on the days when you are not yet sure for one moment of abandon. Really, when push comes to shove, why do you have to know? Perhaps sense of time is having its fun with you.

Of course, the answer to what time is it – even without a clock, you can say NOW.

The answer to where are you is HERE.

The answer to where do you live is ON EARTH. The answer could also be IN HEAVEN.

If you are asked WHO IS YOUR FATHER? say GOD.

Beloved, what more do you need to know?

Message Number 120

God Says

The Earth is a place of pure expression. The diversity upon the planet Earth is as diverse because it is an expression of the Spirits that play there. I give you, along with everything else, free will to do as you choose as well as My powers of Creation to share with one another. So this diversity is yours as proof of the Love that exists between all of Us. The Earth is meant to be a place of sharing and love and bliss. Let Us all start to create the Earth as the mirror of Heaven (your true home) that it has always been meant to be.

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NAMBLA has consistently protested ill advised wars that needlessly maim and kill young people and devastate families here and abroad. Even before it started, NAMBLA warned against the Iraq invasion. Our warning was on our Web site long before many of the politicians, who belatedly recognized their immense error, echoed our concerns.

NAMBLA has spoken out strongly against the shoddy and disrespectful treatment afforded youth in our society and the resulting high rates of child and youth poverty, neglect and alienation.

NAMBLA has consistently highlighted injustices and harm in age of consent laws. Instead of protecting young people, these laws have done the very opposite.

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Catch 22 On Earth thanks To Banks/Countries

On Earth it is true that all Humans are members of the Human Collective upon the surface of the Planet Earth. It is true that you are all equal and are all One Family. Still… We have on Earth a firmly established “Us verses Them” situation as a result of country Internment and currency Slavery. The Human Collective upon Earth will never achieve Human Civilization Level One as long as this inequality is permitted to continue.

Global Inequality

Inequality has been on the rise across the globe for several decades. Some countries have reduced the numbers of people living in extreme poverty. But economic gaps have continued to grow as the very richest amass unprecedented levels of wealth. Among industrial nations, the United States is by far the most top-heavy, with much greater shares of national wealth and income going to the richest 1 percent than any other country.

The world’s richest 1 percent, those with more than $1 million, own 45 percent of the world’s wealth. Adults with less than $10,000 in wealth make up 64 percent of the world’s population but hold less than 2 percent of global wealth. The world’s wealthiest individuals, those owning over $100,000 in assets, total less than 10 percent of the global population but own 84 percent of global wealth. Credit Suisse defines “wealth” as the value of a household’s financial assets plus real assets (principally housing), minus their debts.

“Ultra high net worth individuals” — the wealth management industry’s term for people worth more than $30 million — hold an astoundingly disproportionate share of global wealth. These wealth owners hold 11.3 percent of total global wealth, yet represent only a tiny fraction (0.003%) of the world population.

The world’s 10 richest billionaires, according to Forbes, own $745 billion in combined wealth, a sum greater than the total goods and services most nations produce on an annual basis. The globe is home to 2,208 billionaires, according to the 2018 Forbes ranking.

Those with extreme wealth have often accumulated their fortunes on the backs of people around the world who work for poor wages and under dangerous conditions. According to Oxfam, the wealth divide between the global billionaires and the bottom half of humanity is steadily growing. Between 2009 and 2017, the number of billionaires it took to equal the wealth of the world’s poorest 50 percent fell from 380 to 42.

Capgemini and RBC Wealth Management define a “high net worth individual” as someone with at least $1 million in investment assets (not including their primary residence and consumer goods). The vast bulk of the world’s millionaires hold less than $5 million. But the top tier of these wealthy individuals, those with at least $30 million, had the fastest growth rate between 2016 and 2017, rising 25.5 percent to 174,800.

Individuals with between $1 million and $5 million in investment assets make up the larger number of world millionaires. But those with more than $5 million hold a large majority (57 percent) of world millionaire wealth

Global Income Inequality

Since 1980, the share of national income going to the richest 1 percent has increased rapidly in North America (defined here as the United States and Canada), China, India, and Russia and more moderately in Europe. World Inequality Lab researchers note that this period coincides with the rollback in these countries and regions of various post-World War II policies aimed at narrowing economic divides. By contrast, they point out, countries and regions that did not experience a post-war egalitarian regime, such as the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, and Brazil, have had relatively stable, but extremely high levels of inequality.

Rapid economic growth in Asia (particularly China and India) has lifted many people out of extreme poverty. But the global richest 1 percent has reaped a much greater share of the economic gains. Although their share of global income has declined somewhat since the 2008 financial crisis, at more than 20 percent it is still much higher than their 16 percent share in 1980.

The top 1 percent in the United States holds 42.5 percent of national wealth, a far greater share than in other OECD countries. In no other industrial nation does the richest 1 percent own more than 28 percent of their country’s wealth.

The United States dominates the global population of high net worth individuals, with nearly 5.3 million individuals owning at least $1 million in financial assets (not including their primary residence or consumer goods).

The United States has more wealth than any other nation. But America’s top-heavy distribution of wealth leaves typical American adults with far less wealth than their counterparts in other industrial nations.


Since it is now known that all currency on Earth is worthless then it must be criminal for any to charge or to collect interest. This is Usury.

Usury (/ˈjuːʒəri/) is, as defined today, the practice of making unethical or immoral monetary loans that unfairly enrich the lender. Originally, usury meant interest of any kind. A loan may be considered usurious because of excessive or abusive interest rates or other factors.

As all currency is worthless than all interest in Usury. This means that all banks and their cohorts are criminals. Sadly… these criminals now work with all of the Internment Camps on Earth, which means that in order to eliminate all currency slavery (and the invented debts that this implies from it’s very conception) you must close all of the Internment Camps.

Let’s look at some of the greatest criminals on Earth today.



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The FED and the IRS

These individuals who are playing a game of “who can hoard the most worthless paper”, are playing with your lives. These “Petty Ones” who have control/vested interest in the Private Central Banks are also the same persons who actually “Own” practically all of the Corporations upon Earth. It isn’t only the distribution of wealth that makes it invalid but the very pay gaps that exist among workers. On some parts of Earth you must work a full week for $5.00 USD (as in Myanmar) whereas you have some individuals collecting salaries and bonus’ in excess of $100 Million Dollars USD (such as C.E.O’s of Banks and Corporations). How can any of you witness this discrepancy and still believe in debt, wealth and poverty?

As long as you continue to permit criminals of banking to manage and control all of the current countries (Internment Camps) on Earth, you will never see anything change. Right now we witness the standard of living plummet all across the Planet in all cities (Humans live in towns and cities and not in countries) as more and more living wages are stripped along with such basic rights as shelter, healthcare and education which have all become controlled by “Profit” and privatization which spawns this. How many of you must work 3 weeks just to cover 1 month of shelter costs? When you become aware that all currency on Earth is actually worthless and that all debt is therefore a lie and that all involved with banking are criminals… well it is absurd that this is permitted to continue.

Remember that they can no longer hide what it is that they actually Do!

Violation Tracker Parent Company Summary

Parent Company Name:  Goldman Sachs
Ownership Structure:  publicly traded (ticker symbol GS)
Headquartered in:  New York
Major Industry:  financial services
Specific Industry:  banking & securities
Penalty total since 2000:  $9,602,492,860
Number of records:  26


Top 10 Primary Offense Types Penalty Total Number of Records
toxic securities abuses $8,760,000,000 3
mortgage abuses $344,000,000 2
securities issuance or trading violation $179,027,860 9
foreign exchange market manipulation $120,000,000 1
investor protection violation $118,925,000 4
banking violation $36,390,000 2
financial institution supervision failures $30,500,000 3
illicit political contributions $12,000,000 1
data submission deficiencies $1,650,000 1

Parent-subsidiary linkages are based on relationships current as of the latest revision listed in the Update Log, which may vary from what was the case when a violation occurred. The penalty dollar total above may be adjusted to account for the fact that the list of entries below may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. Duplicate penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the list below.

Associated Names:



For an overview of this company’s accountability track record, read its Corporate Rap Sheet here.

Subsidy Tracker data on financial assistance to this company by federal, state and local government agencies can be found here.

Individual Penalty Records:

Download results as CSV or XML
Company Primary Offense Type Year Agency Penalty Amountsort icon
Goldman Sachs toxic securities abuses 2016 DOJ_CIVIL $5,060,000,000
Goldman Sachs & Co. toxic securities abuses 2014 FHFA $3,150,000,000
Goldman Sachs & Co. toxic securities abuses 2010 SEC $550,000,000
Goldman Sachs mortgage abuses 2013 FED $330,000,000
Goldman Sachs foreign exchange market manipulation 2016 CFTC $120,000,000
Goldman, Sachs & Co. investor protection violation 2003 SEC $110,000,000
Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. securities issuance or trading violation 2018 FED $54,750,000
Spear, Leeds & Kellogg Specialists LLC securities issuance or trading violation 2004 SEC $45,272,478
Goldman, Sachs & Co. securities issuance or trading violation 2005 SEC $40,000,000
Goldman Sachs Group banking violation 2016 FED $36,300,000
Goldman Sachs & Co. financial institution supervision failures 2012 SEC $22,000,000
Goldman Sachs & Co. securities issuance or trading violation 2016 SEC $15,000,000
Goldman Sachs mortgage abuses 2018 FED $14,000,000
Goldman Sachs & Co. illicit political contributions 2012 SEC $12,000,000
Goldman Sachs securities issuance or trading violation 2003 SEC $9,305,382
Goldman Sachs Execution & Clearing, L.P. and SLK-Hull Derivatives LLC investor protection violation 2009 SEC $7,200,000
Goldman Sachs & Co. securities issuance or trading violation 2015 SEC $7,000,000
Goldman Sachs Execution & Clearing LP financial institution supervision failures 2012 CFTC $7,000,000
Goldman, Sachs & Co. securities issuance or trading violation 2000 SEC $5,200,000
Goldman Sachs Execution and Clearing L.P. securities issuance or trading violation 2007 SEC $2,000,000
Goldman, Sachs & Co. data submission deficiencies 2002 SEC $1,650,000
Goldman Sachs financial institution supervision failures 2012 CFTC $1,500,000
Goldman Sachs & Co. investor protection violation 2006 SEC $1,500,000
Goldman, Sachs & Co. securities issuance or trading violation 2015 SEC $500,000
Goldman Sachs Execution & Clearing, L.P. investor protection violation 2010 SEC $225,000
Goldman Sachs Bank USA banking violation 2018 FED $90,000

A Global Revolution against Country Internment and currency slavery is imperative for you (The Human Collective upon the surface of Earth) to survive. What is happening now will never end as long as you permit the continued use of currency on Earth. All currency is the same and is all worthless no matter what lies those who wish to create a new currency try to tell you. The Earth must abandon all concepts of “Private ” ownership and transform into a non-capitalist Planet without any currency, without borders and an economic driver of “Productivity and Quality” as opposed to “Profit”.

In A Perfect World: Revolution Begins With France

In a perfect world there would be a Global Revolution against the horrors of Country Internment and Currency slavery beginning in France today! Sadly… this will most likely pass and not happen as it is ignored in the media as a means to diffuse the situation from growing in popularity as the common people are made aware that some are actually trying to force a change. Control of the media is only one way that these Internment Camps maintain their control over the Human Collective upon the surface of the planet Earth.

We witness them now beginning to exert more and more censorship and control over the Internet while they struggle on the other hand to force “internet addiction” upon the unsuspecting public. To abuse “copyrights” as a means to privatize and restrict sharing of knowledge. To be an “internet addict” serves these Internment Camps by spying on you… stealing your passwords and other fiendish methods to gain access to your thoughts and movements. All who are aware of Edward Snowden and the current “Alexa” courtroom drama are aware of this fact. It is a fact that use of the internet and the devices used to access it are becoming incorporated into schools and cellular phones are now a product being used more and more.

So we witness growing discontent in France! If you are living in France… go to the protests. If you are close to France… enter France and support the protests. Only through action and escalation of the growing discontent among those suffering impoverished masses (actually the majority of ALL Humans), will we witness an opportunity for Global Revolution. “No Man is an Island!” so it is with these Internment Camps which masquerade as “countries” upon Earth.  Do not believe the authorities who tell you that protests are “Lawless”.


Fractured France: Diesel Tax Protests Expose Macron’s Achilles’ Heel

Nov. 29, 2018, at 11:23 a.m.


BEAUVAIS, France (Reuters) – Hunched over a burning oil drum on a traffic island, protesters in yellow vests line up to decry France’s punishing fuel taxes and spiraling living costs, blaming a president who they see as detached from the everyday struggles of life outside the city.

For two weeks, the anti-diesel tax protests have played out at roadblocks across France, and even on Paris’s Champs Elysees, representing one of the biggest and most-sustained challenges to Emmanuel Macron’s authority since his election last year.

The unyielding initial response from the 40-year-old president, a former investment banker, has only reinforced a view among the hard-pressed middle-class and blue-collar workers that he is part of an urban elite contemptuous of their world.

Nowhere is that more keenly felt than in small villages, commuter towns and new-build city outskirts, where Macron’s move to scrap a wealth tax, increase a social welfare levy and raise fuel duties has deepened a sense of marginalization.

“In France, there’s always existed a divide between the big cities and outlying areas. But these days the gulf is growing wider and wider,” protester Stephan Hirelle said.

Macron’s 2017 election win upended French politics, bringing to office a political outsider who promised an alienated electorate that his administration would reconnect with the grassroots, create jobs and revive the economy.

A year and a half on, it is a similar vein of anti-establishment anger spurring the yellow vests, a spontaneous protest movement that caught Macron off-guard and could spell trouble for his ambitions in next year’s European elections.

Diesel pump prices may have been the trigger, but the protests — in which adherents don the high-vis jackets all French motorists must carry — have tapped deeper grievances.

Hirelle and his comrades, who count among them a truck driver, pensioners and blue collar workers, bemoan the decline of French industry, the government’s failure to protect local jobs from China’s clout, and what they see as the selfish interests of the political elite.

Similar resentments helped propel U.S. President Donald Trump to power and have underpinned populists across Europe.

The unrest has pushed Macron’s approval ratings to record lows of barely 20 percent. In surveys, he trails far-right leader Marine Le Pen ahead of next May’s European vote.

“There’s a total disconnect between him and us,” said Jean-Marie Camus as trucks and passing cars blared their horns in support. “What he says counts for nothing. Taxes keep going up. Essentially, it’s a declaration of war.”


Camus and his comrades are hunkered down on a traffic island sandwiched between a motorway toll station and an out-of-town commercial center that sprawls along a 1 km strip on the outskirts of Beauvais, a town 75 km (45 miles) north of Paris that is a base for low-cost airline Ryanair.

In a scene repeated across France, the area’s hypermarkets and fast-food restaurants have fueled the demise of artisan businesses in villages that abut new-build estates. Public transport is often scant. The car is king, and costly to run.

Macron has long struggled to shake off the tag of “president of the rich” and the view that he is out of touch.

He has successfully stared down protests over reforms to the labor code, the state railways and pension system that were orchestrated by trade unions and his opponents. But the yellow vest rebellion, which enjoys broad public support, risks being far more dangerous for the president.

On Tuesday he sought to dampen the protesters’ anger, offering talks between his government and their representatives.

The next round of fuel tax hikes — which he says are necessary to fight climate change — will go ahead in January, but he gave himself room to back down later, proposing a quarterly review of pump prices to ensure the tax is “fair”.

“I hear the people’s discontent,” he said. “I will not allow our energy transition plan to deepen the inequalities between regions and make the lives of citizens in rural areas and peri-urban areas even more difficult.”


Protesters on the barricades were unimpressed. Their impression of Macron has been cemented.

On Wednesday, the Jean-Jaures Foundation, a left-leaning think-tank, published a report backing the sentiments driving the yellow-vest movement — French households are finding it tougher to make ends meet, the report said, with basic pastimes such as trips to the cinema and restaurants out of reach.

“Having to sacrifice such simple pleasures sends a message to these people that they are slowly falling off the bottom of the vast middle class rung,” the authors wrote.

For now, the protest movement shows no sign of abating. Another rally is planned for Paris on Saturday, a week after hundreds of protesters clashed with riot police in the capital.

Equally worrying for Macron are signs that public support for the “gilets jaunes” is wide and growing, with three-quarters of people backing the movement, according to an Elabe poll published on Wednesday.

“There has always been a two-speed France,” said Thierry Gregoire, speaking at a cafe in central Beauvais where patrons nursed morning glasses of beer. “It’s just Macron has accelerated the split.”

(Reporting by Richard Lough; Editing by Alison Williams)

Copyright 2018 Thomson Reuters.



Shades of the 1789 revolution in France’s fuel protests

It’s easy to imagine the unpopular Macron as a powdered marquis being led to the guillotine

Lara Marlowe

Protest movements in France invariably carry echoes of class warfare and the 1789 revolution. The yellow-jacketed gilets jaunes, who managed to mobilise 290,000 people across France on Saturday, without an organisation and without leaders, are no exception.

Though their numbers are dwindling, the gilets jaunes continued to block highways, bridges and fuel depots on Monday, with an ever present threat of violence. A 63-year-old female protester was killed when a motorist tried to drive through a barricade in Savoy on Saturday. A 25-year-old man was seriously wounded when he was run over by a lorry at another barricade early on Monday. More than 500 people have been injured.

Speaking in Brussels, where he is on a two-date state visit, President Emmanuel Macron said he would comment “in due course”. The president’s approval rating has fallen to a record low 25 per cent. To the three-quarters of the country who are dissatisfied with him, “in due course” sounded like “let them eat cake”.


To paraphrase George Bernard Shaw, it is impossible for a Frenchman to open his mouth without making another Frenchman hate him. Macron and his acolytes speak like the super-educated, super-cultivated products of the French grandes écoles, which they are. And when Macron tries to talk like “the people”, for instance when he deplored the “crazy amount of dough” wasted to no effect on social spending, it usually backfires.

Macron’s natural constituency are the elite, bobos and ethnic minorities. Unfortunately for him, the petits blancs are probably a majority

A few days ago, a senior adviser to Macron briefed journalists on the “conjunctural” versus “substantive” causes of the fuel protests. He ridiculed Jacline Mouraud, the hypnotist and spiritual medium who criticised Macron in a video that went viral. Listening to the adviser, I couldn’t help imagining him as a powdered marquis being led to the guillotine while Mouraud cheered as a revolutionary tricoteuse.

Over a glass of Beaujolais, journalist and author Hervé Algalarrondo told me he thought Macron might not recover from his present unpopularity: “He doesn’t like lower class people. He’s contemptuous of them. Look at the things he says.”


To anyone who has been horrified by Donald Trump’s insults to women, ethnic minorities, journalists and Europeans, Macron’s blunders seem innocuous. Not to the thin-skinned French. Algalarrondo recalled the president’s remark at the launch of a “startup incubator” in a former railway station in June 2017: “A train station is a place where you come across people who succeed and people who are nothing,” Macron said.

Surely he meant the jobless, or people who have nothing, I replied. “No,” Algalarrondo insisted. “Macron knows the weight of words. He said ‘People who are nothing’ because that’s what he thinks.”

Perhaps Macron invited accusations of arrogance when he said he wanted his to be a “Jupiterian” presidency. I recently heard him criticised for wearing a cutaway tailcoat to a state dinner in Denmark, because it looked too expensive. Before he resigned, the interior minister Gérard Collomb said Macron and his government “perhaps lacked humility… In the palaces of the Republic, one loses the ability to listen to the population.”

Unjustly pilloried

It doesn’t help that Macron’s entourage comprises young men who resemble him, though they lack his charisma. “One should never surround oneself with clones,” says the political scientist Pascal Perrineau.

American youths use the slang verb “diss” to mean “disrespect”. Arabs who revolted against their rulers accused them of hogra, meaning disdain or contempt. Poor Macron is widely and perhaps unjustly pilloried for the same offence.

Macron has appointed several north African Arabs to high positions. In the banlieues and French West Indies, he has established a real rapport with Black people. All of which further enrages the petits blancs who have been pushed out of big cities by “bourgeois bohemian” bobos, and out of the banlieues by migrants and their descendents.


“Macron regularly shows empathy towards Blacks and Arabs,” says Algalarrondo. “But not towards the petits blancs. They are his terra incognita, his Bermuda Triangle. And the gilets jaunes are petits blancs. They’re the same social class who vote for Trump in the US. Macron’s natural constituency are the elite, bobos and ethnic minorities. Unfortunately for him, the petits blancs are probably a majority.”

The crisis also pits these two Frances against each other. Bobo ecologists were dismayed by the resignation of the previous environment minister Nicolas Hulot. They live in city centres and ride bicycles, and they don’t want Macron to cave on fuel prices. They look down on the gilets jaunes for creating chaos, and for refusing to sacrifice their polluting cars in the fight against global warming.

In a perfect world these protests would lead to a complete revolution in France which would spread throughout Europe and the World. Finally allowing the Anarcho-communists to establish the first Planetary World Council and close all Internment Camps and end Currency Slavery as well as all forms of privatization upon Earth. Introducing Universal Laws and Universal Human Rights to the Planet Earth. Greater Personal Freedom is long overdue and it can be yours if you take it!