The Physical Delusion

Greetings! Today we will touch upon a topic that is disturbingly getting more attention which relates to myths about the Human Body and Intellect. We have stated many, many times that all Humans are the same. Your body is meaningless. Your physical shape, your physical age, your abilities or disabilities are meaningless in regards to your body and Humanity. You are all the same as each does what they do based purely upon personal desire, ability and intent. You all exist at the same moment in time! We will discuss the “Source Field”. The Human brain exists to operate the physical mechanism of your body and to be a receiver for thoughts. All thoughts already exist within the Source Field. No Human Brain is capable of creating thought; only of receiving thoughts both Imperfect and Perfect-thought Forms from the Source Field.  It is you who decides which thoughts to embrace and which thoughts to reject.

The Source Field has been discussed in the past not only by Spiritual Masters but by Inventors. It is not difficult to  discover inventions that are submitted as original works in different parts of Earth from different people simultaneously. This is because they are obtaining these ideas from the Source Field as it is time for these inventions to be manifest upon the Earth. Tesla was not ashamed to publicly discuss this fact. He received downloads as have many others of us.  Below we will explore an excellent article about this.

Did Tesla Have An E.T. Connection?

In5D Nov. 23, 2014.

by Omar Fehimovic

Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest minds of all time and was considered to be the father of the 21st century. There were rumors that Tesla received his inventions from E.T. sources. Was this the main reason every step Tesla made was monitored by the elite?

Hidden in plain sight

Many devices that we use today contain Tesla’s patents, ideas, concepts. Most people have no idea that Tesla is behind these inventions. However, we rarely hear his name mentioned, especially in school books. His genius was often too much both for ordinary people and the elite. From bankers like JP Morgan to politicians, jealous, scientists, and others, the goal was to not only stop him from bringing these inventions to humanity but to steal them while keeping it out of the public eye.

His research was a threat to everything humanity was allowed to know. Could there have been something hidden about Tesla that was an even bigger threat?

Tesla’s entrance into this world

Tesla’s birth is mentioned in many stories, especially in the region of the Balkans. Tesla was born on July 10th, 1856 in a village in what was then Austro-Hungarian empire which is modern-day Croatia. His mother had a midwife helping her that night when Nikola was about to be born. There was relentless thunder outside. The story goes on to say that the midwife was very scared, but Tesla’s mother told her not to be afraid, that her child would be a very important person. When the midwife started getting used to relentless thunder outside the house, she asked Tesla’s mother how she knew the baby would be a very important person. Tesla’s mother responded that she did not know how but she simply knew.

His very birth was an interesting event because later Tesla literally played with thunder in his experiments and was born during similar circumstances. Just like his mother knew that her child would become an important person, Tesla simply knew what to do and would create complete devices in his mind before experiments. Another interesting thing is that his father was a Serb Orthodox priest and his son was anything but his father in terms of understanding the universe.

Tesla was also born in a region that was not particularly known for anything at that time. If you believe many Tesla followers that Tesla himself was an alien who incarnated in this world, the question is why he chose the family and the region for his birth and why there was such a storm while he was being born.

The period in which Tesla was born coincided with the old Zoharic prophecy about the opening of the gates of wisdom upon the earth. Coincidentally, Einstein was born during this time as well.

Tesla’s childhood

The “genius who lit the world”, as some call him, witnessed a terrible accident at the age of seven. In 1863 Tesla’s brother Danijel was killed in a riding accident. Tesla was in a state of shock and was reported to have started seeing visions. Many people have said that Tesla suffered from lifelong mental illnesses caused by the loss of his brother. A more logical explanation is that this shock served as a trigger in Tesla’s mind (as it happens to many people who witness terrible things) and that it prepared him for the unique way of using his mind.

Tesla’s life was very dramatic. At an early age he showed the superiority of his mind and was fascinated with thunderstorms and lightning. It is possible that this was also caused by the impressions of the storm when he was born. Nikola was fascinated with electricity and was absolutely determined that he would harness the power of the Universe to help humanity.

Tesla’s downloads

In 1882, the idea of a brushless AC motor simply came to him as Tesla was walking. He sketched the images in the sand. That is the first story about how he would simply have an idea in an instant, create the whole design in his head, and then simply start building it from scratch.

When Tesla moved to New York in 1884, he was hired as an engineer at Thomas Edison’s headquarters. Edison was impressed with Tesla and told Tesla he would give him 50 thousand dollars for a better design of his DC dynamos. Tesla experimented for months. However, when he presented his solution, Edison did not give Tesla any money and Tesla quit.

Tesla then decided to work alone and ideas kept coming one after another. In 1887 and 1888 he was granted more than 30 patents for his inventions. George Westinghouse, Edison’s major competitor, was very interested in Tesla’s work. What followed is one of the greatest and strangest stories of all time.  Tesla kept creating more and more, sleeping only two hours at night. Tesla would stay awake 22 hours a day, taking a nap 15 – 20 minutes for every four hours awake. This started when he was very young. When he was studying in Graz, Austria, Tesla became very good at playing billiards. Sometimes he would play more than 48 hours in a stretch. Also, once Tesla worked in his laboratory for 84 hours without any rest or sleep.

To the people around him this was simply incredible. Tesla had unusual amounts of energy and would get complete schematics in an instant. All this and much more points to two possible conclusions: Tesla was an E.T. or Tesla was able to contact them and the invisible realms and that is how he would get his ideas and energy.

Probably the most famous Tesla quote regarding his communication with other realms is:

My brain is only a receiver. In the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.

Tesla openly stated that his brain was a receiver and that the knowledge came from a core. Was he trying to mask the fact that he was communicating with an E.T. race that many say he was a part of? It is possible, but it is certainly much easier to explain his incredible work to the public in this way, saying that he was doing something that Da Vinci and Einstein were also famous for – communication with other realms.

Another quote is very interesting:

My method is different. I do not rush into actual work. When I get a new idea, I start at once building it up in my imagination and make improvements and operate the device in my mind. When I have gone so far as to embody everything in my invention, every possible improvement I can think of, and when I see no fault anywhere, I put into concrete form the final product of my brain.

The whole process explained in his words, an invention in his brain without any drawing, experiments, something most people can only dream of, yet so natural to Tesla. Was it possible because he communicated with E.T.’s, other realms, the core as he called it?

Intelligent electrical signals from space

Nikola Tesla built a laboratory in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in 1899, to experiment with high frequency electricity and other phenomena. In that laboratory he received and recorded cosmic radio waves on his sensitive instruments. He announced that he received extraterrestrial radio signals. The scientific community in 1899 did not believe him, because knowledge of cosmic radio signals did not exist at that time.

Here is what Tesla said about the signals:

“I can never forget the first sensations I experienced when it dawned upon me that I had observed something possibly of incalculable consequences to mankind. I felt as though I were present at the birth of a new knowledge or the revelation of a great truth.

My first observations positively terrified me as there was present in them something mysterious, not to say supernatural, and I was alone in my laboratory at night; but at that time the idea of these disturbances being intelligently controlled signals did not yet present itself to me.

The changes I noted were taking place periodically and with such a clear suggestion of number and order that they were not traceable to any cause known to me. I was familiar, of course, with such electrical disturbances as are produced by the sun, Aurora Borealis, and earth currents, and I was as sure as I could be of any fact that these variations were due to none of these causes.

The nature of my experiments precluded the possibility of the changes being produced by atmospheric disturbances, as has been rashly asserted by some. It was sometime afterward when the thought flashed upon my mind that the disturbances I had observed might be due to an intelligent control. Although I could not at the time decipher their meaning, it was impossible for me to think of them as having been entirely accidental. The feeling is constantly growing on me that I had been the first to hear the greeting of one planet to another. A purpose was behind these electrical signals.”

This is very revealing- Tesla openly stated that he had the feeling that he had been the first to hear the greeting of one planet to another. Here Tesla went further and replaced the core that he had mentioned with a direct link with E.T. life. It seems that to an open mind person it cannot be any clearer.

At the time, it was surmised by prominent scientists that Mars would be a likely haven for intelligent life in our solar system, and Tesla at first thought these signals may be originating from the red planet. He would later change this viewpoint as he became more adept at translating the mysterious signals. Near the end of his life, Tesla had developed several inventions that allegedly could send powerful amounts of energy to other planets.

“The signals are too strong to have traveled the great distances from Mars to Earth,” wrote Tesla. “So I am forced to admit to myself that the sources must come from somewhere in nearby space or even the moon. I am certain however, that the creatures that communicate with each other every night are not from Mars, or possibly from any other planet in our solar system.”

Tesla said he had flashes, some kind of light, and then he would get his ideas. He never said that the images in his mind were holographic, but some researchers claim that it was exactly what was going on in his mind. It may have been similar to what computers do today when they create models, rotate them, and analyze all possibilities needed to complete the task.

Tesla wrote letters to friends in which he talked about mysterious signals. He was convinced that the communication was with E.T’s. Tesla was not very popular in those days and many newspapers mocked him for saying that he was in contact with some kind of space intelligence. What the press wrote was almost certainly ordered by those who did not want Tesla to succeed in his intentions. So what better way to belittle him than say that he was a mad scientist who thought he was in contact with aliens? It often works in our so-called modern age, so it definitely worked such a long time ago.

The first clean energy

When speaking of Tesla, we cannot forget about Wardenclyffe Tower that was located in Long Island, New York. The tower was 187 feet to the top and 120 feet into the ground. What Tesla had in mind were various wireless transmitter points all over Earth. Tesla wanted to move energy from one tower to the next wirelessly. No, we are not talking about wireless technology like we have today, which is very toxic and harmful. This was clean energy to be used interplanetary.

Researchers at MIT managed to transmit power wirelessly only 100 years after Tesla and at a much shorter distance. 100 years is a lot of time and it is hard to believe that it took so much time for scientists to imitate Tesla to some extent.

Tesla wanted to give free energy to humanity but the Tower was demolished in 1908. J.P. Morgan was the founder of the project. When he discovered what Tesla’s intentions were, he did everything to stop him. Tesla also invented beam weapons, wireless power transmission, antigravity devices, anti-war shields, and a plethora of other suppressed inventions.

Can we prove that Tesla had contact with alien intelligence? If we take a closer look at what Tesla did, said, and created, we can at least say that he had the ability to tune into the core that he talked about.

His life was full of drama, sci-fi-like stories, synchronicities, and many interesting things and events. But is there proof that Tesla had ET contact? If we accept the fact that we live within the visible light in that tiny fraction of what we call space, we can also accept that some consider our reality to be a projection in our minds. Proof is just in the physical realm that we decode, but Tesla was not limited by visible light. His genius can almost certainly be attributed to his communication with other realms and probably aliens themselves.

Tesla was the most brilliant scientist that Earth has probably ever had, and he was not afraid to say that he believed in spirituality. This is not even common in the science community today. He was a spiritual scientist in communication with other realms and possibly E.T.’s- and left a legacy behind of bewilderment and awe in the true history of humankind.

We often witness as Humans attempt to pigeon-hole one another into little groups based upon their physical attributes. The brain is just another attempt to use differences as a means to divest targeted Humans of their Universal Rights. What we witnessed in earlier times such as the Sham of Phrenology is back yet again as the Shame of Brain Size or Brain Development.

At this very moment there are individuals both alone and in groups that are attempting to persuade the Public that to dole out rights must be based upon the physical development of the Human Brain. We know that this is a myth because the Human Brain exists solely to operate your physical vessel (and grows with it accordingly) and to receive downloads from the Source Field.  More and more do we witness this myth of “Brain Development” becoming a Hysteria used to deny equality. Not unlike the myth of “Trauma”. Remember that whatever good or bad things have happened to you in your past can have no effect whatsoever upon you in this present moment unless you will it to. You have no past! “Drama is the only Trauma!”

Here are some links to articles that attempt to deceive you.

Stress Predicts Brain Changes in Children: A Pilot Longitudinal Study On Youth Stress, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and the Hippocampus.

Adolescent Brain Development and The Risk For Alcohol And Other Drug Problems.

Adolescent Risk Taking, Impulsivity, and Brain Development: Implications for Prevention.

All Humans are the same! Do not permit yourself to yet again be deceived by those who weave words and logic into a confusing Web in order to entrap you into supporting any notion that Human Rights should be based upon anything other than Universal Rights and that somehow your are not all equal. Your physical Bodies are a small part of what you are. It is time to embrace Human Civilization Level One upon the Earth and this requires the implementation of Universal Law and Universal Human Rights upon the Planet Earth.


You Are Meant For Joy

Greetings! It has been discussed previously that the natural state for all Humans is Bliss. Somehow in time this state altered from a normal, present state to a far-off ideal that must be sought for yet never found or only held for a moment. You have been conditioned to believe that Life is meant to be a struggle and that suffering is the normal state. You already have everything you need to be joyful. Stop believing that joy is dependant upon some outside factors. “Wherever you go… there you are.” It is time to disbelieve any who attempt to deceive you into thinking that you must be content with misery now and that joy will follow.

You have no future because it is yet to exist and you have no past because it is gone and no longer exists. You have a right to demand your inheritance now! The Earth and everything upon, within and about it is your inheritance. Why not be joyful and loving right now? Wherever you go you take yourself with you. Make friends with yourself. You were not placed upon Earth to be “popular or unpopular”. You are meant to love yourself, to love others, to love the Planet and the Light and to be joyful now! Start smiling and know that you lack nothing. “Wherever you go, there you are.” You are the Light.

Here is an inspirational message from Archangel Raphael.


Let’s Sing A Song Of Love!

It is time for you who are reading these words to break open the seal you have placed upon your Heart that you felt was needed to protect you. Let your light within shine and make this Planet a better place for all Humans. Do not fear! The time for fear, shame and lies is gone.  Together we will sing a song of Love. You have heard the lyrics before. Do not shout it but sing it gladly all over the World.

The Messages of the Light will be the song we all sing. Let us run barefoot through the meadows, let us sing as we stroll across the sand dunes of the the deserts of the World. Let us sing across the Oceans, Lakes and Streams. Hold my hand and walk across the plains as we sing our song of Love together! We will repeat it over and over and over until it is upon the Lips of all Humans.

Here it is!

You do not live on a postage stamp! The Earth is your home. It is your inheritance and let no Human covet it or any part of it.

Your only family is your Human Family on Earth ( a small Part of your Family Of Light). There is nothing of greater value upon the Earth than a single human life because of the power of that life to create for the Light or for the Dark. Planetary resources and the labour of Humans, Flora and Fauna are all that is required for everything. Open your eyes to the suffering of your Family from curable diseases, drought and famines and persecution across the Earth.

There is no Law but Universal Law. All Humans are equal and are free to do whatever they desire as long as they cause no harm to others or to their environment. Unstuff your ears and hear the lamenting of your Brothers and Sisters  across the Globe unjustly imprisoned by laws which have no reason to exist upon the Earth. There are Universal Human Rights and there is Universal Truth.

Humans live together in towns and cities upon the Earth and not in countries. All Countries are Internment Camps and all Currency is worthless and is a form of Slavery.

You are not owned by any nor do you own any. Laugh at those who give you commands and ignore all those who want you to believe that you “Owe” them.

Sing this song of Love and inspire others to sing it along with you.

When all Humans learn to care about where they are standing, what they are thinking and how they are treating those about them instead of passing judgement over where others are standing, what others are thinking or how others are treating those about them… you will be living on Paradise on Earth.

Take back your HOME. The Earth is your home.

“There is no believing, there is only knowing.”

“There is no becoming, there is only Being.”

“All countries are Internment Camps.”

“All currency is slavery.”

“In order to eliminate all poverty you must first eliminate all wealth.”

“Distraction by Human Sexuality, Narcotics, Consumerism and Trivia is a means of superintendence.”

“You are all One.”

Here is a Letter for You

Why Am I Here?

God said:

Because time does not exist, there is no hurry. Therefore, there is no urgency, no emergency, no rush. There is nothing depending upon anything. In terms of Life in the World, there is no depending upon a whole lot anyway. So where does your sense of urgency and breathlessness come from? It comes from your attention on depending upon certain conditions.

You intend your rented sense of urgency as a condition to bring you what you want. I too want Life to bring you what you want. At the same non-time, I don’t desire you to insist upon Life the way you exhort it, for it is the have-to that entraps you. Free yourself from your attachments, and you free your Life. Sometimes you want to tie Life hand and foot. You want to make Life your slave. No, you are not to entrap Life, do you see what I mean? Do you get it now?

Of course, you think of your Life as yours. You play out your Life, yet your Life isn’t all yours. Your Life is in your hands even as Life is out of your hands. Even as distance doesn’t exist, for there is no space the same way there is no time, how can it be that you possess anything? In this way, your Life, your individualized Life isn’t yours to define anyway. It is said you live it. You do play it out on stage while you also live a Life beyond the daily one you go through the motions to perpetuate. You are more alive than you attribute your Life to.

There is more to Life than you realize even as there is less to Life than you realize. It feels to you sometimes that you have no clue as to what Life is about. It could be that Life isn’t even about anything at all.

In the world, Life is about activity. At the same non-time, Life is all Being, you are out of the factions and fictions of time and space and you exist in Infinity which you may see as high above the clouds.

Are you in Infinity or are you Infinity Itself? You feel like you exist as another dimension whereas you gather you are not a dimension. Surely, Infinity is higher than any dimension even as the word dimension means something set in place or time and the wordhigher may have non-dimensioned meanings as well.

You are not sectioned into any dimension, yet what is Infinity and what are you? Do you even exist? And if you do, where do you exist? If there is existence, does it exist somewhere?

Or, can you exist out of time and space? What is all this dimension business and what is all the fuss about existence and non-existence and shape and form, you wonder. Can a void be full? What is all this talk about Fullness of Nothingness then? Is nothingness fullness? What is this jabber anyway? Is this gibberish?

You might ask: “Did I just happen to fall out of the sky?” And then you answer yourself: “Well, I might just as well have.”
It is all the same mishmash to you. You ask Me:

“God, I believe You say there is Oneness. In my terms of understanding, You and I exist as One. I am unable to follow this. I can’t put a handle on it. Is this what You mean?”

I answer:

“Beloved, I won’t say that you are out of your depth just because you are from Greater than you can grasp and hold onto. The point of Our talks is to remind you to let go of boundaries and enter into Existence as apart from anyone or anything including all the questions and discourses. What is it exactly that you have decided you must once and for all know as well as you must know the alphabet? What? Anything?”

Just be Loving. Sing our song!


Start 2018 With A Look At Censorship

Let’s begin by looking at the recent threats to information through censorship.

Our friends at the World Socialist Website provide an excellent story.

Governments and corporations escalate Internet censorship and attacks on free speech

6 January 2018

The year 2018 has opened with an international campaign to censor the Internet. Throughout the world, technology giants are responding to the political demands of governments by cracking down on freedom of speech, which is inscribed in the US Bill of Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights, and countless international agreements.

Bloomberg, the financial news service, published a blog post titled “Welcome to 2018, the Year of Censored Social Media,” which began with the observation, “This year, don’t count on the social networks to provide its core service: an uncensored platform for every imaginable view. The censorship has already begun, and it’ll only get heavier.”

Developments over the past week include:

  • On January 1, the German government began implementation of its “Network Enforcement Law,” which threatens social media companies with fines of up to €50 million if they do not immediately remove content deemed objectionable. Both German trade groups and the United Nations have warned that the law will incentivize technology companies to ban protected speech.
  • On January 3, French President Emmanuel Macron vowed to introduce a ban during election cycles on what he called “fake news” in a further crackdown on free speech on top of the draconian measures implemented under the state of emergency. The moves by France and Germany have led to renewed calls for a censorship law applying to the entire European Union.
  • On December 28, the New York Times reported that Facebook had deleted the account of Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the Chechen Republic, nominally because he had been added to a US sanctions list. As the American Civil Liberties Union pointed out, this creates a precedent for giving the US government essentially free rein to block freedom of expression all over the world simply by putting individuals on an economic sanctions list.
  • This week, Iranian authorities blocked social media networks, including Instagram, which were being used to organize demonstrations against inequality and unemployment.
  • Facebook has continued its crackdown on Palestinian Facebook accounts, removing over 100 accounts at the request of Israeli officials.

These moves come in the wake of the decision by the Trump administration to abolish net neutrality, giving technology companies license to censor and block access to websites and services.

In July, the World Socialist Web Site first reported that Google was censoring left-wing, anti-war, and progressive websites. When it implemented changes to its search algorithms, Google claimed they were politically neutral, aimed only at elevating “more authoritative content” and demoting “blatantly misleading, low quality, offensive or downright false information.”

Now, no one can claim that the major technology giants are not carrying out a widespread and systematic campaign of online censorship, in close and active coordination with powerful states and intelligence agencies.

In the five months since the WSWS released its findings, Google’s censorship of left-wing, anti-war, and progressive web sites has only intensified.

Even though the World Socialist Web Site‘s readership from direct entries and other websites has increased, Google’s effort to isolate the WSWS through the systematic removal of its articles from search results has continued to depress its search traffic. Search traffic to the WSWS, which fell more than any other left-wing site, has continued to trend down, with a total reduction of 75 percent, compared to a 67 percent decline in August.’s search traffic is now down 71 percent, compared to 63 percent in August. Consortium News’s search traffic is down 72 percent, compared to 47 percent in August. Other sites, including Global Research and Truthdig, continue to see significantly depressed levels of search traffic.

In its statement to commemorate the beginning of the new year, the World Socialist Web Site noted, “The year 2018—the bicentenary of Marx’s birth—will be characterized, above all, by an immense intensification of… class conflict around the world.” This prediction has been confirmed in the form of mass demonstrations in Iran, the wildcat strike by auto workers in Romania and growing labour militancy throughout Europe and the Middle East.

The ruling elites all over the world are meeting this resurgence of class struggle with an attempt to stifle and suppress freedom of expression on the Internet, under the false pretence of fighting “fake news” and “foreign propaganda.”

The effort to muzzle social opposition by the working class must be resisted.

On January 16, 2018, the World Socialist Web Site will host a live video discussion on Internet censorship, featuring journalist and Truthdig contributor Chris Hedges and WSWS International Editorial Board Chairperson David North.

The discussion will explore the political context of the efforts to censor the Internet and abolish net neutrality, examine the pretexts used to justify the suppression of free speech (i.e., “fake news”), and discuss political strategies to defend democratic rights. Hedges and North will also field questions from on-line listeners.

We urge all of our readers to register to participate in this immensely important discussion, and to help publicize it to friends and co-workers.

The webinar will be streamed live by the WSWS on YouTube and Facebook on Tuesday, January 16 at 7:00 pm ( EST). For more information, time zone conversions and to register, click here.

Andre Damon

What is the Net Neutrality debate all about?

Net Neutrality: What You Need to Know Now

When you go online you have certain expectations. You expect to be connected to whatever website you want. You expect that your cable or phone company isn’t messing with the data and is connecting you to all websites, applications and content you choose. You expect to be in control of your internet experience.

When you use the internet you expect Net Neutrality.

Net Neutrality is the basic principle that prohibits internet service providers like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon from speeding up, slowing down or blocking any content, applications or websites you want to use. Net Neutrality is the way that the internet has always worked.

In 2015, millions of activists pressured the Federal Communications Commission to adopt historic Net Neutrality rules that keep the internet free and open — allowing people to share and access information of their choosing without interference.

But right now the internet is in peril. On Dec. 14, 2017, the FCC’s Republican majority approved Chairman Ajit Pai’s plan to gut the Net Neutrality protections.

A former Verizon lawyer and a Trump appointee, Pai ignored the widespread outcry against his plan from millions of people, lawmakers, companies andco public-interest groups.

We can’t let Pai have the last word on this — which is why we’re calling on Congress to use a “resolution of disapproval” to overturn the FCC’s vote to dismantle the Net Neutrality rules.

Urge lawmakers to reverse the FCC vote today.

What is Net Neutrality?

Net Neutrality is the internet’s guiding principle: It preserves our right to communicate freely online. Net Neutrality means an internet that enables and protects free speech. It means that ISPs should provide us with open networks — and shouldn’t block or discriminate against any applications or content that ride over those networks. Just as your phone company shouldn’t decide who you call and what you say on that call, your ISP shouldn’t interfere with the content you view or post online.

The internet without Net Neutrality isn’t really the internet.

What will happen to the internet now?

Without the Net Neutrality rules, companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon will be able to call all the shots and decide which websites, content and applications succeed.

These companies can now slow down their competitors’ content or block political opinions they disagree with. They can charge extra fees to the few content companies that can afford to pay for preferential treatment — relegating everyone else to a slower tier of service.

The consequences will be particularly devastating for marginalized communities media outlets have misrepresented or failed to serve. People of color, the LGBTQ community, indigenous peoples and religious minorities in the United States rely on the open internet to organize, access economic and educational opportunities, and fight back against systemic discrimination.

Without Net Neutrality, how will activists be able to fight oppression? What will happen to social movements like the Movement for Black Lives? How will the next disruptive technology, business or company emerge if internet service providers let only incumbents succeed?

Tell me about the Title II rules we just lost. Why is Title II so important?

After a decade-long battle over the future of the internet, in 2015 the FCC adopted strong Net Neutrality rules based on Title II of the Communications Act, giving internet users the strongest protections possible.

Courts rejected two earlier FCC attempts to craft Net Neutrality rules and told the agency that if it wanted to adopt such protections it needed to use the proper legal foundation: Title II. In February 2015, the FCC did just that when it reclassified broadband providers as common carriers under Title II.

Title II gave the FCC the authority it needed to ensure that companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon can’t block, throttle or otherwise interfere with web traffic. Title II preserved the internet’s level playing field, allowing people to share and access information of their choosing. These rules ushered in a historic era of online innovation and investment.

The Title II rules also withstood two challenges from industry. Free Press helped argue the case defending the FCC — and on June 14, 2016, a federal appeals court upheld the open-internet protections in all respects.

We’re now preparing to sue the FCC to restore the Title II rules.

Why is Net Neutrality so crucial for communities of color?

The open internet allows people of color to tell their own stories and organize for racial justice. When activists are able to turn out thousands of people in the streets at a moment’s notice, it’s because ISPs aren’t allowed to block their messages or websites.

The mainstream media have long misrepresented, ignored and harmed people of color. And thanks to systemic racism, economic inequality and runaway media consolidation, people of color own just a handful of broadcast stations.

This dynamic will only get worse: In 2017, Chairman Pai demolished most of the remaining media-ownership rules. The lack of diverse ownership is a primary reason why the media have gotten away with criminalizing and dehumanizing communities of color.

The open internet allows people of color and other vulnerable communities to bypass traditional media gatekeepers. Without Net Neutrality, ISPs could block speech and prevent dissident voices from speaking freely online. Without Net Neutrality, people of color would lose a vital platform.

And without Net Neutrality, millions of small businesses owned by people of color wouldn’t be able to compete against larger corporations online, which would deepen economic disparities.

Why is Net Neutrality important for businesses?

Net Neutrality is crucial for small business owners, startups and entrepreneurs, who rely on the open internet to launch their businesses, create markets, advertise their products and services, and reach customers. We need the open internet to foster job growth, competition and innovation.

It’s thanks to Net Neutrality that small businesses and entrepreneurs have been able to thrive online. But without Net Neutrality, ISPs will exploit their gatekeeper position and destroy the internet’s fair and level playing field.

Without Net Neutrality, the next Google or Facebook will never get off the ground.

What can we do now?

Congress has the power to reverse the FCC’s vote. Urge your lawmakers to use a “resolution of disapproval” to overturn the FCC’s decision to dismantle the Net Neutrality rules.

Stay awake! Be mindful of your thoughts while you observe that about you. Do not read the newspapers or watch the news.

Hopefully we will witness a rising demand for the end of Country Internment and Currency Slavery on Earth.

Inspirational Message for 2017 Close


It is in the best interest of the Human Collective on Earth to witness the growth of the “Tsunami of Love” that will awaken all to the reality that we are all One Family and are sharing the same Planet we live upon.

We hope to witness soon the end of Country Internment on Earth.

The end of Currency Slavery upon Earth.

The establishment of the First Planetary Council on Earth

With the introduction of Human civilization Level One upon Earth will be Global Peace.

Please read this Letter.

Heaven Letters

Knowing the Glory You Are
Heavenletter #6222 Published on: December 7, 2017
God said:
When did you wander into the shoals of Earth and accept this alcove you seem to sit in as the Whole Truth of you? How amazing that this portion of Life falls to you on the Beautiful Creation of Earth. It is beautiful, you know. Look at a Sunrise or Sunset. Look at One Leaf of a Tree.

How far from the Truth your present Life appears to look like, as if you are being held bound and hidden as a hostage in a distant land.

You think you crawl on your knees in a tiny inch or two of water far from the True Stream of the Water of Life you seem to be stranded on. Here you are, a True Seventh Wonder of the World, and you believe you are missing out on so much that the world has promised you. Look again.

Perhaps you used to hold False Gods before plain Truth. Perhaps money was set as your value. Can you imagine anything like this being taken seriously? Might as well make sand be your exchange rate for the medium of wealth, or dust, or mildew, or anything else that doesn’t reach to the Heart of you, which is to say doesn’t reach to the hem of My Garment and My Heart.

How could so many human Souls consider gold to touch the soles of their feet? Money never could be the breadth and height and the ballast of your Soul. What nonsense goes on in this beautiful Earth? You will discover Life in its True Beauty and Magnificence. Don’t be led astray.

How misinformed you may have been. You have been excellent in accepting charlatanism and its kudos. At present, you may serve yourself only a crumb of the Truth of you.

Generally speaking, when someone says to you: “How dare you think you are worth so much?”, it means you have taken on a royalty beyond your worth. In this context now, it means: “How in the world do you have the gall to sell out your True Merit for the price of a cup of coffee?”

There are greater Tales that occur beyond these little bedtime stories which you have been falling asleep to. There is a Grander Story and one deeper and beyond what is called the veil. Heretofore, you have covered up the True Story of Your Glory with machinations of one kind or another. Your True Story will come shining through. This day is imminent. Honor yourself.

Among the fictive stories, many stories that haven’t yet begun are also true. There are more stories to unfold. There are the wild interpretations that you have been used to and will let go of in order to receive the One and Only True Story of Oneness which is ongoing and always forthcoming. Your eyes will see the Glory.

The Truth is that Glory will happen to you. All your interpretations are only interpretations that you mistakenly believe in. You are fervent in your beliefs. As awkward and fretful as your beliefs may be, you hang onto them as if they are your Lifeline when they are only a spin-off of an unfulfilling drama, a misinterpretation of a dream that really has nothing to do with the Truth of you.

Fortunately, I know where Our Story leads, and so I have High Hopes for you — not High Hopes but rather Perfect Knowledge of all that which will happen right before your eyes. Beloveds, I know you will choose your True Worth when you can no longer forestall it, and there will be none of this external fooling yourself.

Stories have outcomes of one kind or another whereas you have One Great Choice to rejoin Me where, all the while, truly, all along, you are already in Infinity with Me, here where We are such kindred spirits in Infinity as We can only always be.


Be inspired and do not watch the News or read the Newspapers. No longer permit your Personal Power to be stolen from you by those who use shame, fear and lies. Remember that there is nothing under Heaven that has any authority over you without your consent. All humans living at the same time and are equal. It is time to withdraw your consent. It is time to establish Nova Earth.

The Fake News Shame

We will be discussing the intentions of the present Internment Camps Governments intentions (all countries are Internment Camps) to pass sweeping measures to increase censorship including the internet by making the public believe that these measures will protect against “Fake News”. It has been discussed that all Humans are sovereign citizens of Earth with the right to travel, live or work anyplace upon the surface of the Earth unhindered. The Earth is your Home and anything that takes place upon this Planet WILL have an effect upon you (it matters not if this pleases or displeases you). At this stage, many members of the Human Collective upon Earth are only just now beginning to “awake”. They are changing from Humans who get up, go to work long hours, go home and sleep and start over again and again; without paying attention the their Planet. Up to this point too many Humans simply followed their programs; believing that they lived upon a tiny “postage stamp” as opposed to the Planet Earth. Those who administer these Internment Camps were free to steal all the land and all the resources as well as all the fruits of Human Labour while convincing the Prisoners that they were doing them a favour and they they actually “owed them” for all of their help. Not being content to steal only from their Interned Prisoners; they also attempted to steal from each other, resulting in Wars all across the Earth. They used many methods to program and control the Human Collective on Earth such as Fear, Shame and Lies; they control of all media and courts; creation of “Fake Governments/Democracy” and using distraction through Narcotics, Human Sexuality and Trivia as an additional means of Superintendence.
They are no longer able to hide their actions from you. We “The Servants Of The Light”, have told you all of this before. Never listen to anything that they say because it is all a lie; instead you must observe what it is that they actually do. The actions of these “Petty Ones” never reflect their words.
Now we are preparing for their last ditch attempt to retain power in their hopes that they can somehow put you all back to “sleep” so that you will not liberate yourselves from Country Internment and Currency Slavery. Remember that the only thing of value upon the Earth is Planetary resources and Human Labour. The “Petty Ones” know this and have been thus far very successful in stealing all of this from you through Currency Slavery (Privately mass-manufactured, worthless tiny strips covered in cartoons, Shiny Metals, Shiny Stones etc.). They have persuaded you that there is scarcity upon Earth which is yet another lie!
Do not permit them to get away with another scheme like their World Wars, by allowing them in partnership with their Global Corporations (that they own) to mass-censor the only viable source of “Real News”. Remember that you are all co-operating with them right now. It is you who remains in these Internment Camps, acts as if currency (along with all the trappings such as stocks, taxes, debt etc) were real. It is you who supports their wars and turns a blind eye to the suffering of your Earth Family members with homelessness, famine, drought and even dying today from diseases that are already curable! It is you who kill each other and fear each other. It is the separation of you from one another in these internment camps that makes it so easy when you are corralled.

Here are a few examples of Fake News.


The front-runner candidate for the Alabama Senate seat vacated when Jeff Sessions became Justice Secretary, Republican Roy Moore, called The Washington Post “fake news” after the newspaper published a thorough investigation reporting on sexual encounters between Moore and multiple teenage girls, one as young as 14.

Moore’s attacks on this highly-reputable newspaper are part of a recent broader pattern of prominent public figures using the label of “fake news” to denounce quality investigative journalism that reveals corruption and abuse of power.

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Such attacks pose an urgent and systemic danger to our democracy, as they encourage corruption and abuse of power by undermining credible media reporting on such behavior.

As a high-quality, well-respected venue, The Washington Post would not publish such a controversial story without a thorough investigation. The article was based on multiple interviews with over 30 people who knew Moore at the time the sexual encounters happened, between 1977 and 1982.

The journalists were careful to paint a balanced story, including some negative facts about the women who accused Moore, such as divorces and bankruptcies.

Perhaps most telling of the high quality of reporting and credibility of the newspaper is the fact that a number of prominent Republican leaders are calling on Moore to withdraw from the race.

Immediately after The Post publishes its story, Republican Senator John McCain called for Moore to step aside immediately, and Montana Senator Steve Daines withdrew his endorsement, as did Utah Senator Mike Lee.

After a fifth woman stepped forward to accuse Moore independently of The Post’s story, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated that Moore “should step aside,” and so did Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

This article first appeared on the History News Network.

The front-runner candidate for the Alabama Senate seat vacated when Jeff Sessions became Justice Secretary, Republican Roy Moore, called The Washington Post “fake news” after the newspaper published a thorough investigation reporting on sexual encounters between Moore and multiple teenage girls, one as young as 14.

Moore’s attacks on this highly-reputable newspaper are part of a recent broader pattern of prominent public figures using the label of “fake news” to denounce quality investigative journalism that reveals corruption and abuse of power.

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Such attacks pose an urgent and systemic danger to our democracy, as they encourage corruption and abuse of power by undermining credible media reporting on such behavior.

As a high-quality, well-respected venue, The Washington Post would not publish such a controversial story without a thorough investigation. The article was based on multiple interviews with over 30 people who knew Moore at the time the sexual encounters happened, between 1977 and 1982.

The journalists were careful to paint a balanced story, including some negative facts about the women who accused Moore, such as divorces and bankruptcies.

Perhaps most telling of the high quality of reporting and credibility of the newspaper is the fact that a number of prominent Republican leaders are calling on Moore to withdraw from the race.

Immediately after The Post publishes its story, Republican Senator John McCain called for Moore to step aside immediately, and Montana Senator Steve Daines withdrew his endorsement, as did Utah Senator Mike Lee.

After a fifth woman stepped forward to accuse Moore independently of The Post’s story, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated that Moore “should step aside,” and so did Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.


Behind Fox News’ Baseless Seth Rich Story: The Untold Tale
August 1, 20177:23 AM ET

The Fox News Channel and a wealthy supporter of President Trump worked in concert under the watchful eye of the White House to concoct a story about the death of a young Democratic National Committee aide, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday.

The explosive claim is part of a lawsuit filed against Fox News by Rod Wheeler, a longtime paid commentator for the news network. The suit was obtained exclusively by NPR.

Wheeler alleges Fox News and the Trump supporter intended to deflect public attention from growing concern about the administration’s ties to the Russian government. His suit charges that a Fox News reporter created quotations out of thin air and attributed them to him to propel her story.

Fox’s president of news, Jay Wallace, told NPR on Monday that there was no “concrete evidence” that Wheeler was misquoted by the reporter, Malia Zimmerman. The news executive did not address a question about the story’s allegedly partisan origins. Fox News declined to allow Zimmerman to comment for this story.

The story, which first aired in May, was retracted by Fox News a week later. Fox News has, to date, taken no action in response to what it said was a failure to adhere to the network’s standards.

The lawsuit focuses particular attention on the role of the Trump supporter, Ed Butowsky, in weaving the story. He is a wealthy Dallas investor and unpaid Fox commentator on financial matters who has emerged as a reliable Republican surrogate in recent years. Butowsky offered to pay for Wheeler to investigate the death of the DNC aide, Seth Rich, on behalf of his grieving parents in Omaha, Neb.

On April 20, a month before the story ran, Butowsky and Wheeler — the investor and the investigator — met at the White House with then-press secretary Sean Spicer to brief him on what they were uncovering.

The first page of the lawsuit quotes a voicemail and text from Butowsky boasting that Trump himself had reviewed drafts of the Fox News story just before it went to air and was published.

Spicer now tells NPR that he took the meeting as a favor to Butowsky. Spicer says he was unaware of any contact involving the president. And Butowsky tells NPR that he was kidding about Trump’s involvement.

“Rod Wheeler unfortunately was used as a pawn by Ed Butowsky, Fox News and the Trump administration to try and steer away the attention that was being given about the Russian hacking of the DNC emails,” says Douglas Wigdor, Wheeler’s lawyer.

The back story

On May 16, the Fox News Channel broke what it called a “bombshell” story about an unsolved homicide: the July 2016 shooting of 27-year-old Democratic Party staffer Seth Rich.

Unfounded conspiracy theories involving Rich abounded in the months after his death, in part because WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange cryptically suggested that Rich’s death may have been related to the leaks of tens of thousands of emails from Democratic Party officials and their allies at the peak of the presidential campaign.

Fox News’ story, which took flight online and ran in segments across major shows, breathed fresh life into the rumors. Fox reported that the leaks came from inside the party and not from hackers linked to Russia — despite the conclusions of the nation’s most senior intelligence officials. The network suggested that Democrats might have been connected to Rich’s death and that a cover-up had thwarted the official investigation.

The network cited an unnamed FBI official. And the report relied heavily on Wheeler, a former police detective, hired months earlier on behalf of the Riches by Butowsky.

These developments took place during growing public concern over a federal investigation into the Trump camp’s possible collusion with the Russian government during the campaign. The allegations have since touched the president’s son and son-in-law, his former campaign manager, his attorney general and his first national security adviser, who resigned as a result.

The question of Rich’s death took on greater urgency for Butowsky after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey in early May. Comey had been overseeing the Russia investigation. The story ran just a week later.

Fox’s report went sideways shortly after it was posted online and aired on Fox & Friends. It was denounced by the Rich family, D.C. police, Democratic Party officials and even, privately, by some journalists within the network. Within hours, Wheeler told other news outlets that Fox News had put words in his mouth.

Despite those concerns, Wheeler appeared on the shows of Fox Business host Lou Dobbs and Fox News star Sean Hannity, who devoted significant time to the story that night and in subsequent days. In speaking with Wheeler, Hannity said: “If this is true and Seth Rich gave WikiLeaks the DNC e-mails … this blows the whole Russia collusion narrative completely out of the water.”

A week later, on May 23, Fox retracted the story, saying the reporting process failed to live up to its standards. Hannity said he would take a break from talking about Rich’s death out of respect for the family. And there it has largely stood — until now.

The fake news story

In the lawsuit, the private investigator sets out a different version of events. Wheeler, a paid Fox News contributor since 2005, alleges the story was orchestrated behind the scenes and from the outset by Butowsky, who hired him on behalf of the Rich family.

The following account reflects the verbatim quotes provided from the texts, emails, voicemails and recorded conversations cited in Wheeler’s lawsuit, except as otherwise noted.

According to the lawsuit, Trump press secretary Sean Spicer meets at the White House with Wheeler and Butowsky to review the Rich story a month before Fox News ran the piece.

On May 14, about 36 hours before Fox News’ story appears, Butowsky leaves a voicemail for Wheeler, saying, “We have the full, uh, attention of the White House on this. And tomorrow, let’s close this deal, whatever we’ve got to do.”

Butowsky also texts Wheeler: “Not to add any more pressure but the president just read the article. He wants the article out immediately. It’s now all up to you.”

Spicer confirms meeting with the two but denies claims about the president.

“Ed’s been a longtime supporter of the president and asked to meet to catch up,” Spicer tells NPR on Monday night.

“I didn’t know who Rod Wheeler was. Once we got into my office, [Butowsky] said, ‘I’m sure you recognize Rod Wheeler from Fox News.’ ”

Spicer says Butowsky laid out what had been found about the case. “It had nothing to do with advancing the president’s domestic agenda — and there was no agenda,” Spicer says. “They were just informing me of the [Fox] story.”

Spicer says he is not aware of any contact, direct or not, between Butowsky and Trump. And Butowsky now tells NPR he has never shared drafts of the story with Trump or his aides — that he was joking with a friend.

Instead, Butowsky repeatedly claims that the meeting was set up to address Wheeler’s pleas for help landing a job for the Trump administration. Wheeler’s attorney, Wigdor, says there is no evidence to support that claim.

In the suit, Wheeler alleges that Butowsky was using the White House references to pressure him.

Wheeler did play his own role in furthering the story. But he contends that he regretted it the same day it aired. His suit alleges Fox News defamed him by manufacturing two false quotations attributed to him and ruining his reputation by blaming him as the deceptive story fell apart. Wheeler, an African-American, is also suing the network for racial discrimination, saying he failed to advance as prominently as white counterparts. Fox News had no comment on that allegation.

Who is Ed Butowsky?

Butowsky is a silver-haired brash investor who became known for helping newly rich athletes figure out how to manage their money — and avoid getting fleeced. A native New Yorker and son of a former top enforcement officer for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Butowsky attended the University of Texas in the early 1980s. He set up his own company, Chapwood Capital Investment Management in Addison, Texas, outside Dallas, after a long stint at Morgan Stanley.

Federal records compiled by the election finance database show Butowsky has given money to the campaigns of nine politicians: seven Republicans and two Democrats, including $1,000 to Barack Obama’s campaign in January 2008.

In recent years, Butowsky has become outspoken about his political beliefs, becoming a familiar face on Fox News and its sister channel, the Fox Business Network. Butowsky has also appeared on Breitbart News’ radio programs featuring then-Breitbart Chairman Steve Bannon, who became Trump’s campaign chief and is now the president’s senior political strategist.

Butowsky emerged as a vocal backer of Trump’s candidacy. He attended Trump’s inauguration, posting pictures from the day on social media. In the Seth Rich case, Butowsky presented himself as a good Samaritan who came across a sliver of information about Seth Rich’s death and shared it with the Riches.

“I thought, ‘You know what? I’m going to help these people out,’ ” Butowsky said on the radio show of David Webb, a conservative Fox News contributor. “Somehow, these people need to know what happened to their little boy.” He gave a similar account in an interview Monday with NPR.

Wheeler’s lawsuit alleges that Butowsky’s generosity is clearly politically motivated.

On Feb. 23, more than six months after Rich’s death, Butowsky introduces himself to Wheeler with a flattering text, citing mutual friends from Fox News. “Behind the scenes, I do a lot of work, (unpaid) helping to uncover certain stories,” Butowsky writes, as recounted in the suit.

“[M]y biggest work was revealing most of what we know today about Benghazi,” the deadly attack in Libya that sparked a congressional investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Later that day, Butowsky speaks to Wheeler for about 20 minutes by phone, saying his primary aim is to help the Rich family.

The man behind the lawsuit: Rod Wheeler

Wheeler, a 57-year-old former Washington, D.C., homicide detective, was part of the Metropolitan Police Department from 1990 to 1995, when he was dismissed, according to the agency. His New York City-based attorney, Wigdor, says Wheeler was fired for insubordination after his urine tested positive for trace amounts of marijuana.

At the time he meets with Butowsky, Wheeler has been a paid contributor to Fox News for more than 11 years and has been actively but unsuccessfully seeking greater exposure on the network, according to the suit.

Five days later, the two men meet in person at a lunch in Washington. Butowsky introduces an unexpected third guest: Malia Zimmerman, a Fox News investigative reporter based in Los Angeles known for enterprise reporting from a conservative standpoint.

According to the account in the suit, Butowsky cautions Wheeler before they set out to meet the Riches: “[M]ake sure to play down Fox News. Don’t mention you know Malia.”

And Butowsky lays out a different mission than aiding the Rich family. Butowsky says he became convinced that the FBI had a report concluding that Seth Rich’s laptop showed he had had contacts with WikiLeaks after speaking to the legendary reporter Seymour Hersh, who was also investigating Rich’s death. According to the transcripts in the lawsuit, Butowsky says Hersh had an FBI source who confirmed the report.

In an interview this week, Hersh sounds unconvinced.

“I hear gossip,” Hersh tells NPR on Monday. “[Butowsky] took two and two and made 45 out of it.”

Rich’s parents initially welcome Wheeler’s help and Butowsky’s largesse. On March 14, Butowsky pays Wheeler $5,000, through a limited partnership company called Googie LP. (NPR found that Butowsky is listed in Texas public records as its general partner.)

Wheeler does not make great headway. The FBI informs Butowsky, Wheeler and Zimmerman that the agency is not assisting the Washington, D.C., police on the investigation — undercutting claims about an FBI report.

A Metro D.C. police detective tells Wheeler that Rich’s death was likely a robbery gone awry and that the FBI is not involved.

Preparing to publish

On May 9, Trump fires Comey.

On May 10, Butowsky and Zimmerman call Wheeler to say they have an FBI source confirming emails were sent from Seth Rich to WikiLeaks, though they do not share the source’s identity, according to the investigator’s suit. Wheeler will later say this is the only federal law enforcement source that Fox News — or he — has related to this story.

Wheeler says he doesn’t know whether that source emerged from Butowsky’s conversation with Seymour Hersh or whether it was a fabrication.

The next day, Zimmerman sends Wheeler a draft of her story, which is to run initially on the network’s website. It includes no quotes from Wheeler.

On the evening of May 14, Butowsky leaves a voicemail for Wheeler raising the stakes by invoking the White House and saying, “Let’s close this deal.”

A bit later that night, at 9:10 p.m., Butowsky texts Wheeler, according to Wheeler’s suit: “Not to add any more pressure but the president just read the article. He wants the article out immediately. It’s now all up to you. But don’t feel the pressure.”

As the night before the story is aired progresses, Butowsky is awake, online and anticipating what is to unfold in a few short hours.

Butowsky sends an email to Fox News producers and hosts coaching them on how to frame the Rich story, according to the lawsuit. Recipients included Fox & Friends hosts, Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade.

“I’m actually the one who’s been putting this together but as you know, I keep my name out of things because I have no credibility,” Butowsky writes, as reflected in the Wheeler suit. “One of the big conclusions we need to draw from this is that the Russians did not hack our computer systems and ste[a]l emails and there was no collusion” between “Trump and the Russians.”

The night before the story ran and the day of the story itself, Butowsky coaches Wheeler on what to say on the air: “[T]he narrative in the interviews you might use is that you and [Fox News reporter Malia Zimmerman’s] work prove that the Russians didn’t hack into the DNC and steal the emails and impact our elections.” In another text, he writes: “If you can, try to highlight this puts the Russian hacking story to rest.”

Fox goes with the story

The story breaks earlier than expected.

On the evening of May 15, Fox News’ sister local station in Washington, Fox 5 DC, runs a story online at once promoting and pre-empting the network’s apparent scoop. “The police department nor the FBI have been forthcoming,” Wheeler tells the station. “They haven’t been cooperating at all. I believe that the answer to solving his death lies on that computer, which I believe is either at the police department or either at the FBI. I have been told both.

Asked whether his sources have told him about information linking Rich to the WikiLeaks email dump, Wheeler says, “Absolutely. Yeah. That’s confirmed.”

The next morning, the story goes national.

Fox News reports that evidence from Rich’s laptop showed he had been in contact with WikiLeaks just days before the site posted those emails. Fox also reports that powerful forces were trying to quash the official investigation into his death.

On Fox & Friends, the hosts call the story a “bombshell.”

Zimmerman’s online story cites an unnamed “federal investigator who reviewed an FBI report” for its findings. It also cites Wheeler, incorporating two key quotations from Wheeler that do not appear on video. In each, the private investigator seemingly takes ownership of the accusations.

The first: “My investigation up to this point shows there was some degree of email exchange between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks.”

The second: “My investigation shows someone within the D.C. government, Democratic National Committee or Clinton team is blocking the murder investigation from going forward. That is unfortunate. Seth Rich’s murder is unsolved as a result of that.”

The Riches torch Wheeler, saying they have seen no proof for his contentions.

Wheeler alleges both quotations were fabricated and untrue.

According to the lawsuit, Zimmerman promises to have those lines removed — but they stay in the story. Zimmerman then tells him that her bosses at Fox News had instructed her to leave those quotes in.

That same day, the suit recounts, Zimmerman writes a letter to Seth Rich’s father, Joel, distancing Fox News from responsibility for what the network reported: “Much of our information came from a private investigator, Rod Wheeler, who we understand was working on behalf of you.”

Wheeler challenges Zimmerman over the letter in a three-way phone conversation that also included Butowsky. The Fox News reporter defends herself: “That’s the email that Fox asked me to send him. They wrote it for me.”

Wheeler replies: “That’s not accurate, though, because much, much of the information did not come from me.”

“Not about the emails. Not the part about, I mean, the connection to WikiLeaks,” Zimmerman acknowledges. “But the rest of the quotes in the story did.”

Butowsky weighs in: “One day you’re going to win an award for having said those things you didn’t say.” Later, according to the recordings transcribed in the suit, Butowsky acknowledges Wheeler hadn’t made any claims of personal knowledge about emails between Rich and WikiLeaks. “I know that’s not true,” Butowsky says. “If I’m under oath, I would say I never heard him say that.”

Both try to keep Wheeler on board, however.

Zimmerman issues instructions for Wheeler’s appearance on Sean Hannity’s show later that evening. “Reread the story we sent you last night [that contained the invented quotes] and stick to the script,” she texts Wheeler.

Despite his misgivings, Wheeler plays along. On Hannity’s show, Wheeler says he doesn’t personally know about Rich’s emails or computers but says that a “very credible” federal investigator says “he laid eyes on the case file.” Wheeler offers energetic speculation though not much more: “When you look at that with the totality of everything else that I found in this case it’s very consistent for a person with my experience to begin to think well perhaps there were some e-mail communications between Seth and WikiLeaks.”

The aftermath

On May 23, Fox News posts an unsigned statement retracting Zimmerman’s online story.

The network does not apologize or explain what went wrong. “The article was not initially subjected to the high degree of editorial scrutiny we require for all our reporting,” the statement reads. “Upon appropriate review, the article was found not to meet those standards and has since been removed.”

In early June, Wheeler meets with Dianne Brandi, general counsel for the network, and Jay Wallace, the network’s president for news. He makes his case that fabricated quotes had knowingly been attributed to him. Neither ever publicly speak of the matter afterward, until now. “Since meeting with Rod Wheeler, we have also met with Malia Zimmerman to try to determine whether Rod was misquoted,” Wallace says in a statement to NPR. “As of now, we don’t have concrete evidence that he was.”

A Fox News executive knowledgeable about the controversy, who would only speak if granted anonymity, tells NPR, “The story was published to the website without review by or permission from senior management.” The executive notes that Wallace had placed the broadcast and digital newsgathering teams under the same leadership for the first time after a series of management changes following the forced departure of the network’s founder, the late Roger Ailes, and many of his top deputies.

In late June, Wheeler warns Fox News and Butowsky that he may file suit. Three days later, Butowsky tweets: “Fox News story was pulled b/c Rod Wheeler said [he] didn’t say a quote … How much did DNC pay him?” And then Butowsky tweets: “This shows Rod Wheeler has a major battle with the truth.”

The two men, thrust together on a common effort for months, have been torn apart by its aftermath. In the interview with NPR, Butowsky insists that he was acting out of a civic-minded spirit for the Riches and not with any partisan or political drive. Zimmerman remains on staff at Fox News, actively reporting on unrelated stories.

A spokeswoman for the FBI tells NPR this week that the agency has played no part in the investigation of the unsolved homicide. And a spokeswoman for Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department says, “MPD stands behind its original assertion that Seth Rich was the victim of a botched armed robbery.”


Republican Senator caught making up fake news about fake news doubles down
Boston Antifa

Oklahoma Senator James Lankford (@SenatorLankford; (405) 231-4941) sounded the alarm about Russian trolls spreading discord about NFL athletes kneeling for the national anthem, citing as evidence a Twitter account called “Boston Antifa” whose “location” field had been filled in “Vladivostok, Russia.”

Lankford claimed that he’d been briefed on this by “the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and the National Counterterrorism Center” and that it was super-duper real, and both Republicans and Democrats amplified his message. Republicans liked the idea that fighting for racial justice made you a dupe of Russian disinformation campaigns, and Democrats liked the story because it tied into their belief that Russians have taken over the US mediasphere and can be blamed for the ascendancy of Trumpism, which therefore is totally unrelated to Clintonian triangulation and kowtowing to the 1 percent.

But “Boston Antifa” is a well-known hoax account likely controlled by a pair of pranksters named Alexis Esteb and Brandon Krebs, who specialize in posting obnoxiously negative tweets about right-wing personalities that can be attributed to “Boston Antifa” in outraged responses.

“It did not require some heroic feat of investigative journalism for me to find this stuff out,” said the Springfield, Massachusetts-based reporter. He noted that Buzzfeed and ThinkProgress also debunked the story pretty quickly.

When the Russia story broke this week, Glaun called Lankford’s office. His write-up for Masslive is amusing:

“A source close to Lankford acknowledged in an email that the Boston Antifa account may not be linked to the Russian government, but maintained that there was a high likelihood it was connected to some Russian entities, based on information collected by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

“Lankford’s office declined to elaborate on what evidence ties Boston Antifa to Russian influence campaigns.”

So even confronted with evidence, Lankford’s office dug in. Apparently they have secret information gleaned from Senate Intelligence Committee hearings that proves these two yuksters – people you can see are clearly American amateurs on video in the McInnes interview – are actually still “connected to some Russian entities.”

Latest Fake News Panic Appears to Be Fake News
[Matt Taibbi/Rolling Stone]


Remember that in order to advance the Human Collective on Earth to Civilization Level One from the current state of Level Zero; you must set yourselves free from Country Interment and Currency Slavery.

You must create your first Planetary Counsel of Earth by the Scientists, Environmentalists, Engineers elected by their Global Peers and other elected individuals from the First, Second, Third and Fourth World Nations.

All Humans live in towns and cities upon the Earth and not in Countries. The Earth is your home.

There is no law but Universal Law.

There is such a thing as Universal Truth and Universal Rights.

Do not stay sleeping. Look up!


The North American Man/Boy Love Association Wants You!


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Why NAMBLA Matters

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NAMBLA has celebrated the dignity inherent in the natural love of boys.

NAMBLA has been a bulwark against the lies and pejoratives of a venal abuse industry and opportunistic politicians and law enforcement officials. Exposing these lies is important not only for man/boy lovers but for all people who value democracy, since its foundation is a well-informed electorate.

NAMBLA has consistently protested ill advised wars that needlessly maim and kill young people and devastate families here and abroad. Even before it started, NAMBLA warned against the Iraq invasion. Our warning was on our Web site long before many of the politicians, who belatedly recognized their immense error, echoed our concerns.

NAMBLA has spoken out strongly against the shoddy and disrespectful treatment afforded youth in our society and the resulting high rates of child and youth poverty, neglect and alienation.

NAMBLA has consistently highlighted injustices and harm in age of consent laws. Instead of protecting young people, these laws have done the very opposite.

You can help by joining.
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Most of all, you can help by becoming an active member.


It is important to support those organizations that support you. Most people are aware of N.A.M.B.L.A. who have always been at the forefront of defending the rights of all Humans and their desires for individual freedom. What does the average man on the street think about N.A.M.B.L.A.?

Let’s conduct an hypothetical interview.

Interviewer: Greetings Kind Sir. Have you heard of the North American Man/Boy Love Association a.k.a N.A.M.B.L.A.?

Man on the street: Why yes. Aren’t they that organization that is struggling to defend the freedoms of humans of all ages? Working tirelessly and often anonymously to create a better world?

Interviewer: Why yes they are! You certainly know your P’s and Q’s. It’s surprising haw many of the Common People these days are aware of the goodly works at N.A.M.B.L.A. Did you know that N.A.M.B.L.A. is run by a Steering Committee?

Man on the street: No but it certainly makes sense. I’m sure that they must have a very large number of members.

Interviewer: How would you describe the Steering Committee Members that orchestrate N.A.M.B.L.A. ?

Man on the street: A really swell bunch of guys!

Interviewer: Are you already a member of N.A.M.B.L.A. Sir?

Man on the street: Why no… as a matter of fact I’m not.

Interviewer: For Heaven’s Sake! why not?

Man on the street: Golly! You’re right! I am going to rush home and join N.A.M.B.L.A. right away!

Interviewer: *turns to face the camera* Well there you have it folks! You should all also go and send your donations/membership applications(with fees) into N.A.M.L.A. straight away. Do it NOW!

Mail checks to:

537 Jones St. No. 8418
San Francisco, CA 94102