Nova Earth

Greetings Human Collective of the Planet Earth! We (the Servants Of The Light) are pleased to announce that Nova Earth is finally here!

For too long now, the Petty Ones, those Deceivers of the World, have had you living in fear of your own Shadows. Keeping you interned so that they could steal your land, resources, labour and even your lives. All the while maintaining that they were helping you and that you actually owed them. Making you believe that there was scarcity upon the Earth while they stole more and more from you for themselves because it is impossible for these Petty Few to ever be satisfied. Greed is a virtue in their eyes and fear is their ally.
Nova Earth is here at last and along with this arrival is the inability of these deceivers to hide their lies from you. It is glaringly obvious to you that all Media is controlled so that a constant state of fear is maintained. Stop watching your News and reading the Newspapers. To examine your History now is to reveal Global Wars started because of such absurd excuses as hairstyles or which cousin is a better lover! All the while you complied to sacrifice your lives and even the very Planet itself. It is no longer required for you to sacrifice your Personal Power. There is no Being under Heaven that has any authority over you without your consent. It is time to take back and to stop giving your consent to these Petty Few Ones that keep you interned in camps and force you into currency slavery and addiction to conflict.

The Earth is your Home!

There is at this moment, no valid government upon the Earth beyond the Municipal Level. All humans live in towns and cities and not in Countries. Culture is found only where the People dwell. Their borders do not exist and their laws are invalid. There is no longer any reason for any Human to obey their absurd laws, pay for their invented debts or taxes or serve in their vapid armies or to even acknowledge that these ones have any authority over you whatsoever. They do not serve you.

Let us begin by examining some of their myths.

The total value of all currency in use upon the Planet Earth is zero. This is because it is privately, mass-manufactured, worthless, small strips covered in cartoons. There is nothing of greater value in the multi-verse than a single Human Life because of the ability of that life to create for the Dark or for the Light. Shiny metal such as Gold is in no way rare or valuable. You already know that Gold is produced in Stars and when they go Nova, they release trillions of tonnes of gold throughout the Universe. This is why it is found all over the Universe. On Earth as well as the other planets, moons, asteroids, comets and even on meteors that crash to Earth can gold be found. You have no idea how much gold there even is upon the Earth itself. These facts can no longer be hidden from you. The same is to be said of shiny stones. Just look at diamonds as an example. The Diamond Cartel is yet another scam such as invented debts and Banking that is no longer justified to continue to permit it’s existence. Just recently there has appeared a new story about Gold.
read it here or below.


New frontier for science as astronomers witness neutron stars colliding

Extraordinary event has been ‘seen’ for the first time, in both gravitational waves and light – ending decades-old debate about where gold comes from the collision of a pair of neutron stars, marked by ripples through the fabric of space-time and a flash brighter than a billion suns, has been witnessed for the first time in the most intensely observed astronomical event to date.

The extraordinary sequence, in which the two ultra-dense stars spiralled inwards, violently collided and, in all likelihood, immediately collapsed into a black hole, was first picked up by the US-based Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (Ligo).

As its twin detectors, in Louisiana and Washington state, picked up tremors in space-time that had spilled out from the merger 130m light years away, an alert went out to astronomers across the globe. Within hours, 70 space- and ground-based telescopes swivelled to observe the red-tinged afterglow, making it the first cosmic event to be “seen” in both gravitational waves and light.

Dave Reitze, executive director of Ligo, said: “What is amazing about this discovery is it is the first time we’ve got a full picture of one of the most violent, cataclysmic events in the universe. This is the most intense observational campaign there has ever been.”

Einstein first predicted the existence of gravitational waves a century ago, but the first experimental proof that space itself can be stretched and squeezed took until 2015, when Ligo scientists detected a collision of black holes. But this dark merger, and the three detected since, were invisible to conventional telescopes.

This time, as the stars collided, they emitted an intense beam of gamma rays and the sky was showered with heavy elements, resolving a decades-old debate about where gold and platinum come from.
Neutron stars are the smallest, densest stars known to exist: about 12 miles wide, with a teaspoon of neutron star material having a mass of about a billion tons. The core is a soup of pure neutrons, while the crust is smooth, solid and 10 billion times stronger than steel.

The 100-second hum picked up by Ligo told the story of how the two stars, each slightly heavier than the sun, approached their death. Initially separated by 200 miles, they circled each other 30 times a second. As they whirled inwards, accelerating to 2,000 orbits each second, the signal rose in pitch like a slide whistle.

Two seconds later, Nasa’s Fermi space telescope picked up an intense burst of gamma rays, emitted as shockwaves rushed through jets of matter funnelled out of the poles during the monumental impact of the collision.
What happened next is uncertain. A neutron star weighing more than twice the mass of the sun (the combined mass here) has never been seen before – but neither has a black hole so small. Theoretical predictions suggest an almost instantaneous gravitational collapse into a black hole is most likely.

“Neutron stars are at this sweet spot between a star and a black hole,” said Prof Andreas Freise, a Ligo project scientist at the University of Birmingham. “When two of them collide, we expect them to immediately collapse into a black hole, leaving behind a bit of dust and stuff.”

David Shoemaker, spokesman for the Ligo Scientific Collaboration, said: “It’s [probably] the first observation of a black hole being created where there was none before, which is pretty darn cool.”

The observations herald a new era of rapid-response astronomy, in which transient and unexpected cosmic events can be observed in detail for the first time. When Ligo’s software picked up a signal at 1:41pm UK time on 17 August, Shoemaker was one of a small team at Ligo to be alerted by a ringtone on his phone reserved for when black holes or neutron stars collide.

“My phone went off and I smiled,” he said.

Within an hour, the detection had been confirmed by Virgo, a European gravitational wave detector near Pisa, the source of the signal had been triangulated to a small patch of sky and a global alert was triggered.

Prof Stephen Smartt, of Queen’s University Belfast, was leading a five-day observation run of supernovae on the New Technology Telescope at La Silla, Chile, when the news came in.

“We dropped everything and pointed at that bit of sky,” he said. “This was the most unusual object we’d ever seen.”

Smartt’s team, and those on other telescopes, observed the faint new blob and measured its spectrum to assess the chemical composition. The blob was a fireball of radioactive heavy chemical elements, known as a kilonova, that had been blown out from the collision at one fifth of the speed of light shortly after the gamma ray burst.

The wedding band on your finger or the gold watch you’re wearing was most likely produced by two neutron stars colliding
Previously, scientists had speculated that the sheer force of neutron star collisions would be enough to force extra neutrons into the nuclei of atoms, forging heavy elements like gold and platinum, but until now this idea was purely theoretical.

“People have been looking for that forever,” said Freise.

“This is the first real confirmation that heavy elements such as gold, platinum and uranium are either solely or predominantly produced in binary neutron star collisions,” said Reitze. “The wedding band on your finger or the gold watch you’re wearing was most likely produced a billion years ago by two neutron stars colliding. That’s pretty cool.”

Earlier this month, three US scientists who played a crucial role in the development of Ligo were awarded the Nobel prize in physics for the first detection of gravitational waves. Shoemaker pointed out that two of the new laureates – and others – had been working on the project long before it captured the world’s attention

“This kind of thing doesn’t happen because there are suddenly neat instruments,” he said. “It’s decades of work and people working together in a collaborative way. It’s quite phenomenal.”


It is time now for the Human Collective on Earth to accept that you must take back your World and abandon fear for courage, abandon shame for pride and abandon lies for truth. GOD – the Collective Consciousness of all Light – is your Father and the Earth – the source of all elements – is your Mother. You are all One Family. You are the Children of the Light. There are no longer tribes upon the Earth… only Humans. There are no longer children or elderly upon the Earth… only Humans. There are no longer Body Shapes upon the Earth… only Humans. There are no longer Classes upon the Earth… only Humans.
There is no Human deserving of less rights than another nor any entitled to more rights than any other. Each and every Human does what they do based upon their individual desire, ability and intent. It is time for the Human Family to demand Shelter, Potable Water, Healthy Food, all forms of Education/Training and all forms of Healthcare as inalienable rights that were stolen from you and now must be returned. There is no Law but Universal Law. There has never been any private ownership of land or resources.

On Nova Earth there will be no more Countries and borders, no more currency or banks or insurance companies, no more corporations or stocks, no more wars or armies, no more wealth or poverty or private ownership of any form. This is because there is no scarcity. Scarcity is an illusion.

It is time to establish Civilisation Level One upon the Planet Earth. It is time to create the first Planetary Counsel of Earth and begin to establish yourselves in City-States – like minded individuals gathered together into Communities of service to each other in unconditional love -. It is time to put aside all fears and begin to show the love you already desire to feel between each other. Embrace the feelings in your Hearts and no longer permit your Egos and defective programming within your minds to stop you from evolving into the next level of Civilization that is long overdue upon the Earth.

Take back your World from the Petty Few Ones who have have interned you with your consent, subjected you to obscene, unnatural wars all the while stealing from you and forcing you to live in fear of each other. Subjected you to absurd laws in order to imprison even more of you to make you believe that you were free while all of you are not at all free. These Internment Camps (Countries) exist solely to prevent you from getting to know each other. With the advent of this Internet you are now beginning to explore each other and the various culture’s upon the Earth to learn how much in Common you all have. You are all One Family.

What about your Galactic Family? It is already here! Look about you.

Here is an inspirational Letter from your Father/Mother GOD.

Let’s Turn the World Upside Down

Heavenletter #6171 Published on: October 17, 2017

God said:

Hello, Beloveds, how are you today? Actually, let Me tell you how and Who you are. Let’s have a new take on you and all this that you call Life.

You may have been thinking that Life is worrisome. Surely, you have thought to one depth or another that there really is something the matter with you, or, you are soon to be in some kind of trouble or turmoil, that it is inevitable that you will be undone sooner or later. How about getting out of the whole concept of trouble and so erase fear and fatigue from the whole of Earth?

As it is, there are costs My Children apply to living Life on Earth. You may think you are to pay up all the presumed costs of living. One is financial and your tribute to the idea that costs will always be going up. Let’s remove this idea from the face of the Earth. Let’s better suggest Blue Skies and Sunshine and radiate them.

What if My Children have the idea that, instead of everything is going to go up in smoke, everything is going to come up roses! Oh, yes, please rise to this thought, and the whole world will change before your eyes. This isn’t pie in the sky, Beloveds. This is Celebration. What a Celebration every day will be! About time, wouldn’t you say?

What if you had the idea that you never had to replenish anything? And the idea that you never had to be repaid for anything, that no one has to even say thank you to you? Rather, uphold the idea that everything is A-OK — just the way it is!

What if you let go of the idea that you are to be the fixer of the world? Cast yourself in a different role that you are here for one reason, and this one reason is to enjoy the world and to bless Joy to the World and bless Joy to everyone in the world. Never mind so much what others have to do and be.

Consider yourself a Great Artist in Life on Earth and everyone else as a Great Artist in Life as well. No one pretends. No one pretends there is loss, and there is no urgent need to finish a Painting of Life to a preconceived idea.

Turn the world upside-down indeed. This isn’t a big deal. Do you recall pineapple-upside down cake? Enjoy. Yes, let’s turn the world topsy-turvy. Turn the world upsa-daisy. Be sprightly. Be all you want to be. This is not a performance. This is a Revelation. Reveal Truth as I do from the Sunny Side of the Street.

Truth is Beauty. Oh, yes, you may have thought that Truth was a Trick of the Mind. Immerse yourself in Revelation. Revelation is when the Sun comes out. The Truth is that the Sun never dims. The Sun ever shines brightly. You may have been looking from a pre-supposed angle.

Remove from your mind the thought of any concept such as unhappy Truth. Truth is Light, and Light is Beautiful. Un-dwell your mind from gossip about the world. Let’s shake hands on this.

Get it through your head that you are here for Love, for the Love of Everything. To be a Knower of Truth is to be a Knower of Love and Joy. Jump for Joy!

Enter into the world with joie de vivre and no more unending discussion. Enough moaning and groaning and pursing your lips about the state of the world.

Beloveds, enlighten the world. Enlighten the world simply. All you have to do is to herald the world. Make room for the world in your Heart. In your Heart is where the world exists anyway.


Here is another Letter for You.


Make Your Stories Be True
Heavenletter #6170 Published on: October 16, 2017

God said:

You are more than a Greeting card I give to Myself. You are a Gift I give to Myself. As you have heard along the way, you are a Grand Gift I make, and you are also a Grand Gift I receive as well. Regardless of any outer expression and appearance, you are My Treasure. Make no mistake. I am not a fool. Where does My Heart travel to? Where does My Heart come from, and of what is My Heart made?

Even as you may mistake yourself, all the same, you are My Treasure. You don’t have an obligation to be a buried Treasure. Whether you are stuck in mud or not, you are My Treasure. You are My Treasured Self. You might say you are My Counterpart. The True deal is: What I am, so are you.

Make this known to yourself without delay. What I am, so are you. Know this deep in your Heart.

You tell yourself Stories. There are other Stories you can tell yourself and act on. Life in the world is a Story any way you slice it. Look, Stories are made up.

Look, tell yourself a Story you never told yourself before, and make it come True.

Tell yourself the Truth. You don’t have to caterwaul. You don’t have to exalt yourself either. You exist as much as anyone else. Whatever condition you may see yourself in, you can accept yourself as My Beloved. You are My Beloved. Extend yourself to Me. You know very well that I wish to bring you close to Me. You also know that I also extend Higher than the world. I am naturally Higher than the appearance of the world.

Remember how it is said that when a Stranger knocks at your door, invite the stranger in, for he may be a blessing to you. You never know Who it is knocking on your door. It can be Christ at your door in whatever guise Christ may be wearing.

The same is true for Me. Assuredly, I am at your door, for you and I and Christ and Buddha and Allah and every Great One, by whatever Name, in whatever pose, We are One and the Same if only you had the eyes to see. There are no exceptions.

Knock on My door, and I will welcome you. No matter how you are dressed, it is you who do not know Who You Are. You have no idea. You most are most definitely Soul. You may well surprise yourself as Christ. Hey, you could be Christ in wolf’s clothing.

One day, everyone will recognize himself or herself as Truth. Give yourself a break. Unto Me, a Prince was born. Be it then. Be a Prince. Now give birth to your True Self with the Honor due you.

I created you, this is for certain. I created you in My Image. Now, you can also put your conception of yourself together in My Image. You can be anything you want. You don’t have to follow the crowd, for, following the world, is following the crowd. You don’t have to. Nor are you obliged to follow your supposed past. At whose pleasure do you want to be? the world’s pleasure or Mine?

The thing is that you can have both. Taking Joy in the world isn’t the same as following it. You can take pleasure in the world without imitating it.

You make choices every day. Hark unto yourself, and hark unto Me. Be your own Coat of Many Colors. Be the arrangement you choose to be. Be new in your own eyes. Make more of yourself than you may have made of yourself before. Be the Truth of Me. The world gets by. The world passes for the world.

Hear Me! Getting by is not enough for you.


Nova Earth is here at last. It is time for you to awake and see what has been before you all along. You already have everything you need to create a Paradise of abundance for all your Human Family. You have each other and the Planet.

“Your thoughts are the breadcrumbs that your life will follow!”

“There is no believing… there is only knowing.
There is no becoming… there is only Being.”

Welcome Home!


Inspirational Message : An Update On Personal Frequency

We will present an Inspirational message for you.



We have touched upon many messages that are similar since it is an overall theme we are attempting to instill within you. To Care about where you are standing, what you are thinking and how you are treating those about you. Do not care about where others are standing, what others are thinking or how others are treating those about them. It is not your place to judge others or even yourself. Love yourself and others and the Planet. Joy will always be found within you no matter what the circumstances are outside of you. Through your thoughts do your actions follow and reaction be followed. Reject imperfect thought though mindfulness.



Remember this post?


Peace be upon you in Love and Light and Liberation.

Declare The National Rifle Association (N.R.A.) A Terrorist Organization

We are already aware that within The United States of America their Constitution protects the individual with the right to bear arms even though the only definition of “arms” at that time was flintlock pistols, muskets and perhaps cannons. For some odd reason the citizens of the U.S.A. fail to accept this fact and have gone to such absurd extremes to include today all manner of weapons as “arms”. This is the direct responsibility of their government and lawmakers. It is difficult to obtain accurate facts with respect to the numbers of actual humans who are murdered every day by guns but I will present here what I can find.


GUN VIOLENCE in the United States
some Indicative Data: 

Some Indicative Data:

Gun Ownership

The US has an estimated 283 million guns in civilian hands
Each year about 4.5 million firearms, including approximately 2 million handguns, are sold in the United States
An estimated 2 million second hand firearms are sold each year
The percentage of American households with a gun has been steadily declining (high of 54% in 1977 to 33% in 2009)
The average number of guns per owner has increased from 4.1 in 1994 to 6.9 in 2004.
Sources: Injury Prevention (2007); ATF (2000); National Opinion Research Center (2008); Pew Research Center (2009)

Gun Deaths:

More than 30,000 people are killed by firearms each year in this country

More than 30 people are shot and murdered each day

1/2 of them are between the ages of 18 and 35

1/3 of them are under the age of 20

Homicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-24 year-olds

And the primary cause of death among African Americans of that age group

Gun Homicides (average annually):

Less than 50: Japan

Less than 150: Germany, Italy, France, etc.

Less than 200: Canada

More than 10,000: USA

Source: IANSA (International Action Network on Small Arms of the United Nations)

Injuries and Deaths from Guns

Every time a gun injures or kills in self-defense, one is used:

11 times for a completed or attempted suicide
7 times in a criminal assault or homicide
4 times in an unintentional shooting death or injury
Source: Journal of Trauma, injury, Infection and Critical Care (1998)

Per Capita Annual Gun Death Rate (per 100,000 population):

Highest: Louisiana (19.04, 45.6% households contain guns)

#25: Pennsylvania (10.90)

Lowest: CT, NY, New Jersey (4.99), RI, MA, Hawaii (2.20)

National: (10.32)

Source: Centers for Disease Control

Costs of Gun Violence

Gun violence impacts society in many ways: medical costs, costs of the criminal justice system, security precautions such as metal detectors, and reductions in the quality of life because of fear of gun violence.
U.S. lifetime medical costs for gunshot injuries total an estimated $2.3 billion
U.S. taxpayers pay for almost half ($1.1 billion or 49%) of lifetime medical costs for gunshot injuries
Guns Recovered from Crime

Only 1% of gun dealer account for almost 60% of crime guns recovered by police and later traced
In one year, at least 30,000 guns were “lost” out of gun dealers inventories
Guns with a short “time to crime” are disproportionately represented among crime guns. Guns manufactured and sold 3 years or less, prior to recovery by police in crime make up 34 % of recovered and traced crime guns, but only 14% of the US gun stock.
Guns sold as part of a multiple sale at a gun dealer were up to 64% more likely to be used in a crime than guns not part of such sales.
“No background check” sales account for an estimated 40% of gun sales in the U.S.
Sources: ATF (2000); Brady Center; National Institute of Justice (1993, 2007); Police Foundation (1997)

Distance From Legal Point of Purchase to Crime Recovery:

Within 10 miles

More than 100 miles










New York City



Source: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)

Percent of Recovered Crime Guns First Legally Purchased In-State:

Pennsylvania: 78%

New Jersey: 27% (18% from PA)

New York: 28%

Source: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)

Some Interesting Poll Data

77% of NRA members favor a waiting period for purchase of a handgun

82% of American support limiting the sales of military-style assault weapons

94% of police chiefs favor requiring a background check for all handgun sales.

Support for background checks on private gun sales, including gun shows:

87% of American
83% of gun owners
69% of NRA gun-owners
Support for limiting handgun sales to one per person per month:

65% of Americans
59% of gun owners
Support for registration of handguns

79% of Americans
69% of police chiefs
61% of gun owners
59% of NRA members
Sources: CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll (2008); Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research (2008); Mayors Against Illegal Guns (2009); National Opinion research Center (2003); American Journal of Preventative Medicine (2006); Violence & Victims (1993)

A “Mass Shooting” is defined as a single shooter who kills 4 or more people.

There are at least 4 mass shootings per week in the U.S.A. and the majority of them receive none or very little publicity.
Thus far in the U.S.A. for 2017 there has been 1 mass shooting per day. Read all about it here or below.


Report: U.S. averages nearly one mass shooting per day so far in 2017

Last Updated Oct 3, 2017 8:39 AM EDT By GRAHAM KATES CBS NEWS October 2, 2017, 1:42 PM

As thousands of concertgoers in Las Vegas fled a barrage of bullets fired from hundreds of feet away, and 32 floors up, Sunday night, the hundreds who were hurt or killed became the victims of the 273rd mass shooting in the U.S. this year.

Sunday was the 274th day of the year.

Those shootings have left more than 1,500 people injured, and more than 300 dead, according to the non-profit Gun Violence Archive, which tracks and catalogs incidents in which at least four people, not counting the shooter, are injured or killed in a shooting. These numbers include the Las Vegas attack, for which the total number of dead and injured is still being assessed.

The incidents, as they do every year, spanned the country, occurring in cities, rural communities and suburbs in nearly every state.

“This doesn’t stop, I have not had a vacation since 2013,” said Mark Bryant, who runs the Gun Violence Archive along with about 20 paid researchers and staffers, most of whom he says have master’s or higher-level degrees in library science and other research fields.

Police have identified Stephen Paddock as the gunman who opened fire on concertgoers from a hotel room in Las Vegas, killing at least 58 people and leaving 515 wounded in the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

Paddock, 64, began shooting from the window of his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino just after 10 p.m. local time Sunday evening, police said. A SWAT team found Paddock dead in his hotel room and suspect he killed himself. Police said Monday morning that Paddock had “at least 10 rifles” in the room; they later reported finding a total of 23 firearms.

In addition to being the 273rd mass shooting this year, the Las Vegas attack was the 18th mass murder — incidents in which at least four people, other than the shooter, were killed — cataloged by the Gun Violence Archive this year. The other deadly attacks left 83 dead and 13 wounded.


Fear, shame and lies is never a path for any Human to take or to use. There is no logical reason why any Human would want to own a machine gun. All factories that manufacture machine guns are well aware that they are manufacturing murder weapons because there is no other purpose for a machine gun other than to be used to kill humans. It is not intended to be used for hunting or to be used for cutting down trees or to hammer in nails. These factories should be getting sued by private citizens who have experienced their lives impacted by machine gun killings and yet they are protected from this by the United States government. Is the N.R.A. responsible for this protection?

We are aware that in reality there is no such thing as Terrorism because there is no such thing as honourable war. Perhaps it is time to begin looking within the United States itself for organizations that are impacting the public safety of so many for the advantage of so few? It is time to declare the National Rifle Association (N.R.A.) as a Terrorist Organization.

Sign this petition and protest until it is done.

Abandon The Space Race


It is time for all Internment Camps on Earth to abandon the “Space Race”! Why would you think that you have any business at all in soiling the Universe about you with your muddy feet? You will never succeed in colonizing nor asserting any rights in your Galactic neighbourhood until you obtain order on the Planet first. The wars, absurd laws and situations of scarcity for most and abundance for the few exist because you created it and continue to maintain it. You have free will. The behavior of Humans upon the surface of the Earth is insane. You continue to permit a small minority of your members to keep the majority interned in camps called “countries” and covet all land and resources for themselves; with nonsense borders and the strife caused by them which you continue to defend. You see enemies all about you instead of your own family! You brag about living on “Postage Stamps” and holding paper as being the greatest value along with shiny bits of metal, shiny stones and the liquids and vapours of the Earth more so than Human life and the very Planet itself upon which all depend.
Until the Earth has obtained order through the creation of a Planetary Counsel, the elimination of all borders and the establishment of Universal Law on Earth; you have no business trespassing in Space. You have got your work cut out for you by cleaning up the Planet until you start polluting the Universe about you. This is no joke.

List of space agencies with human spaceflight capability

China National Space Administration
(Chinese: 中华人民共和国国家航天局) CNSA

National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA

Russian: Федеральное космическое агентство RFSA
(Russian Federal Space Agency)

Expected and proposed future space agencies[edit]

Pan-Arab Space Agency PASA

African Space Agency AfriSpace

South American Space Agency

Philippine Space Agency PSA

Sri Lanka Aeronautics and Space Agency SLASA

This information was provided by


Just look at this absurd waste of resources by all these organizations because you are too selfish and immature to even be able to create a single space agency for all Humans upon the surface of the Earth.

You still have many groups upon Earth that hate and fear each other along with many dying from curable diseases and hunger and thirst and all other manner of suffering from the situations created and maintained by YOU.

Please get it together and start fixing all of the problems created by you on your own planet first before you even think of polluting the rest of the Universe.

It is tempting for the small minority who control Earth to think about extending their “Power over others ambitions and selfish greed” to include the Universe around you. Just look at the Asteroid Belt which is full of resources as it was once upon a time a Planet itself. Know that there are interests upon the Earth that have a strong desire to create a new asteroid belt where the Earth is today (eliminating Earth and all life upon and within it). This will never happen even though it seems that you are helping them through your own apathy. They will never be permitted to harm the Earth because it does not belong to them nor does it belong to you (Humans). We (The Servants Of The Light) do not care to see you shaking your fists with firmly grasped paper and objecting that according to your paper you are the “owners” of Earth and have the right to destroy it along with yourselves and all life upon it and within it. You own only yourself and worthless paper. It is forbidden for any harm to befall the Earth.
It appears as though the majority of Humans would rather shirk all responsibility by handing it gladly to a tiny handful who lust after power for themselves while keeping you distracted by invented drama and greed.

Abandon the Space Race and start taking some responsibility for the mess you have created on Earth.

HERE is an Inspirational Letter below.


The Story-Telling Arts
Heavenletter #6140 Published on: September 16, 2017

God said:
Within each heart on Earth am I. That’s it. This is what Life is. It is all My Self, yet you may well believe that you are someone else when All of Life is all about Me, the One of Us. You reflect Me in a fantasy you play at, this Make-Believe you like to think you are deeply into.

It’s like you play a piano that doesn’t exist, and yet you imagine that music comes from this piano that does not exist. You see the piano. Your fingers move over the made-up keys. Layers and layers of notes resound and continue to resound in the world, yet never in actuality is this piano to be seen or to be found. How bizarre.

Actually, you are a way-out Teller of tales and Believer in tales. You beat the author of Sherlock Holmes as a writer of mysteries. You are quite a Story-Maker and Storyteller. In your Life Story, you surpass the greatest poets, playwrights, novelists. The extent of your imagination cannot be imagined. You exceed in the Storytelling Arts.

You are a magician who performs his magic tricks, only you have hypnotized yourself into believing that your magic is not a trick but the stuff of which Life itself is made. The fact is that you don’t know Truth from fiction. You believe that what you see is what you get. This theory goes only so far as you can see and does not reach all the way to Truth.

Somehow you wander down the Aisles of Life, preferring to see ups and downs and even terrors of all kinds. You invent new inventions and practices and new illnesses and restrictions too. Leave it to you or someone who is called you.

You make up laws and business practices designed for profit, as if individual profit were the Foundation of Life, as if getting ahead were your main purpose. If not getting ahead, then perhaps it is your purpose to escape Life one way or another as best you can.

Or, as if you have all the rights in the world, and you are the main stroller down the streets of Laredo or New York.

Or, as if you are the owner of the world, and you are entitled to keep out all those you want to for no reason or for any reason you feel like.

Whether in a school or a gang, you may pronounce yourself Kingpin by your own authority. Within the strata of where you place yourself, you may arrange other human Beings and sentient creatures this way or that, and some you oust, or somebody does. You decide what the world should look like, and it can be the person with the biggest mouth who wins the biggest prizes.

If anyone has heartache, you may even say he deserves it. Not you, of course — you may receive ill-gotten goods. You may masquerade as the power and the glory. Only you and a few other chosen do. You may feel that what you want is yours to take or you can do anything you want to do.

There is you, and except for a very few, others may not be of the significance you merit. There are wolves and sheep. There are higher and lower. Ideals are laughable. Might is right. So it may seem.

Even so, I, God, am visible. Nature continues to grow crops. Nature continues the seasons and weather. The Sun shines. The Moon copies the Sun. Stars come out.

Despite perceived devastation, there is also Goodness and Peace on Earth and Good Will to man, and Joy and Laughter. There is Goodness and Mercy on Earth and Unbounded Joy.

Love rebirths again and again.


The sooner that the Tsunami Of Love engulfs the Earth and awakens the vast majority of you to your status as a Family and your own Personal Power, the sooner will you be ready to explore and greet on equal footing your Galactic Family. Until that time… please stay at home.

عربيّ فتى مغني Tribute To Arab Boy Singers Part II

Fans of the Tribute To Arab Boy singers Part I will be delighted with yet another tribute.

Let us begin with this cutie from the United Arab Emirates, Khaled Bin Khanz. Please join his Fan Google Plus Community

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Here he is again.


Next… how can we not show more of this gorgeous boy from the United Arab Emirates, Mohammed Bin Grman. Join his Fan Google Plus Community.

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Finally, how can we forget the Dreamboat from Romania, Omar Arnaout. Please join his Fan Google Plus Community.

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Well that is enough videos for today. Please do feel free to learn more about these delightful Arab Boy Singers at your leisure.

Ready To End Country Internment?

A great myth/deception which has been propagated against our Human Collective on Earth is that the existence of Countries is beneficial. There is nothing beneficial about countries and their corresponding borders on Earth. All countries are internment camps. They exist as a means to divide and conquer our Human Collective while enabling a small minority of members to divest the majority of land, resources, labour and so very much more that is meant to be shared equally. Countries are the primary reason why atrocities such as wars and ethnic cleansing continue to exist on Earth. These Countries are the great delusion since none of them actually provide for the citizens they are supposed to serve. Just open your eyes and witness the situations of disparity expressed through education/training, shelter, potable water, healthy food and healthcare. On no country will you witness these things as guaranteed rights to provide security for their people.
“The Earth is your home!” All members of the Human Collective on Earth are sovereign citizens of Earth with the right to travel, live and work anyplace upon the Planet unhindered; yet we continue to witness the internment of our Human population to the detriment of the majority of them. Too many Humans have been deceived into believing that they live on “Postage Stamps”. They say things such as “Not on my Postage Stamp!” While expressing no concern about what happens to the rest of the World.
Please believe that anything that happens upon this Planet will have an effect upon you no matter where you reside. We witness so many absurd laws being created on this World that do not serve the greater good in any way. You have even permitted such evil entities as Corporations to exist (based solely to exact profit) to destroy the very Planet you live on and upon which all life depends.
I am including below a series of articles written by others that help to demonstrate the need for the Human Collective on Earth to set themselves free from country internment by eliminating all borders, establishing independent City-States, abolishing the vapid United Nations and establishing the first Planetary Council of Earth.
There have been very many examples of ethnic cleaning throughout history on Earth. As members of the Human Collective; it is your free will that permits these acts to continue. Just as you voluntarily commit yourselves to internment. Today we can witness this act taking place in Myanmar. Read it here or below.

Myanmar’s Rohingya: a history of forced exoduses
Around 300,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled to Bangladesh, escaping violence and persecution in their native Myanmar. It’s not the first time they have been forced from their homes.
Historical movements
1940s – 22,000 Rohingya are believed to have spilled into Bangladesh, then British-controlled Bengal, after Japanese forces invaded Burma in 1942 during the Second World War.
Thousands more crossed over following Burma’s independence in 1948 when tensions grew between the Burmese government and Rohingya.
Read more: The Rohingya people in Myanmar: what you need to know
1970s – 200,000 – Rohingya fled to Bangladesh after Burmese authorities launched a drive to register citizens and screen out foreigners. The refugees said they were forcefully evicted by an army that indulged in widespread brutality.
1991-92 – Hundreds of thousands flee to avoid repression
Bangladesh has been hosting Rohingya Muslims for decades, with the earliest recorded arrivals in 1948, according to the UN. But the biggest influx in recent decades took place in 1991-92, when more than 250,000 Rohingya arrived in the country to avoid repression in Myanmar. The army was accused of rapes, forced labor and religious persecution.
2012 – 2015 –Waves of deadly violence hit Muslims
Widespread rioting and clashes between Buddhists and Muslims, the majority of them Rohingya, erupted in Rakhine province in June 2012 after the rape and murder of a young Buddhist woman.
Following the sectarian violence, government authorities destroyed mosques, conducted violent mass arrests, and blocked aid to displaced Muslims, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW) report published in 2013, which accused the Myanmar government of engaging in a “campaign of ethnic cleansing.” Buddhist mobs attacked Muslim communities, razed villages and killed hundreds of people. HRW said the security forces “stood aside or assisted the assailants.”
The attacks were followed by several incidents that sparked off violence against Rohingya over the next three years.
Read more: United Nations has plan to help 300,000 Rohingya refugees fleeing Myanmar
According to UN data, about 125,000 fled Myanmar between 2012 -2015, most of them making the perilous sea journey to Malaysia. Hundreds perished en-route, mainly due to smuggler abuse and deprivation.
2016 – Violence erupts after deadly assault on border guard posts
In October 2016, large coordinated attacks hit three police posts along the border with Bangladesh. Nine policemen were killed in the attacks carried out by at least 250 Rohingya assailants, according to the Myanmar government.
The incident brought the tensed relations between Rohingya and the security forces to the fore. It triggered a wave of violence across Rakhine state, the home to majority of the Rohingya people. A major security operation was launched by the Buddhist-majority government. Women were raped by soldiers, men in detention were tortured, hundreds of unarmed Rohingya men were killed and more than 100,000 were displaced after their villages were set on fire.
More than 74,000 Rohingya refugees fled to Bangladesh over the next few months, according to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). Most of the refugees, interviewed by UNHCR, said their homes had been looted, burned, or demolished.
The Deaths of so many Yemeni people! Read it here or below.
‘Manmade catastrophe’: Yemen conflict has killed 1,100 children, says UN
The UN human rights office urges international investigation as new figures reveal an escalation in hostilities, with children as young as 10 recruited to fight.

More than 1,100 children have been killed in Yemen, most in airstrikes by the Saudi military coalition, while some as young as 10 have been recruited to fight, according to the latest UN figures on the three-year conflict.

Based on interviews with survivors, witnesses and family members as well as site visits, a report by the UN human rights office reveals an escalation in hostilities in the country, with more airstrikes in the first half of this year than in all of 2016. Human rights violations and abuses continue unabated, with at least 5,144 civilians killed and 8,749 injured in what the UN describes as an “entirely manmade catastrophe”.

Yemen conflict: human rights groups urge inquiry into Saudi coalition abuses
Read more
The new figures were published after the head of the World Food Programme, David Beasley, called on Saudi Arabia to fund 100% of the humanitarian needs in the war-torn country.

At least 3,200 civilians were reportedly killed by coalition forces, according to the UN, although the numbers are likely to be higher. The Saudi coalition receives backing and weapons from the UK and the US.

Children account for 1,184 of those killed and 1,592 injured, mostly from coalition airstrikes, the report said. More than 1,700 children, some as young as 10, have been recruited for use in hostilities, 67% of them by the popular committee forces affiliated with the Houthis and their allies, army units loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh. The UN said its observers have “frequently” seen children who were armed and uniformed manning checkpoints.

Information gathered by the UN human rights office shows apparent indiscriminate attacks on civilian populations by both sides to the conflict, with civilians directly targeted by airstrikes and shelling.

The war began when the Saudi-led coalition launched a campaign in support of the president, Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, after Iranian-backed Houthi rebels seized parts of the country including the capital, Sana’a.

Last week, human rights groups urged the UN to establish an independent inquiry into abuses during the Yemen conflict. The past year has seen widespread airstrikes against markets, hospitals, schools and residential areas as well as on funerals and small civilian boats. The deteriorating situation in Yemen is now the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, with close to 18.8 million people in need of humanitarian aid; 7 million on the brink of famine; and an estimated 540,000 suffering from cholera.

“In many cases, information obtained … suggested that civilians may have been directly targeted, or that operations were conducted heedless of their impact on civilians without regard to the principles of distinction, proportionality and precautions in attack. In some cases, information suggested that no actions were taken to mitigate the impact of operations on civilians,” the UN report states. It also said those opposing the parties to the conflict have been harassed, detained and, on occasion, tortured and killed, raising further concerns over human rights abuses.

Blame the Saudis for Yemen’s cholera outbreak – they are targeting the people
Jonathan Kennedy
Read more
The UN high commissioner for human rights, Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, said it was crucial for an independent inquiry to be established on the conflict.

Hussein said: “I have repeatedly called on the international community to take action – to set up an independent, international investigation into the allegations of very serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law in Yemen.” He said this would help put the parties to the conflict on notice that “the international community is watching and determined to hold to account perpetrators of violations and abuses”.

He also voiced serious concerns regarding the rise of new armed groups affiliated with al-Qaida that are exploiting the security vacuum in Yemen.

“I appeal to all the parties to the conflict, those supporting them and those with influence over them to have mercy on the people of Yemen, and to take immediate measures to ensure humanitarian relief for civilians and justice for the victims of violations,” he added.

Attacks on civilians have extended recently into the waters off the western coast of Yemen, where fishing vessels and boats carrying migrants have come under fire.
Just look at the horrors in such beautiful places such as Afghanistan, Iran, Libya and Syria! Read about recent activity in Syria here or below.
Syrian War Daily – 4th of September 2017

Hello and welcome to the 201st instalment of the SWD.

Military events/news are listed below by the governorates:


The Syrian Democratic Forces clashed today with ISIS in Tal Abiad street in the city centre of Raqqa. Apparently, SDF took control, or at least fire-control, on the street. At the same time, ISIS tried to counter-attack different times, but all of them failed so far. Moreover, SDF shelled ISIS position with heavy artillery. YPG reported at least 1244 ISIS terrorist have been killed since the beginning of Raqqa offensive; also reported that 101 YPG fighters have been killed in August 2017.

Additionally, according to Operation Inherent Resolve spokesperson, SDF captured the Old city of Raqqa and the Great Mosque. Thus, the US-backed group began to evacuate thousands of civilians trapped in the crossfire.
Later today, Russian and Syrian Air Forces bombed the villages of Ma’adan, Khamisiya, Taes and Swediya in south east Raqqa. At the same time, heavy clashes took place between ISIS and SAA troops near Sabkhah.


Clashes were reported between SDF and rebels in Atmnah area, in the Idlib-Aleppo governorate limits. Moreover, SDF shelled with artillery the town of Daret Ezza, west to Aleppo city.


The Syrian Arab Army continued its offensive against ISIS inside the central Syria pocket. The Islamic State forces launched another night counter-attack on Uqayribat, the attack was apparently repelled by SAA. By midday, government forces captured Massoud and Umm Rammal in eastern Salamiyah countryside. Hamada Al-Amar village and Qanbar village were captured by government forces by early afternoon. Thus, the central Syria pocket is being slowly reduced.

The situation remains unclear over if there is any ISIS presence north of Uqayribat either in form of corridor connecting two potential pockets, if there is a proper pocket north to Uqayribat or if the whole northern area of Uqayribat is under SAA control.


Syrian Arab Army troops and National Defence Forces captured an intact ISIS SVBIED with more than 300 kg of explosives and oil barrels. Additionally, unconfirmed reports suggest that approximately 100 ISIS fighters that were transported by the past week’s west Qalamoun convoy defected to SAA.

According to the Telegraph, the British government has withdrawn its last troops in Al Tanf and “quietly halted its training of Syrian rebels”. You can read the whole article here.


Clashes between government forces and opposition forces continued in Jobar. The FSA group Faylaq al-Rahman disabled a government tank and detonated a tunnel bomb under a government-held building. Meanwhile, government forces continued heavy shelling in Jobar and Ayn Tarma areas, with at least one civilian killed and 10 injured.


Jassim Military Council, in opposition-held Daraa, raided an ISIS cell and found lots of IEDs and equipment.

Deir ez-Zor:

Government forces are about to reach the city of Deir ez-Zor. Despite the mistaken rumours and hoax spread yesterday by midnight, no government troops reached the city, yet. Although, late reports suggest that government forces are very close to the besieged troops inside Deir ez-Zor northernmost pocket. One video uploaded by pro-government sources show the Syrian Republican Guard General Issam Zahreddine, who is in charge of Deir ez-Zor defence, talking to the Tiger Forces. The location of the SRG General is the Brigade 137, the current front line between ISIS forces and SAA garrisoned in Deir ez-Zor.

Regarding today’s military events, ISIS put an effort to stop government troops advances by sending over a dozen of VBIEDs against SAA troops. Most of them were destroyed by the Russian Air Force, while the others were destroyed by SAA infantry. Reports suggest that government troops reached and captured Ghazi ‘Antab, but that the siege is not broken.

The Islamic State also counter attacked on the northern flank of the SAA Tiger Forces offensive by launching an attack on al-Karratah oilfields. The terrorist organisation claims to have destroyed one technical vehicle with a heavy artillery and another unknown vehicle. On the other side, SAA units captured an ISIS T-55 with its turret removed and prepared as a SVBIED, although, it could not be used by IS forces.

On the southern flank, the Syrian Republican Guard 800th Commando Battalion reported to have reached Kabbaj Village and to have started heavy bombardment on the city. A possible assault on the city can be expected in the upcoming hours. Meanwhile, ISIS sources claim they destroyed one BMP, one military truck, and three technical vehicles. Moreover, pro-ISIS sources claim that terrorist organization’s forces managed to get behind SAA forces in Shoula area and to have ambushed some of its troops. Very contested reports suggest that ISIS killed 200 SAA soldiers, which is, again, very unlikely. Other reports suggest that ISIS withdraw from Kabajeb and Sholah.

Reports on the situation around Deir ez-Zor are confusing and not clear, although, ISIS seems to be attacking the 137th Brigade, and to have sent reinforces to the southern entrance of the city while mobilizing inside the city. At the same time, SAA forces seem to be pushing ISIS forces back from the Palmyra-Deir ez-Zor highway. Pro-government SDF reported from the fuerther south that SAA captured the gates of Al Tayyim Oil well.

More reports suggest that SAA soldiers in Deir ez-Zor are trying to open loopholes in the northern minefield to secure the area for the arrival of ground units. Apparently, the Syrian Army sent dozens of trucks with food and medicine, which have been delivered with airdrops since the past year.

As a summary, the situation on the ground is inaccurate, it’s possible that SAA breaks the siege of Deir ez-Zor in the upcoming hours or days. The distance of the northern Tiger Forces push from the city is 5 to 2 km long, while southern push ranges from 25 to 20 km away from Panorama junction.


On the 3rd of September 2017, CJTF-OIR has conducted 25 strikes in Syria. CJTF-OIR‘s main focus in Syria is Raqqa region where they did 21 strikes supporting SDF‘s operations against IS destroying 13 fighting positions, two pieces of ISIS communications infrastructure, two vehicles, a VBIED, a command and control node, and a logistics node.

Other areas where four strikes occurred are Abu Kamal and Deir ez-Zor destroying 30 ISIS oil barrels, 13 ISIS oil stills, a well-head and a VBIED.
Do not permit yourselves to be deceived into thinking that “sovereign Citizens” are people who desire to be Sovereign within a country. This is impossible! All countries are bad and all of them must go.
Isn’t it time for the Human Collective on Earth to accept that they all live on the same planet, share the same resources and are all a part of the same Human Family? Hopefully we will witness the awakening of Humanity to it’s own self-created misery soon. For surely as you have created such horrors as country internment and currency slavery; it is possible for you to rid them from your beautiful planet.
Are you awake yet?