News Flash! Paedophilia Is Completely Normal


In this post you will note that the word paedophilia (Child-Lovers) is used as opposed to the more recent “minor attracted person” (M.A.P.). The reason is because we feel the word “Minor” is actually an insult that must not be used. There are no “minor” or “major” humans. All Humans are the same. We suspect that this word was invented in the U.K. at the time of it’s colonial expansion when it was actively divesting members of our Human Collective on Earth of their Human Rights along with all of their lands, resources, labour etc. Today we witness N.A.T.O being used as the armed wing of the privately owned Central Banks and the tenticles of the Corporations they own doing this. We know that Humans occupy the same space and time and are therefore all equal. There is no greater than or less than. No human can state how long they or any other human will remain sharing this space here which is why all time-based laws are vapid and must not be obeyed. You all behave as you do entirely based upon each individuals desire, ability and intent. So we do not approve of the “Minor” label because none of you are less.

Upon examining several studies (some more reputable than others), a general consensus of approximately 5% of all males being attracted to younger males may be concluded. This means that 5% of all females are attracted to younger males and 5% of all males are attracted to younger females and 5% of all females are attracted to younger females. Thus we observe that roughly 20% of the population is attracted to younger humans. There is nothing “abnormal” about that.

So now it is time for us to be honest about what we are and what we are not; what we desire and what we do not. It is no longer acceptable for fear, shame and lies to be used as a means to control the population. When you feel shame and attempt to hide your true self out of fear you enable this dysfunctional program to continue to plague our Human Collective on Earth. The time for fear is passed. Let go of all fear and stop hiding.

Take our hand and proudly walk in the Sun beside us, let the light of your open hearts shine and make this World a better place. We will take you down the road of greater individual freedom! Sit at our table where all Humans are equal!

Time to Celebrate with Us!

Together we will sing Hallelujah!

Let us proudly create a New World without fear, shame and lies where all are equal. No more borders, currency, debts or armies. A Planet with Universal Law above all and Independant City States with laws based only upon individual desire, ability and intent.

We (the Servants Of The Light) love all of you!




How To Restore Freedom To The West


When we discuss the West, we are speaking of those Internment Camps of the United States Of America, Canada and all of Europe and Australia. We are also going to include China since that country is similarly “Owned” by a tiny handful of Billionaires who control shares of the Private Central Banks as well as all of the Corporations. All of these countries will portray leaders to you but in fact they are not actual leaders but mere “masks” meant to lull the people into a false sense of Freedom that they do not have nor have had in these countries for decades. All Humans live in cities and towns. In order to experience a culture you must travel to where the people dwell as it is held by the people themselves and never by any governments. We will not discuss the situations in Africa or South East Asia as the Internment Camps in these regions are already essentially “Colonies” owned and controlled by the same Billionaires who own and control all the shares in the Central Banks and Corporations of the West. We will not discuss Eastern Europe or Russia.

In order to repair the West there are several measures that must be taken and they must be assumed by the people since the Internment Camps have no true governments but only “Masks”. Steps to be taken within the United States Of America must also be mirrored in Europe, Canada, China and Australia. So let us examine the U.S.A.

In the U.S.A. all non-violent criminals must be immediately released and their Records expunged. There are simply far too many innocent victims imprisoned there due to tens of thousands of absurd laws there that should not exist. All laws which relate to “Sex Crimes”(all consensual sex is good and all non-consensual sex is bad. Most non-violent Crimes which relate to recreational sex are consensual). Drugs (there is no logical reason for drug laws to exist), fraud (as all currency is utterly worthless it is impossible for fraud to exist, especially tax fraud). It has already been proven also that a considerable number of those innocent victims sent to jails for these offences are actually minorities (racial, religious, sexual) that have been specifically targeted. Any absurd Sex Offender Registries must also be expunged as there are no such crimes as “Sex Crimes”.

Non-Violent Criminals Deserve The Opportunity For Rehabilitation And Release

Join any and all your local Anarchist groups that you can find and create some if there are none active in your area. Remember that at this present moment on Earth there is no valid government beyond the municipal level. It is time to “remove the Masks” and the people must be the ones to do this.

If you are aboriginals, you must separate your tribal lands and create your own Sovereign Tribal Nations. There is no longer any reason for you to be subject to any “Mask” which demands your taxes solely to fund the military while neglecting not only your people but all the other citizens as well. In the U.S.A. there is no longer any ability to maintain the infrastructure of the country. This is the roads, bridges, rail lines, water/sewage treatment, power grids… all of these are decaying and falling apart. There is nothing that this government does for the people except deny them shelter, education/training, healthcare and even potable water and healthy food; not to mention free public transportation which should be a right. We all know that all currency is worthless.

These “Masks” exist in the U.S.A., Canada, China, Australia and all of the countries in Europe. We (the Servants Of The Light) hope to see the people embrace greater individual freedoms and demand Universal Law and Universal Rights that are being denied. When you eliminate all currency and privatization you close all Banks, Insurance Companies and Corporations and Stock Markets. Only then will it be possible to be free from that tiny handful of Billionaires who are actually controlling all of the governments of the “West”.

While we are speaking of the United States Of America… it has demonstrated it’s contempt for World. We all already know that the United Nations is a vapid non-governmental body made up of a few select veto-wielding Internment Camps and their Vassals which serves little purpose beyond the figurative.

U.S. leaves the U.N. Human Rights Council

The United States this week withdrew from the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), claiming that the organization was hypocritical, ineffective and biased against Israel. While the move was expected, it is yet another assault on the institutions of international order. The council is not perfect, but it is a venue for discussion and sanction of human rights violations. It is weaker without the U.S. Japan could seize this opportunity to again show international leadership; it is unlikely to do so.

The UNHRC is the successor to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights, which was dismissed as toothless. Established in 2006, the UNHRC is comprised of 47 U.N. member states who meet three times a year in regular session and whenever one-third of member states can agree on a special session. Members are elected for a three-year term on a regional basis, and cannot serve for more than two consecutive terms. Japan is currently a member of the UNHRC and served three previous terms.

The U.S. has had an uncomfortable relationship with the UNHRC since it was formed. The U.S. voted against its establishment, and then refused to join, arguing that it could do more working from the outside, although U.S. President George W. Bush said he would provide financial support. It obtained observer status but gave that up after two years, charging that the council was biased against Israel and focused on it rather than genuine human rights concerns elsewhere, such as Zimbabwe, North Korea, Iran, Belarus and Cuba. Washington reversed position under President Barack Obama, reasoning that the U.S. could better influence the workings of the council as a member.

The UNHRC has been a constant source of complaint for U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley. She argues that countries join the council to insulate themselves from criticism, turning it into a “protector of human rights abusers and a cesspool of political bias.” U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been even more critical, calling it an “exercise in shameless hypocrisy, with many of the world’s worst human rights abuses going ignored, and some of the world’s most serious offenders sitting on the council itself.” Rather than protecting human rights, he argued, the council “enables human rights abuses by absolving wrongdoers through silence.”

The accusations are not unfounded. Fourteen of the UNHRC’s 47 members are rated as “not free” by Freedom House. Since it was established, the council has passed more than 70 resolutions critical of Israel, 10 times as many as criticized Iran. In remarks to the council as it opened its session this week, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson charged that the focus on Israel is “disproportionate and damaging to the cause of peace.” In fact, Israel is a standing item on the agenda — Item 7 — requiring its discussion at every session. Chief among U.S. demands is the elimination of that agenda item.

Haley has called for reform — and threatening U.S. withdrawal in its absence — for over a year. While some governments tried to work with the U.S. to reform the body, opposition has been fierce. Haley charged that countries joined the council just to undermine reform. “When we made it clear we would strongly pursue council reform, these countries came out of the woodwork to oppose it.” Failure of the most recent efforts prompted the U.S. withdrawal, but Haley noted that “Should it become reformed, we would be happy to rejoin.”

The U.S. decision has been rightfully condemned as short-sighted. There is ample evidence that the U.S. can better influence deliberations from within the council: After it joined, resolutions critical of Israel dropped by 80 percent. More significantly, however, withdrawal suggests that Washington is unconcerned about human rights abuses, overly concerned about criticism of Israel and hostile to international institutions in general.

Withdrawal creates a void in international leadership on this issue. Japan has stepped up in other areas where the U.S. has stepped back, most notably on economic policy; it could do so here. The “free and open Indo-Pacific” touted by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has a values component — a rules-based order — and Japan could use that as a springboard for a more assertive human rights policy. Tokyo is unlikely to do so, however.

Japan has long subordinated human rights to more strategic concerns, fearful that adherence to a values-oriented foreign policy risked antagonizing potential partners. That logic has prevailed, for example, in relations with Myanmar and Iran. A long list of Japanese governments has argued that it is better to maintain relations and use that to press for change, although there is little evidence of Japan prioritizing human rights behind closed doors. There is no point in building goodwill if it is never used. Neither Japanese pragmatism nor American petulance will serve the cause of human rights.


Still the U.S.A. must now be made an example of.

When is the World Going to Impose Sanctions on America?

John Wight

Only when we are living in a world in which sanctions are imposed ‘on’ the United States rather than ‘by’ the United States will we know justice reigns.

The decision taken by the US Congress to “punish Russia” for alleged meddling in the US elections with the maintenance of existing sanctions has been followed by a billto weaken the ability of President Trump to “weaken sanctions on Russia,” thus presenting a direct challenge to the President’s authority. The bill was passed in the House of Representatives by an overwhelming majority and at time of writing awaits a hearing in the Senate, which along with the House makes up the US Congress. The legislation also includes new sanctions against not only Russia but also Iran and North Korea, thus maintaining the pattern of waging economic war against states which refuse to accept that Washington’s writ should run wherever it decides whenever it decides.

Economic sanctions are not the benign instrument that some might assume. On the contrary, they are tantamount to an act of war, a means by which economic might is wielded as club to bludgeon ‘recalcitrant’ nations and states into submission. And though sanctions may not evoke the same sense of potency of cruise missiles, they kill just the same. The experience of the Iraqi people leaves no doubt of it.

Between 1990 and 2003 sanctions on Iraq, imposed by the UN, are estimated to have been directly responsible for the deaths of 2 million people, half a million of them children according to Unicef. Multilateral sanctions were imposed on the country in response to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in August 1990. Under UN Security Council Resolution 661 it was mandated that UN-member states should prevent all imports originating in Iraq and Iraqi-occupied Kuwait, business activity between nationals of member states and Iraq, and should undertake an embargo of funds or “economic resources” to Iraq or Iraqi-occupied Kuwait, except for medical or humanitarian purposes.

As journalist John Pilger wrote in a March 2000 article:

“Under economic sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council almost 10 years ago, Iraq is denied equipment and expertise to clean up its contaminated battlefields, as Kuwait was cleaned up. At the same time, the Sanctions Committee in New York, dominated by the Americans and British, has blocked or delayed a range of vital equipment, chemotherapy drugs and even painkillers. ‘For us doctors,’ said Dr Al-Ali, ‘it is like torture. We see children die from the kind of cancers from which, given the right treatment, there is a good recovery rate.’ Three children died while I was there.”

The sanctions imposed on Iraq were so draconian and sustained that two UN Humanitarian Coordinators in Iraq, Denis Halliday and Hans von Sponeck, resigned in protest. Yet even with the evidence of the role of the sanctions in killing half a million Iraqi children, Washington remained unrepentant. The by now infamous words of former UN Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in 1996, when in response to a question during an interview about the infanticide that was taking place as a result of the sanctions she said “the price is worth it,” exposed the barbarity that lies behind the mask of Western civilization.

The fact the sanctions were only lifted from Iraq after the devastating war unleashed on the country by the US and its UK ally in 2003 had killed countless more children tells its own story.

Cuba has suffered under the iron heel of US economic sanctions and embargo longer than any other country on the planet. A raft of economic sanctions were originally imposed on the island in 1960 by the Eisenhower administration after the Cuban revolution of the previous year succeeded in toppling the US-supported dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, after which US corporations and businesses that had been operating without restraint in Cuba were expropriated and nationalized.

Relations between Havana and Washington turned even more sour two years later when Fidel Castro defied Washington in forging close ties with the Soviet Union. In response, the Kennedy administration imposed complete economic sanctions, which have remained more or less in place over succeeding decades.

As French journalist Salim Lamrani pointed out in a 2016 interview on the history of US sanctions against Cuba:

“The sanctions are anachronistic because they date back to the Cold War. They are cruel because they affect the most vulnerable categories of the Cuban people, not the leaders. Finally, they are ineffective to the extent that the initial goal of overthrowing the Cuban Revolution has clearly failed.”

Most cogently, Lamrani makes the point that “Rather than isolating Cuba internationally, these sanctions have instead isolated the United States.”

The sanctions imposed by the US and its European allies/vassals on Russia, meanwhile, have been justified as a response to ‘Russian aggression’ in eastern Ukraine, along with reunification of of Crimea with Russia in 2014. As I have written previously, this is a false and tendentious rendering of what has occurred in Ukraine and why.

But regardless of the whys and wherefores, the idea that the largest country in Europe with the second most powerful military in the world, whose economy is stable and built on solid foundations, could ever be brought to its knees by economic sanctions is so preposterous it is laughable.

However the mendacity and arrogance behind Washington’s history of imposing economic sanctions against other states is certainly no laughing matter, not when we consider the ineffable human suffering they have caused and continue to cause.

Moreover, a history of subverting, destabilizing, and destroying one country after another is all the evidence needed to label the US a country so drunk with power and a corresponding sense of exceptionalism that the rest of the world would be more than justified in uniting to impose sanctions on it. In fact, given the brutal history of US imperialism the world needs to as a matter of necessity.

As Fidel Castro said, “The United States tyrannizes and pillages the globalized world with its political, economic, technological, and military might.”

We cannot expect to see any real action being taken against the United States Of America for anything it does because the same few Billionaires who own the Central Banks of U.S.A. and Canada also own the Central Banks of Europe. This is why no action is ever taken against them in the “West”. How else do you think it is that N.A.T.O. (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) gets away with even half of the atrocities it commits against Human Rights all across the Globe as it shamelessly exports War (The U.S.A. alone has approx 189 military bases outside it’s own territories) while demanding to be left in peace at home.

It would seem that Global Anarchy must be left to the hands of the Anarchists. Let us begin to see much more of that.


“In Time” = “In Currency”


It is always a surprise how certain films in Hollywood are a veiled reflection of reality upon the Planet Earth. The most recent example is a film entitled “In Time”

Here is a preview

The thing that is most shocking about this film is the parity that exists between the manipulation/control of time as it applies to Human life in the film and the actual manipulation/control of all currency in Present Earth. We all know that Time itself should be regarded as ample, an item that is hardly created and yet it is controlled in this film. It is used precisely here as currency is used on Earth at present. Just as there are “Time Zones”  which separate the “Poor” from the “Wealthy” which are subjected to arbitrary increases in the cost of living and work quotas for the Poor; there exist a “Time Elite” (representative of the Billionaires on present Earth), who operate Time Banks and Time Loans with interest etc. Hoarding millions upon millions of years of time for themselves while subjecting the poor to life spans that barely exist beyond 25 years.

I would like you to watch this film and bear witness to the present state of Country Internment and Currency Slavery upon the Earth. Just as in the film… it must come to an end and the Human Collective awake to the Horror that all the governments of the Earth and their controllers are continually subjecting the majority of Humans to here. There is only One Truth. It is You who creates this World together through your action and inaction. Start viewing and speaking honestly to one another now. It is time for you to Awake and to aid your Human Family to do likewise. You can do it.

God Bless the Little Children

God said:

Beloved, life may indeed seem mixed up to you, as if life is one log-jam after another, or pages mis-numbered, or life fallen through the cracks. As hard as it may be for you to really see this, life as it appears, does come down the chute as it is meant to. As you may see it, this is easy to say yet not always believable.

There are so many physical accidents tallied in the world every day, you truly wonder how I can maintain that there are no mistakes. How this can be, and yet I maintain there are no mistakes. Still, of course, you wonder, hand over heart, how I can say this?

From your personal view, this certainly makes no sense whatsoever. No sense at all.

At the same time, of course, you do see the sense of not trying to change what has already happened and that which no one has been able to change back. Surely, no one has the sad right to trespass onto an elementary school property and hurt little children and their teachers. This cannot be right, yet it has happened. You wish that you could see any goodness and mercy here or anything good at all to make of this.

You see mayhem and weeping and disbelief. Goodness knows you have tried to figure out how to understand the un-understandable.

You may see evidence of courage and heroism appear from tragedy, nevertheless, this is too hard. You carry some kind of moral compass that gives you the credibility to pray that this mayhem never ever happen again anywhere to anyone.

You do confess that one size does not fit all yet see that your heart has tightened. You have not found the mercy in your heart to forgive others for their trespasses. You may wish, with all your heart, those who kill no longer revel in their acts. As far you can bend is to ask Me to have mercy on their souls.

Beloved, you regret, with all your heart, any and all unacceptable pain that those who hurt others must have experienced themselves, and you are sorry.

How happy you would be to see all children frolicking in meadows to their hearts’ content, weaving garlands and singing ring around the rosies. May all childhoods be enriched and no mother mourn for her children ever again. May you and everyone know compassion for all who ache for it.

There is no age suitable at which children and their mothers are to lament.

Beloved, it’s not that you want Me, God, to suffer over such matters in the world, though you do wish that I would remove all this sort of thing from the face of the Earth. I understand that you believe that if I could do so without messing up the mechanics of the Universe, then I would. I understand you are not calling Me to the table to explain Myself. You would spare Me from being on the carpet at your feet.

From your point of view, you empathize that I carry a heavy load. I remind you that I carry the Light. Deep down you also know I give you everything. Still, you do not yet fully understand why life is as somber at it seems to be when I am at the wheel and that I wish to give and teach compassion, even to the ends of the Earth.

Beloved, it is not I Who has to increase My compassion, but everyone on Earth. Then, We will join hands, and My Will be done on Earth as in Heaven.


How’s Your Programming?


When pleasure is forbidden, violence is extolled

So are you ready to plug yourself in? Get ready… get set… Go!



The Majority of Humans on Earth do not even know what Capitalism is. You live on a Capitalist Planet. There are only different expressions of capitalism upon the Earth; there is no Communism. It is time for the majority of the Human Collective on Earth to eliminate the gangsters of Central Banking and the Corporations that they own which have systematically stolen all land and resources from the Human collective as well as your individual freedoms and the fruits of all of your labour.

True anarchy for the Human Collective on Earth must be in combination with the order of a Planetary Counsel and an end to the use of all currency and privatization on Earth that True Communism can provide. All Humans live in towns and cities and none live in countries (Internment Camps). Let all like-minded individuals gather together to create their own communities of service to each other in unconditional Love (Independent City-States). An end to all slavery.

Only together will it be possible; today through your individual actions, to awaken the sleeping population that is the majority of our Human Collective on Earth (Your Human Family is your only family and the Planet Earth is your Home – not some postage stamp-). Let us Create World One from World Zero. Hope, peace and Unconditional Love.

Octaevius Altair says, “There is nothing to stop you from living your own lives today. The path of greater individual freedom has always been before you. Do not live in fear shame and lies. Love will always find a way is a true expression. God Bless you.”

Some people ask me “Why are you always dressed in mourning? So what?”

Just for fun…

I love you! Peace and God Bless you!

Do not be deceived by any who try to make you believe in a new currency such as all worthless Cryptocurrency. You are beyond any worth, you are free. All Humans may now do whatever they desire anyplace on Earth as long as they do not harm others or the environment.

Inspirational Message June 2018

Here we go.

We are going to encourage you to help us “turn the World upside down.”

This means “New”, not reboot. It is ultimately You that creates upon this World and You who is therefore responsible for the occurances here. It is You who decides what is valuable and what is not, what has power/authority over You and what does not. It has been stated many times that it is no longer possible to hide things from you. We ask you to take responsibility now and not to shrug and tell us that “things are beyond your control.” They are not.

You are now aware that there is nothing more valuable than yourselves here. No currency, shiny stones, shiny metals or anything else is worth more. Stop pretending that these things have value. A “New Earth” does not mean new currency, new wars, new elites, new poverty, new scapegoats etc. It means something completely different. You ask, “how can this be done.” Just start taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions. “Your thoughts are a trail of breadcrumbs that your life will follow.” You do not have to be popular or blindly obey and accept what others tell you. Start creating now with your own thoughts and actions.

Listen… You do not owe anyone or anything. Stop believing this. Stop paying your bills. There is at this moment no valid government upon the Planet Earth beyond the municipal level. Stop participating in any elections beyond the municipal level. There is no power under Heaven that has any authority over you without your consent. Stop giving your consent.

All Humans have the power to invent laws on Earth yet none have the power to impose these laws upon others. There is only Universal Law. You have Universal Rights that are being denied you. Demand them. There are millions of unjust laws upon the Earth that have resulted in the imprisonment of too many of your Brothers and Sisters. The Human Family is your family and the Earth is your home. Refuse to accept the belief that you live on a postage stamp.

We are witnessing many attempts by the “Petty Ones” to maintain power through all manner of control over you (Human Collective). Through Country Internment and Currency Slavery they have been successful. Now that they have lost the ability to conceal their behavior from you as a result of the “Great Awakening”, they are getting desperate. A World of Humans equal without slavery and living in a state not carefully maintained through shame, fear and lies is their worse Nightmare.

Witness some of their last ditch efforts to control even the sharing of information itself!

Proposed EU Copyright Measure Threatens the Internet

The European Union is set to vote on a copyright proposal that will require platforms hosting user-generated content to automatically scan and filter anything that their users upload (see the EU Commission’s proposed Article 13 of the Copyright Directive) on June 20th or 21st.

We urge the European Parliament to reject this proposal. We encourage Internet users to go to to take action.

The main purpose of Article 13 is to limit music and videos on streaming platforms, based on a theory of a “value gap” between the profits that platforms make on uploaded works, verses those the copyright holders of those works receive. However, the proposal extends far beyond music, requiring platforms to monitor every type of copyrighted work–text, images, audio, video, and even code. Article 13 would have an impact on just about everything that happens online, threatening freedom of expression, privacy, and the free flow of knowledge on the Internet.

We have discussed our concerns with the idea of automated content filters when the idea came up in US copyright conversations in the past. This law is troubling in the same ways. Requiring platforms to monitor content contradicts existing rules that create a shared responsibility between platforms and rightsholders for removal of illegal content. In doing so, the law creates incentives to remove legitimate content; it creates a a troubling “take down first, ask questions later/never” attitude to online content.

Filters are not good at understanding context, and therefore legitimate speech such as commentary, parody, or satire may be removed without any human judgment involved. Legitimate expression may be chilled in the form of overly cautious self-policing as a result. Article 13 also has no penalties for false or misleading claims, leaving the system wide open for abuse.

Further, although Article 13 is intended to prevent uploads that infringe copyright, the same technology could be required for filtering of content for compliance with other EU laws, which would compound the dangers that this measure poses for freedom of expression and privacy online. And, policymakers in other countries, including the United States, may come to view mandating content filters as an acceptable way to regulate the Internet if the EU does it first.

Eventually the Planet Earth will be an Egalitarian World governed through an Egalitarian Planetary Council. There will be Independent City States (like-minded individuals gathered together into communities of service to each other). No more borders, no form of currency, no privatization, no slavery and no more wars.

We ask you to care about where you are standing, what you are thinking and how you are treating those about you. Stop judging where others are standing, what others are thinking or how others are treating those about them. Do not use or permit the use of shame, fear and lies in order to control others. Remember that you are a Free Spirit! You owe nothing. Start living free by letting go of all that you do not desire.

Bless you all in Love, Light and Liberation.

Why You Must Turn From All Currency

Greetings Human Collective on Earth!

We have mentioned to you in the past that all currency is worthless. This is because it’s always an item meant to serve as a substitute for something else that is used as a means to divest you of the fruits of labour. Not just your own labour but that of animals and Nature around you as well. It is perplexing to Us why you would permit any item to be held in higher regard than yourselves and the Planet and the Universe.  We have told you that all shiny metals and shiny stones and privately mass-manufactured tiny strips covered in cartoons are without value. There is no scarcity upon the Earth nor within the Universe. It is You who have decided to give these things a value and worth that they do not have nor deserve.

Look up and then look down. Understand that all that you are sensing seems to be so great to you. So much beyond what you have been persuaded to believe you are. What you sense around you; the “Physical World” of Space/Time is really less than 1% of the multi-verse. Now when you look at yourself… please accept that you are greater than this as you extend far beyond this “Physical World” of Space/Time. There is no substitute for you. You are a frequency that is unique within the multi-verse. There can never be anything more valuable than you because of your ability to create.

There is no longer any reason for any of you to rely upon these fabricated currencies (physical or otherwise). There is no Private Ownership on Earth nor anyplace within the Multi-verse. There is no reason for this to exist because there is no scarcity. On Earth at this moment, no Human owns any other Human nor the Planet… not even the smallest part of the Planet. Stop falling for those who are in the process of attempting to persuade you that there will ever be any currency of value. We already know that Central Banking and it’s sinister tentacles of Commercial Banking, Corporations, Insurance and all other expressions of Capitalism upon the Earth are vapid. It is time for the Earth to transform from a Capitalist Planet to a Non-Capitalist Planet without any form of Capital or Privatization. The economic Driver must change from Profit to one of Productivity and Quality.


It is time for you to Awake. There is nothing that is greater than you. There is no power under Heaven with any authority over you without your consent. The Earth is your Home. You are all sovereign citizens of Earth with the right to travel, live or work anyplace upon the Planet unhindered.

It is possible for you to set yourselves free from Country Internment and Currency Slavery.


Hear the Words.

“Only We have the means to slay the Beast of Central Banking, to obliterate all of it’s tentacles and vanquish it from Earth forever.” We have no interest in the “Petty Powers” of Earth. We will never serve as an instrument for any Internment Camp. There is no Power under Heaven that has any authority over Us. At this moment, there are many bird songs upon Earth and their cacophony is a feeble attempt to drown out our Drum Beats. Hear us. Follow us. Only Our Drums will lead you down a path towards Greater Individual Freedom. Sit with us about our Table where all are equals. The Earth is our House. Let yourselves serve as our instruments. We desire only your labour.  Permit no room to serve as a shelter from Our Light.

Below We have provided you with the tools. Our House has many languages. Translate for us all of our writings into all languages and deliver them to each Room. Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Farsi, Thai, Burmese… all Languages deserve to hear our words.

The Tools

The New Global Communist Manifesto: The Construct Of Human Civilization Level One

Light Universe

Simple Guide


An In-Depth Look At Major N.A.T.O. Leaders

It is time for us to attempt to gain a greater insight into the warped minds of the major N.A.T.O. leaders who suffer from an inability to find peace. What type of minds are these Warmongers who are constantly exporting War abroad while shamelessly demanding to be left in peace at home?

We will conduct a series of Hypothetical Interviews with some of the Major N.A.T.O. Leaders in an attempt to begin to comprehend what fuels their warped minds and results in their disgraceful actions!

Donald Trump Mask of The United States Of America.

Interviewer: Greetings Donald Trump.

Donald Trump: Let’s get this over with.

Interviewer: We were wondering if you would like to explain some of the reasoning behind the Warlike behaviour of N.A.T.O. and it’s leadership?

Donald Trump: By leadership you mean my leadership. It is simple… it is PROFIT. We go to war with foreign cities because it is a financial asset we are protecting. It is our Shareholders that we care about. So whenever you see any N.A.T.O. members creating conflict you know it is based upon Profit. OOOOH! That felt great! Whew! I love wearing Adult Diapers.

Interviewer: Have you been wearing them for life?

Donald Trump: Oh no! I have no medical condition. I am so important that my time is too valuable to waste with bathroom trips. I have told all of the other N.A.T.O. leaders that must follow my example and all wear Adult Diapers so that there will be no “Bathroom Breaks” permitted.

Interviewer: So all the leaders of N.A.T.O. are wearing Adult Diapers?

Donald Trump: You bet they are. Now… this interview is over because you have wasted enough of my time!




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Justin Trudeau Mask of Canada

Interviewer: Greetings Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau: Hello! It’s really great to meet you and my pleasure to be giving this interview.

Interviewer: Justin Trudeau we have to ask you a personal question. We were just speaking with Donald Trump and he has claimed that he told all leaders of N.A.T.O. that they must wear Adult Diapers. Is this true?

Justin Trudeau: Why yes it is. I thought it was odd at first but now I think it’s great. It helps me to cope with “my Problem”.

Interviewer: Which “problem” is this?

Justin Trudeau: Well I am very afraid of the possibility of Iran invading Canada! Donald Trump told me that the Ayatollah has plans to kidnap me and force me to be his Catamite. I can’t stop thinking about it and every time I do I poop my pants!

Emmanuel Macron Mask of France

Interviewer: Greetings Emmanuel Macron.

Emmanuel Macron: Oui! *Toothy Grin*

Interviewer: Let us get directly to the point. We have been told that because Donald Trump has ordered all N.A.T.O. leaders to wear Adult Diapers you are all now wearing them. Is this true. Are you wearing them right now?

Emmanuel Macron: Oui! *Toothy Grin*

Angela Merkel Mask of Germany

Interviewer: Greetings Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel: Beeile dich!

Interviewer: We are asking all N.A.T.O. Leaders if it is true that you are all now wearing Adult Diapers because Donald Trump ordered you to do so.

Angela Merkel: Ja! Alle guten Vasallen ihrem Herrn.

Theresa May Mask of the United Kingdom

Interviewer: Greetings Theresa May.

Theresa May: Is it Tea Time? Where is my Tea?

Interviewer: Theresa May we are conducting an interview not delivering Tea. We wanted to ask you if it is true that all N.A.T.O. Leaders now wear Adult Diapers?

Theresa May: What day is it?

Well we have no interest in presenting interviews with any of the other N.A.T.O. member Leaders because they are not important enough.

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