HOW TO… Destabilize A Central Government

Know that the following information is not original. It is a reiteration packaged as a personal interpretation of content readily available elsewhere. This information is neutral and not meant to be construed as a means to incite the destabilization of any specific government. Any governments mentioned are for example only.
We must first deconstruct in order to reconstruct. The HUMAN reality is an interpretation of various elements. These are not just the five senses but our brains ability to interpret through our programming. This programming is affected though several aspects of self and the environment that contributes to these senses and our overall sense of “self” within the confines of this dimension. In order to destabilize a government it is essential to be able to tap into the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Each human on this planet relates in various ways to their fellows and environment. Each has a sense of which category they belong in terms of the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. The simple term we will use to explain this will be our CLASS system.
When ” Hakim Bey “ talks of Temporary Autonomous Zones he is providing us with the key to the destabilization of most central governments. We will use the government of the United States of America as an example – since I am aware on a personal level of the TRUE evil nature of the government there -. This country is RIPE for the creation of these pockets of anarchy as it has a very large population of disaffected citizens at the base of the social construct. It has been brought to my attention – from an ex-CSIS agent – that there is a black market for human flesh in Russia. It is undoubtedly the lower classes being exploited for this demand. The use of slave labour in the U.S.A. through convicts – and the ever increasing prison population – and work for welfare social programming is another example of the exploitation of the lower class. The glamourization of wealth, consumerism, the AMERICAN DREAM – failed utopia vision – provides a ready outlet for this disaffected population. The increase of this disaffected class through the shrinking of the middle-class as a result of corporate globalization. In Canada we see the same outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries as it is not profit they seek – JUST GREATER PROFIT – with no regard for those human beings affected through this decision to please the ever decreasing sphere of wealthy shareholders. Such an example is BOMBARDIER and the current outsourcing of jobs to the labour market in India. We seen an example of this anarchy take place in ” France “ earlier this year. This is an example of the spontaneous creation of a state of anarchy. There is nothing to prevent the lower classes of the United States of America from easily replicating these Anarchic Spaces in every state – simultaneously in several cities within each state -. To begin to express the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of the people through action. To claim their rights to the WEALTH and CONSUMERISM they have been programmed to seek. To vent their frustration against the higher institutions of learning which excludes the vast majority of them. To begin to effectively dismantle the artifices of those cityscapes in terms of the actual physical destruction of the edifices of these institutions themselves. These institutions such as all religions – being once again used to distract the lower classes – ( churches, cathedrals, mosques, temples etc. ), banks, police stations, media outlets ( television stations, radio stations, newspapers ), universities etc. To just take what they seek. To seize those goods such as televisions, jewelery, luxury cars, electronics etc. they feel is their due. A country such as the United States of America is so taxed in terms of the external commitments as to be unable to deal with such anarchy on a massive scale. The means for this MASS CONSCIOUSNESS to communicate currently exists through the internet and various mobile technology. Such spontaneous anarchy could effectively destabilize many central governments – such as the United Kingdom – not only the U.S.A.


Group Mentality

Having had an interesting conversation with a young lady earlier about terminology and the importance of perceptions of groups and mentality. Here are some conclusions about this matter. It is becoming increasingly popular when discussing specific stigmatized minorities to note the terms of perceived group-mentalities as the face of the group and to lose sight of the fact that this group is comprised of individuals. The method of language in regards to popular group terminology lends itself to a less HUMAN perception of the groups discussed. By groups I am regarding the stigmatized minority groups in general. It is the generalizing that is used to dehumanize these groups. To take the humanity away is a clinical approach that is flawed. These approaches may be used by those engaged in clinical research to distance themselves from their subject but never in social terms. The fact that we reside in social constructs is a fact that is nothing more than an extension of our humanity. We are a social species. To begin to define and to categorize with dehumanized terminologies is to encourage the loss of the humanity that is the essence of the group itself. To do this renders any complete understanding of the group a futile effort. This is something that is used and has been used in the past. Not only the Holocaust but also such tragedies as Uganda and Bosnia. It is not important that we cannot undo as it is to try and serve as guides in terms of correct social thinking.

U.S.A. is a Third World Country

I believe that it is time for the United States of America to be regarded as Third World Country.
“Third World” are all the other countries, today often used to roughly describe the developing countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America.
The term Third World includes as well capitalist (e.g., Venezuela) and communist (e.g., North Korea) countries as very rich (e.g., Saudi Arabia) and very poor (e.g., Mali) countries.
You must examine the fact that there is no longer a viable constitution within the United States of America. It proposes to grant rights to its’ citizens while in reality this simply is no longer the case. This country is becoming divided now along the lines of many other developing nations between those ” haves ” and ” have nots ” co-existing alongside each other. Welfare recipients who barely make enough to survive are being used as a source of slave labour as well as convicts by corporate America. The wealthy do not contribute their fare share to the taxes which should be based on percentage of income as opposed to the current system in use.
it is clear that the constitution no longer serves as a valid means for the citizens to protect their freedoms. Take also into consideration that the debt of the United States should also be considered equivalent to many Third World nations. There is no longer a democracy within the United States of America. There is essentially only a 2-party system in that country and they do not differ in terms of Foreign policy nor in regards to their own domestic policies. The United States has become an example of a country whose lofty goals have failed. This failed vision of the ” American Dream ” which has lead to the successive views of separateness, selfishness and profit mongering to the point that the social-net itself has crumbled beyond repair. The corporations and those whose interest is vested within the welfare of these corporate entities have been permitted to fragment the U.S.A. beyond the scope of the current political construct there to be repaired. These corporations have in fact already abandoned the U.S.A. through GLOBALIZATION in the form of outsourcing of jobs/resources to foreign entities. In this regard it may be said that the Corporations of the world are truly borderless and have managed through their profit-driven mentality to evolve beyond the primitive concept of nations. The United States of America is an example of Capitalism gone too far.
When you think of the United States of America – think of it as a Third World nation -.