Canada Must Withdraw Membership In The United Nations: A new beginning as a leader in the creation of a new union

The United Nations is not a valid organization that represents the peaceful people of our planet. It has allowed itself to be nothing more than a means to exert pressure by certain Veto-wielding states in order to promote their own agendas. The Human population must unite to form a world Alliance whereby all government powers will be subservient to the will of the People. Proof that The United Nations has become a vapid organization is easy to find.

– Continued Human Rights Abuses against the Palestinans.
– The inability to prevent the Darfur genocide
– Continued Economic Embargo against Cuba

The treatment of the Palestine people and the Cuban people is unacceptable. Canada must withdraw from all obligations under the United Nations as well as end it’s membership within the United Nations. A new Global Body must be created that will enable the Human population to elect a League of Nations to govern. This is not the same as the League of Extraordinary Nations proposed by George Bush. This Union must be for the expressed purpose of electing a League of Nations composed of Environmental/Science groups and all First World, Second World, Third World and Fourth world elected representatives. Canada could be the leader in this enterprise.