A Quick Look At Consciousness


Here is a wee peek at different expressions of consciousness understanding.

Individual consciousness, collective cosciousness

Not all things have an individual consciousness as does the Human Being (Light Beings contained within the human Vessel)

Here are some examples of individual consciousness

Elephants, Primates, Dogs, Cats, Cetaceans

Here are examples of Collective consciousness and some fun tests you can play

Insects, most have only collective consciousness expression, apart from the advanced Insectoid Alien Species

Have you ever noticed that when you use a frequent device, such as a fly swatter, that your houseflys will know when they are ready to play with you or not. So they may hide or they may all show up and let you chase and kill them over and over. Each time you look about, there are more of them. This is because all things enjoy your attention. Houseflies are no different. You may slay a thousand of them. What do they care? The answer is very little because what you do to one, you do to them all, but only in a small way. There are always going to be more house flies. So it is better to express to the Houseflies, “Okay, I acknowledge You and am willing to play for only 5 more minutes, then leave me in peace.

After 5 minutes, put the fly swatter away and be peaceful.

The same may be said of Plants, It is already known that plants, especially Trees, have the ability to commuicate with sound (vibration) and certain movements. They experience Collective Consciousness.

Here is a game you can play with Dandelions.

When you use the same Lawnmower, over and over again, the dandelions will grow accustomed to it. So they will learn to lie down when you turn it on, the blades passing over them. Then they will arise back up after you are finished.

If you pull their heads off everyday, The Dandelions will start to grow heads from shorter stems. Pull these off each day and the heads will become so short that the Dandelions are growing heads directly out of the ground. They have Collective Consciousness.

Video Linard Nimoy in search of trees

Omar video (I love Omar)

Here is a nice Letter To You

Heavenletter #5702

The Sunshine of God’s Heart, July 5, 2016

God said:

Life in the world requires a balance. Otherwise, you wear yourself out. Yes, be glad and grateful to serve, yet not ingratiate yourself. Life is for the living and giving, yet you do not spin your wheels. You are not looking to bow down to the world, nor is the world to bow down to you. You are free-wheeling.

Be careful of demands you make of others. Be careful of demands you make on yourself. You are not to outdo yourself. You are not out to prove your wonderfulness.

Naturally, you will keep getting better and better. It is natural to grow. It is natural for you to grow. Growing in life is not like going to the gym and following a regime. Yes, you grow and grant mercies in life, yet not to the extinction of your God-given Self and Destiny. You exist eternally no matter what you make of it.

The Great Spiritual Ones simply put one step after the other. They did not practice sanctity. They did not do push-ups in a certain order. They did not sacrifice. They lived their lives. They gained spiritual weight which, in fact, is weightless.

Each child of Mine – every single one of My children – has his own life to follow, yet no one is given a precise map to follow. Life is before you, yet you set your own table. You learn and grow into your Life Purpose or Purposes. The path you walk on may wind before you. You stumble upon life. Your Life is strewn before you, and, yet, you find your way. You are finding your way. Meanwhile, you lead your Life as best you can.

You make yourself and your life better even as you don’t know quite what that would mean. In a way, you take your hands off and let life be. Let your life rise before you in the mist. Ah, sweet mystery of life.

When it is your Life, whose permission do you require?

Did the Great Spiritual Ones set out to be Great Spiritual Ones? Did they know ahead of time? Was it their will or Mine? Did the Great Ones have a say? Did they have a choice? In any case, the Great Spiritual Ones received a gift, and it was a Gift to the World.

You too are a Gift to the World. It is your doing, yet it is not all your doing. Actually, it is your Being that is the gift and not so much your doing. There is not one of you who knows with confidence who he is and what he grants to the world and all that the world grants ahead of time or in return.

What you have to give is not all your say. You can’t plan for it. Life befalls, and you find out who you are. This is Self-Discovery.

What you can know for sure is that you are here on Earth as a blessing. So bless. Bless yourself, and bless the world. I am blessing you. Be blessed then.

You don’t know what expressly lies around the corner. What you can know is that something wonderful is around the corner for you. Avail yourself of it.

For everyone, there is more than what meets the eye.

What is yours to do, you will do. You don’t have to know. You don’t have to know beforehand.

What does it mean that God’s Will is done?

You have choice at the same time as you have no choice. There are no directions for you to follow. And yet you find out what is true for you, and you abide by it.

You can only be My beautiful child. You are not lost in the forest. You are the Sunshine of My Heart.


I almost forgot to mention the consciousness of those entities known as Arch-Angels and Demons. We know there is balance maintained in this lower realm of physical time/space duality. Arch-angels and Demons do not have an individual consciousness.

An Arch-Angel is a manifestation of a Collective of Light Karmic Souls. This is why an Arch-Angel will always describe itself as “We”, “We are Arch-Angel Michael, We are Arch-Angel Gabriel.” So an Arch-Angel is capable of being in many places at once, and not only on the Planet Earth.

A Demon is a manifestation of a Collective of Dark Karmic Souls. This is why you may hear a Demon say it is a “Legion”. So a Demon may also be in several places at once.

Within this Realm, for every Arch-Angel that manifests there will be permitted a Demon to manifest. This is balance.