Exciting Changes Predicted For The Next 2 Years: Global Economy

Just thought I’d “touch Base” and let readers know all about the exciting changes that have been predicted to occur over the next 2 years in regards to the Global Economy. The best expression to use would be that people are going to begin to “wake up”, to the absurdity of the present system and embrace the Human Path to Economic Security. Presently it is no longer a secret that the Global Economy is based exclusively upon 3 pillars.

The First pillar: Countries relying upon mass-manufactured, valueless currency by private entitties that they then owe for this privledge. The privately owned banks that manufacture this do not base their manufacture upon any actual holding of wealth within the particular countries to back-up their issue and yet for some bizarre reason these countries agree to owe them for this as well as pay them interest on this. Interest is another vapid invention that makes no sense at all. There is no reason for any individuals to pay interest on debt or to be able to collect interest on investments as these currencies are not only without value themselves but do not produce labour or contribute to the society in a way that would entitle it to increases beyond the base value.

The Second Pillar: Is debt. The countries that rely upon these private banks TAX their population. This ‘tax and spend” mentality is flawed as it completely misrepresents value to the people of the Globe. It is not this manufactured currency that has value but only the Human Labour that countries have been mislead to believe is somehow reliant upon this currency. There is no reason for any citizen to pay taxes. These are invented to pay the interest owed to these private banks.

The Third Pillar: Is privatization. This is a myth. The Planet does not belong to any species and it most certainly does not belong to any entitity. At no point in time has there ever been land or resources that were “owned” by any country or individual. For some odd reason the population of the Globe do not seem able to comprehend this simple fact. There are many individuals out there that labour just so that they can survive. They pay for their shelter, water, gas, electricity etc. There is no reason for this.
Within the next 2 years we should see the present Global Economy collapse and citizens awaken to the next Global economy that will be based upon Universal Human rights, the termination of all manner of privatization and the use of Human Labour itself as the economic driver.
All the rest of us have to do is be patient and “sit back, relax and enjoy the ride”.
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