Truth Perceptions and Timothy Leary

Today we touch upon Truth. Already it has been discussed that there are those on this Planet who seek to confuse you into believing that there is no Universal Truth or Universal Law. They want to force upon you a Grey, Colourless World where all things are both Lies and Truths and Good and Bad. Let us prove this wrong. If 8 Billion people claim that the Earth is flat and only 2 people claim that the Earth is round, the Earth will still be round. It matters not what you “perceive” as the Truth, there is only one truth. You are responsible for your perceptions of reality. There is no good war and bad war or good torture and bad torture or good consensual sex and bad consensual sex or good slavery and bad slavery or good pornography and bad pornography etc. It is all good or it is all bad.

What Is Universal Law?
“All intelligent beings are entitled to shelter, potable water, healthy food, all forms of education and all expressions of healthcare. The free will of the individual will take precedent above all things provided that they do no harm to individuals or their environment.”

“You are a unique frequency. You create your own reality”
Octaevius Altair

Timothy Leary has said much that is relevant for today.

“You can be anyone, this time around.”
Timothy Leary

“Turn on, tune in and drop out.”
Timothy Leary

Please be aware of all that is happening about you now. Forget about the past, look after today and tomorrow will take care of itself. You are a Being here in this Now moment; You are along with everything else. So be loving in thoughts and deeds to all those about you and not concern yourself with what others are doing.