End Child Slavery

Greetings Human Collective on Earth!

The state of children on the Planet Earth at this moment is dismal.
Children do not have the right to vote in elections.
Children do not have the right to work.
Children do not have the right to travel on their own.
Children do not have the right to choose their own religion.
Children do not have the right to choose their own caregivers or to have their own dwellings.
Children do not even have authority over their own bodies.

It is a fact that at this moment the Children of Earth are regarded not as full Humans but only as property. Property of the State, or of individual caregivers. How many more Children must we allow to be chained up, locked in cages, abused, sold or even murdered before we (as a Collective) finally set them free?

It has been stated many times that no Human owns any other Human.
No Human is living in a different time from you.
No Human is more or less Human or deserving of less rights or entitled to more rights than any other Human.
All Humans do what they do based solely upon their individual desire, ability and intent. No Humans do anything based upon their physical age, body shape, spirituality, sexuality, I.Q., tribe or hair colour or any of the other foolish reasons that are invented and then imposed upon others as a means to justify their stigmatization. All Humans are living only in this “Now moment” together at the same time and are all therefore equal.

There are many different organizations upon the Earth (we will not mention them) that pretend to care about Children’s Rights but in reality they are using shame, fear and lies in order to create a smokescreen that prevents other Humans from actually taking the full entitlement of Children to equal rights seriously.

When we examine the history of the Human Collective upon the Earth, we notice considerable changes towards the treatment and perception of their youth which has varied as has their treatment towards each other in general. It is practically impossible at this time to expect that the full liberation of Children will result from the actions of any of the Adults just as it was impossible for the recent Liberation of Woman upon certain regions of Earth to have occurred solely through the actions of males without any direct action by females themselves. The Children of Earth are beginning to obtain a maturity through puberty earlier than in the past as well as the higher median I.Q. which increases with each generation. Children must tackle their inequality on their own.

Those of you who are reading this article that regard yourselves as Children according to the unjust laws that prevail within the Internment Camps of Earth at this time. Begin to fight for your rights. How?

If a Human of 8 years (example) has the desire to vote and the ability to register at a polling station on their own with their I.D. and proof of address; then returns to that polling station on election day. It is forbidden not to permit them to vote. As a child, if this happens to you then you must seek retribution through the courts. Constitutional Law will provide this to you.

If a Human of 12 years (example) has the desire and the ability to enter a Department of Motor Vehicles and pass the written test for a driver’s license and then returns and passes the driving portion of the test; they must be provided with a drivers license. The same applies to a pilot’s license or boating license or any other thing. If as a child, this happens to you that some attempt to unjustly prevent you from being treated with equal rights, then you must sue! Constitutional Law exists solely for this reason.

It is time to recognize that the only Law is Universal Law. All Humans are members of the Human Collective on Earth and are all sovereign citizens of Earth with the right to travel, live or work anyplace upon the surface of the Earth unhindered. No Being under Heaven has any authority over you without your consent. You have the Free Will to withdraw your consent at any time. It is now time for the Human Collective to accept these Noble Truths and to end Country Internment and the segregation and strife that it breeds along with Currency Slavery upon the Earth.

END CHILD SLAVERY by embracing Universal Humanity and Universal Human Rights that must accompany this truth.


Author: octaevius

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3 thoughts on “End Child Slavery”

  1. Yep. Children have some rights. In fact, they have a lot of rights in here, Brazil. But it doesn’t mean much; no one tells them about those rights, specially because even adults are unaware of them. It’s like having none at all. What’s the point of granting rights to children, but never telling them about those rights? There should be a mandatory class about that in elementary… So, even if children have some rights, they are next to null.

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    1. It all has to do with perception. We are in agreement that the Nuclear Family has to go. On Earth we say there are no children, there are only humans. When we finally introduce Universal Law and Independent City States; laws introduced will be based upon individual desire, ability and intent.

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