Sad Reality Of The Elections Within The United States Of America

This is a short post to list some sad realities about this upcoming election within the United States of America. A large number of organizations that I am a member of and support have opted to align themselves with the re-elect Obama campaign. It is true that the Republican Party tries to portray itself as a joke with the display of these wealthy, fundamentalist(Christian, Mormon, Jew whatever…) morons. They employ the same tactics now with their Fox faux News as stupid Stephen Harper has attempted to do here with his Sun faux News. Still people must accept that there is no democracy in the United States of America. This is something that should be getting all the focus and not these candidates hoping to be elected.

“The Democratic Party and the Republican Party are two ugly faces etched into the same worthless chunk of stone. It makes no difference which face you are staring at as this stone crushes your chest. It is upon the Chest of every U.S. citizen. The Republican Party and the Democratic Party would be more honest if they simply merged and called themselves ‘The Bankers’ Party’, because that is all that they are. They care nothing for the American people.” They should just both merge into a single Party… The Bankers’ Party.

Hopefully within the next 2 years -after the total Global Economic Collapse- we will witness some form of true democracy begin to take shape. We can only wait and see.