Conservatives Embroiled in Lawsuits

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It’s a good time to be a lawyer for the Conservative party

By Andy Radia | Canada Politics

If your son or daughter ever asks for advice about what to be
when they grow up, you might want to steer them towards the legal

Specifically, you should suggest that they try get a job with the Harper
Conservatives — it looks like they might need some lawyers.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, a federal court ruled Thursday that the so-called ‘Robo-call’
lawsuit aimed at overturning the election results in seven ridings can go

The Conservatives requested last month that the application for review be
thrown out, claiming it was unsubstantiated and filed too late.

Prothonotary Martha Milczynski disagreed.

“Far from being frivolous or vexatious, or an obvious abuse, the applications
raise serious issues about the integrity of the democratic process in Canada and
identify practices that, if proven, point to a campaign of activities that would
seek to deny eligible voters their right to vote and/or manipulate or interfere
with that right being exercised freely.”

The ruling does not cast judgment on the merits of the case, only asserts
that it is not obviously fatally flawed and calls for parties to get ready for a
hearing “as quickly as possible.”

In other words, the Tories are going to need to ‘lawyer-up’ — again.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new for our governing party. In addition to
the current Robo-call scandal, the Harper Conservatives have been involved in a
disproportionate number of legal battles lately.

The Tories will argue that they’re just a series of ‘frivolous lawsuits by
anti-Conservatives,’ while those filing the actions will say they’re “standing
up for democracy and justice.”

Either way, the lawyers must be raking in the dough.

Other Tory legal battles:

Guergis vs. Harper

Former federal cabinet minister Helena Guergis is suing Prime Minister
Stephen Harper, the Conservative party, and 6 others for $1.3 million over her
2010 ejection from the Tory caucus.

The lawsuit makes claims of conspiracy, defamation, misfeasance in public
office, negligence and infliction of mental suffering.

Case status: On Friday, defence counsel concluded three days of hearings in front of an
Ontario Superior Court on whether Guergis’ lawsuit should be allowed to

The decision is now in the judge’s hands.

Etobicoke by-election:

In May, a federal court ruled that the election of Conservative MP Ted Opitz
in Etobicoke Centre should be voided because of voting irregularities, after
former Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj sued.

Opitz appealed that decision to the Supreme Court of Canada on July 10.

Case status: A decision, from the Supreme Court, is expected in that case
any day.

In-and-out scandal:

The case stemmed from the 2006 election when Elections Canada said the Conservatives violated campaign financing rules by moving $1.3 million in and out of 67 ridings to pay for national ads. The agency argued that the manoeuvres allowed the party to exceed the campaign spending limits and allowed candidates to claim rebates on expenses that weren’t incurred.

Case status: Four Conservative party officials, including senators Doug
Finley and Irving Gerstein, were charged in the case, but those charges were
dropped last year, when the party pleaded guilty and paid $52,000 in fines.

Dean Del Mastro:

Del Mastro is under investigation by Elections Canada over allegations of a donation
reimbursement scheme in his 2008 campaign expenses. He has to meet with
Elections Canada later this month to provide a statement.

Case status: There’s no court battle yet, but all signs suggest there will be one.


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