Important Messages From The Light For March 2019

Please listen to the messages first.

So let us focus on what We have told you before. Country Internment and Currency Slavery are preventing the growth of Human Civilization on Earth, forcing you all to remain at Level Zero. In truth, you are all One Human Family and are sovereign citizens of Earth, with the right to travel, live or work anyplace on Earth unhindered. You must stop permitting yourselves to view your lives as prisoners living on “postage stamps”, the Earth is your home.

You must accept that currency, by it’s very definition is “something which is worthless, yet is presented and perceived as being valuable.” Not only worthless gold or other shiny metals, shiny stones or tiny strips. Earth requires only effective management of labour and resources which are abundant and meant to be shared. Remember that sharing is important. Establish the First Planetary Council of Earth,

More and more do you see protests in all cities as people are aware that they are all equal. To continue to permit fear that keeps you interned by a small minority of Currency Slavers must not be permitted. It is not currency that these “Petty Ones” seek as they manufacture it and have hoarded it… it is power over you in a contest among themselves. It is they who have invented more and more absurd laws to imprison more and more of you.

Increase the protests because those who desire peace must themselves be peaceful and none of the present governments on Earth deserve peace.

William Seward Burroughs II

Let’s begin with the definition of William S. burroughs from Wikipedia


“William Seward Burroughs II (/ˈbʌrz/; February 5, 1914 – August 2, 1997) was an American writer and visual artist. Burroughs was a primary figure of the Beat Generation and a major postmodernist author whose influence is considered to have affected a range of popular culture as well as literature. Burroughs wrote eighteen novels and novellas, six collections of short stories and four collections of essays. Five books have been published of his interviews and correspondences. He also collaborated on projects and recordings with numerous performers and musicians, and made many appearances in films. He was also briefly known by the pen nameWilliam Lee. Burroughs created and exhibited thousands of paintings and other visual art works, including his celebrated ‘Gunshot Paintings’.

“… every crumb for himself…”



Read and learn more about William S. burroughs on your own.


Terence McKenna The Visionary

Today We will talk about Terence McKenna with a quick quote from Wikipedia.


Terence McKenna (November 16, 1946-April 3, 2000)

American ethnobotanist, mystic, psychonaut, lecturer, author and an advocate for the responsible use of naturally occurring psychedelic plants. He spoke and wrote about a variety of subjects, including psychedelic drugs, plant-based entheogens, shamanism, metaphysics, alchemy, language, philosophy, culture, technology, environmentalism and the theoretical origins of human consciousness. He was called the “Timothy Leary of the 90’s”, one of the leading authorities on the ontological foundations of shamanism, and the “intellectual voice of Rave Culture”. McKenna formulated a concept about the nature of time, based on fractal patterns he claimed to have discovered in the I Ching, which he called novelty theory, proposing this predicted end of time, and a transition of consciousness in the year 2012. His promotion of Novelty Theory and its connection to the Mayan Calendar is credited as one of the leading factors leading to the widespread about 2012 eschatology.

Novelty Theory is still considered to be a pseudoscience.


Here are some great videos that feature Mc Kenna


Please feel free to explore and learn more about Terence McKenna on your own. Peace!