Conservatives Once Again Attempt to Raise Age of Sexual Consent: Showing disdain for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and separation between Church and State

The foolish, superstitious, Evangelical Neo/Theo-Conservative government are trying once again to violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (that they despise) by cloaking their language and lumping several measures into one Crime Bill. They do not call it “Age of Sexual Consent”, instead they call it “Age of Protection”.


“In the last session, our Government introduced important and timely legislation to tackle violent crime. Unfortunately much of this legislation did not pass. That is not good enough to maintain the confidence of Canadians. Our Government will immediately reintroduce these measures with a single, comprehensive Tackling Violent Crime bill to protect Canadians and their communities from violent criminals and predators. This will include measures on the age of protection, impaired driving, dangerous offenders and stricter bail and mandatory prison sentences for those who commit gun crimes. Canadians expect prompt passage of this crucial legislation.”

Protection from what? From sexual recreational activity? Where’s the danger in that? Already we are aware in Canada that Sexuality is part of being Human. These sick Evangelical Christians believe that they can cloak their words and force an act upon the public that will have no teeth. Age of sexual consent is suddenly “protection” and single men/women who seek consensual recreational sexual pleasure are called “predators”. This loaded language is part of the deception and lies used by this conservative government to dehumanize their targeted portion of the population – in this case it is youth and sexual minorities -.
There are no good victims and bad victims, all victims are the same. There is no good rape and bad rape, all rape is the same. There is no good murder and bad murder, all murder is the same. There is no good consensual sex and bad consensual sex. All consensual sex is the same and all consensual sex must be legalized.
I encourage all youth who prefer older partners and all sexually active Ephebephiles to continue to live their lives the way they always have. Remember that the first person to be charged for violating this new law – I hope it’s me – will have little difficulty in getting it thrown out of our country. I intend to continue to court/date/have sex with boys who are as young as 14 years old. The Conservatives rely on lies, fear and shame in order to maintain their hold over the Canadian Public. We – who represent the light of Reason – know there is nothing wrong with being Human. Those stupid Christians think that Mankind makes the problems but that only some mythological Divine Being can solve the problems. They are so foolish as to think that this really will happen.

We must be prepared soon to do whatever is required to defend this attack upon our Charter and upon our belief system that is based on truth.

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