What Is Happening Around You Now?

Comrade Suzanne Lie has done such an excellent job of summarizing the present situation of the Human Collective on Earth that We felt compelled to present it here also.

Or read it yourself.
What Is In-between Where You Are Now and Where You are Going?

Dear Arcturians,

We, the “Ascending Ones” have some questions that we would like to ask you:

What is “in-between where we are and where we are going?
What is “in-between” who we are now and who we are becoming?
Also, how does “who we are becoming” influence “where we are going?”

We, the Arcturians are happy to answer your questions:
Dear Ascending Ones, you, the members of humanity, are in-between just like Gaia is in-between. However, many are not aware of that fact. Many people think that they are already finished with what they came to learn.

Some people think that they have just begun learning why they came to Earth during this NOW to learn, and some people think that they know everything. Then, there are some people that never even think about what they know.

These people, which is a large percentage of people, are primarily focused on whatever third dimensional task they are doing so that they can be happy, take good care of their families, understand their personal reality and/or are just surviving.

Gaia has such a diversity of people that there is no wonder why She is having difficulty with Her Planetary Ascension. Only a relatively small percentage of humans are dedicating themselves to assist with the task of Planetary Ascension. However, the number of those people is rising more and more.

Most people do not know what ascension is, and have never talked to a “Higher Being” of any kind, much less, their Higher Self. However, that number of people is diminishing. For the newly awakened ones, this form of “growing” is the process of remembering who they have always been, but forgot.

Unfortunately, the technology for the ones who only care about “making money for themselves” is also growing. Why is this “new destruction to humans and Earth” technology growing? The fact is that as more of this destructive technology is growing, more and more people are awakening to the fact that Earth is a living being.

Then, the humans that consider themselves to be of more importance than the entire planet are being recognized as “fleas on the dog.” What these destructive ones do not, yet, wonder is if the “dog/planet” were to perish, where would the fleas go?

“Oh, but the Earth can never perish,” they say because they are not aware how often Gaia has come into a “near-death” experience.

Gaia’s most challenging times were when Her protective Mantel was lost, then when Lemuria fell, then Atlantis fell, then there were the World Wars, the dropping of the atom bomb and the “testing for the nuclear bombs,” as well as the nuclear destruction done to Chernobyl.

Then, all of this destruction to planet Earth was followed by pollution and poisoning of Her earth via the “fertilizers,” destructions of the waters by Ships, as well as cities, emptying their trash into the ocean, and destruction of Her air by the pollutions from the huge factories as well as from the polluting airplanes.

It might appear that “someone” has been trying to destroy the Earth. For one thing, many of those who are destroying and/or harming Gaia do NOT live on the Earth. But if the ones who are destroying Earth don’t live on Earth, where do they live?

They live on the 3D Matrix, which was created to hold Gaia on her axis long enough for Her to heal her planetary self after the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis. Gaia was doing pretty well with her reconstruction, thanks to her beloved sister planet, Venus. That is until “modern mankind,” with their inability to think that any living thing could be stronger than a human.

Even the planet on which the humans lived was less important than the human’s ability to make money, gain “power over”, and dominate others. These “lost ones,” as we will call them, lived on the planet that gave them the light of the Sun, the important water for them to drink, the air that they could breathe, and the solid earth on which they could build their homes.

These “homes” have become bigger and bigger so that the lost ones can have enough space to put more and more “things” that were invented so that the ever-growing corporations and extremely wealthy people could show off how much “power” they have over everyone else.

But, what if there were other people on Earth, as well as beings from other planets, that are fully realized with their OWN “Power Within,” and who have NO desire to have Power Over any one and any thing.

What if these people realized that Unconditional Love encourages Power Within, and Giving to Others opens their hearts and minds to a different reality? What if more and more people realized that there is a “simultaneous reality” that resonates to a higher frequency than their “physical reality?

What if these people fully realized the Power Within of Unconditional Love and told others about their amazing discovery? What if these people began to share with as many others that they could that “Unconditional Love” encourages “Power Within” and “Giving to others” opens their hearts and minds to a different kind of reality?

What if people began to realize that Unconditional Love, Power Within and Giving to Others, opens their hearts and expands their minds to a different kind of reality in which people take care of the planet on which they live?

This new “format for living” in which Unconditional Love encourages Giving to Others, also plants the seed of Power Within. Once Power is perceived as a means to better assist the beings on Gaia, as well as Mother Earth, one’s Power Within becomes a gift to give to others rather than a means to dominate others.

These Power Within and Unconditional Loving people know something that NEVER occurred to the Power OVER Others people. What did they know?

They knew from the experience of living a life of Service to Others, that it creates a much greater Power Within than living a life of Service to Self. They learned that Power Within is like a well that refilled itself every time they took a drink.

Power Within creates a feeling of SELF Love. This Self Love allows them to love others as much as they loved themselves. In fact, by loving others unconditionally, they found that they could love themselves unconditionally, as well!

Meanwhile, the Power Over people were busy stealing from the poor and creating wars so that they could make more and more money to have more and more Power Over others. In fact, the Power Over ones were so busy taking care of themselves first, rather than taking care of others, that they did not realize that something was beginning to change.

Because the Power Over ones looked at what they could buy with the money that they got from having Power Over Others, they did NOT realize that something was different. Meanwhile, those who were living with Power Within were moving into higher and higher states of consciousness.

Therefore, these Power Within ones began to perceive higher and higher dimensions of reality. Therefore, they were able to feel, know, perceive, and tell others that something about Mother Earth was beginning to change.

In fact, they began to realize that their own physical bodies were beginning to change, as well. Bit-by-bit, more and more of these Service to Others began to emanate a form of light that the Power Over others had NEVER seen before.

The Power Over ones did not understand why this light frightened them. Maybe it was because they somehow knew that they could NEVER have Power Over this light, or have Power Over anyone who resonated to this light.

Also, these Power Within “light people” started to disappear from the perception of the Power Over ones. As more and more of the Power Within, Light Ones, disappeared, no one wanted to buy what the Power Over ones sold, read what they wrote, or hear what they said.

More and more, a gap began to grow between the Power Within people who seemed to be glowing brighter and brighter within the “light,” and the Power Over Others, who were losing more and more money, as no wanted what they had to sell, and no one wanted to hear what they had to say.

Most important, NO one wanted to fight their wars so that the Power Over ones could make more and more money to have more and more Power Over others. Then, the Power Within ones decided that they did NOT need money at all.

Because they were all finding their Power Within they could work together to create whatever was needed and SHARE it with whoever needed it. They discovered that they could communicate with Gaia to find out where the food was, what food was nutritious, how many fish to catch without harming their population.

In fact, they were happy to “just get what they really needed” because they were happy with their life. Groups of people began to gather together to work the land in an organic way, to form educational programs, to assist the sick and elderly and to care for Gaia’s life forms in whatever means was necessary.

Then, it occurred!
One-by-one and two-by-two, then, hundreds-by-hundred, the Power Within Ones began to find their way to live in the very reality that had taught them how to live via Power Within. They had forgotten that they had been taught, reminded, awakened, but NOW they were remembering.

They all began to share their dreams, their inner messages, and the information that they received from Gaia herself. Finally, after many eons, people and planet were becoming ONE!

“OH NO!” said the Power Over ones, who were becoming very afraid. “Who can we control now?”

“How about learning to control your SELVES?” spoke a voice that only those who were willing to change could hear.

“Controlling our self?” they pondered.

You see, they had spent their lives being so busy controlling others that they never realized that some one was also controlling them. Now this is when the real change began to manifest.

Controlling their Self—Controlling their Self?? What did that mean. They had spent their lives so busily controlling others that they NEVER realized that they were NOT controlling their self.

And then, suddenly for some and VERY slowly for others, they began to realize that the very “brainwashing” that they had used on others, was and had always been used on them. Now, this revelation made them VERY angry.

But, whom could they be angry at? They could be angry with their parents and the “Power Over” ones who had directed their entire life. But then they could also be angry with themselves. After all, they had been “good little solders” that had done exactly what those who had Power Over them had taught them to do.

Then, to their surprise, they deeply and fully realized that they were as much a “victim to others,” as much as they had made others be a victim to them. It was then that the Power Within ones recognized that their long-time enemies of “Power Over Others” needed their help.

Without a second thought, the Power Within ones sent Unconditional Love and Violet Fire to ALL the Power Over ones. They did not discriminate between those who had “a lot of power over” and the ones who just had “a little power over.” They were all brothers and sisters in humanity, and they know that it was their duty and joy to assist those who had been lost in the darkness to find their own Inner light.

The Power Within ones knew that this Inner Light would ground the “once lost ones” into the greater and greater light that was shinning brighter and brighter, day by day, in every way into both the personal/human, and planetary/Earth, vessels.

The Power Over ones knew that this Higher Light, which would gradually become “Inner Light,” would ground the ones who were once lost to the darkness. They also knew that every day, in every way, their Inner Light would shine brighter and brighter.

Well, that is where this story leaves off, for it is increasingly becoming a New Reality. However, we thank you for listening and invite each and every one of YOU to create your OWN Happy Ending to your Story, as well as to all the “stories” that you will hear from others as you offer your Power Within to assist others to find their Inner Light.

Blessings, we are the Arcturians and the Members of your Galactic Family. If you meet a person who looks like he/she may be from another planet, send them some Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.

When your gift is returned back to you, you will know that you have met a member of your Galactic Family. More than ever, we are ONE within this NOW.


A Tribute To Russia

There has been so much attention focused on Russia in the Media recently that it is fitting to provide a tribute to the Beautiful Boys of Russia.

We love you Russia and especially all of your beautiful boys!

No Shame, Fear and Lies

Oftentimes we (The Servants Of The Light) feel compelled to enforce certain messages. None can be more important for you to remember than to avoid the use of shame, fear and lies and those who use it. The Unorganized Path Of Light will always rely upon the use of pride, courage and truth. Please read this important letter Here or below.

Be a New Moonbeam

God said:

Stay out of the mud.

Refrain from gossip. Your purpose isn’t to toss around words about others rapturously with glee while you put them down. This is not a high vibration whatsoever. Not a high vibration at all. You won’t hear me giving you any such instructions to cast anyone down. Only smallness would make you do this.

Gossip is a long-held paltry subject. Whole magazines are filled with gossip. Fill your heart and mind with merit and not gossip.

You have a whole Life ahead of you.

Gossip isn’t your business.

Infringing in others’ lives isn’t your business.

Who is having an affair with whomever is not your business.

Catastrophes are not your business.

Casting dispersions on others is absolutely not your business.

Faulting yourself is not your business.

Falseness is not your business.

Superiority is not your business.

Other people’s lives are not your business.

There is no profit in filling your Life up with other people’s doings and idle news and views.

Be with people who make you glad to be with them.

And you be someone who makes others glad to be with you.

Life does not have to be urgent, nor is Life to be wasted.

Life does not have to be superficial.

Raise yourself a notch every day.

Go higher and higher.

Don’t rest on your laurels. Times a-wasting. Life’s a-wasting.

Live your God-given Life. Make Life worth living and holding dear.

Now is the time for all good people to come together. Even if you are a private person, you can share your Being. Every moment is ultimately shared. There is always sharing. Share something worth sharing.

Reflect. Think of what you are doing. Make others’ lives the same way you would like your Life to be like. Have some good news and wonderfulness in mind to share. What stories do you tell? What upliftment will you give to a weary world that craves more goodness and mercy?

I tell you frankly that you have far more to contribute to the world than gossip or any kind of belittlement.

Scatter the world with Stars.

Multiply the Sun.

Admire the Moon that reflects the Sun.

Be you the Moon that reflects the Sun.

Lift the world high.

Enjoy Life more. Expand happiness. Lead the world and raise the world Higher.

You have your work cut out for you.

Begin. Begin now. No more as you were. Be a new Moonbeam now.

The world has been waiting for you. I have been waiting for you.

Jumpstart your Life right now.

No waiting for tomorrow. Today is the day you are painting. Don’t let the paint dry.

Wherever you are, whatever else you are doing, bless. Bless while you are at it.

Bless one sentient Being, and you bless all.

It has been discussed that you must care about where you are standing, what you are thinking and how you are treating those about you. You must not care about where others are standing, what others are thinking or how others are treating those about them. It is not your place to judge others or the world or even yourself. Be kind and loving right now! Be an inspiration to those about you right now! Shine and be an example of God’s Love Now! There is no past as you are all existing in this Now moment together and no being is living at a different time from you. No Being is deserving of less rights or entitled to more rights than any other. Each of you will do as you do based upon your individual desire, ability and intent. Obey Universal Law and never permit fear, shame and lies into your life or rely upon these tools which are of the Darkness and will cause you to become wayward in your mission to increase the frequency of Light for this Planet and this Realm.

Blessings be upon you in Love, Light and Liberation!

Justin Trudeau Is A War-Monger

It has been discussed in prior articles about our grave concern over the ability of  Justin Trudeau to lead the World into Peace. He scored only a “D” on his report card and now it is even more obvious that he has decided that War is a good thing. We have written letters to Justin Trudeau requesting that he withdraw Canada from membership in N.A.T.O. as well as leave the vapid United Nations (a non-governmental body composed of select veto-wielding Internment Camps and their Vassals). Not only has he ignored us but he has taken things a step further in the opposite direction of Peace.

Justin Trudeau has decided to flip-flop on the issue of increasing military spending to promote war in the World. This heinous organization known as N.A.T.O. desires only to occupy foreign cities and subject the populations there to fear and terror in order to secure the theft of property and resources that will enrich a tiny minority of share holders in the Corporations active in these regions. They will lie to you by telling you that they have a concern for the people or that they are safeguarding their Country’s financial interests.

Here is an excellent article about Justin Trudeau. Read it below.

No to war and occupation: Stop Trudeau’s massive military spending increase!

The Communist Party of Canada condemns the federal Liberal government’s June announcement of its plan to increase military spending by 70% over the next ten years. This massive militarization means the government is committing to increase its already significant role in military interventions and full-scale wars around the world, further escalating imperialism’s drive towards world war.

The Trudeau government’s plan is to add 5,000 regular and reserve personnel to the Canadian Armed Forces, buy a bigger than expected fleet of 88 new fighter jets (with an estimated cost of $15-19 billion), pay for 15 war ships (with an estimated cost of $60 billion), increase the size of Canada’s secretive special forces by 600, and purchase armed drones, all the while increasing annual expenditures by $14 billion to over $32 billion a year within ten years. This is far beyond what the previous Harper Conservative government attempted or had planned.

The military spending plan is being sold as a move towards Canadian sovereignty and away from reliance on the United States. Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, the granddaughter of a Nazi collaborator and herself responsible for war-mongering against Russia, said just before the report was issued: “To rely solely on the U.S. security umbrella would make us a client state”.

This ignores the fact that U.S. President Trump and NATO have been lobbying for Canada to increase military spending. This ignores that Canada’s military is already totally tied into the U.S. and NATO’s military power. This is in fact an effort for the Canadian government to become an even bigger partner in the U.S. dirty war machine. The United States has waged a long series of offensive wars since the end of World War II, and for the last sixteen years has been engaged in a permanent “war on terror” that has led to the deaths of millions of people in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Freeland and Trudeau’s use of Canadian sovereignty in order to justify massive military expenditures actually continues to undermine the sovereignty of the peoples of Canada and blocks the path of a truly independent foreign policy of peace and disarmament. In order for this to be possible Canada must immediately withdraw from NATO.

Already under the Harper government Canada helped to lead the regime change operation in Libya, which has resulted in the destruction and ruin of that country. Canadian warships and troops are currently in the Baltic and the Middle East, enhancing US and NATO power. These operations have nothing to do with defence and any increase in military spending will only ensure that Canadian participation in these bloody, dangerous and often illegal wars is drastically increased.

Trudeau’s election victory in 2015 was based on “sunny ways” against the Conservative government’s agenda of war and austerity. He campaigned on more “peacekeeping” and less involvement in the U.S.’s wars in countries like Syria. Now, Trudeau and Defence Minister Sajjan are saying that militarization and war preparations are necessary. In late June, Trudeau announced that Canadians should be proud of a Canadian sniper in Iraq for killing someone from a long distance away. This took place in the context of Canada’s supposedly non-combat role in Iraq. The people that voted Liberal in 2015 did not vote for more war and occupation.

Part of the cynical political spin of this announcement is that Canada needs to play a bigger role on the world stage as the United States “retreats”. Just days before the Trump administration announced that it would withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. Putting aside the fact that Canada should not play a bigger role in wars around the world, in terms of climate change, increasing the size of the military will also drastically increase Canada’s carbon emissions. The Department of National Defense is already one of Canada’s biggest emitters of carbon, and 88 new jets and 15 new warships makes the military an even larger climate criminal.

For working people in Canada, further militarization means more killing and being killed around the world. It means more military recruitment of our precarious young people, desperate for decent work at home.

Who will pay the tens of billions in increased expenditures? The government has not made any mention of how they intend to fund their ambitious war plan. Those that can afford it won’t be the ones that pay: the corporations and the wealthy. The Liberals have ruled out corporate tax increases. The only options are increased taxes on working people, through sales taxes, user fees and other regressive taxation schemes. Undoubtedly this will mean more attacks on social programs and services: more cuts to Medicare, the privatization of public services and assets, the further privatization of education, and much more.

The priorities of the Liberal government and of Bay Street are seen clearly by comparing the current debate on federal health and social service funding to Indigenous children and the government’s military increase plan. The federal government is in a prolonged legal fight to avoid making the funding to these services equitable between Indigenous and non-Indigenous children. But somehow there are tens of billions of dollars available for war.

The Communist Party of Canada demands that the federal government cut the existing military budget by 75% and use these funds to create good jobs across Canada; build affordable housing and infrastructure; develop a sustainable industrial strategy and expand value-added manufacturing and secondary industry to create jobs; expand and improve Medicare, including a public pharmacare program; address the housing crisis by building social housing across Canada; introduce a universal, accessible, affordable public childcare system; invest in public renewable energy to transition from fossil fuels and pay climate reparations to over-exploited countries to avoid climate catastrophe; fully fund public and post-secondary education and eliminate tuition fees and student debt; increase the minimum wage and pensions; and deliver on promises made to Indigenous peoples for urgent and long-term funding to raise living standards on and off reserve in order to implement the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Trump’s prescription for economic recovery is war: huge profits for the arms industry and total hegemony over the land, labour and resources of the world. We need to fight for a recovery for people. An urgent part of this fight is building the anti-war movement across Canada, with the immediate task of stopping this drive to war.

Central Executive Committee
Communist Party of Canada

It looks like Trudeau believes that there is such a thing as “Good War” and “Bad War”.  “Good War” is when Canada exports war abroad to terrorize innocent civilians in foreign lands while demanding to be left in peace at home. “Bad War” is when anything that disrupts peace in Canada rears it’s ugly head and prevents his government from hiding it’s acts in the media.

Will Justin Trudeau awake?