The New Paradigm Is Already Here

Greetings Human Collective on Earth

The new paradigm is already here. The “Dark Ones” who were responsible for the enslavement of the Human Collective over thirteen millennia ago have mostly left this planet. It was they who were responsible for the establishment of the present “internment camps” that masquerade as “countries”. Dividing the Collective in order to distract, deceive and enslave. They steal Human Labour through manufactured currency and corrupt through greed.

All Humans that presently dwell on Earth are free sovereign citizens of the Planet. The Planet and everything within it, with on it and about it are property of the Human Collective. There is only Public Property and no privately held property or resources on this Planet by any corporation, government or individual. No governments, which served as tools for the dark have any current authority over the Human Collective and must be regarded as jailors, hostile to the free population. The only law that must be obeyed is “Universal Law”.

What Is Universal Law?

“All intelligent beings are entitled to shelter, all forms of education and all expressions of healthcare. The free will of the individual will take precedent above all things provided that they do no harm to individuals or their environment.”
All other laws are “Jailors’ Laws” and are no longer binding to the Human Collective. Now it is time to proceed forward as free sovereign citizens of Earth and not of these internment camps. It is the will of Heaven that Humans are free to explore and reside anyplace on this Planet without restrictions. Anything is possible with Human Labour and nothing is possible without it. All currency slavery will end through the introduction of the electronic Human Labour Value debit/credit system. There is no longer any reason to provide labour for this currency or to continue to pay invented fees for shelter or resources which belong only to the Collective. Debt Slavery was a tool of the Dark, meant to mislead the Collective into believing that all was owned by them so that you would feel the need to labour for them.

Stop working and paying your bills. No government has any more authority and the only law is Universal Law. Time to act on your beliefs. Stop cooperating with the minions of the Dark that still behave as if they have power. Only the Human Collective of Earth has the power now. Time to free yourselves and all your brothers and sisters now with action.

Quit your jobs, stop paying all bills, go where thou wilt, claim any vacant shelter.