There is no “Virtuous Celibacy”

A Letter from Octaevius Altair


There is a new phenomenon circulating about the internet that attempts to encourage celibacy by equating it with “virtuousness” and implying therefore that somehow Human sexuality and Expression is non-human and unnatural and shameful. For those who are attempting to espouse this message, stop!

1. All sexuality is Human and all Humans from infancy until old age, have orgasms. It does not matter if they are wet or dry. The orgasm is a part of human physiology, it is not a sacred act or a profane act, it is a Human act. If you are a Human Being, you will have orgasms because you have no choice. They will be willingly with a partner, or alone or in the form of Nocturnal Emissions. There is nothing you can do to prevent this. All sexuality from Homosexuality to paedophilia exists among the creatures of nature and is not confined to Humans only, nor is it anything apart from what it is.

2. You must be able to love yourself before you are able to show love to another. All Human Beings are born without fear, shame or hate. These are horrible things that for some reason, Humans teach to other Humans. Why? When you build upon a platform based in fear, shame and lies, you do the fellow members of your Human Collective here a great disservice. Try building upon a stable platform of courage, pride and truth.

3. All Human Beings are exactly the same and entitled to the same rights. It is not correct to believe that some are more or less Human and entitled to more or less rights due to some category that you invent and then impose upon others. Such as physical age, I.Q., Body Shape, Race, Gender, Sexuality, Geographic location of birth, Socio-economic class, Religion, Tribe etc. A “Human Being” is an immortal “Being” which is your “I Am” presence composed of the eternal light of the Creator confined within a Human vessel composed of the Earth Elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth). Here in the lower frequency of energetic expression of duality Space/Time, you must be in a physical form to interact. Know that all Beings are the same and come from the same place. They are all your Family.

4. All Human Beings will do things based upon only 3 things. DESIRE: If they do not desire to do something, they will not do it unless forced. ABILITY: If they believe that they lack the ability to do something, they cannot do it even if they desire to do it. INTENT: all actions based upon Loving Intent are Good and all actions based upon Unloving Intent are Bad.

5. You own only yourself and worthless paper. You do not own anything else. You do not own the land or resources and you especially do not own other Human Beings. You do not own your children, spouse, lovers, employees, parents or any other Human Being.

6. You are alive in the same moment as every other Human Being, you exist only in the “Now Moment”. Forget the past as it is in the past and it cannot effect you in the present unless you will it to. Do not fear the future as it is unsure and it can be anything dependent upon your present thoughts and actions. So be loving in your thoughts and deeds and only be concerned about where you are standing, what you are doing and how you are treating those about you. Do not be concerned about where others are standing, what others are doing or how others are treating those about them.

7. Bliss is the natural State for all Human Beings. All you have to do is be unconditionally loving in your thoughts and deeds and concern yourself with that immediately about you. Learn to smile and be happy and accept what comes your way, if it is sex then enjoy it and do not fear it.

8. Do not be deceived by those who try to make you believe that you live in a grey World where everything is both Lies and Truth and Good and Bad. This is impossible. A thing is the truth or it is a lie, it cannot be both. If 8 billion people claim the Earth is flat and only 8 people claim the Earth is round, the Earth will still be round. Universal Truth exists. A thing is all good or all bad according to your personal perceptions which you may apply only to yourself.

9. For some reason there is this thought that everything you do and think must be reported to others. There is no reason for you not to keep your actions and thoughts to yourself. There is an expression which relates to recreational Sex. “Gentlemen and Ladies, never kiss and tell.” Why should they? Why should you?

Please stop using fear, shame and lies to hurt your fellow Human Beings here on Earth. Learn to love yourself and then others without conditions. Always wear a smile and live in balance with all about you.

In Love, Light and Liberation

Octaevius Altair Esq.

Permanent Chief State Advisor (N.G.C.P.)

Grand Master of the Globe (U.P.O.L.)


There Is No Terrorism, Only Mass Hysteria

Here we shall discuss the myth of “Terrorism”. It is not a real thing because in truth, there are no rules to War. There is no “Honourable War” there is only war or peace. If we examine the actual history of war on the Planet Earth and the acts associated with it, we will see the same acts in every war. The only true rule of war is “Innocent people die.” On this planet at present we will witness those we shall call the “Deceivers” who exist on each side of a conflict. They will attempt to deceive the World into believing that you must choose between “Good War and Bad War” as opposed to “War or Peace”. Those deceivers on each side of the conflict will invent rules which are very simple. “Good War” is when they do the killing and “Bad War” is when the opposing side does the killing. They will not permit you to select between war or peace because they know that most Humans will select peace. The deceivers do not desire peace. All Humans would rather live their own lives in peace and contentment. All Humans would rather make new friends than new enemies, find new lovers and enjoy life. So we witness the Deceivers use terms such as “Terrorists” in order to dehumanize the opposing side in their invented conflicts. Remember that these deceivers do exist on both sides of the conflict! You will always recognize the deceivers by their works as all that they construct is upon a platform of shame, fear and lies in order to breed hate and disharmony. So Terrorism is just the latest expression of Mass Hysteria.

Mass Hysteria: In sociology and psychology, mass hysteria is a phenomenon that transmits collective delusions of threats, whether real or imaginary, through a population in society as a result of rumors and fear.

Let us examine some examples of Mass Hysteria.

In the 1980′s
It was Satanism – hands down -. Remember how popular it was to be abducted by Satanic cults for ritual abuse? There were literally thousands of people claiming that Satanic Cults were kidnapping thousands of children. Also that many more thousands of females were giving birth in secret so that their babies could be used by Satanic Cults. Let’s not forget the repressed memories and hypnotic sessions that help to reveal the many more thousands of Satanic Ritual Child-sex Abuse. What happened to all the Satanists out there? Ever notice how you never hear about it anymore?

In the 1990′s

It was Alien Abduction. Remember how popular Alien Abduction was back then? It got considerable media attention. Thousands of people were claiming to be tracked and to have been abducted by Aliens. I personally met three people who claimed to have been abducted and taken into an Alien vessel. What do you do but smile and say ” Oh how dreadful.” What happened to all the Alien Abuctees? Ever notice how you never hear from them anymore? Perhaps they have all been finally taken away for good?

In the late 1990′s early 2000

It’s child-sex abuse back again. Let’s not talk about actual “real” rape cases – they are too few to be of any value -. Now it’s thousands of people claiming to have been sexually abused when they were children. It’s very popular today. You can even go back decades and take people to court claiming that they abused you when you were a youth. A great way to get attention and maybe even some cash out of it.

In the 2000′s until today

Now it is terrorism, not unlike the “Red Menace” of Communism under McCarthy, they want you to believe that there is a potential “Terrorist” behind every face. They have decided to demonize and manifest a Religious War where there is none. They have succeeded in stripping away your most basic freedoms in order to “protect” you from a threat they have invented. Those who are familiar with the organized religions (of Light) will know that they contain many of the same messages of Unconditional Love. Yet we still witness the deceivers masking themselves as being a member of this or that religion in order to breed hate and fear. You know you cannot serve both God and your Ego?

Stop watching the News. Do not believe any more in this Mass Hysteria. Fear will always lower the Collective Vibration of energetic expression of our Human Collective here on Earth. The Lower the vibration the more negative and disharmonious shall be the choices available. Learn about each other. Study each others beautiful culture, history and faith. We all brothers and sisters walking along the same path to the same destination. What does it matter how your family choose to walk when they are beside you?

Those who desire to live in peace, must themselves be peaceful. Expose the deceivers who hide among you. Love each other. Stop being afraid and start demanding your rights. You are all sovereign citizens of Earth, with the right to travel, live or work anyplace upon this Planet unhindered. So start going forth into your world and meet one another. Look outside your own backyard and see that there is beauty all around you and it is all yours to explore and share together.


HERE is a nice Letter to you

Heavenletter #5720 Look at Rainbows!, July 23, 2016

God said:

Stop grousing about life. Grousing means to complain. It’s not smart to complain about life. So many of My children are very good at finding fault. Goodness knows how many have found grousing about life as easy as pie.

Look at the sky. Look at the colors of a rainbow. Look at blinking stars. Look at the yellow sun.

If you want peace in the world, bring peace to the world. Be the peace.

If you want joy in the world, bring joy to the world. Be joy itself.

If you want to bring a high vibration to the world, radiate a high vibration. Be that which you desire.

When you complain about crime in the world, what are you elevating?

When you gripe about poverty in the world, what good are you doing?

When you are angry with conditions in the world, what do you communicate?

Tut tut, you say about life in the world. Bring beauty to the world instead.

When someone sneezes, you say, “God bless you.” What if you say, “God bless you,” to the rain?

What if you sent out love to those who suffer in the world? What if you gave them love. Certainly don’t get in an uproar because there is suffering as if that makes you noble. Do you perhaps think you are high and mighty?

You bless babies. You bless crying babies. Send blessings everywhere. Bless the world. Bless the ground you walk on.

Do not complain what others do or don’t do.

Don’t complain that the world was not made to suit you. Start loving the world instead. The world will rise. You will rise.

There is a saying: “Frown, and you frown alone. Smile and the world smiles with you.” Life is an equal opportunity employer. It is true that when you smile the world smiles with you. It is equally true that when you frown, the world frowns with you. You make the world into what you see.

If you want to make the world a better place, look at the world differently, think about the world differently. Stop compounding what you don’t like. Compound what you do like. Say something nice. Give some credit to the world. Cease giving demerits to the world. No more throwing stones. Hand out appreciation for that which your heart does appreciate.

It takes no talent to grouse about the world. That’s the lazy way. Nor do I suggest you get on your soapbox. Get off your soapbox.

Right now, today, look for something that you like. Notice kindness. Be kind. Be kind even to that which you disdain. This doesn’t mean to love poverty or hunger or war. Simply pay attention to what you see that you do like. You will multiply it.

It may be that Rome wasn’t built in a day. With enough love in the world, the world can change overnight. Support love and blessings and stop wrangling about what you don’t like.

If you disfavor the world, you are not happy with yourself. Gain happiness in yourself, and the world you see will change right before your eyes.

It is so easy to be a critic. It’s easy to be a good critic, an outstanding critic, yet what good does criticizing do? It keeps you where you are.

I do not tell you to be blind or to pretend you are. You can let different sounds come out of your mouth. Sing a new song.

You are contagious. Your take on life is contagious. Spread light, not darkness. Point at flowers. The dirt that flowers grow in is also worthy of approval.

That’s it. If you want to change the world, be an approver, not a disapprover.

You are destined to be the Light of the World.

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