Exciting News for Greece

At present the population of Greece is approx 11.5 million people and is claimed to have a debt of approx 480 billion. This is an invention as all currency is invention. Hopefully the protests will continue and the Central Bank of Greece will fall and start a chain reaction that will – as a domino – cause a Global Economic collapse. It would be advantageous for the New Global Communist Party to be born in Greece and the New Global Economy – to be based on Universal Labour Value debits/credits.- We can only hope the anarchy will spread and that Greece will opt out of the European Union. Time will tell if the dry fields of Economic disparity are flamed by Greece. A flame that will engulf the entire World.

Once upon a time currency was based on objects of value – gold, silver, gems- and on the barter system. Then some individuals decided to enable the mass transport of gold through holdings and notes of credit. These notes later became our currency. These were still based on some form of actual holdings to back-up their issue. This is no longer the case today. The greed of the imperialists (they have sown the seeds of their own destruction and now it is time for us to reap the harvest) has caused these privately owned central banks to issue upon issue of notes that have nothing to back up their value (to fuel their “war machine” in attacks against sovereign states such as harmless Libya where they have opted to ally themselves with the Islamic Jihad faction). They are merely run off a press and have only the value people invent for them to have. Not unlike the Stock Market where values are manipulated through greed and subversion to make them appear to have a value they do not. It is like the C.E.O.’s who rape a company in order to glean a greater profit for the shareholders through layoffs, cutting of benefits and downgrading in quality of goods. Later we see these raped companies go bankrupt and layoffs on mass as a result. With the Universal Labour Value system we will return to true value. Only labour has value because without the labour of Humans we have nothing.

So let us hope that the people of Greece will display some backbone and defend their Liberty from those who wish only to enslave them to valueless currency. Let us hope that the birth of the New Global Communist Party and the use of the Universal Labour Value will begin in Greece and spread throughout the World. Finally liberating the people. For those who feel threatened. Do not fret. All those who can provide labour will be provided for in the New Global Economy. Labour for the State and the State will provide for you.

All education will be free

All healthcare will be free

Every person will be entitled to a free dwelling unit

No more tax or inflation

From chaos comes order.