Labour Value Debits/Credits: An end to the Global Ponzi Scam/An end to all currency

It is time to reveal more about the new Universal Labour Value Debit/Credit system that will replace all currency and bring about an end to all Central Banking.

Some have asked if this is based upon some form of Labour Barter system. It is not. At present the economy is based on invented currencies by private Central Banks that create these currencies and permit the population to give them a value. All the while creating these for themselves and their friends out of “thin air”. This has resulted in a World Today – yes right now – where we have some who work 9 hours per day for 6 days per week in order to earn $2.50 USD – I have visited these people in their native lands and spoke with them personally-. At the same time we have still others who have never worked a day in their entire lives (nor did their fathers or grandfathers etc.). We have people who actually believe that they “own” their property while in reality this is an illusion.

Under the Universal Labour Value debit/credit system, one hour of labour will be equal to a base value of 60 labour credits. An individuals labour value will be calculated according to a mathematical equation so that any individual who works labour anyplace on the planet will have the same value for their work.

Basic Labour Value = BLV

Experience = E

Risk = R

Skill Level = SK

Educational requirement = ER

Stress Level = SL

Actual LAbour Value = ALV

Hence to calculate BLV+E+R+SK+ER+SL= ALV

As there will be no more ownership of private property there will be no more taxes. No tax on Labour Value. No more investments or banking of any kind. No more private ownership of vehicles.

Some will call this Communism. Actually it has been said that Communism is “just another religion.” The reason for this is due to the multitude of various Communist organizations that exist and although they have the same goals in theory they refuse to co-operate with each other. The fault of these present Communist organizations is primarily the fact that they have been unable to free themselves from their capitalist masters. They still rely on the outdated concept of personal wealth. Of currency and banking. Soon this will end.

All things are a construct. Wealth and debts are invented. When we hear about a country having a large national debt, this is a thing that is invented. All constructs may be changed, to deconstruct and reconstruct.

As an example, we will examine Greece. This country is in an excellent spot to deconstruct and reconstruct the economy. They can easily take leadership by creating the New Global Communist Party there.

End all banking and currency and convert to the Universal Labour Value debit/credit system. End all Private ownership of property and vehicles. Introduce the Communal Birthing centres/family units and outlaw all marriage/religion.

Terminate all memberships with the E.U. and any other organization that is related to any way the imperialist powers and their use of the corrupt currencies as a means of population enslavement.

Eventually a book will be released that will present the details of how and why this is required in order to obtain the Next Level of Human Civilization.