Human Civilization Level One

Definition, method and means to achieve my personal interpretation of the next level of human civilization.

Present technological advancement is progressing at a rapid rate. Through the examination of these trends – only in so far as is public knowledge without the insight of the many advancements still within the classified realm – it can be evident that the progress is rapid. Thus we have encountered a new threat to our civilization which is our own technological advancement. We have allowed our technology to surpass our ability to cope as a civilization. We must begin to concentrate the same efforts into advancement of our civilization as we have in technology in order to safeguard the future progress of humankind in all directions. To cease the usage of this technology against ourselves – to end the concept of CLASSIFIED knowledge – to obtain Civilization Level One.
I often use the phrase Civilization Level One. Here I will – as my time allows – do my best to define what that phrase means. I will add information to this BLOG from time to time. Suffice to say that we are currently at Civilization Level Zero. This is easily understood by simply looking at the current planet in regards to the construct of the human civilization that occupies it. This is in its’ present state Civilization Level Zero.
A level one civilization is more than just the simple construct – it is a view as a generally accepted philosophy of it’s inhabitants -. To accept that this planet has but a single RACE – that being the HUMAN race -. It is an end to all artificial barriers which serve as a means to classify, separate, marginalize, define etc each other from ourselves. It is an end to racism, ageism, sexism, nationalism, tribalism – to name but a few -. All the artificial barriers such as socio-economic class that we fabricate in order to provide a sense of justification that is used as a means to exploit each other. All of this will cease to be when we are able to obtain the next level of our civilization. It is something that most would regard as a Utopia but that does not put it beyond our grasp. It will take generations to achieve but I intend to show that it IS POSSIBLE and hopefully provide a direction that we must turn our thoughts towards if we hope to see this become a reality.

There are certain factors that fall into play which of themselves propagate the negative cycles that contribute to this view of separateness. One of these is erroneously referred to as ” The American Dream “. This term is a fallacy due to the fact that the ideals which may be ascribed to this concept are currently NOT limited to citizens of the U.S.A. or even of North America for that matter. This concept has become a way of life that is found primarily in Western Culture but is beginning to spread – like a cancer – across the social bodies of the planet. It is not just Capitalism that is to blame. It is this ” American Dream ” that is responsible for the segregation of the population vis-a-vis socio-economic ghettoism due to the inherent profit-driven mentality that it breeds. The ” American Dream ” is certainly a motivator for the population to achieve… but at what cost? The means by which this failed utopian vision has spread is consumerism through the globalization of Corporations. In order for the population of this planet to achieve the next level of civilization a new motivator must become the chief factor. It is the method by which the primary median of happiness and contentment is judged. The disaffected population which fails to attain the ideals that are this ” American Dream ” become the disaffected and malcontent. This ” American Dream ” must be replaced with a new value system that is not PROFIT driven but social driven. The next level of civilization is not a selfish one. It is the greater brotherhood/sisterhood of humanity that works in harmony as a part of the ecosystem that is our planet. To strive to accomplish things to improve the betterment of ALL Humankind must become the motivating factor. Civilization that remains in the rut of consumerism and selfish indulgence will never achieve the next level.

So what of the model?

This is not something that will occur within a set period of decades but rather a generational growth option. To begin to motivate the minds of our citizens to believe that it is at all possible. There are many current base institutions that must be radically altered or completely abandoned for this to happen. These are Religion, Micro-Government, Economy, Military. As time permits these will be clarified.
There already are various sources who strive to create a single WORLD GOVERNMENT. This is not the same as Civilization Level One. To bring about this end through military conquest or economic subversion/manipulation/control will not result in Civilization Level One. Only through gradual consent of these current nations – gradual dissolution of present economies – can Civilization Level One begin to take shape.

GOVERNMENT: Transparency is the method that must become the standard practice in terms of those who serve the public – especially those who administer public funds – in order to prevent corruption. This is only the beginning of the new ideology of greater public accountability. The means to achieve this is a simple one. All those who are responsible for the disbursement of public funds must be required to maintain a journal in the form of a BLOG. This must contain their agenda so that any individual who desires to know how this – minister for example – used the taxpayers funds will have access to this information. Thus scandals – such as the recent sponsorship program resulting in the creation of the Gomery Commission in Canada – would not have been possible with this level of transparency.

INSTITUTIONS: The present institutions will be transformed in order to adhere to this new direction. This concept of Civilization Level One. We will discuss the institution of religion. All religions will be considered as the SAME for the purpose of this discussion. Apart from legitimate charitable organizations/divisions all religions will be treated as businesses. They will fall subject to the same taxation in regards to all matters of assets including property taxes/rentals etc. As well as any profits derived from sales. Their present state of tax exemption must end. There will be NO religion applicable in terms of defining any official government body or works. The social significance of all religions will adhere to the accepted policy of open discussion as philosophy. Strictly a social group which may or may not be adhered to beyond the concept of terms; which may not be permitted any degree of seriousness and no social implications whatsoever. To many this will seem threatening. Religion has served it’s purpose. It was responsible for the growth of socio-economic constructs based on the direction which became institutional – these values/ethics/laws/taboos/- resulting in stigmatization of non-conformists -. All religions tend to follow the same path. To provide a greater direction beyond the confines of flesh. To serve as a mystery. They have served their purpose. So as all religions are responsible for both growth/collapse – as there must be collapse for new growth – the great achievements, atrocities of humankind. It was through these superstitions that institutions were created. That cities were born and society prospered. Now there is no further use for these superstitions as physics/science can be understood to provide a greater social legitimacy. To dismantle this belief the institutions must be dismantled. So we must begin to propagate this knowledge in order to guide the civilization forward in as many positive directions through the cycle of time. A positive generational growth resulting in the ultimate acceptance of Civilization Level One.

World governance will be divided between those set nations – although the ultimate goal is the end of all nations – which are at present categorized as FIRST WORLD , SECOND WORLD, THIRD WORLD and FOURTH WORLD nations. The present United Nations is not an acceptable tool to be brought forward as the means to obtain a unified government since it is based upon certain inequalities between its’ members. New world bodies that will be created must rely upon the bones of these present divisions – as they exist – in order to bring about their demise. So the United Nations will be dissolved. It will be replaced with a new World Council that will elect representatives from each of the 4 worlds – i.e. all countries/peoples that comprise the first, second, third and forth worlds will have elected voices to speak on their behalf at this council. It will be a fair council without privileged status to any group. It will not take into account population or G.N.P. or land mass. This planet must be governed in an unbiased manner. Central Banking will be terminated. Trading blocks – essentially all present economies – will be terminated. All of these regional systems will be replaced with world systems. This will be elaborated upon in greater detail.

ENVIRONMENT: The use of the planet’s resources will be managed through the government. There will no longer be any private management of any resources – oil, natural gas, lumber, minerals etc. – all these things will be kept by the government in trust to the people. These will no longer be for profit and maintained with the management of environmental groups on behalf of the government. All corporate ownership and management of any natural resource will be terminated.

POTENTIAL MEANS: One Method is the creation of a new political union as a borderless government. A Planetary United Party – governing through a Planetary Council – which will be created in each and every country in the world. As this party is brought to power through the electorate so will it become the government that ends all borders. Eventually this party will be the single world government. This will be brought about in time as more countries select to join through the electorate. Thus the gradual dissolution of borders, central banking, military and all other regional bodies of governance which will merge as a single unit.
One method is also to gradually extend greater planetary influence/powers to the Planetary Counsel – which is the one comprised of elected representatives from each of the 4 current worlds. –