JAPAN PROVIDES PROOF: Countries Are Internment Camps For The Human Population On Earth

For the longest time now the New Global Communist Party has been trying to awaken this population on Earth to the fact that all countries are actually just internment camps for the Human population on this Planet. “Divide and Conquer” is applicable here. There is only one Race on this Planet and it is the Human Race, there is no reason for these vapid countries to exist.They do not in any way whatsoever serve the Human population and use the internment camps only to distract, program and enslave the population on this Planet. Culture does not exist in any country, it is only found in the towns and cities where the people dwell. All organized crime is a tool of these corrupt governments that must be eliminated from the Planet. No Government serves the people who elected it once it assumes power. Japan provides some more proof of this. Never listen to what they say only observe what it is that they actually do. Read the Story HERE or read it below.



Japan: Homeless Used as Slave Labour to Clean Up Fukushima

By Hannah Osborne , December 30, 2013

Homeless people in Japan are being paid less than minimum wage to clean up the Fukushima nuclear disaster, and often end up in debt once their accommodation is docked from wages.

According to a special report by Reuters, the clean-up of the 2011 nuclear spill has become a playing ground for profiteering gangsters who are taking advantage of the need for cheap labour.

One recruiter, Seiji Sasa, explained how he is one of many who visit the Sendai Station every day to round up homeless men desperate for food and shelter as temperatures drop to near freezing.

Sasa is paid $100 (£60) per person he recruits to work on the $35bn taxpayer-funded clean-up operation.

Despite being one of the most undesirable jobs in the world, homeless men will accept minimum wage, if not less.

The practice of using homeless has become increasingly prevalent, with Japanese gangsters infiltrating the Fukushima labour broker industry and companies with contracts on the operation.

Most construction companies involved use temporary workers hired by subcontractors run by gangers and illegal brokers.

Arrests were made after the construction giant Obayashi Corporation’s decontamination subcontractors were infiltrated, with members of the yakuza illegally sending workers to the site.

In October, men were rounded up and put to work clearing radioactive soil in Fukushima City for less than minimum wage. The most radioactive areas are most lucrative because of the $100 hazard allowance allocated per worker per day.

The report found that problems have risen because no one is taking responsibility for the hiring and safety of staff coming from hundreds of small firms involved in the clean-up.

“In reality, major contractors manage each work site,” said Hide Motonaga, deputy director of the radiation clean-up division of the environment ministry.

“If you started looking at every single person, the project wouldn’t move forward. You wouldn’t get a tenth of the people you need,” said Yukio Suganuma, president of Aisogo Service, a construction company hired in 2012 to clean up radioactive fallout in Tamura.

After hiring the homeless, Reuters found that workers are handed on through a chain of companies, during which time just a third of the money meant for wages reached them. After deductions for food and accommodation, some homeless men actually went into debt; others ended up with around $10 each month.

Yasuhiro Aoki, a Baptist pastor and homeless advocate, said: “Many homeless people are just put into dormitories, and the fees for lodging and food are automatically docked from their wages. Then at the end of the month, they’re left with no pay at all.”

Shizuya Nishiyama, 57, was recruited for clean-up work but said homelessness was a preferable option as he would not get into debt: “We’re an easy target for recruiters. We turn up here with all our bags, wheeling them around and we’re easy to spot. They say to us, are you looking for work? Are you hungry? And if we haven’t eaten, they offer to find us a job.”

Speaking to Reuters about the ethics of recruiting, Sasa said: “I don’t ask questions; that’s not my job. I just find people and send them to work. I send them and get money in exchange. That’s it. I don’t get involved in what happens after that.”


All Governments lie to the people to try to make them believe that they have no control over organized crime or that it is not government sanctioned. Here we see proof that this is a lie and if this is not enough to convince you, just look into the history of the C.I.A. and it’s frequent use of drug dealing and illicit pornography to line it’s pockets for Shadow Operations.

The Call is out for the Human population to take control of their own destiny. Quit your jobs and stop paying all bills. Seize vacant land and construct your own shelters (Shanty Towns) in every city. Ignore all manmade Laws and obey only Universal Law.

New Letter From The New Global Communist Party

An exciting new letter has just been released by the New Global Communist Party. The Manifestation will occur soon.


Letter to the Impoverished on the Planet Earth

Let us today speak to the impoverished masses of the Planet Earth. Your numbers now far exceed those who would place themselves above you and regard themselves as “Middle Class or Wealthy”. This is good news. Soon the New Global Communist Party will manifest itself in this world and it will be from the awoken impoverished masses on this Planet. You will create a Global Community of Love and respect by showing yourselves and gathering together in each and every city on this Planet. No more shall you impoverished hide yourselves away in alleys, under bridges, sewers and shelters. No more shall you respect these internment camps referred to as “countries” that have programmed you, distracted you and enslaved you. You will gather together and claim land to create your own shelters and communities of love in every city on this planet. The New Global Communist Party will politicize you and serve as your sword, shield and staff; in return you will serve as it’s hands, mouth, feet and body. You are already the greatest army in the entire history of the world. The time for sleep is ended. Together we shall destroy all that has been built and not one thing will be permitted to remain in the New World we shall together create. Banks, Insurance companies, Laws and all manner of privatization and currencies will be swept away and it will not be rebuilt. The only laws will be those Universal Planetary Laws that will be introduced by the New Global Communist Party. It will not take long ye impoverished masses before you witness this manifestation. Each city will become our own bulwark and we shall introduce an entirely new way of living, different from any that has existed in the entire history of this Planet. For all those who will select to oppose us… “It would have been better had you not been born at this time.”
Time for all life to celebrate on Gaia.

Debt Slaves of Canada and the World

For those of the great multitude of debt slaves, here is a call for you to awake. For too long now we have borne witness in silence the decline of the standard of living of Canadians – and others on this Planet -. It is simple to tell if you are a debt slave. Are you working longer and longer hours for little pay (perhaps multiple jobs), while all costs rise and you remain on the cusp of poverty? There used to be a fomulae for those who pay rent that was used to determine your set standard of living. This was based upon the fair allocation of funds. The first rule was that rent for one month should never surpass the total wage of one weeks earnings. How many of you presently pay two or even three weeks earnings just to cover the cost of rent? In reality there is no ownership of land or the constructs thereon. This is another illusion that is quickly revealed when several requirements are met. Fail to pay the bank your mortgage or the government their taxes. Reside on property that the government desires for it´s own purpose. In any of these situations you will quickly be divested of this land you claim as your own.

In this Universe there is a thing called “Universal Law”, that is not being applied to our Planet. It matters not if you are aware of this fact or if you choose to believe it. This is a statement that all the higher forms of intelligent life are entitled to the following:

Healthcare (in all of it´s expressions, such as medication, dental, eyes etc.)
Respect of free will of the individual (as long as they do no harm to others or their environment).
Soon we will witness the application on Universal Law on this Planet. Those who are responsible for the current defective programming of the Collective on this Planet and their use of distraction to maintain this programming will be exposed and their machinations fail. There will soon be an end to all banks, currencies, corporations and privatization in all of it´s forms. To learn about the proper model of economy do familiarize yourself with the New Global Communist Party and it´s Manifesto (copy it and distribute it).

The first thing that those of you must do who are aware of this debt slavery (working all the time to pay mounting bills and having little free time for yourself) is to free yourself. Quit your jobs if necessary and stop paying all of your bills. Declare bankruptcy when possible and encourage your brothers and sisters to do likewise. Spread this message for all of Humanity to awake. All the countries that exist are vapid. They must be regarded as nothing more than pens at which the population on this planet are interned for their programming and control. No government in this World that is elected by the people to serve them is doing what they are expected to do. They serve their own ends only and not those who elected them to power. Only in cities where the people dwell will you find accountable government. All countries must cease to exist.

In Canada we see many laws being passed by governments that have no interest in the people. Take a look at “minimum wage”. This is something can be based only upon the standard of living and is therefore a municipal government responsibility. In Toronto we see the average cost of a tiny bachelor apartment rent is $1000.00 per month. This means that in Toronto the minimum wage should be no less than $1000.00 per week. This is not the case.

In Toronto we see real estate prices that are inflated beyond belief and rents likewise as a result. The reason for this is a market by which foreign investors are encouraged to grab up all the land and buildings only to “flip them”, almost immediately without any concern for those who actually live there and frequently without even bothering to invest their own time or money to improve these properties. We see that low-rental buildings are being torn down to make way for expensive Condos and that protected Heritage properties are being destroyed by arsonists and this is kept out of the News. In Toronto now we see only the very rich living next to the very poor (those with rent subsidization). This could be rectified easily by the government through the simple introduction of a law requiring that properties purchased be maintained for a minimum of three to five years before being permitted to resell (apply a tax of 25% total resale value if less than five years but greater than three and 50% resale value if less than three). This simple law will stop property flipping.

So you Debt Slaves are now being encouraged to awake to your situation, to awaken others to theirs and to refuse to continue to accept it. Quit your jobs, stop paying your bills (including taxes) and declare personal bankruptcy when possible. You will never eliminate poverty until you first eliminate wealth. This is your call to awake.