May Day: May will be our month of action

Upon this Planet are two divergent views. Those of Classification verses Universal Humanity. Those that believe in classes of Human beings according to set class restrictions such as Race, Sex, Sexuality, Socio-economics etc..Then there are those who believe in the Universal Humanity. The only race is the Human Race. Every Human would rather be happy than sad, meet a new lover instead of a new enemy. A Universal Consciousness. Regardless of any divisions according to Tribe, Age, Sex etc. These represent a duality of Truth verses Untruth. Pride verses Shame. Courage verses Fear. We – those who represent the light of Reason – are those who represent the positive aspects of Humanity.
Those who believe in Classification support the negative, sectarian, segregationist, superstitious aspects of Humanity. Hate.
We represent positive, secular, integrationist, reason aspects of Humanity. Love. Those who oppose us are trying to program a negative view of Human sexuality and expression. Again this is due to the selective classes that they choose to invent and impose. Good rape and bad rape. Good victims and bad victims. Good lovers and bad lovers. Sex is not evil. It is the biological function which serves as the natural state of existence and certainly a NEED in terms of human emotion and mental stability. The joy that is a learning in human emotion, passion ( EROS ) that all human beings deserve. No one sexuality is better than any other and each entitled to the same equal consideration and respect in all matters as a human requirement regardless of population percentage. Each entitled to their existence as a part of human nature. As entities in a dimension afloat many in this our dimension. Sex is no different from any other in terms of the entire human make-up that is the flesh. Fear of Human sexuality and expression is the worst form of sexual perversion. A whole view of positive Flesh/Spirit harmony is vital.
So in May a direct constitutional challenge will begin against the Federal Conservative Party and all involved in this recent violation of our charter of Human Rights that is our Constitution. No precedent shall be set. After our victory will follow a Civil Suit.
Comrades, now is the call to Liberation.