Lunatics In Uganda

Uganda’s parliament is preparing to pass a law that would impose brutal sentences? A homosexual persons faces sentences of life imprisonment? Even death.

An international outcry is required ? The President ordered a revision of current law, But after a ruthless campaign by those who hate gay people?

The lobbyists orchestrated by extremists, the possibility exists that the bill is approved, opening the door to persecution and generalized violence.

The opposition to the change in Law grows, but the Anglican Church favours the clampdown of gay people. The gay rights activist Frank Mugisha writes: “This bill puts us in serious danger. Please sign the online petition and ask others to support us, if we got a huge global response to our governments brutal clampdown on people just for being gay !

Realize that Uganda would be isolated internationally by the proposed law.

Pending a decision, an irresistible wave of pressure would save the lives of Frank and many others who would be placed on death row. We need to Build a huge petition to join this action.

While homophobia is widespread in Uganda, as in much of the world, so is a belief in basic human rights — and this bill is, at heart, an assault on human rights.