There Is No “Them” Verses “Us” There Is Only “We”


It is now time to recognize that it is no longer appropriate for the Human Collective on Earth to continue to perceive this World as “Us” verses “Them” when in fact there is only “We”. At this stage of your development, it is now time to know that each Human is unique. There is no other being in the multi-verse like You. So to concentrate on what makes you different from each other instead of what makes you the same is pointless. There are no minorities on Earth. Let us look at some examples.
This “Gay Pride” Parade that is becoming popular on Earth should be changed to a “Love Pride” Parade. It is no longer acceptable for it to be a parade for only certain Homosexual Archetypes to the exclusion of all others. Change the name. Make it open to all Humans who love all other Humans. Homosexual, Heterosexual, Bi-sexual, Paedophile, Teliophile, Gerontophile – all sexual orientations -. All Humans do what they do based upon individual Desire, Ability and Intent; never upon what category they are placed within, such as physical age, race, gender, sexuality, I.Q., Tribe, Religion etc. When you waste your time concentrating on what makes you different from others you will never be satisfied because there is so much you will find that makes you different. Remember that you are unique. What can you ever hope to accomplish with this beyond misery? It is time to accept that you are all members of the same Family. Not just the Human Family but the Family of Light!
You must know that all Humans are exactly the same with respect to being members of the “Family Of Light”. The Human Vessel you occupy at this moment is comprised of the Elements of Earth, while your “Being”(Soul) is a unique frequency of Light. Just as no 2 Human Vessels have, nor have ever, nor will ever have the same fingerprints; so it is that no 2 Souls have the same frequency of Light. Your personal relationship with the Creator is your unique frequency. While you are here within this low frequency Realm of Physical Time/Space Duality you must occupy a physical vessel. When you travel up to the Astral Plane you will occupy an “Astral Suit” and in the Ethereal Plane you will wear an “Ethereal Suit”. Only in your natural home within the Celestial Realms of 5th Density Space and beyond do you express yourself as your Natural Light Body. So it is no longer acceptable to concentrate on what makes you different from any other Being because there is no other Being in our Multi-verse the same as you. Instead it is time to accept that while this is most certainly the case; there is in fact no other Being that is also not of the Same Light as thee. We are the “Family of Light”. The physical vessel of another Being should not prove as a barrier to love.
When you begin to explore the multi-verse (leave your physical body) you will encounter many other Beings. They will communicate with you by “Light Language” -a direct transfer of thought and emotion.- All Humans have the ability to do this already. Soon it will be apparent that in truth all things occupy the same space without time as our multi-verse is divided according to frequency of energetic expression.
Here is a message for you from The Creator.

The Way You Fill a Bowl with Granola

God said:
You may wonder what I, God in Heaven, may look like. Physical appearance means a lot to you.

When I see you, I’m not looking at your physical body. I am looking at YOU, as you truly are, not as you appear encased in a body. I see the Bright Golden Light of Your Soul. I see Your Goldenness Swirling Around. You are Truly Golden Light. Our Light matches. We line up. I bequeath My Golden Light upon you. Of course, I extend My Light to you, who are not you at all, but rather One with Me.

Yes, We are Burnished Golden Light. We are Light Burning Brightly. We are Effervescent Light, and Our Light never goes out. There is enough Light for all in My Kingdom. No one is outside My Kingdom.

It’s not that you borrow My Light. Our Light is interchangeable. Our Light is Infinite. This is the Bold Truth. If We are Oneness – which We are – then We are also Light that is One and the Same. Yes, you – anyone you know well or don’t know at all – you are all the Fruit from the Same Tree. When We get down to it, I made you not as an image of Myself carved in stone, yet as I, My Self, Truly Light from the same Golden Tree.

When you see yourself as flesh and bone, when you see your pores, when you see your make-up smudges, when you feel tired and cross, when you note your imperfection, all that which occupies you is no more than your fine tuning illusion. What can be drawn as a picture of you is not the Real You. It is an identifiable you whereas the Truth of Our Oneness cannot be sketched, is not external, is not at all separate from you or anyone on Earth.

In the world, you come to love the unique differences. You love. You love someone’s eyes. You love someone’s dimples. You love the physical. You see the dear physical body, and you love your loved one’s hands.

Nonetheless, you also see the subtle. If you do not see, you feel. You sense. You are also somewhat aware of that which is greater than the physical. You have feasted on the physical with your eyes and attached yourself to a physical appearance. Beneath the physical fervor, what really has happened is that Souls have touched.

Souls live forever, never die, always are renewed, and always are sending out new Tendrils of Love. Souls are not inert. Souls function deeply.

Souls are often known as equal to Hearts. Hearts are well-known to you the same way as everyone likes their hearts and the hearts of others to be wide open. How grateful you are when your heart is radiantly and selflessly open.

Everyone has a heart. Hearts are good things to have. Hearts are like a Welcoming Committee on Earth. Keep your hearts viable. If your hearts were candles, you would never let their Light sputter out. Keep your Light Lighted. Refresh your heart often. Let your heart spill itself out rambunctiously the way you fill a bowl with granola.

Nourish your heart with Love. Keep giving Love out. Pour Love out. This is what Love is for – to sprinkle the world with, to cool it down, to smooth out the misplaced pangs on Earth. Your Love unites the World and Love together as One.

I know you know you did not come to Earth in order to be stingy with your Love. You are to be generous with your Embodiment of Love. You do not balance accounts before you give out Love. You simply give out Love, the same way that the Sun shines equally on all regardless of perfection or imperfection. You are Light on Earth. You buoy so-called others’ Love on Earth with goodness and mercy for all.

Remember that there is no “Them” verses “Us”. There is only “We”.
Love each other unconditionally. Do no harm to others or to your environment.


World One Verses World Zero

Greetings Human Collective On Earth. Humans awake! We are here for thee.
Below is an excerpt from the book “Mr. Altair’s Simple Guide To A Complicated Universe”. Much of this information has been touched upon in previous posts. Please do read the information provided below as it concerns your future.

Economic Drivers of Civilization

Below we will discuss the difference between the economic drivers of a Civilization Level One economy and a Civilization Level Zero economy. We will refer to the Level One Civilization as WORLD ONE and the Civilization Level Zero as WORLD ZERO.

In WORLD ONE we will have an economy without any form of currency so the economic drivers are Productivity and Quality. When manufacturing any item in this society it is imperative that all products are built to last and satisfy a need as permanently as possible.

In WORLD ZERO we will have an economy based upon the use of currency (worthless small strips of paper covered in cartoons) so the economic driver is Profit. When manufacturing any item in this society it is imperative that all products are built to be temporary so that they will require consistent replacement. The citizens are regarded as consumers whose needs must be placated but never permanently satisfied.

Let’s examine some case scenarios.

In WORLD ONE a light-bulb is manufactured with the goal of it lasting as long as possible, even hundreds of years. When there is no longer a need to manufacture this item, the Human labour will be diverted to the manufacture of something else. Products here are meant to last and thus all waste is minimized. As all ideas originate in the Source Field, inventions are meant to enrich the entire Human Collective and are property of the Collective.

In WORLD ZERO a light-bulb is manufactured with inherent flaws that will render the product useless after a set time and therefore a constant need of manufacture is required and vast waste is generated as a result of this senseless process. Human labour is wasted. Here all inventions are property of the individual and meant to generate paper covered in cartoons for that individual.


In WORLD ONE a medication to treat a life-threatening disease is manufactured with the intent of permanently ridding the Human Collective of Earth from this disease. So a factory that manufactures a cure for Leprosy will constantly manufacture and distribute this cure to all affected members of the Human Collective on the Planet until there is no longer a reason for it to be manufactured. The Human labour pool involved will then be used to produce something else.

In WORLD ZERO a medication to treat a life-threatening disease is manufactured with the intent of permanently maintaining the disease in order to secure a lasting supply of paper covered in cartoons for the factory involved with the manufacture. Examining the present situation on the Planet Earth will reveal that there are many afflicted with Leprosy here but they are economically depressed and therefore unable to provide enough paper covered in cartoons to satisfy the factory that produces the cure. Those Humans in areas of abundant paper covered in cartoons do not have this disease and therefore will not desire it from the factory. So we witness this disease thrive, infecting and ultimately killing thousands of Humans. The factory does not care that the product is only useful to those who lack the paper covered in cartoons to obtain this cure. As long as they can constantly produce it seems to be their only desire, so they try to convince those on the Planet that do not have the disease to provide the paper covered in cartoons to the factory and then resend this to those who actually need it. They do not care about the disease or those members of the Human Collective dying from it. They only care about paper covered in cartoons. Human lives and labour are again wasted.


In WORLD ONE an area of the Planet is in need of potable water and irrigation. The need of this area is assessed and all required Human Labour resources are used to treat the problems of this area. The result is an area suddenly abundant in potable water and new areas of irrigated land to produce for the Human Collective that was previously useless.

In WORLD ZERO an area of the Planet is in need of potable water and irrigation. The cost in terms of paper covered in cartoons is assessed by those Humans responsible for the affected area. If it is too great for those Humans to produce the required paper covered in cartoons, then the problem is ignored and left to fester. Loss of productive land and perhaps even the lives of Humans and Animals is the result.


In WORLD ONE all members of the Human Collective are citizens of the Planet, free to roam and explore their entire world. As all resources are shared, all members have the ability to utilize their innate talents through education or training as these things are rights. Any member of the Collective will be aided to begin any new enterprise that enables them to serve their fellow Humans. There is no wealth or poverty or privatization of any kind.

In WORLD ZERO all members of the Human Collective are imprisoned in internment camps which have varying resources available for the prisoners. They are not permitted to roam and explore their world. All resources are privately owned. Members must produce paper covered in cartoons for all education and training as this is a privilege. Many members of the Collective are forced to labour in misery at tasks which do not please them, thus negatively impacting their quality of service. Here there is extreme wealth alongside extreme poverty.


In WORLD ONE there is never any labour dispute or strikes or austerity measures imposed. As there is no form of currency there are no budgets or any form of limit upon the Human Collective.

In WORLD ZERO there are constant labour disputes and strikes and bizarre austerity measures imposed upon the Human Collective. The Human Collective is forced to depend upon the mass manufacture of worthless small strips of paper covered in cartoons for all of their needs.


It is possible to witness this absurdity with any product. Within our Universe there is only one thing of value and that is labour. All manner of currency in use on the Planet Earth is worthless as are many other things that are programmed within each Human to be perceived as valuable such as gold and gems. Why is this? The only worth these physical things have is the worth that you select to invent and impose upon them. On their own they are merely physical constructs. Only through labour, be it human, animal or through nature, is it possible to accomplish anything. With labour, anything is possible and without it, nothing is possible. To think in terms of labour as energy would be inaccurate. To make any use of unlimited energy requires labour.

This Universe has many realms that are yet to be revealed to our Human Collective. In the Realms of Light, all Souls may lead lives of Bliss where all resources are shared and the Labour of Humans, Animals and Nature are the only things of value. All Souls within this Realm desire only to serve others and lead happy lives of ease as a result. In the Realms of Darkness, all Souls will lead lives of struggle where the resources are not shared equally and therefore a constant state of fear and conflict is maintained. The greater the number of Souls there who serve only themselves is the greater the darkness of the realm. Our Planet is presently composed of both those who serve others (Light karmic vibration) and those who serve only themselves (Dark karmic vibration).

Within the realms of duality (4th density space and below) everything must be expressed through polarities. So we see matter/anti-matter, male/female, good/evil, young/old, healthy/sick etc. A common misconception is to infer that this is somehow in opposition to the will of the Creator. This is false. Those Souls who opt to follow the service to self route (organized or unorganized path of darkness) will employ the methods of shame, fear and lies to encourage imperfect thought-form. The Souls who opt to follow the service to others route (organized or unorganized path of light) will employ the methods of pride, courage and truth to encourage perfect thought-form.

There is no being under Heaven that has any authority over you without your consent.

To Live In The “Now Moment” Is To Be As A Child


It has been discussed previously that the only “time” when you are alive is this “Now” moment. Each day is a new beginning, every moment is a new reality that you create. We witness this as the way in which children experience life and time. Oftentimes it appears confusing to those “adults” how it is that children can change from emotions from one moment to the next. How resilient are the youth. This is what living in the present moment is like. The natural state of all members of our Human Collective here is “bliss”, yet we do not see this as a common state. Why is this?
Too many of our members here have forgotten where they are in this realm of time/space duality. They seem to neglect their current place to allow their thoughts/mind to always be elsewhere. They dream about the past causing melancholy, depression, anger or yearning; thus neglecting their present. Or they choose to contemplate their supposed future causing fear or anxiety; thus again neglecting the present. Most children have yet to learn this bad habit from society/adults so they behave in a natural state. They do not judge others until/unless they are taught to do this. So they are accepting, friendly and fearless. They live in the “Now Moment”. When we learn to relearn this skill our lives instantly change. Suddenly you will find yourself more aware of what is happening around you, more attentive to the details of the smells, sounds and activity about you. You will no longer be dredging up old wounds from your past or old victories or other old memories that cause your mood to alter from natural bliss state that it should be.
Let us observe the youth around us and learn from them and do not attempt to instill in them judgments, fears and anxieties by trying to harp on about their past or their future.
You have no past. It is gone. It does not matter what triumphs you have had or evil you have done. Be new now. Start loving those around you now and be trusting as a child. When you begin to focus and be mindful, you will witness a great increase in your happiness. It is not easy to change these habits that cause us to lose control of our thoughts so that we allow ourselves to become controlled by them; permitting them to carry us away from our current “now” to another unreal place that prevents us from experiencing life as it is meant to be.
Whenever any Being asks you the time. It is always “Now”. We are all together in the same now moment of time. It is now all over this Earth, all over our galaxy and all over our multi-verse. There is no Being in Creation that is living at a different time from you.
Start smiling now and begin living in this present now moment and witness the glory that is your own “Beingness.” Follow the example of the children around you and try to be as they are and not vice-versa.
Know that your thoughts will affect your behavior and this will cause the Universe to react to you. When you permit your thoughts to dwell upon a thing you are giving it energy to make an effect upon your life. It is in this way that each and every Human creates their own reality. Reality is a thing that is created by you; it is not something that happens to you.
Blessings be upon all of you who read these words.
Here is an Inspirational Message for you.
Let’s Get Going!

God said:
Can it be you whose sense of frustration leads to defeat? Can it be you who allows your own frustration to have mastery over you? This is not at all what you desire, for you defeat yourself. Instead, you could be moving forward.

You pull your own hair, and then you cry. Hah, you are your own antagonist when you could just as well be your own blessing-maker. You cast yourself in the role of the underdog when you have better roles to cast yourself in.

Start undercutting your frustration rather than fighting it. Regard your frustration from a higher rung on the ladder. You are capable, not incapable. No one makes you be frustrated. You assign that role to yourself, and you dash off with it.

This applies to anxiety and helplessness, as if assigning them to you, you get off free. No one makes you frustrated, anxious, and powerless but you. You may be looking to let go of responsibility. You will do well not to sign yourself up to your own excuses.

To stay stuck is a way to postpone your own Life, and so you may practice malingering from responsibility. You don’t want to hide yourself under a cloak of inability due to one imposed rationale or another.

Fortunate is the person who works forty or fifty or sixty hours a week. He or she has no time to major in how he feels. Beloveds, the idea of focusing on yourself and how you feel stretched isn’t a good idea. Better to leave your questions unasked than to pander to them.

Frustration and anxiety and inability lead you nowhere but to more of themselves.

Forget about them. You have been your own strict inquisitor, and it is you who catches yourself in a trap. It is you who squeezes your jugular and you who calls it survival. It is you who accuses you and, at the same moment, excuses you. It is you who asks yourself self-defeating questions. It is you who keeps narrowing your vision. It is you who puts yourself on trial.

It is you who is your jury. You give yourself no quarter when you sneak under the fence. You fault yourself when, to you, a fault means blame. Somehow, claiming to be an honest person, you blame yourself and, therefore, run away in order to get out of all kinds of responsibility. Whether the responsibility is to yourself, to Me, to family or to friends, or to the world and the vast Universe beyond, you defame yourself. You obviate yourself from taking responsibility by feeling helpless.

Something made you do it — or not do it. You let yourself off too easily. You materialize excuses aka reasons out of thin air.

You pin your blame on something outside you, something you objectify as outside you. Even when you may make a heroic gesture and pin the blame on yourself, you may turn yourself into a self-actualizing hapless martyr. Either way, you foist off your responsibility. The buck does fall on you, yet you slip away from it.

Perhaps you blame your culpability on your sensitivity. Are you speaking for yourself or against yourself? Whose side are you on? Rally your thoughts. Bring them in like cattle for the night.

You may ask yourself a whole lot of questions, and become like the matador who pricks the bull lightly with his sword, trying to get a reaction from the bull. You may play the dual roles of the matador and the innocent bull, even as you put your hands up to show you have no tricks up your sleeve.

Beloveds, you pull the wool over your own eyes. Do you see this now? Look Me straight in the eye as you answer, and We will go places.

Peace be upon you.