It’s Official Folks! British People Are Stupid!

It is sad for me to declare that it is now possible to prove that British people are stupid! We all know that country’s are internment camps with no viable reason to exist on Earth. The United Kingdom has become one of the worse places for insane taxation and absurd laws. Read the article HERE or below.

BRITAIN’S OLDEST DEFENDANT 101-year-old man becomes the oldest person ever to appear in UK courts as he stands trial for historical child sex offences
Ralph Clarke is charged with historic sex offences dating back to the 1970s and 1980s
BY EMMA LAKE 5th December 2016

A 101-year-old man is on trial accused of a catalogue of historical child sex offences said to have been committed in a workshop and the cab of his delivery lorry.

Ralph Clarke – thought to be the oldest defendant to stand trial in a British court – is alleged to have committed the offences against two girls and a boy, one as young as seven, between 1974 and 1983.

At 101 Ralph Clarke is believed to be the oldest person ever to have stood trial

Clarke is accused of a string of historic child sex offences
The former lorry driver leaned on a walking stick for support as the case against him was opened at Birmingham Crown Court.

Clarke, of Holly Lane, Erdington, Birmingham, denies 17 charges of indecent assault, 12 offences of indecency with a child and two attempted serious sexual offences.

At the start of the pensioner’s two-week trial, prosecutor Miranda Moore QC told jurors two of Clarke’s alleged victims walked into a police station in August last year to make a complaint against him.

Miss Moore told the jury: “What they were to tell the police was a history of a catalogue of serious sexual abuse.”

It is alleged that some of abuse took place in a garage at Clarke’s then home in Erdington.

Miss Moore told the jury panel of six men and six women: “All three victims talk about being in a garden shed or workshop.

“Probably today you would call it a ‘man shed’ or a ‘man cave’.”

People from all over the area would take things to Clarke – who was regarded locally as something of a handyman – for him to repair, Miss Moore added.

When Clarke was questioned by police last December he made “limited admissions” to officers, the court heard.

Miss Moore said: “The defendant was interviewed by the police in this case. He agreed some of the things you are going to hear about did in fact happen.

“His first words were ‘Who has complained?’”

Concluding her opening speech, Miss Moore stressed age is no barrier to a defendant being tried “as long as the trial is fair and the evidence is clear”.

Ralph Clarke, 101, will have an an intermediary to help him follow proceedings
Before the case was opened by Miss Moore, Judge Richard Bond informed the jury there would be occasions when Clarke left the hearing without permission for personal reasons.

Clarke will also be given help to ensure he can follow the proceedings.

The judge told the panel: “There will be occasions during the trial when the defendant will speak, possibly quite loudly, to the intermediary, who is likely to speak quite loudly back to him.

“The reason for this is that Mr Clarke, not surprisingly at the age of 101, is hard of hearing.

“I invite, in fact I direct you, to ignore any such communications between Mr Clarke and the intermediary – or with his barrister.

“The reason for that is that those communications are normally private but you are bound to hear them in this case for obvious reasons.”

Judge Bond added that Clarke’s old age and health mean the court will have reduced sitting hours during the two-week trial, with evidence heard between 9.30am and 1.30pm.

Describing the sitting hours as “very, very unusual”, the judge added: “I have made that decision because the interests of justice decree that this defendant, like any defendant who is tried in a Crown Court, must be able to follow the evidence and must be in position to call evidence himself if that time arises.

“I am sure that you will all understand why we have to accommodate Mr Clarke in this particular way.

“At the forefront of my mind I have his welfare. He has got be able to follow this trial. So let’s all be patient. It’s only fair.”

The trial continues on Tuesday.


Like it or not… there are only 2 types of recreational sex in our Multi-verse. Consensual sex (all good) or non-consensual sex (all bad). There is no “Good” consensual sex and “Bad” consensual sex, or war, or torture, or pornography or slavery etc. Just another example of fear-mongering Hysteria, a typical Classificationist model where not all Humans are treated with equal rights/respect

Nobody in their right mind should consider living in or even visiting the U.K. until the aftermath of the revolution that is called for there.

Inspirational Message For You

Greetings to all members of the Human Collective on the Planet Earth. The good news is that “New Earth” is already here. This means that at present, there is no power under Heaven that has any authority over You without your consent. Every member of the Human Collective is now a partner with the Creator and is free to travel anyplace upon the Planet Earth unhindered in order to create their own Worlds. You are all now free to do whatever you wish provided that you do no harm to others or the environment.
For a long time now have you been enslaved to the “Deceivers” who persuaded you to forgo your personal power. They used classificationist based government and law in order to “divide and conquer”; turning brother against brother, old against young, race against race and all other manner of evil in order to use fear, shame and lies to convince you that you needed them. They coveted the Earth and all of the resources and even the very fruits of Human Labour. They convinced you that you owed them for everything. They pretended that they valued life all the while making basic rights such as shelter, potable water, healthy food, healthcare and even education and training into rare privileges denied to the majority! In truth all Humans own the same. They own only themselves and worthless paper. No Human owns lands, resources or any other Human.
Now they can deceive no longer and therefore they can control no longer. It is time to rescind your consent from them and reclaim your personal power as a Light Being contained within a Human Vessel and a partner of our Creator. Let us now send out unconditional Love and end forever Currency Slavery, Country Internment and War. All Humans are the same. We are the Family of Light. We are all sharing the same Now Moment within Time. Know that our Planet Earth is a conscious Being along with Her flora, fauna, minerals and elementals.
Please read this Letter.

Do You See Life as a Great Trial?

God said:

You desire this, and you desire that, and what you desire may be at two ends of two different spectrums. You have conflicting desires. You want everything. You may ask yourself: “What do I want more than what I already have?”, and yet you aren’t sure how to choose between two wants that seem to cancel each other.

An example might be that you want a love relationship, and you also may prefer to live alone. If you could have a peaceful loving relationship, you would be glad, yet you fear to tread where you have trodden before where peace is not.

You want to fulfill all your responsibilities, and you would very much like plenty of free time as well.

This is how you are conflicted. You talk back and forth. You talk yourself into an idea, and, in the next breath, you talk yourself out of the idea. You convince yourself that you can’t be or have everything. Therein lies the rub.

Come from the idea that you can indeed be and have everything you desire. Come also from the idea that you are not in need, definitely not in desperate need.

Focus on your desires and less on what you believe you may be denied.

Midway is not always the solution. There is always a solution. There is always a way to be found. A way will come to you. Know this: Maybe you don’t have to walk both to the left and to the right. Maybe you don’t have to figure everything out.

It is possible that you can have everything you want simply by desiring it. Maybe you don’t have to be caught up in the details. Maybe you can be as free as a bird, and not weighed down one way or another.

It may be that you have made up rules for yourself. You may be caught up in life as a great trial. Maybe what you have to let go of are the rules you have made for yourself. Maybe you don’t have to choose between this or between that. Maybe you are not so boxed in as you believe. Believe in yourself as someone who is part of miracles.

What if you can have everything you want? You are new at every moment and surrounded with opportunities. Perhaps you can love and live with another and be in peace. You can be something you have never been before. We are talking about you, dear one, and not about limits. I proclaim you as untied to past beliefs which have limited you.

Who told you that you can’t have everything? Open the doors of your heart right now. You are eligible for every happiness. Off with the old, and on with the new. You can have curds and whey and all that delicious flowing whipped cream topped with a cherry.

Who told you that you can’t eat your cake and have it too? Not I.

You do deserve the fulfillment of all your dreams. Cross nothing off your list.

Await the life you want to reach you. It is on its way to you. Your desires can come to you in any form. You do not have to expend effort. Let your desires even run ahead to meet you at the next crossroads.

Do you believe that life is difficult to attain? Undo that belief. Your desires are rushing to meet you. You are entitled. Fulfillment of your desires is a gift, and I am propelling fulfillment to you. Trip over all the fulfillment that is merrily on its way to you. You will see. Leap over your logic.

Meanwhile, beckon all your desires to you. This is the Open Sesame. Enjoy yourself on the way.

Horses won’t be able to stop your blessings from reaching you. Allow your dreams to leap over tall buildings. Nothing can hinder what is already on its way to you. Desire all that you desire with My Blessings, and, yet, don’t insist. Don’t stamp your foot. State your desire, and, then, you let it go.


FreeSpirits Fundraising

At this time of the year, there is much fundraising taking place. Please consider (those of you who are well-off) making FreeSpirits a target for your donations. This is the site brings us so much to the International Boylove Community such as Boylinks and so much more!


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Child Suffrage

We “the Servants of the Light” have entitled this post “Child Suffrage” but it is about so much more. The issue of Child Suffrage is a Global issue that is tied to the overall expression of politics and laws being based upon the Classificationist view over the Universalist view. You will rarely hear this topic discussed, as at present all Children born into our human Collective on this Planet are not regarded as Beings unto themselves, entitled to full Human Rights but merely as property and not fully Human at all.

Classificationists: View all members of our human Collective as unequal. Some are more Human and entitled to more or less rights while others are less so; dependent upon which category/class the Classificationists choose to invent and impose upon them. This is the reason why the struggle to liberate so many is difficult as the base upon which the entire structure of politics and laws is built upon is flawed. They define behavior as being based solely upon which category of Human they have opted to invent and impose upon our Human Collective. So they will believe that Humans do things based upon their Age Group, Tribe, Race, Religion, Gender, Socio-economic Class, I.Q. , Body Shape etc. basically defining Human Behavior upon their own inventions. They desire Power over others. They want you to believe that different Humans are living at different times. They view time as a line and will trick you into believing that they know how long your span upon this World within your Human Vessel will be.
Universalists: View all members of our Human Collective here on Earth as the same. There is no greater than or less than. We know that all Human Beings are the same and that what is good or bad for one Human vessel is good or bad for them all. We know that all members of our Human Collective here do things based exclusively on Desire, Ability and Intent; regardless of which type of Human they are. We desire mutual respect of Free Will. We know that Time is only a series of points and not a line. We know all Beings are here and are sharing the present time all together within the Now of this moment. There are no different times for different Humans. Be joyful and loving Now! We will not tell you that We know how long you will be present with us, so we will never tell you to wait upon any desire!

All laws at present within the Internment Camps of Earth (masquerading as Countries/Nation States) are based upon the Classificationist views. The approach is flawed and it is our responsibility as “Servants of the Light” to make our fellow members of the Human Collective on Earth aware of this as well as the techniques that the Classificationists use to impose their views upon others. There have been prior posts (not all migrated here yet) about the Deceivers of the World who will always attempt to appear to Us as other than what they are. They will use pleasing forms and mask themselves behind religion or patriotism or some other ruse in order to force you to follow them. You will always be able to recognize them by their works.

Whenever any Human attempts to alter your Free Will through the use of Shame, Fear and Lies you will know them as a Deceiver and should immediately distance yourself from them. The Servants of the Light will always use Pride, Courage and Truth to convince you to follow us of your own Free Will. Soon (before the end of 2017) we hope to see our Human Collective here on Earth set free from Country Internment and Currency Slavery. As the Tsunami of Love covers this Universe, We will witness the formation of a Planetary Council and an introduction of Universal Law which will enable all Humans do gather together into their own City States and establish New Laws that will be based upon Desire, Ability and Intent and no longer upon narrow categories imposed upon you.

So relax and await the new Freedoms that will be unveiled here on Earth which will include Child Suffrage. Just be brave and loving at all times. Do not concern yourselves with where others are or what others are thinking or how others are acting. Concern yourself with where you are, how you are thinking and how you are treating those about you. Be Loving!

Boylove Is Alive & Well On Instagram

A little while ago I discovered a new app called Instagram. This is a service that permits Humans from all over the Planet to post photos and videos of themselves as a form of Ego gratification/Publicity/Propaganda. Well I was delighted to discover thousands upon thousands of young boys were using this service to post photos and videos of themselves (some very seductive). So it was time to conduct a little social experiment to determine how well Boylove would be received on Instagram. The answer? Very well received indeed! I went from having no followers to having nigh one thousand followers in less than 4 weeks. Not only that, but at least 8 out of 10 messages that I received were positive ones (I blocked any senders of anything negative). I also got many messages sent to me from young boys asking me to view and comment on their photos. Near the end (before deleting this App) I was getting 50 new followers per day. Why was I so popular? I have no idea? Perhaps there are many who admired my Honesty? After all… there are only 2 paths in life with respect to manner of belief. There is the path of Fear, Shame & Lies; then the path of Courage, Pride & Truth. We know that all Humans are exactly the same. There is no greater than and no less than. We know that all Humans act the way they do based upon desire, ability and intent; not because of whatever category they belong to such as physical age, body shape, race, gender, sexuality, tribe etc.
Perhaps I was so popular because there is a need for older male approval from many young boys? Or perhaps a person or persons were providing me with ample free publicity?

So be sure and install and use this Instagram App. If you want to download any pics or videos from there, you will need to use a different App such as Instasave. Here are some simple rules to Instagram.

1. Please do not be afraid to post photos of yourself.
2. Always follow back those who follow you (provided they are not ad-spammers) because it is polite.
3. Always view the pics of those who like you and like their pics also because it is polite.
4. When leaving messages under the pics/videos of young boys, please don’t be vulgar. This reflects poorly on us all.
5. Never ever be disrespectful. If you cannot say anything polite, don’t say anything at all.
6. Just immediately block all naysayers. Do not waste your time by engaging with them at all.

So here is my Instagram profile.

You are welcome to follow me if you wish but don’t bother sending me any messages because I deleted this App since it was beginning to take up too much of my time. I began by using Instagram only about 15 mins per day but near the end it was taking me 2 hours or more. First you must view and follow back all those who have just followed you. Then you must go through all those who have liked your pics to see and like theirs back. Then you have to deal with messages sent to you DM’s means Direct Messages. Then there were certain boys who want their followers to view their profiles each day and to comment as soon as possible. So these boys I would view first. Then and only after all of that would I begin to view the stream of pics and videos on my feed from followers. So you can see that the more followers you have, the longer the time you end up spending on Instagram. This is why I deleted this App and will not be using it anymore.

So Brothers! Let us make our presence felt on Instagram. Create an account, upload photos of yourself and check out all the boys! HERE are two warnings!

1. Some boys on Instagram are too hot for you to handle! There is a real danger your phone or tablet will end up melting in your hands.

2. Viewing thousands of young boy sultry selfies can be habit forming!

So get there and start using Instagram! Turn up the Heat on those Hotties! You get the picture!
What are you waiting for?
Honesty Is Important
Please enjoy this Message of Hope about Honesty


New Viamund the Rake Blog

I am in the process of moving all articles and links to this new site as my old site at seems to be down 98% of the time. Feel free to examine the archives of this blog which is maintained by Google. HERE
This Blog was begun at blogspot in 2003 and moved to in 2006. Please be patient as it will take some time to move all articles and the links. Please bookmark/share this site with your friends.