“In Time” = “In Currency”


It is always a surprise how certain films in Hollywood are a veiled reflection of reality upon the Planet Earth. The most recent example is a film entitled “In Time”

Here is a preview

The thing that is most shocking about this film is the parity that exists between the manipulation/control of time as it applies to Human life in the film and the actual manipulation/control of all currency in Present Earth. We all know that Time itself should be regarded as ample, an item that is hardly created and yet it is controlled in this film. It is used precisely here as currency is used on Earth at present. Just as there are “Time Zones”  which separate the “Poor” from the “Wealthy” which are subjected to arbitrary increases in the cost of living and work quotas for the Poor; there exist a “Time Elite” (representative of the Billionaires on present Earth), who operate Time Banks and Time Loans with interest etc. Hoarding millions upon millions of years of time for themselves while subjecting the poor to life spans that barely exist beyond 25 years.

I would like you to watch this film and bear witness to the present state of Country Internment and Currency Slavery upon the Earth. Just as in the film… it must come to an end and the Human Collective awake to the Horror that all the governments of the Earth and their controllers are continually subjecting the majority of Humans to here. There is only One Truth. It is You who creates this World together through your action and inaction. Start viewing and speaking honestly to one another now. It is time for you to Awake and to aid your Human Family to do likewise. You can do it.

God Bless the Little Children

God said:

Beloved, life may indeed seem mixed up to you, as if life is one log-jam after another, or pages mis-numbered, or life fallen through the cracks. As hard as it may be for you to really see this, life as it appears, does come down the chute as it is meant to. As you may see it, this is easy to say yet not always believable.

There are so many physical accidents tallied in the world every day, you truly wonder how I can maintain that there are no mistakes. How this can be, and yet I maintain there are no mistakes. Still, of course, you wonder, hand over heart, how I can say this?

From your personal view, this certainly makes no sense whatsoever. No sense at all.

At the same time, of course, you do see the sense of not trying to change what has already happened and that which no one has been able to change back. Surely, no one has the sad right to trespass onto an elementary school property and hurt little children and their teachers. This cannot be right, yet it has happened. You wish that you could see any goodness and mercy here or anything good at all to make of this.

You see mayhem and weeping and disbelief. Goodness knows you have tried to figure out how to understand the un-understandable.

You may see evidence of courage and heroism appear from tragedy, nevertheless, this is too hard. You carry some kind of moral compass that gives you the credibility to pray that this mayhem never ever happen again anywhere to anyone.

You do confess that one size does not fit all yet see that your heart has tightened. You have not found the mercy in your heart to forgive others for their trespasses. You may wish, with all your heart, those who kill no longer revel in their acts. As far you can bend is to ask Me to have mercy on their souls.

Beloved, you regret, with all your heart, any and all unacceptable pain that those who hurt others must have experienced themselves, and you are sorry.

How happy you would be to see all children frolicking in meadows to their hearts’ content, weaving garlands and singing ring around the rosies. May all childhoods be enriched and no mother mourn for her children ever again. May you and everyone know compassion for all who ache for it.

There is no age suitable at which children and their mothers are to lament.

Beloved, it’s not that you want Me, God, to suffer over such matters in the world, though you do wish that I would remove all this sort of thing from the face of the Earth. I understand that you believe that if I could do so without messing up the mechanics of the Universe, then I would. I understand you are not calling Me to the table to explain Myself. You would spare Me from being on the carpet at your feet.

From your point of view, you empathize that I carry a heavy load. I remind you that I carry the Light. Deep down you also know I give you everything. Still, you do not yet fully understand why life is as somber at it seems to be when I am at the wheel and that I wish to give and teach compassion, even to the ends of the Earth.

Beloved, it is not I Who has to increase My compassion, but everyone on Earth. Then, We will join hands, and My Will be done on Earth as in Heaven.



How’s Your Programming?


When pleasure is forbidden, violence is extolled

So are you ready to plug yourself in? Get ready… get set… Go!



The Majority of Humans on Earth do not even know what Capitalism is. You live on a Capitalist Planet. There are only different expressions of capitalism upon the Earth; there is no Communism. It is time for the majority of the Human Collective on Earth to eliminate the gangsters of Central Banking and the Corporations that they own which have systematically stolen all land and resources from the Human collective as well as your individual freedoms and the fruits of all of your labour.

True anarchy for the Human Collective on Earth must be in combination with the order of a Planetary Counsel and an end to the use of all currency and privatization on Earth that True Communism can provide. All Humans live in towns and cities and none live in countries (Internment Camps). Let all like-minded individuals gather together to create their own communities of service to each other in unconditional Love (Independent City-States). An end to all slavery.

Only together will it be possible; today through your individual actions, to awaken the sleeping population that is the majority of our Human Collective on Earth (Your Human Family is your only family and the Planet Earth is your Home – not some postage stamp-). Let us Create World One from World Zero. Hope, peace and Unconditional Love.

Octaevius Altair says, “There is nothing to stop you from living your own lives today. The path of greater individual freedom has always been before you. Do not live in fear shame and lies. Love will always find a way is a true expression. God Bless you.”

Some people ask me “Why are you always dressed in mourning? So what?”

Just for fun…

I love you! Peace and God Bless you!

Do not be deceived by any who try to make you believe in a new currency such as all worthless Cryptocurrency. You are beyond any worth, you are free. All Humans may now do whatever they desire anyplace on Earth as long as they do not harm others or the environment.

Inspirational Message June 2018

Here we go.

We are going to encourage you to help us “turn the World upside down.”

This means “New”, not reboot. It is ultimately You that creates upon this World and You who is therefore responsible for the occurances here. It is You who decides what is valuable and what is not, what has power/authority over You and what does not. It has been stated many times that it is no longer possible to hide things from you. We ask you to take responsibility now and not to shrug and tell us that “things are beyond your control.” They are not.

You are now aware that there is nothing more valuable than yourselves here. No currency, shiny stones, shiny metals or anything else is worth more. Stop pretending that these things have value. A “New Earth” does not mean new currency, new wars, new elites, new poverty, new scapegoats etc. It means something completely different. You ask, “how can this be done.” Just start taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions. “Your thoughts are a trail of breadcrumbs that your life will follow.” You do not have to be popular or blindly obey and accept what others tell you. Start creating now with your own thoughts and actions.

Listen… You do not owe anyone or anything. Stop believing this. Stop paying your bills. There is at this moment no valid government upon the Planet Earth beyond the municipal level. Stop participating in any elections beyond the municipal level. There is no power under Heaven that has any authority over you without your consent. Stop giving your consent.

All Humans have the power to invent laws on Earth yet none have the power to impose these laws upon others. There is only Universal Law. You have Universal Rights that are being denied you. Demand them. There are millions of unjust laws upon the Earth that have resulted in the imprisonment of too many of your Brothers and Sisters. The Human Family is your family and the Earth is your home. Refuse to accept the belief that you live on a postage stamp.

We are witnessing many attempts by the “Petty Ones” to maintain power through all manner of control over you (Human Collective). Through Country Internment and Currency Slavery they have been successful. Now that they have lost the ability to conceal their behavior from you as a result of the “Great Awakening”, they are getting desperate. A World of Humans equal without slavery and living in a state not carefully maintained through shame, fear and lies is their worse Nightmare.

Witness some of their last ditch efforts to control even the sharing of information itself!

Proposed EU Copyright Measure Threatens the Internet

The European Union is set to vote on a copyright proposal that will require platforms hosting user-generated content to automatically scan and filter anything that their users upload (see the EU Commission’s proposed Article 13 of the Copyright Directive) on June 20th or 21st.

We urge the European Parliament to reject this proposal. We encourage Internet users to go to https://saveyourinternet.eu to take action.

The main purpose of Article 13 is to limit music and videos on streaming platforms, based on a theory of a “value gap” between the profits that platforms make on uploaded works, verses those the copyright holders of those works receive. However, the proposal extends far beyond music, requiring platforms to monitor every type of copyrighted work–text, images, audio, video, and even code. Article 13 would have an impact on just about everything that happens online, threatening freedom of expression, privacy, and the free flow of knowledge on the Internet.

We have discussed our concerns with the idea of automated content filters when the idea came up in US copyright conversations in the past. This law is troubling in the same ways. Requiring platforms to monitor content contradicts existing rules that create a shared responsibility between platforms and rightsholders for removal of illegal content. In doing so, the law creates incentives to remove legitimate content; it creates a a troubling “take down first, ask questions later/never” attitude to online content.

Filters are not good at understanding context, and therefore legitimate speech such as commentary, parody, or satire may be removed without any human judgment involved. Legitimate expression may be chilled in the form of overly cautious self-policing as a result. Article 13 also has no penalties for false or misleading claims, leaving the system wide open for abuse.

Further, although Article 13 is intended to prevent uploads that infringe copyright, the same technology could be required for filtering of content for compliance with other EU laws, which would compound the dangers that this measure poses for freedom of expression and privacy online. And, policymakers in other countries, including the United States, may come to view mandating content filters as an acceptable way to regulate the Internet if the EU does it first.

Eventually the Planet Earth will be an Egalitarian World governed through an Egalitarian Planetary Council. There will be Independent City States (like-minded individuals gathered together into communities of service to each other). No more borders, no form of currency, no privatization, no slavery and no more wars.

We ask you to care about where you are standing, what you are thinking and how you are treating those about you. Stop judging where others are standing, what others are thinking or how others are treating those about them. Do not use or permit the use of shame, fear and lies in order to control others. Remember that you are a Free Spirit! You owe nothing. Start living free by letting go of all that you do not desire.

Bless you all in Love, Light and Liberation.

Why You Must Turn From All Currency

Greetings Human Collective on Earth!

We have mentioned to you in the past that all currency is worthless. This is because it’s always an item meant to serve as a substitute for something else that is used as a means to divest you of the fruits of labour. Not just your own labour but that of animals and Nature around you as well. It is perplexing to Us why you would permit any item to be held in higher regard than yourselves and the Planet and the Universe.  We have told you that all shiny metals and shiny stones and privately mass-manufactured tiny strips covered in cartoons are without value. There is no scarcity upon the Earth nor within the Universe. It is You who have decided to give these things a value and worth that they do not have nor deserve.

Look up and then look down. Understand that all that you are sensing seems to be so great to you. So much beyond what you have been persuaded to believe you are. What you sense around you; the “Physical World” of Space/Time is really less than 1% of the multi-verse. Now when you look at yourself… please accept that you are greater than this as you extend far beyond this “Physical World” of Space/Time. There is no substitute for you. You are a frequency that is unique within the multi-verse. There can never be anything more valuable than you because of your ability to create.

There is no longer any reason for any of you to rely upon these fabricated currencies (physical or otherwise). There is no Private Ownership on Earth nor anyplace within the Multi-verse. There is no reason for this to exist because there is no scarcity. On Earth at this moment, no Human owns any other Human nor the Planet… not even the smallest part of the Planet. Stop falling for those who are in the process of attempting to persuade you that there will ever be any currency of value. We already know that Central Banking and it’s sinister tentacles of Commercial Banking, Corporations, Insurance and all other expressions of Capitalism upon the Earth are vapid. It is time for the Earth to transform from a Capitalist Planet to a Non-Capitalist Planet without any form of Capital or Privatization. The economic Driver must change from Profit to one of Productivity and Quality.


It is time for you to Awake. There is nothing that is greater than you. There is no power under Heaven with any authority over you without your consent. The Earth is your Home. You are all sovereign citizens of Earth with the right to travel, live or work anyplace upon the Planet unhindered.

It is possible for you to set yourselves free from Country Internment and Currency Slavery.



Hear the Words.

“Only We have the means to slay the Beast of Central Banking, to obliterate all of it’s tentacles and vanquish it from Earth forever.” We have no interest in the “Petty Powers” of Earth. We will never serve as an instrument for any Internment Camp. There is no Power under Heaven that has any authority over Us. At this moment, there are many bird songs upon Earth and their cacophony is a feeble attempt to drown out our Drum Beats. Hear us. Follow us. Only Our Drums will lead you down a path towards Greater Individual Freedom. Sit with us about our Table where all are equals. The Earth is our House. Let yourselves serve as our instruments. We desire only your labour.  Permit no room to serve as a shelter from Our Light.

Below We have provided you with the tools. Our House has many languages. Translate for us all of our writings into all languages and deliver them to each Room. Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Farsi, Thai, Burmese… all Languages deserve to hear our words.

The Tools

The New Global Communist Manifesto: The Construct Of Human Civilization Level One

Light Universe

Simple Guide


An In-Depth Look At Major N.A.T.O. Leaders

It is time for us to attempt to gain a greater insight into the warped minds of the major N.A.T.O. leaders who suffer from an inability to find peace. What type of minds are these Warmongers who are constantly exporting War abroad while shamelessly demanding to be left in peace at home?

We will conduct a series of Hypothetical Interviews with some of the Major N.A.T.O. Leaders in an attempt to begin to comprehend what fuels their warped minds and results in their disgraceful actions!

Donald Trump Mask of The United States Of America.

Interviewer: Greetings Donald Trump.

Donald Trump: Let’s get this over with.

Interviewer: We were wondering if you would like to explain some of the reasoning behind the Warlike behaviour of N.A.T.O. and it’s leadership?

Donald Trump: By leadership you mean my leadership. It is simple… it is PROFIT. We go to war with foreign cities because it is a financial asset we are protecting. It is our Shareholders that we care about. So whenever you see any N.A.T.O. members creating conflict you know it is based upon Profit. OOOOH! That felt great! Whew! I love wearing Adult Diapers.

Interviewer: Have you been wearing them for life?

Donald Trump: Oh no! I have no medical condition. I am so important that my time is too valuable to waste with bathroom trips. I have told all of the other N.A.T.O. leaders that must follow my example and all wear Adult Diapers so that there will be no “Bathroom Breaks” permitted.

Interviewer: So all the leaders of N.A.T.O. are wearing Adult Diapers?

Donald Trump: You bet they are. Now… this interview is over because you have wasted enough of my time!




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Justin Trudeau Mask of Canada

Interviewer: Greetings Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau: Hello! It’s really great to meet you and my pleasure to be giving this interview.

Interviewer: Justin Trudeau we have to ask you a personal question. We were just speaking with Donald Trump and he has claimed that he told all leaders of N.A.T.O. that they must wear Adult Diapers. Is this true?

Justin Trudeau: Why yes it is. I thought it was odd at first but now I think it’s great. It helps me to cope with “my Problem”.

Interviewer: Which “problem” is this?

Justin Trudeau: Well I am very afraid of the possibility of Iran invading Canada! Donald Trump told me that the Ayatollah has plans to kidnap me and force me to be his Catamite. I can’t stop thinking about it and every time I do I poop my pants!

Emmanuel Macron Mask of France

Interviewer: Greetings Emmanuel Macron.

Emmanuel Macron: Oui! *Toothy Grin*

Interviewer: Let us get directly to the point. We have been told that because Donald Trump has ordered all N.A.T.O. leaders to wear Adult Diapers you are all now wearing them. Is this true. Are you wearing them right now?

Emmanuel Macron: Oui! *Toothy Grin*

Angela Merkel Mask of Germany

Interviewer: Greetings Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel: Beeile dich!

Interviewer: We are asking all N.A.T.O. Leaders if it is true that you are all now wearing Adult Diapers because Donald Trump ordered you to do so.

Angela Merkel: Ja! Alle guten Vasallen ihrem Herrn.

Theresa May Mask of the United Kingdom

Interviewer: Greetings Theresa May.

Theresa May: Is it Tea Time? Where is my Tea?

Interviewer: Theresa May we are conducting an interview not delivering Tea. We wanted to ask you if it is true that all N.A.T.O. Leaders now wear Adult Diapers?

Theresa May: What day is it?

Well we have no interest in presenting interviews with any of the other N.A.T.O. member Leaders because they are not important enough.

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As Above, So Below

Greetings! The phrase “As above, so below.” Is a common phrase these days. Let’s explore the meanings as it can be an open topic that covers many areas.

Some will observe that inside your own body is a microscopic world that is another Universe in itself with laws and behaviors that are a reflection of our own physical world.

Some will explore the Natural World on our Planet and see it reflected in the Macro-cosmic physical Universe.

Let’s explore the Quantum World together and see how this is a reflection of the Multi-verse. When Physicists first began to explore the Quantum World they felt that it was an Unnatural World that did not follow the laws of the physical Universe. Many of you who are reading this article are already aware that there is no Physical Universe per.se as there is the Spiritual Multi-verse. It is very popular today to hear many discuss the Multi-verse as if it is divided into parts; the Physical and Spiritual Worlds. They will talk about “the Veil” as a thing that divides these Worlds as if it is in of itself apart of the Universe. This is false. There is only One Multi-verse that is the Spiritual Multi-verse and it is not divided from the Physical Universe. There is no “Veil”. That which you perceive as “A Veil” is a thing that exists only within you. Each and every Human has the same “Powers” but as each person is unique and are a product of a World that they create themselves through their individual beliefs, thoughts, actions and intent of their free will; the ability to see what is and what is not lies within each. The Collective like to presume that a shared Reality is the Normal; it is your individual reality that you express. Your belief to follow the Collective is up to you. So when we discuss the Quantum World we will be able to see it reflected in the Multi-verse including such notions as Space/Time.

First let us explore the Quantum World.

The quantum world is mind-bogglingly weird

No matter how hard physicists probe, they still puzzle over this, the universe’s deepest secret
SEP 14, 2017
If you’re interested in the smallest things known to scientists, there’s something you should know. They are extraordinarily ill-behaved. But that’s to be expected. Their home is the quantum world.

These subatomic bits of matter don’t follow the same rules as objects that we can see, feel or hold. These entities are ghostly and strange. Sometimes, they behave like clumps of matter. Think of them as subatomic baseballs. They also can spread out as waves, like ripples on a pond.

Although they might be found anywhere, the certainty of finding one of these particles in any particular place is zero. Scientists can predict where they might be — yet they never know where they are. (That’s different than, say, a baseball. If you leave it under your bed, you know it’s there and that it will stay there until you move it.)

“The bottom line is, the quantum world just doesn’t work in the way the world around us works,” says David Lindley. “We don’t really have the concepts to deal with it,” he says. Trained as a physicist, Lindley now writes books about science (including quantum science) from his home in Virginia.

Here’s a taste of that weirdness: If you hit a baseball over a pond, it sails through the air to land on the other shore. If you drop a baseball in a pond, waves ripple away in growing circles. Those waves eventually reach the other side. In both cases, something travels from one place to another. But the baseball and the waves move differently. A baseball doesn’t ripple or form peaks and valleys as it travels from one place to the next. Waves do.

But in experiments, particles in the subatomic world sometimes travel like waves. And they sometimes travel like particles. Why the tiniest laws of nature work that way isn’t clear — to anyone.

Consider photons. These are the particles that make up light and radiation. They’re tiny packets of energy. Centuries ago, scientists believed light traveled as a stream of particles, like a flow of tiny bright balls. Then, 200 years ago, experiments demonstrated that light could travel as waves. A hundred years after that, newer experiments showed light could sometimes act like waves, and sometimes act like particles, called photons. Those findings caused a lot of confusion. And arguments. And headaches.

Wave or particle? Neither or both? Some scientists even offered a compromise, using the word “wavicle.” How scientists answer the question will depend on how they try to measure photons. It’s possible to set up experiments where photons behave like particles, and others where they behave like waves. But it’s impossible to measure them as waves and particles at the same time.

This is one of the bizarre ideas that pops out of quantum theory. Photons don’t change. So how scientists study them shouldn’t matter. They shouldn’t only see a particle when they look for particles, and only see waves when they look for waves.

“Do you really believe the moon exists only when you look at it?” Albert Einstein famously asked. (Einstein, born in Germany, played an important role in developing quantum theory.)

This problem, it turns out, is not limited to photons. It extends to electrons and protons and other particles as small or smaller than atoms. Every elementary particle has properties of both a wave and a particle. That idea is called wave-particle duality. It’s one of the biggest mysteries in the study of the smallest parts of the universe. That’s the field known as quantum physics.

Quantum physics will play an important role in future technologies — in computers, for example. Ordinary computers run calculations using trillions of switches built into microchips. Those switches are either “on” or “off.” A quantum computer, however, uses atoms or subatomic particles for its calculations. Because such a particle can be more than one thing at the same time — at least until it’s measured — it may be “on” or “off” or somewhere in-between. That means quantum computers can run many calculations at the same time. They have the potential to be thousands of times faster than today’s fastest machines.

IBM and Google, two major technology companies, are already developing superfast quantum computers. IBM even allows people outside the company to run experiments on its quantum computer.

Experiments based on quantum knowledge have produced astonishing results. For example, in 2001, physicists at Harvard University, in Cambridge, Mass., showed how to stop light in its tracks. And since the mid-1990s, physicists have found bizarre new states of matter that were predicted by quantum theory. One of those — called a Bose-Einstein condensate — forms only near absolute zero. (That’s equivalent to –273.15° Celsius, or –459.67° Fahrenheit.) In this state, atoms lose their individuality. Suddenly, the group acts as one big mega-atom.

Quantum physics isn’t just a cool and quirky discovery, though. It’s a body of knowledge that will change in unexpected ways how we see our universe — and interact with  it.

A quantum recipe

Quantum theory describes the behavior of things — particles or energy — on the smallest scale. In addition to wavicles, it predicts that a particle may be found in many places at the same time. Or it may tunnel through walls. (Imagine if you could do that!) If you measure a photon’s location, you might find it in one place — and you might find it somewhere else. You can never know for certain where it is.

Also weird: Thanks to quantum theory, scientists have shown how pairs of particles can be linked — even if they’re on different sides of the room or opposite sides of the universe. Particles connected in this way are said to be entangled. So far, scientists have been able to entangle photons that were 1,200 kilometers (750 miles) apart. Now they want to stretch the proven entanglement limit even farther.

Quantum theory thrills scientists — even as it frustrates them.

It thrills them because it works. Experiments verify the accuracy of quantum predictions. It also has been important to technology for more than a century. Engineers used their discoveries about photon behavior to build lasers. And knowledge about the quantum behavior of electrons led to the invention of transistors. That made possible modern devices such as laptops and smartphones.

But when engineers build these devices, they do so following rules that they don’t fully understand. Quantum theory is like a recipe. If you have the ingredients and follow the steps, you end up with a meal. But using quantum theory to build technology is like following a recipe without knowing how food changes as it cooks. Sure, you can put together a good meal. But you couldn’t explain exactly what happened to all of the ingredients to make that food taste so great.

Scientists use these ideas “without any idea of why they should be there,” notes physicist Alessandro Fedrizzi. He designs experiments to test quantum theory at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. He hopes those experiments will help physicists understand why particles act so strangely on the smallest scales.

If quantum theory sounds strange to you, don’t worry. You’re in good company. Even famous physicists scratch their heads over it.

Remember Einstein, the German genius? He helped describe quantum theory. And he often said he didn’t like it. He argued about it with other scientists for decades.

“If you can think about quantum theory without getting dizzy, you don’t get it,” Danish physicist Niels Bohr once wrote. Bohr was another pioneer in the field. He had famous arguments with Einstein about how to understand quantum theory. Bohr was one of the first people to describe the weird things that pop out of quantum theory.

“I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum [theory],” noted American physicist Richard Feynman once said. And yet his work in the 1960s helped show that quantum behaviors aren’t science fiction. They really happen. Experiments can demonstrate this.

Quantum theory is a theory, which in this case means it represents scientists’ best idea about how the subatomic world works. It’s not a hunch, or a guess. In fact, it’s based on good evidence. Scientists have been studying and using quantum theory for a century. To help describe it, they sometimes use thought experiments. (Such research is known as theoretical.)

In 1935, Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger described such a thought experiment about a cat. First, he imagined a sealed box with a cat inside. He imagined the box also contained a device that could release a poison gas. If released, that gas would kill the cat. And the probability the device released the gas was 50 percent. (That’s the same as the chance that a flipped coin would turn up heads.)

To check the status of the cat, you open the box.

The cat is either alive or dead. But if cats behaved like quantum particles, the story would be stranger. A photon, for instance, can be a particle and a wave. Likewise, Schrödinger’s cat can be alive and dead at the same time in this thought experiment. Physicists call this “superposition.” Here, the cat won’t be one or the other, dead or alive, until someone opens the box and takes a look. The fate of the cat, then, will depend on the act of doing the experiment.

Schrödinger used that thought experiment to illustrate a huge problem. Why should the way that the quantum world behaves depend on whether someone is watching?

Welcome to the multiverse

Anthony Leggett has been thinking about this problem for 50 years. He’s a physicist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In 2003, he won a Nobel Prize in physics, the most prestigious award in his field. Leggett has helped develop ways to test quantum theory. He wants to know why the smallest world doesn’t match with the ordinary one we see. He likes to call his work “building Schrödinger’s cat in the laboratory.”

Leggett sees two ways to explain the problem of the cat. One way is to assume that quantum theory will eventually fail in some experiments. “Something will happen that is not described in the standard textbooks,” he says. (He has no idea what that something might be.)

The other possibility, he says, is more interesting. As scientists conduct quantum experiments on larger groups of particles, the theory will hold. And those experiments will unveil new aspects of quantum theory. Scientists will learn how their equationsdescribe reality and be able to fill in the missing pieces. Eventually, they will be able to see more of the whole picture.

Simply put, Leggett hopes: “Things that right now seem fantastic will be possible.”

Some physicists have proposed even wilder solutions to the “cat” problem. For example: Maybe our world is one of many. It’s possible that infinitely many worlds exist. If true, then in the thought experiment, Schrödinger’s cat would be alive in half the worlds — and dead in the rest.

Quantum theory describes particles like that cat. They may be one thing or another at the same time. And it gets weirder: Quantum theory also predicts that particles may be found in more than one place at a time. If the many-world idea is true, then a particle might be in one place in this world, and somewhere else in other worlds.

This morning, you probably chose which shirt to wear and what to eat for breakfast. But according to the many worlds idea, there is another world where you made different choices.

This weird idea is called the “many-world” interpretation of quantum mechanics. It is exciting to think about, but physicists have not found a way to test whether it’s true.

Tangled up in particles

Quantum theory includes other fantastic ideasLike that entanglement. Particles may be entangled — or connected — even if they’re separated by the width of the universe.

Imagine, for instance, that you and a friend had two coins with a seemingly magical connection. If one showed up heads, the other would always be tails. You each take your coins home and then flip them at the same time. If yours comes up heads, then at the exact same moment you know your friend’s coin has just come up tails.

Entangled particles work like those coins. In the lab, a physicist can entangle two photons, then send one of the pair to a lab in a different city. If she measures something about the photon in her lab — such as how fast it moves — then she immediately knows the same information about the other photon. The two particles behave as though they send signals instantaneously. And this will hold even if those particles are now separated by hundreds of kilometers.

As in other parts of quantum theory, that idea causes a big problem. If entangled things send signals to each other instantly, then the message might seem to travel faster than the speed of light — which, of course, is the speed limit of the universe! So that cannot happen.

In June, scientists in China reported a new record for entanglement. They used a satellite to entangle six million pairs of photons. The satellite beamed the photons to the ground, sending one of each pair to one of two labs. The labs sat 1,200 kilometers (750 miles) apart. And each pair of particles remained entangled, the researchers showed. When they measured one of a pair, the other one was affected immediately. They published those findings in Science.

Scientists and engineers are now working on ways to use entanglement to link particles over ever-longer distances. But the rules of physics still prevent them from sending signals faster than the speed of light.

Why bother?

If you ask a physicist what a subatomic particle really, truly is, “I don’t know that anyone can give you an answer,” says Lindley.

Many physicists are content with not knowing. They work with quantum theory, even though they don’t understand it. They follow the recipe, never quite knowing why it works. They may decide that if it works, why bother going any further?

Others, like Fedrizzi and Leggett, want to know why particles are so weird. “It’s far more important to me to find out what’s behind all of this,” Fedrizzi says.

Forty years ago, scientists were skeptical that they could do such experiments, notes Leggett. Many thought that asking questions about the meaning of quantum theory was a waste of time. They even had a refrain: “Shut up and calculate!”

Leggett compares that past situation to exploring sewers. Going into sewer tunnels might be interesting but not worth visiting more than once.

“If you were to spend all your time rummaging around in the bowels of the Earth, people would think you were rather strange,” he says. “If you spend all your time on the foundations of quantum [theory], people will think you’re a little odd.”

Now, he says, “the pendulum has swung the other way.” Studying quantum theory has become respectable again. Indeed, for many it has become a lifelong quest to understand the secrets of the tiniest world.

“Once the subject hooks you, it won’t let you go,” says Lindley. He, by the way, is hooked.

Power Words

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atom     The basic unit of a chemical element. Atoms are made up of a dense nucleus that contains positively charged protons and uncharged neutrons. The nucleus is orbited by a cloud of negatively charged electrons.

behavior     The way something, often a person or other organism, acts towards others, or conducts itself.

electron     A negatively charged particle, usually found orbiting the outer regions of an atom; also, the carrier of electricity within solids.

engineer     A person who uses science to solve problems. As a verb, to engineer means to design a device, material or process that will solve some problem or unmet need.

entanglement    (in quantum physics) A concept in quantum physics that holds that subatomic particles can be linked even if they are not physically near one another. Quantum entanglement can link the properties of things at great distances — perhaps at opposite ends of the universe.

equation     In mathematics, the statement that two quantities are equal. In geometry, equations are often used to determine the shape of a curve or surface.

field     An area of study, as in: Her field of research was biology. Also a term to describe a real-world environment in which some research is conducted, such as at sea, in a forest, on a mountaintop or on a city street. It is the opposite of an artificial setting, such as a research laboratory.

laser     A device that generates an intense beam of coherent light of a single color. Lasers are used in drilling and cutting, alignment and guidance, in data storage and in surgery.

matter     Something that occupies space and has mass. Anything on Earth with matter will have a property described as “weight.”

microchip    A tiny wafer of semiconducting material (the chip), often silicon, which holds tiny electronic parts and the “wiring” needed to connect them to an electric circuit. Or a small computer chip that is implanted in goods or animals and acts like a tag. It holds information that can be retrieved as needed (such as an animal’s name or the inventory lot for commercial products.

multiverse    A term to connote the idea that our universe may be one of many (perhaps an infinite number of alternative universes) and that different things may happen in each.

Nobel prize     A prestigious award named after Alfred Nobel. Best known as the inventor of dynamite, Nobel was a wealthy man when he died on December 10, 1896. In his will, Nobel left much of his fortune to create prizes to those who have done their best for humanity in the fields of physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and peace. Winners receive a medal and large cash award.

particle     A minute amount of something.

photon     A particle representing the smallest possible amount of light or other electromagnetic radiation.

physics     The scientific study of the nature and properties of matter and energy. A scientist who works in such areas is known as a physicist.

probability     A mathematical calculation or assessment (essentially the chance) of how likely something is to occur.

proton     A subatomic particle that is one of the basic building blocks of the atoms that make up matter. Protons belong to the family of particles known as hadrons.

quantum     (pl. quanta) A term that refers to the smallest amount of anything, especially of energy or subatomic mass.

quantum mechanics     A branch of physics dealing with the behavior of matter on the scale of atoms or subatomic particles.

quantum physics     A branch of physics that uses quantum theory to explain or predict how a physical system will operate on the scale of atoms or sub-atomic particles.

quantum theory     A way to describe the operation of matter and energy at the level of atoms. It is based on an interpretation that at this scale, energy and matter can be thought to behave as both particles and waves. The idea is that on this very tiny scale, matter and energy are made up of what scientists refer to as quanta — miniscule amounts of electromagnetic energy.

radiation     (in physics) One of the three major ways that energy is transferred. (The other two are conduction and convection.) In radiation, electromagnetic waves carry energy from one place to another. Unlike conduction and convection, which need material to help transfer the energy, radiation can transfer energy across empty space.

satellite     A moon orbiting a planet or a vehicle or other manufactured object that orbits some celestial body in space.

science fiction     A field of literary or filmed stories that take place against a backdrop of fantasy, usually based on speculations about how science and engineering will direct developments in the distant future. The plots in many of these stories focus on space travel, exaggerated changes attributed to evolution or life in (or on) alien worlds.

sewer     A system of water pipes, usually running underground, to move sewage (primarily urine and feces) and stormwater for collection — and often treatment — elsewhere.

skeptical     Not easily convinced; having doubts or reservations.

smartphone     A cell (or mobile) phone that can perform a host of functions, including search for information on the internet.

subatomic     Anything smaller than an atom, which is the smallest bit of matter that has all the properties of whatever chemical element it is (like hydrogen, iron or calcium).

superposition      (in quantum physics) The ability of some minute subatomic-scale particle to be more than one place at the same time. It has to do with particles in the quantum world having the weird capacity to exist in all possible states (or positions) at once. (in geology) An understanding that unless subsurface strata of soil and rock have been disturbed somehow, the age of the materials will get successively older with depth.

theory     (in science) A description of some aspect of the natural world based on extensive observations, tests and reason. A theory can also be a way of organizing a broad body of knowledge that applies in a broad range of circumstances to explain what will happen. Unlike the common definition of theory, a theory in science is not just a hunch. Ideas or conclusions that are based on a theory — and not yet on firm data or observations — are referred to as theoretical. Scientists who use mathematics and/or existing data to project what might happen in new situations are known as theorists.

thought experiments    Mathematical analyses of ideas, situations or events. They are not based on real-world tests in a lab or the environment. They instead use numbers and relationships between mathematical operations to test whether something can or will happen. This is also known as theoretical research.

transistor    A device that can act like a switch for electrical signals.

universe     The entire cosmos: All things that exist throughout space and time. It has been expanding since its formation during an event known as the Big Bang, some 13.8 billion years ago (give or take a few hundred million years).

verify     (n. verification) To demonstrate or confirm in some way that a particular claim or suspicion is true.

wave     A disturbance or variation that travels through space and matter in a regular, oscillating fashion.

wave-particle duality    The concept that a subatomic particle can exhibit properties of a wave and a particle. But at any one time it will only show attributes of being either a wave or a particle.

wavicle     A term invented in 1928 by the British physicist Arthur Stanley Eddington to convey the duality of light and radiation as being both waves and particles, although they never appear to be both at the same time.

When we hear Humans discuss Space/Time, we almost always hear of it as being a physical thing. We have been told that in truth there is no actual Space/Time since everything in the Multi-verse occupies the same Space without time. Still it is a complicated thing to describe. Oftentimes We hear Time as being an Object that is perceived as travelling in Lines or in Streams. Well… look out into the Ocean and picture it as being an Ocean of Time. Now imagine that each single water droplet is a point in Time. Do you still believe that they must all follow lines? It would be more realistic to imagine a relationship between the varying points of Time in their juxtaposition to each other as fractals; the relationships of one point to another and “cluster” or grouping as fractals since this seems to be the observable norm in our physical Universe.

Let us examine another interesting article about Fractals and their likelihood in the Multi-verse.



What seemed to be flaws in the structure of a mystery metal may have given physicists a glimpse into as-yet-undiscovered laws of the universe.

The qualities of a high-temperature superconductor – a compound in which electrons obey the spooky laws of quantum physics, and flow in perfect synchrony, without friction – appear linked to the fractal arrangements of seemingly random oxygen atoms.

Those atoms weren’t thought to matter, especially not in relation to the behavior of individual electrons, which exist at a scale thousands of times smaller. The findings, published Aug. 12 in Nature, are a physics equivalent of discovering a link between two utterly separate dimensions.

“We don’t know the theory for this,” said physicist Antonio Bianconi of Rome’s Sapienza University. “We just make the experimental observation that the two worlds seem to interfere.”

Unlike semiconductors, the metals on which modern electronics rely, superconductors allow electrons to pass through without resistance. Rather than bouncing haphazardly, the electrons’ movements are perfectly synchronized. They flow like a fluid, but without viscosity.

For most of the 20th century, this was possible only in certain extremely pure metals at temperatures approaching absolute zero, cold enough to quench all motion but that of quantum particles, which interact with each other in ways that defy the classic laws of space and time.

Then, in the mid-1980s, physicists Karl Muller and Johannes Bednorz discovered a class of ceramic compounds in which superconductivity was possible at much higher temperatures. The temperatures were still hundreds of degrees Fahrenheit below zero, but it wasn’t even thought possible.

Muller and Bednorz soon won a Nobel Prize, but subsequent decades and thousands of researchers have not yielded a theory of high-temperature superconductivity. “High temperatures should destroy the quantum phenomenon,” said Bianconi, who decided to investigate another odd property of these materials: They’re not quite regular. Oxygen atoms roam inside, and assume random positions as they freeze.

“Everyone was looking at these materials as ordered and homogeneous,” said Bianconi. That is not the case – but neither, he found, was the position of oxygen atoms truly random. Instead, they assumed complex geometries, possessing a fractal form: A small part of the pattern resembles a larger part, which in turn resembles a larger part, and so on.

“Such fractals are ubiquitous elsewhere in nature,” wrote Leiden University theoretical physicist Jan Zaanen in an accompanying commentary, but “it comes as a complete surprise that crystal defects can accomplish this feat.”

If what Zaanen described as “surprisingly beautiful” patterns were all Bianconi found, the results would have been striking enough. But they appear to have a function.

In Bianconi’s samples, larger fractals correlated with higher superconductivity temperatures. When the fractal disappeared at a distance of 180 micrometers, superconductivity appeared at 32 degrees Kelvin. When it vanished at 400 micrometers, conductivity went quantum at 42 degrees Kelvin.

At -384 degrees Fahrenheit, that’s still plenty cold, but it’s heading towards the truly high-temperature superconductivity that Bianconi describes as “the dream” of his field, making possible miniature supercomputers that run at everyday temperatures.

However, while the arrangement of oxygen atoms appears to influence the quantum behaviors of electrons, neither Bianconi nor Zaanen have any idea how that could be. That fractal arrangements are seen in so many other systems – from leaf patterns to stock market fluctuations to the frequency of earthquakes – suggests some sort of common underlying laws, but these remain speculative.

According to Zaanen, the closest mathematical description of superconductive behavior comes from something called “Anti de Sitter space / Conformal Field Theory correspondence,” a subset of string theory that attempts to describe the physics of black holes.

That’s a dramatic connection. But as Zaanen wrote, “This fractal defect structure is astonishing, and there is nothing in the textbooks even hinting at an explanation.”

So the phrase “As above, so below” certainly has a validity in so many parts of our lives.

Happy May Day 2018


All members of the Human Collective upon the surface of the Earth Unite! Only together will it be possible to finally end all Country Internment and Currency Slavery!

Hoping that all have have a Happy May Day today. As we observe the situation on Earth, it is evident that more and more of you are beginning to realize that at this moment there is no valid government upon the Earth beyond the Municipal Level. There are so many injustices upon Earth as well as a burgeoning desire for greater individual freedom as more of you awaken to the these injustices and desire to see them dealt with. In order to end all poverty upon the Earth you must first eliminate all wealth. The Earth is your Home! Refuse to live on a postage Stamp. You are too good for that. The corrals that have held you for too long have only enabled a tiny member of your Collective to covet the resources, land, labour end even the very fruits of all Human Labour for themselves. The very safety of your Planet Earth now relies upon you to awake and refuse to permit those thieves who have successfully deceived you for too long to continue their reins of terror, war and shame, fear and lies. We do not advocate violence as this is in opposition to Universal Law. We advise instead a greater sharing of information in order to aid those among you who are still unaware of these grim facts.

  1. You own only yourself and worthless paper. There is no private ownership of the Earth nor any of it’s parts. There is no ownership of other Human Beings. You are all equal.
  2. You have Universal Rights. Access to potable water, healthy food, shelter, all forms of education/training and all expressions of Healthcare.
  3. You are all sovereign citizens of Earth with the right to travel, live or work anyplace upon the surface of the Earth unhindered. The Earth is your home. Humans live in towns and cities; not in countries.
  4. Only the Labour has value. The labour of Humans, Animals, Nature (the very Earth itself) have value. Nothing else has value. Not shiny metal, shiny stones nor privately mass-manufactured tiny strips covered in cartoons. There can be no replacement for Labour and the fruits thereof.
  5. Distraction is a means of superintendence. At present we witness many distractions being used in an attempt to blind you to the theft of the World and your own Freedoms being stolen by more and more unjust laws. Some examples of distraction are War, Narcotics, Sexuality, Gossip and Consumerism.
  6. There is no scarcity upon the Earth.

Be brave! Rely upon courage, pride and truth and do not engage with any that rely upon fear, shame and lies. Stop paying debts and refuse to pay for any resources or shelter or education or healthcare or taxes. Just stop joining any Armies as there is no Good War and Bad war. The world is not a grey Earth where everything is both lies and truth and good and bad at the same time. There is Colour! There is Love! There is Truth.

Here is an story about May Day 2018.

Riot police use teargas against anarchists at Paris May Day rally


President Emmanuel Macron, elected last May on a promise to shake up France’s economy and spur jobs growth, is locked in a battle with the trade unions over his plans to liberalise labour regulations.

Railway staff have begun three months of nationwide rolling strikes in a dispute over the government’s planned overhaul of state-run railway SNCF.

Discontent with Macron’s economic policies has spread beyond the railways and the May Day protests were intended to send a message of defiance to the former investment banker, who is currently on a trip to Australia.

Earlier on Tuesday Macron reiterated that he would not back down on his reform agenda.

Labour unions put the number of peaceful protesters at Tuesday’s main May Day rally at about 55,000, though police put it a just 20,000. The numbers were relatively small compared to other recent demonstrations.

Opposition conservative and far-right politicians accused Macron’s government of being insufficiently prepared for the violent protests and criticised it for not cracking down more heavily on far-left anarchist groups.

The leader of the far-left France Unbowed party, Jean-Luc Melenchon, said he believed far-right groups were responsible for the violence.

You have Free Will and the source of all that is required to provide you with Bliss is already within you. Care about where you are standing, what you are thinking and how you are treating those about you. Do not care about where others are standing, what others are thinking or how others are treating those about them. On Earth you will witness those who have Personal Power being happy and having no desire to steal goods from others, from the Earth or power from others. You’re witnessing now those who have no Personal Power attempting to steal all from all including your Personal Power. Do not interact with any of them. You do not owe anything to anyone; least of all your loyalty.

Please be loving and peaceful and do not ever be afraid.