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FEBRUARY 26, 2017

Dear readers, we meet with you in love during these times of so much seeming turmoil. Be not afraid, as all is as it needs to be for the evolution and growth of the majority. It is a time of confusion even for you who are awake, leaving many of you to question whether or not there really is an ascension process happening.

You are witnessing the baby steps of awakening for those who have up to now accepted as truth everything they were told by governments, churches, and so called experts. Inner eyes are starting to open and with it, tiny buds of awareness are beginning to unfold. Many are suddenly realizing that much of what they have accepted without question has not been for the good of the majority, but has been instead for the good of a few.

Observe the many beginning to stand up for themselves and demand answers. The Light is beginning to shine on those comfortably hidden within self serving agendas and they have no answers–the emperor (world illusion) is finally being recognized as having no clothes.

Accustomed to blind obedience, many in positions of power are not prepared for questioning nor do they feel any obligation to answer. Obedience without question is facet of old energy that is quickly dissolving in the presence of the higher frequencies of Light now bringing the truth of individual empowerment to world consciousness.

As the majority begins to recognize and claim their innate power it is creating great fear in those comfortable and profiting from the status quo. This in turn is causing them to respond with what they know, tools of the three dimensional belief system– repression, violence, and punishment.

The reclaiming of innate power is one of the first and most powerful steps of the evolutionary journey, but many as of yet do not fully understand what it is that they are beginning to feel. Since individuals can only express their current state of consciousness, you are witnessing a surge of actions that reflect concepts of resolution, some peaceful and some not.

Be not afraid dear ones, for all is as it needs to be for now. As we have said before, this does not mean that awake individuals cannot take a stand as long as actions are done with the intention of service, giving example, and unconditional love for the purpose of helping to awaken others to higher methods of resolution.

We wish to speak about love in action, love that is not simply emotion or awareness, but love expressed outwardly through words spoken or actions taken. As with all actions, intention sets the energy on which the activity flows. When unconditional love is the intention behind an action, it will always carry a high resonance regardless of how mundane it may appear to others.

There are times when stern words or actions are the only way some group or an individual can comprehend that their words or actions are not acceptable or that what they are doing is interfering with another’s freedom or good. Parents do this all the time when they discipline their children.

Sadly, not all stern action is based in unconditional love. Frequently the discipline of children, prisoners, church members, or anyone under another’s authority is not done for the good of the one being disciplined as they tell themselves, but is instead an excuse to indulge in the self-serving misuse of power.

The misuse of power is a tool used by those who unconsciously carrying energies of inadequacy and low self esteem. Exercising power over another without love, provides these dear ones with a false sense of having the strength and power all seek but which can only be found within.

Love in action means taking the time to ask yourself; “Why am I taking this action? Is it to punish or to inform? Is it to dominate, or to teach? Or is it simply because I am now choosing to express love in all my actions?”

Having experienced many lifetimes on earth, the mind and reflexes of many are still programmed until cleared, to act from fear, judgement, and criticism in unfamiliar situations. These reactions are either old energies still active in cellular memory or learned concepts from this lifetime regarding 3D rules of how everything must be in order to be right.

The gradual and ongoing evolution of mankind is easily recognized by observing how the “rules” of one generation seem old and silly to the next and then completely change. So much unnecessary suffering has taken place in the past and still does today simply because of “rules” imposed upon the un-empowered by someone in “authority” be it politicians, church leaders, parents, or adult children.

When you react negatively to some person place or event, pause and take time to ask yourselves what the reaction was about. “What am I believing that is making me feel this way? Is it true?” Negative reactions are your teachers and blessings, serving as tools to help you discover what you may still hold in your belief system, allowing you to then release and clear whatever you find.

This is a most powerful time on earth. High frequency energies of Light are streaming in and available to all. These energies affect everyone, allowing them to easily recognize everything that does not resonate with universal love. Universal consciousness is in the painful throes of birthing individual empowerment. It is being born now, today, in the world around you.

Unconditional love must be brought in to every action, no matter how seemingly mundane. Holding the door for someone while silently acknowledging that they are a divine being makes you a Lightworker and allows this simple act to carry a spiritual frequency. The same act of holding a door for someone when done from a sense of duty or concepts of separation, does not flow with the same energy but will appear the same.

Actions of service done with no awareness of oneness (unconditional love) are a very important phase of the journey because they are the first steps toward attaining of a consciousness of oneness. All actions of service are in reality, love even if the person acting is far from realizing it.

Every individual is required only to live out from their highest attained state of consciousness. If a person chooses to live from a lower state of consciousness than he has attained (pretending, in order to please another), he will experience guilt and unease because he is out of sync with his inner self/SELF.

Intention- intention- intention–dear ones. In the beginning you must stay aware of the intentions behind every word and action, but there soon comes a time when this conscious effort is no longer needed because your practice has become your attained state of consciousness allowing all actions to automatically flow on streams of unconditional love.

Attaining a consciousness of the oneness of all within the ONE is the goal of the spiritual journey. Many of you are already there, and have found that you rarely react to things as you once did. You have become the way-showers and the time for way showing is very close as many rapidly become ready to be shown.

The rites and rituals of organized religions are simply tools–some effective and some not, usually created by well intentioned humans, not God, for the purpose of informing others about truth (their concept of it). Every soul reaches the point at which there is no longer any benefit to continuing organized religious practices because there has come the realization that the only real church is within. This is not to say that church activities can never again be enjoyed or shared with friends, but the belief that they are necessary is no longer there.

All organized religions begin with messages of truth received and taught by an individual who has attained a highly evolved state of consciousness. However, within a generation or two the purity of the original messages is always lost and begins to fill with falsehoods.

This happens when the purity of the original teachings are interpreted and then taught by those of a much less evolved state of consciousness. These teachers, ministers, authority figures may mean well, but because of their inability to grasp the real meanings of the deeper truths as taught by the original teacher, they teach concepts, not truth.

There are still those who need the guidance and structure of organized religion to help them learn how to behave, but every soul reaches a point where teachings presented to them by others feel old and finished–trust that feeling. Truth lies quietly within, awaiting the recognition of every person, for where else could Truth be, you being what you are–the One Divine Consciousness, all there is.

At a certain point every person must stop seeking outside of self for truth. “Truth” as taught by others can never rise higher than the attained state of consciousness of the teacher who is often well intentioned, but is still holds many third dimensional beliefs.

A true spiritual teacher always guides and teaches the student to seek within, the only place truth can be found. This is the purpose of meditation, nature, and silence–practices that quiet the mind so that the still small voice within can be heard.

The evolutionary journey is simply the process of remembering who and what you already are through experiences of separation. Every bit of realization attained must then be lived and expressed much like the fruit that seems to appear out of no where on fruit trees. If the fruit is not picked, it remains unexpressed and rots.

Allow the fruits of your awareness to abundantly flow without fear into every situation carried on streams of unconditional love.

We are the Arcturian Group 2/26/17



Now is the time for all members of our Human Collective of Earth to be honest and loving.

Greater Freedom Erosion In Canada

As if there weren’t already too many sick laws in Canada we have got some more on the way. After the Election of Prime Minister Trudeau there were many in Canada who mistakenly thought that this would lead to legal reform and an overall more compassionate Canada. Since then many have awakened to the fact that with all of these “Internment Camp” governments of Nation States it is always “2 or more ugly faces etched into the same worthless stone. It doesn’t matter which face it is that you are staring at as the stone is crushing your chest.”
Trudeau ran on a platform of “Change” just as Obama ran on a platform of “Change”. After election the only thing that changes is that they admit they do not even know what the word “Change” even means.
We already witnessed the illegal age of sexual consent increase under the tyrant Stephen Harper. Only Octaevius Altair was brave enough to actually sue the Attorney General of Canada in an attempt to restore law and order to Canada since this increase was a direct violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. “The legal age of sexual consent in Canada was 14 years old for 100 years. A right that was protected under the Charter. You cannot arbitrarily raise this age in 2009 for the same reason that you cannot raise the voting age or the the rights of minorities be stripped.” Octaevius Altair was ultimately denied Standing on behalf of Public Interest solely due to the fact that the law was so new that it had yet been challenged by any person actually charged and in Canada this is forbidden. Sadly today in 2017 it still goes unchallenged as most Criminal Lawyers would rather convince the ignorant, innocent victims charged under this violation to plead guilty to crimes they didn’t commit as a “Plea Bargain” instead of doing their job as a defender.
Well now we see even more absurd laws being passed.
Anti-Smoking! First they banned it on airplanes, theaters, then shopping malls, offices and restaurants and bars. They then banned it in private vehicles with children on board.
You thought that with the recent decriminalization of marijuana that basic freedoms would be on the upswing? Guess again! Now they will be banning all forms of smoking in all apartments and condominiums! So if you just purchased a small downtown condominium for one million dollars and you feel like a pipe, cigar, joint, hukkah or cigarette you will have to go outside your complex and smoke it on the street away from the entrance like a derelict. Now imagine it is it 30 degrees below zero outside!
Don’t believe me? Read it here or below.


Health Canada proposing smoking ban in apartments, raising legal age to 21

Ottawa is considering new anti-tobacco guidelines that could ban smoking inside apartments and on post-secondary school campuses, as well as raise the legal age for buying tobacco products to 21.
According to a discussion paper published by Health Canada on Feb. 22, approximately four million Canadians smoke, making up about 15 per cent of the population. Their new proposal is to cut the smoking population to less than five per cent by 2035.

One idea is to ban smoking inside “multi-dwelling units,” such as apartments and condominiums, where smoke can reach hallways and other units in the building, as well as on post-secondary school campuses.
“I think it’s too much invasion on the property of the smoker,” Jay Mattingsley, a smoker, told CTV Kitchener. “They’re renting the unit, they’ve paid for the rental of that unit, and it’s their home.”
Newer buildings often claim to enforce smoke-free rules, but according to Geordie Dent of the Federation of Metro Tenants’ Associations, eliminating cigarette smoke not that simple.
“If somebody goes into this building and starts smoking, there’s actually no real legal mechanism to get them out,” he told CTV Toronto.
Many post-secondary campuses already have variations of smoking bans, whether on the entire campus or near building entrances, in accordance with the province or municipality.
Jack Stevens, a student at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, said that he would appreciate the smoking ban on campus, due to being asthmatic.
Fellow student John Wrublewskyj said a federal law dictating a campus-wide ban isn’t necessary. He feels his school should be better at enforcing their existing ban. Wilfrid Laurier bans smoking within 10 metres of any university building.
“At night it’s horrible because when it’s cold and no one wants to actually go outside, they’ll just wear their pajamas and start smoking (in front of the door),” said Wrublewskyj.
Another proposed change is to raise the legal age to buy tobacco from the current ages of 18 and 19 to 21, following in the footsteps of both Hawaii and California. The paper notes, however, that this change could be difficult as the country seeks to legalize and regulate marijuana.
While tobacco use has been declining among the general population, it still burdens society with an estimated $17 billion in health care and indirect economic costs every year.
“I think what we failed to do is put the responsibility and the accountability where it belongs, right on the tobacco industry,” said Neil Collishaw of the Physicians for a Smoke Free Canada.
Some anti-smoking advocates, however, are wary of pushing for a full smoking ban, citing the way marijuana use continued to grow despite being illegal.
“To succeed we’re going to need a comprehensive strategy that includes legislation, taxation and better cessation programs, and youth prevention programs,” said Rob Cunningham of the Canadian Cancer Society.
According to the discussion paper, smoking continues to be the leading cause of premature death in Canada, with 37,000 people dying from smoking-related illnesses annually.
The paper comes ahead of the expiry of the current Federal Tobacco Control Strategy in March 2018. Health Canada is looking for feedback from Canadians on the proposed changes until mid-April.
With reports from CTV Kitchener’s Abbigal Bimman, CTV Toronto’s Miranda Anthistle and CTV’s Todd Battis


It has been said before and it will be said again. “No power under Heaven has any authority over you without your consent!” All Humans are the same and entitled to the same rights. All humans live at the same time together and not at different moments in time. Each Human does what they do based upon individual desire, ability and intent; not based upon some category invented and imposed upon them. There is no such thing as any law apart from Universal Law. If Canada really did care about Human Life above paper, then Shelter, Potable Water, Healthy Food and all forms of healthcare from surgery to therapy and prescriptions and dental care would be rights and not the privileges as they are today.

What’s Next on the agenda?
How about “Bicycle” Insurance (all ages)? Planning on going for a bike ride or planning to teach a young person to ride? Better make sure you paid for “Bicycle Insurance”.
How about the “Pedestrian Permit”? Planning on going for a walk? Better make sure you carry your “Pedestrian Permit” paid up to date and renewable yearly.
Canadians never seem to complain about new laws and invasions of privacy and outright extortion through permits and legislation.

You do not have to obey any of these absurd laws but if you want to really show a protest the best thing to do is pack your bags and move out of Canada. Perhaps Africa?

Non-Pornographic Images Of Children Being Banned Worldwide

What type of sickness is beginning to creep over the Planet Earth where we are witnessing Non-Pornographic images of children being banned worldwide? It is not Non-Pornographic nudes I am speaking of here but images of children in clothing. It is bad enough to witness the hundreds of thousands of youth (yes that many) being accused of distributing child porn just because they foolishly sent a nude photograph of themselves or posted one only or texted one privately. We are witnessing this disturbing behaviour spreading to include not only Non-Pornographic nude photos but even fully clothed children. It happens on YouTube almost daily ( don’t believe me? Just get any child to make a video wiggling their toes in front of a camera and see how long it takes before it is flagged, deleted and possibly even the associated account banned). This is hysteria that amounts to a sickness. What is the cause of it? It must be the burgeoning growth of equality in youth; including sexuality and expression that they deserve that is responsible for this irrational fear. It even happens on the Google Plus Communities to accounts that post images of fully clothed Youth.
We must assume it is due to people flagging accounts out of mischief and those who receive them couldn’t be bothered to look personally at what is flagged or perhaps they are themselves forbidden to look. So many flags means an automatic banning.
It isn’t only personal accounts but even entire websites. I know many individuals who have had photo accounts such as TUMBLR or INSTAGRAM deleted only because they were posting pictures of boys not even in the nude!
Read this : BoB and Boyart is closed

Europe Authorities did force the server provider to stop it. 😦
So it is closed, for clarifying the situation.
Thank you for your understanding.

That was from a popular photosite that never ever permitted porn or even nude photos.

How much further is this hysteria going to go unreported and unchallenged?

An Inspirational Letter for 2017

Remember that there is no power under Heaven that has any authority over you whatsoever, without your consent. All Humans are exactly the same, there is no greater than or less than.
Here is an inspirational Letter for 2017.

Leap to the Sun

Heavenletter #5930 Published on: February 18, 2017

God said:
You started out today saying: “Beloved God, give me the guts to reflect You on Earth. I’m getting tired of myself. Help me get out of my mud-hole. I want to leap to the Sun. What holds me back? Why don’t I just do it without further ado? The Sun reaches out its arms to me, and I can’t seem to fully open my arms. It must be I hold myself back?”

Beloveds, I say: Who is responsible for you if not you?

Staying asleep in the world of matter takes away your energy. I refer to your sleeping as you race around in the physical world. Your physical eyes may be open, yet your consciousness stays asleep. You do know something isn’t right.

Don’t fear what the day might bring. Truth delivers Sunshine to you. And it delivers Me. There isn’t anything else to deliver. Well, you will want to deliver yourself, and then you will begin to know Our Oneness once-and-for-all. Where are We? We are side-by-side as always. We are so blended, there is only One of Us. I say only. HA HA — imagine ONLY Oneness. It is enough. It is all that there is, and Oneness fills the entirety of Life. Oneness overflows. Dear Ones, you have tasted it, and so you yearn for it.

Remember the story of the Prince and the Pauper? The pauper was the actual Prince, only the pauper didn’t know it. Because the pauper did not have the accoutrements of a Prince, this didn’t mean he wasn’t a Prince. Alas, the True Prince held a limited belief. He was in ignorance. He didn’t know his identity. He had moments of a possible glimpse of His True Identity but only a sketchy moment.

Nor do you experience your True Identity.

You don’t have to be called a Prince in order to be a Prince. Of course, there is much more to being a Prince than a title and a crown.

Nevertheless, right now, I declare every single Child of Mine a Prince or a Princess. This is not new. It has ever been so and never otherwise. My sons and My daughters can only be something special. And you are something special. I know what you are worth. The world may not. Mostly likely the world does not know. Let My saying this sink in to you. You are Somebody! You ARE Royalty.

The world doesn’t know much despite its vested authority. You can’t ignore the world while you live in it, yet you don’t have to buy into the limits of the world. I mean, don’t. I mean, you must not. Do not limit yourself according to world measurements.

The world, as you know it, is a scared little thing. You already know that the Sun and the Moon know themselves better than the world knows itself. The world over-estimates itself at the same time as it underestimates itself. It builds itself up, and then it knocks itself down. That is the mock-up of the world as you know it.

You see the world as a world power and then you dislike how the world seems to conduct itself. C’mon, you knock the regulations that squeeze you. You long for Free Will and being as free as a bird.

Lift the world. Don’t knock it. Lift the world, and you will be free.

As you see it, somehow you got here on Earth in a kind of frenzy. You landed in a strange habitat of illusionary space and time. What a land contrary to the Truth of Life.

You, too, became blind. You forgot. You didn’t remember Truth any longer. Truth became the dream. You longed for the Truth, yet you called the Truth a Fairy Tale.

Stand up now with new posture.

For 2017 is the Tsunami of Love set to free Humanity from it’s own enslavement to itself. Be honest, be yourself and be loving!

Canada’s Homeless Crisis

In the 1930’s the federal government of Canada had a definition of poverty as being “Unable to pay for one months accommodation with one weeks wages.” How many people do you actually know right now at this moment who earn enough to pay for one month’s rent with one month’s wages? I personally do not know of any apart from some wealthy friends I know who do not work. Under the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, at this time there is no official definition of Poverty.

Statistics Canada tracks three low income statistics.

The Low Income Measure (LIM) is 50% of the adjusted mean income of Canadians

The Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) starts with the spending of the average Canadian family on shelter, food and clothing (43% of after tax income).The threshold is set at 20% more. Any family earning less is below this Low Income Line.

The Market Basket Measure (MBM) ‘is a measure of low income based on the cost of a specific basket of goods and services representing a modest, basic standard of living.’ It takes into account the ability to reasonably participate in community activities as well as physical health. It varies by geographical location.

Once upon a time there was a regulation of the real estate market but after these restrictions were lifted we witnessed an unreasonable increase in the cost of housing and rent as a result. It is easy to fix this problem. We know that in truth, there is no private ownership of lands or resources since this Planet does not actually belong to the Human Race. Still we must adapt a solution to these rapidly rising costs for shelter in Canada.

First we must prohibit foreign ownership of any real estate within Canada. Give them one year to sell all their holdings or confiscate it.

Second we must outlaw the practice of “Flipping” buy introducing a fine for those who engage in it. Any real estate sold within less than 3 years of purchase must be fined a total of 50% of the current resale value of the holding. Any who attempt to sell a holding greater than 3 years but less than 5 years from purchase must be fined a total of 25% total resale value of the holding. Any who attempt to sell a holding that they have had for 5 years or greater should not be fined or taxed.

As soon as these simple laws are introduced we should witness the value of real estate within Canada drop by at least 50% (along with rental costs). Hopefully this will result in a lower rate of Homelessness in Canada.

The Human Body and Sexuality

It is surprising to see how the many perceptions of Human Sexuality and Expression as well as the human body itself have a tendency to alter from culture, history and faiths. In terms of speaking for those of us who are the ‘Servants Of The Light’, We consider the human Body to be a human thing and not a sacred or a profane thing. All Humans are exactly the same and are therefore entitled to the same rights. It is not permitted for any Human to exercise complete power and authority over any other Human. It is permitted for all Humans to do whatever they wish provided that they do no harm to others or to their environment.

Please read this inspirational Letter.

What Will the Neighbors Think?
Heavenletter #5906 Published on: January 25, 2017

God said:
What do you base your estimate of yourself on? There is nothing to base yourself on. The world’s preferences are only the world’s preferences. The prefereces are temporary. Preferances change often enough.

The world is not the making of you. Nor is the world the undoing of you.

At one time, women were like scalps. A man’s value might have been set by how many scalps he could collect. The world set such standards according to the amalgamated consciousness of the world that set one standard for men and another standard for women. It is the consciousness of the human world that set you up for the changeable standards of the world you were born into.

The world set a standard of abstinence, and said this constraint was to honor Me, as if, on one hand I give, and on the other hand, I take away unless you were authorized by a ceremony. It was as if you were denied to look up at the sky, as if the human heart were to be turned off, had to be legalized, as if I would order you not to taste of the Tree of Knowledge, as if I would evict you from the Garden of Eden as punishment for the crime of being a human Being, as if I would personally kick you out from Heaven. Would I be so foolish?

There is no one blanket for virtue.

Don’t make standards for others as if this were your right. The world wants to run itself on logic. A world without heart lacks common sense and logic along with heart.

Certainly, I don’t speak of anything goes. Life is not intended to be one extreme or another.

Never was My purpose to impose impossible standards upon anyone. Never was My desire that you lie to anyone and most certainly, not to yourself, nor do I suggest that you take advantage of anyone. I do ask you to be truthful. I do ask you to mean what you say or to not say it.

Mislead no one, and, most especially, don’t mislead yourself.

I do not tell you to be free and then imprison you.

That I give you Free Will doesn’t mean that I give you something powerful and then, forbid it to you.

With desire comes responsibility. Of itself, there is no lawless nor lawful. Absolutes do not exist in the world.

Deception was acceptable when it worked. It was all right for the crime of pregnancy to be disguised. The refrain was: No one must know of this. No one must know because, if this were known, the whole family would be looked down upon.

It strikes Me that the disgraced family of the times was paying for the offenses of those who imposed the rules.

Once upon a time, it was deplorable for an unmarried woman to give birth, as if a baby were not beautiful, as if I would consider babies born out of wedlock as less than worthy and punish innocent little babes in My Name. I would not.

There might be a pretense to call a new baby the offspring of its grandmother, for instance, and a lie was perpetuated, as if to lie were fine and honorable.

The punishment for the crime of love was for the young mother to become ostracized and her whole family, including the baby, as well. Since when was hardheartedness honorable?

The way it was, the mother and and the mother’s mother were seemingly given no choice but to march over to the poor house and leave the baby there, leave the baby to a disdained loveless life, as if forced denial of the heart would make any sense at all.

Hard-heartedness has no value.

Remember goodness and mercy.

Judgment is not the way to Me, nor is sense of guilt the way to Me.

Love is the way to Me. Every Soul is the way to Me.


We have said this before… “All Humans are exactly the same and entitled to the same rights. There is no greater than or less than. It does not matter what is the body shape, physical age, race, tribe or any other difference that you invent and impose upon the Human Vessel in question (Classificationism). Those who serve the Light will always rely upon courage, pride and truth to encourage freedom and love while those who serve the Dark will always rely upon shame, fear and lies in order to exercise power over others and encourage slavery and hate. All Humans own exactly the same thing; themselves and worthless paper. No Human owns this Planet; ownership of property, resources or any other Human Being is false. A Human Being is an immortal ‘I Am Presence’ made of the imperishable Light of the Creator contained within a Human Vessel ‘suit’ made of the elements of the Earth. Start Loving each other today. Love will set you free from delusion.”

Inspirational Messages for 2017

We who are members of the Unorganised Path of Light know that 2017 should be the year that many Blessings unfold upon our Human Collective on Earth. The end of Country Internment, Currency Slavery and the addiction to conflict (World Peace). Also the unfolding of the new paradigm through the introduction of Universal Law.

Please take Hope and keep in touch with your Celestial Guides.

Enjoy these inspirational Messages.