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At this moment there seems to be a disturbing increase in intense media coverage about the private lives of Humans on Earth. More and more and more do we witness reports about “Sex Crimes” which are not real and millions and millions upon millions of innocent victims being sent to prisons Globally to serve as slave labour for “invented” Sex crimes which have no true basis in reality. We know that all humans are free to whatever they desire provided that the do not cause harm to others or to the environment. We also know that all consensual sex is completely harmless and is also an excellent form of exercise that is fun for humans of all ages. There is no “Normal” on Earth. There should be peace on Earth. There will be peace on Earth when Humans learn to care about where they are standing, what they are thinking and how they are treating those about them and not to care about where other humans are standing, or what others are thinking or how others are treating those about them. You create your life… it is and it has never been something that happens to you without your consent. Remember “thoughts are a trail of breadcrumbs that your life will follow.” No Being under Heaven has any authority over you without your consent.

Too many Humans are neglecting their feelings in order to “gain approval” from some perceived “majority” which does not exist. You must all accept that in order to live in peace with each other you must abandon these false concepts of any of you being “entitled” or having somehow “power over others”. No Human owns this Planet… not even the smallest part of this planet. No human owns any other human. All slavery is bad as there is no “Good and Bad” slavery, war, torture, rape etc. Child slavery on Earth is a thing that must be ended. Throughout history you have had periods where slavery was considered acceptable. You have also had periods where all humans were equal and even the young were expected to be equal members of society.

At this moment our Brother Pope Francis, a Lightworker who is doing his best to promote world peace, tolerance and discourage those who worship “Profit”; is coming under attack. Read the story HERE or below.

Here Are the Catholic Church Politics Behind That Letter Calling on Pope Francis to Resign


August 28, 2018

A scathing letter attacking Pope Francis over claims that he covered up allegations of sexual abuse by a high-profile American cardinal has brought into focus a crisis in the Catholic Church.

The 11-page text, written by noted anti-gay conservative Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, calls for Francis to resign over his alleged negligence. Vigano accuses Francis of covering up sexual abuse allegations against ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick in a letter that comes as multiple sexual abuse scandals again rock the church. The letter has sown division among leaders of Catholic Church in the United States.

One longtime Vatican watcher and scholar of the Catholic Church says the open attack on Pope Francis — coming at an especially vulnerable time for him — appears to be mostly about personal animus and the Pope’s move to make the Church more accepting of gays. The Pope’s defenders have already started to dispute details in Vigano’s letter.

Francis accepted McCarrick’s resignation in July and ordered him to a “life of prayer and penance” following accusations that the cardinal sexually abused adult seminarians and minors. McCarrick, the powerful head of the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., stepped down after an investigation by the Church concluded that claims he sexually abused a teenage altar boy were credible.

Vigano’s letter contains serious allegations about Francis’ response to reports of McCarrick’s abuse. But it also includes a screed against homosexuals and it can be seen as a homophobic attack against Francis, who has worked to open up the church to people who are gay or lesbian, among others who are turned away in accordance with the church’s teaching.

Massimo Faggioli, a theology and religious studies professor at Villanova University, says the charges in Vigano’s letter are motivated by a personal vendetta on behalf of conservative American Catholics. “People are especially upset with the fact that Francis is opening the church on sexuality and homosexuality,” Faggioli tells TIME. “So, here you have a very cynical alliance with a cynical agenda that has nothing to do with the sex abuse crisis.”

Here’s a breakdown of the accusations against Francis and why they are coming up now.

Who is calling for Pope Francis’ resignation and why?

Vigano in his letter has called on Francis and all others who he says remained silent about McCarrick’s abuse of seminarians to resign. Vigano writes that he informed Francis of McCarrick’s inappropriate behavior in 2013. Francis, he alleges, “continued to cover for” McCarrick.

Conservative bishops in America have voiced their support for Vigano since the letter was published on Sunday.

Cardinal Raymond Burke, the former archbishop of St. Louis, said the “appropriate sanctions must be applied,” if Vigano’s allegations are substantiated, the New York Times reports. Bishops David Konderla and Joseph Strickland also joined the surge of conservatives standing up with Vigano.

“As your shepherd, I find them credible,” Strickland wrote in a statement about the allegations brought up by Vigano, according to the Times.


We Want To Take Away All Of Your Power!

Greetings fellow members of the Unorganized Path Of Light and all Servants of the Light. It is time for Us to make our intentions clear. Attention all Internment Camps (masquerading as Countries) We want to take away all of your power. More and more of you members of the Human Collective on Earth are beginning to awaken to the Universal Truths of what you are… You are all equal brothers and sisters of the Family of Light. You are the Children of God… each creating your individual lives in each moment as partners of God. You are all sovereign Citizens of Earth and deserve Universal Law and Universal Human Rights. For long now have We witnessed the needless suffering of the Masses upon the surface of the Earth to the benefit of a tiny minority.

It is now long overdue for you to take back your personal power from these Internment Camps. They are all equally bad as their purpose is to divide and intern you and keep you in fear with too many absurd laws meant to imprison your non-violent brothers and sisters. There are many who claim to be what they are not hiding within the Path of Light. Some of these are presently serving the Currency Slavers by attempting to persuade you that you must embrace yet another worthless currency (Crypto-currency). We witness them and their continued attempts through shame, fear and lies to use scapegoats to keep you divided from each other and thus enslaved.

All true Servants of the Light know that you are all equal Beings, living together at the same time and behaving as you do based upon your individual desire, ability and intent. Not based upon the particular physical vessel you are using at present.

Some of the most heinous laws today are being used by the Internment Camp which calls itself the United Kingdom. We already talked about a particularly vile human there and now we are witnessing even more blatant attempts in this Internment Camp to divest still greater numbers of you of your personal freedoms and even liberty itself.

Just witness yet another foul human within the government of that Internment Camp the U.K. This foul man is Sajid Javid, Home Secretary of the U.K.

He has made no secret of the fact that he is prepared to do whatever it takes to preserve Child Slavery and imprison even more and more non-violent humans as a means to do exactly that.

Javid: 80,000 perverts target children online

At LEAST 80,000 British paedophiles are posing a sexual threat to children online, shocking figures will show today. In a speech laying bare the crisis, Home Secretary Sajid Javid will reveal that the threat from online sexual predators has rocketed.

The past five years has seen a 700 per cent increase in child abuse images referred to the National Crime Agency.

The pictures are also becoming more graphic, with abuse of babies and children under 10 regularly documented.

Speaking at the NSPCC, Mr Javid – who was born in Rochdale, the scene of one of Britain’s worst paedophile gang scandals – will say: “It was when I visited the National Crime Agency’s Child Exploitation Online Protection Command that the full horror of the scale and evolving nature of child sexual abuse was really brought home to me.

“One officer I met, who had previously worked in counter-terrorism for more than 20 years, told me how in all his years of working he has never been so shocked by the scale of the threat or the determination of the offenders.”

Mr Javid is expected to commit more funding to fight online child sex abuse as abusers use the “dark web” – a network of hidden and encrypted websites – as cover for their sickening activities.

Figures obtained by the NSPCC reveal more than 3,000 grooming offences in England and Wales during the first year of a new law banning sexual communication with a child.

Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat were used in 70 per cent of cases and nearly one in four victims was 11 or under.

A survey of 40,000 seven to 16-year-olds found, on average, one child in every classroom has received a nude or semi-nude image from an adult.

Meanwhile, more than 130 suspects, including an ex-police officer and five teachers, have been arrested in a joint crackdown on online child sex offenders by the NCA and forces across Britain.

Rob Jones of the NCA said: “We are seeing an increase in the number of sophisticated offenders using the dark web to groom and harm children.”

It is no longer acceptable to permit the use of shame, fear and lies to be used to scapegoat targeted minorities for imprisonment as yet even more slave labour in the U.K. while enforcing Child Slavery among your brothers and sisters.

Never forget that you own only yourselves. None of you own this Planet or any other human. There are no “Children” or “elderly”, there are only humans and you are all equal. Each behaving in a way based solely upon each individuals personal desire, ability and intent. Each deserving equal rights.

Youth may be your progeny but never your property.

It’s Official: Robert Buckland Is A Severely Mentally Deranged Man

Recently it has been brought to our attention that there is a dangerous, severely mentally deranged man who uses the name Robert Buckland in the U.K. with aspirations of “Power over others” coupled with an ambition to become the new Prime Minister of the U.K. This man is an advocate of using fear, shame and lies in order to control the public and discourage personal freedom and free-thinking on a massive scale. He desires to fabricate “New Laws” in order to imprison more and more innocent civilians under the belief that through his manipulation of the media and his fear, shame and lies technique, he will be unchallenged.

The proof of this mans mental derangement is clearly evident in this article below which is intended to obscure from the public what is or is not “abuse”  and further cloud the perceptions of what “pornographic images” actually are. Read it HERE or below.

Viewing child abuse images as bad as direct abuse, says solicitor general

Call for tougher sentences in England and Wales for sharing and downloading images

Paedophiles who download or share child abuse images should receive the same punishment as those who abuse children themselves, according to the solicitor general.

Robert Buckland QC said downloading and sharing such images was just as “insidious” as direct sexual abuse, as he announced plans to extend the unduly lenient sentencing scheme to indecent images offences. Under the scheme, victims and members of the public can challenge tariffs handed down to offenders.

“We have got to make sure that it’s fully understood that use of the internet to download and share images of child abuse is as insidious a crime as direct sexual assault,” Buckland, the MP for South Swindon, told the Daily Telegraph.

“I do hear that the weight of cases is a challenge but that shouldn’t detract from the seriousness of this type of offending and the fact that too many children and young people are being exploited, in many cases for the gratification of people living hundreds of miles away.”

One in four convictions for child abuse images result in custodial sentences, with the rest given community sentences, fines or suspended sentences, according to official figures.

A spokesperson for the attorney general’s office said: “As set out in the manifesto commitment, we are working with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to look at extending the scheme further. No decisions on future extensions have been made.”

In response to Buckland’s remarks, an MoJ spokesperson said: “Online child sexual exploitation is sickening, and offenders who take or distribute indecent images already face 10 years in prison – with record numbers given custodial sentences in 2017.

“Last year, we also made it illegal to communicate sexually with a child, and we will shortly set out further measures to protect child victims in our victim’s strategy. However, sentencing is a matter for independent judges who make decisions based on the full facts of each case.”

The government has introduced various pieces of legislation relating to child sexual abuse and exploitation during its time in office. A new offence of revenge pornography has been created, it is now an offence to possess a “paedophile manual”, and a specific offence of communicating sexually with a child has also been introduced.

Robert Buckland knows full well that recreational sex acts may be defined as “pornography” and nothing else is this. Yet he will (if permitted by an apathetic public too afraid to defend personal freedoms) introduce laws to define nudity and even fully clothed humans including real but also fabricated images and animation as pornography. He will do this in order to imprison more and more Humans. Why is this? Perhaps the reason is for personal economic gain?

Are Britain’s Prisons Turning Into Slave Labour Factories?

Industrious places of productive work” is perhaps not the first phrase you’d pick to describe the British prison system. But the coalition government want to defy your hasty presumptions about shivs and awkward roommates with a new scheme aiming to boost the number of employed offenders behind bars from 10,000 to 20,000 by 2020. The plans fall under the Ministry of Justice’s snappily-titled “Rehabilitation Revolution”, which, besides being a totally on-point, zeitgeisty name, launched One3one Solutions, an enterprise charged with the task of enticing businesses to set up production within Britain’s prisons.

A recent survey from the Ministry of Justice showed that three-quarters of prisoners who fail to find jobs and accommodation are reconvicted within a year, compared with only two-fifths of those who manage to land a job and somewhere to live. It’s clear that something needs to change, and the government argues that the growth of working prisons will help inmates develop vital skills, decreasing reoffending rates.

“It’s a very nice notion,” says Joe Black, a member of The Campaign Against Prison Slavery (CAPS), an association of activists and prisoner support groups who campaign against compulsory prison labour. “It ticks quite a lot of boxes with the electorates – making prisoners work, getting them proper jobs, making them good tax-payers – but it’s just not going to happen, unfortunately.”

Remarkably, the message in the glossy promotional video aimed at seducing businesses into setting up working prisons comes across a little differently. Simon Newberry, Head of Community Service & Interventions at G4S, claims: “It’s about making sure that all the work opportunities we provide prisoners will link through the gates and hopefully lead to employment opportunities upon release.”

Ben Gunn was convicted of murder at the age of 14, released in August, 2012 aged 47, and is one of the few British prisoners to self-teach himself, all the way from schoolboy level to the point of passing both undergrad and post-grad degrees. He now works as a criminal justice consultant investigating miscarriages of justice, but had “vast experience of working behind bars” in every possible job going. “Most of the work behind bars is low-skilled, repetitive work,” he told me. “You have grown men putting tea bags into larger plastic bags and getting paid £10 a week; it teaches you nothing about work ethic, just about being exploited.”

While there are some resettlement programs that aim to get offenders employed after release, Joe Black pointed out that those existing schemes often flop just as badly as the worthless, vastly underpaid jobs on the inside that Ben Gunn talked about. “It’s almost standard policy for employers to refuse to even interview anyone with a criminal record,” he told me. “So where are people going to find jobs? You employ them when they’re inside and then you kick them out the door.”

The Rehabilitation Revolution just so happens to coincide with the Ministry of Justice’s attempt to make £2 billion in annual savings by March, 2015. Britain has an overcrowded prison population of 84,431, costing the state £45,000 a year per inmate, so recouping that astronomical cost of imprisonment by capitalising on a captive labour force is undoubtedly an attractive proposition.

However, while that may seem like the easiest assumption to make, it seems that it’s actually not the government cashing in on prison labour at all. A recent report by a cross-party group of MPs warned that prison service funding cuts are seriously jeopardising offender management services and the Rehabilitation Revolution. In the wake of the cuts, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling announcedthat five more public sector prisons are to be outsourced, raising the total number of privatised prisons to 16. “They’re actually handing the workforce over to private companies like G4S, so they’ll be getting the money from prison labour, not the government,” Joe told me.

All that said, there are a lot of people out there who argue that criminals deserve harsh treatment, so if the plans achieve that as well as financially fondling private security firms, what’s the issue, right? Conservative MP Kenneth Clarke calls working prisons “altogether a more intelligent way of running the prison service”. And considering inmates can earn as little as £10 for a 40-hour working week – £237.60 cheaper per week than a worker on minimum wage – and unions are banned, making strikes impossible, it sounds like a win-win for employers and those in charge.

Some have voiced concerns that jobs could be snatched away from law-abiding citizens because of this pay gap. The Ministry of Justice insist that “work for offenders in prison must not be used as a direct replacement for existing jobs in the community”, but things have played out slightly differently in practice. As reported by CAPS, the company Speedy Hire closed 37 depots, slashing 300 jobs, while at the same time employing 200 prisoners to service their plant hire tools. And in August 2012 the Guardian reported that a call centre in South Wales was bussing inmates from an open prison 21 miles away and paying them £3 a day.

Robert Buckland doesn’t believe that it is is possible nor even permitted for criminals to be rehabilitated and provided with opportunities to contribute to society other than as imprisoned slave labour. He’s proud of it! He even brags on his website about intervening directly to increase prison sentences beyond what the Court deemed just.

press release

More victims and their families get justice

137 offenders had their sentences increased in 2017

Published 6 August 2018

Greater Individual Freedom

Greetings Human Collective upon the surface of the Planet Earth. We (The Servants Of The Light) are pleased to introduce an important message that has been recorded for you. It is about recognizing that only you; each one of you must live your own, individual life. No other Human can live this life for you nor is it possible for you to live the life of/for any other human. You are all equal. We have told you many times before. Please start to care about where you are standing, what you are thinking and how you are treating those about you; do not care about where others are standing, what others are thinking or how others are treating those about them. You do not own the Planet or any other Human.

It is time for you to create the First Egalitarian Planetary Council on Earth (New Global Communism) and Independent City-States (Anarchy).


HERE is an important message for you.

The path towards Greater Individual Freedom is being present for you. Please share this message/post with all of the Humans that you care about and suggest that they do the same. We are the only option on Earth that will finally end Country Internment and Currency Slavery upon Earth. Remember that there is nothing of greater value than You. In order to eliminate all poverty you must first eliminate all wealth. We will do this by getting rid of all currency and privatization upon Earth. There is no scarcity. Do not listen to the “Petty Ones” who are trying to persuade you that a simple “Reboot” of Earth with some new currency such as these bogus “cryptocurrencies”; they desire new elites and new impoverished and new scapegoats with new wars and new internment camps and more bogus laws. Only We are presenting you the choice to Greater Individual Freedom.

The Art of Freedom

God said:

Beloved, of course, freedom comes from inside you. It may well feel to you that freedom, as well as lack of freedom, come to you from somewhere else. Yes, it is possible for you to be imposed on.

Your experience may be that you are restricted by one thing or another, and not necessarily by your own volition.

Acknowledge that you contribute at least somewhat to your path of life. Don’t be quick to hold others responsible for your choices. At the same time, don’t be too quick to consider fault on your behalf either.

As the birth of a baby may be hastened or held back in the world, so may the receipt of unboundedness — or boundedness in life — be induced. Your Will toward or resistance against may well play a part. Choices in life exist. Ah, Beloved, choices co-exist.

No one would decide on an unhappy life, yet here you may be at this bend in the road. Your choices in life apparently lead you to where you find yourself. You may not line up to all that life has offered you, yet you have some choice in the matter. Take some responsibility for the life you arbitrate. You check off a menu of the day. Some of your choosing may be by default.

Sense of freedom can be accepted. The Art of Freedom can also be countermanded. It is not so easy to define freedom. To be free to say or do anything you want when you want may be a restriction on another’s freedom as well.

Also, to have no limits does some defining of you. To be as free as a bird may seem a privilege imposed upon you. Too much freedom all at once may be binding on you. No restriction on time or place may serve as a restriction. Limitless time may also feel enforced. Sometimes, life may seem overly hard.

Whether you find yourself, let’s say, in or out of prison, you may feel bound and gagged. There is a sense in which imprisonment may appear to you as a personal sense of liability.

How can it be to you that you could choose the influences that so much of life has had on you? You may feel bombarded with life, overwrought with life, hit over the head with life, obliged to life, as if you have no leeway whatsoever.

Once upon a time, time lasted, and there were no closed gates in sight. There was not as much trouble for you to get into. Maybe you don’t really request that all doors be open to you. You may not desire all the freedom in the world that you have been offered.

You may have certain choices that do not work out as you hoped they would. Your choices may come back again and again as a question of how you see or accept what you see as blessing or what you see as denial.

Yes, of course, you may well have been taught angles from which to see. Alas, whether you regard or disregard your innocent vision, you may see what is foisted on you as what you may have inherited and not your choice at all. Your original perception may appear as if it had been stolen from you. You may not have been allowed to see except as you were convinced – contrary to your own eyes. Your life may have been misconstrued and seemingly appropriated to follow suit.

In truth, no one knows you as you and I do. Others’ opinions are only opinions, yet others’ views can be passed on to you as truth. Misconstrued life may have been beaten into you. Your heart may have been nipped in the bud. Your clear-seeing may have been scared out of you, as if the world at large must have been smarter than you, Beloved, the truth is that you are the one who knows yourself better than anyone else.


Please read these Inspirational Messages From The Creator

Remember that We are calling upon you all to awake. Awaken to the choice to take responsibility for the World as it exists in this moment. It is you that permit country internment, war, currency slavers and the use of shame, fear and lies as a means to control your Human Family. You can now make the decision to take responsibility and change the World through your beliefs and actions. Believe in yourselves and believe in Us. Together we can Turn the World upside down!

Let us now listen to some amusing songs by the band Country Teasers.

The First Song is about believing in Debt and the Second Song is about telling lies.

First Song

Second Song

We hope you will share this message to all.

As Was Done In Cheran Must Now Be Done In All Cities/Towns On Earth

Greetings Human Collective on the Planet Earth. We (The Servants Of The Light) have repeated many times that it is possible to set yourselves free by simply acknowledging that there is no Power under Heaven that has any authority over you without your consent. Humans live in towns and cities and not in any “Countries” which are in fact all Internment Camps. You are all One Human Family and the Earth is your Home. We have encouraged you to accept that all Currency is without value and is a form of Slavery and that there is no such thing as Debt.

We now encourage more and more of you to follow the example set within the Town of Cheran and all Like-minded individuals must gather together into Communities of service to each other. Independent City-States. Read all about this stellar example of what Life on New Earth will be like.

Cheran: The town that threw out police, politicians and gangsters

  • 13 October 2016

In Mexico, organised crime reaches everywhere, even into the smallest village – except for one small town in the state of Michoacan. Led by local women, the people of Cheran rose up to defend their forest from armed loggers – and kicked out police and politicians at the same time.

The women met in secret to make their plans. They were sickened by the killings and kidnaps that had become routine and angered by the masked men who roamed their town demanding extortion payments from small businesses. And for more than three years they had watched, indignant, as truck after truck trundled past their homes piled high with freshly cut logs.

Mexico’s cartels once focused mainly on the drugs trade, but they have diversified their business model, and now seek to dominate any lucrative industry – including timber, the foundation of Cheran’s economy.

By 2011, the loggers were getting close to one of Cheran’s water springs.

“We were worried,” remembers Margarita Elvira Romero, one of the conspirators. “If you cut the trees, there’s less water. Our husbands have cattle – where would they drink if the spring was gone?”

A group of women went into the forest to try and reason with the armed men. They were verbally abused and chased away. So their plan evolved. Now they knew it was too dangerous to confront the loggers in the forest at the spring, they determined to stop the trucks in town where they would have the support of their neighbours.

Early on Friday 15 April 2011, Cheran’s levantamiento, or uprising, began. On the road coming down from the forest outside Margarita’s home, the women blockaded the loggers’ pick-ups and took some of them hostage. As the church bells of El Calvario rang out and fireworks exploded in the dawn sky alerting the community to danger, the people of Cheran came running to help. It was tense – hotheads had to be persuaded by the women not to string up the hostages from an ancient tree outside the church.

“Everyone in the streets was running around with machetes,” says Melissa Fabian, who was then 13 years old. “Ladies were running around. They all covered their faces. You could hear people screaming, and the bells of the church just ringing out all the time.”

The municipal police arrived with the mayor, and armed men came to free their hostage-friends. There was an uneasy stand-off between the townspeople, the loggers and the police. It ended after two loggers were injured by a young man who shot a firework directly at them. And Cheran – a town of some 20,000 people – began its journey towards self-government.

“It makes me want to cry remembering that day,” says Margarita. “It was like a horror movie – but it was the best thing we could have done.”

The police and local politicians were quickly driven out of town because the people suspected they were collaborating with the criminal networks. Political parties were banned – and still are – because they were deemed to have caused divisions between people. And each of the four districts of Cheran elected representatives to a ruling town council. In many ways, Cheran – a town populated by the indigenous Purepecha people – returned to its roots: to the ancient way of doing things, independent of outsiders.

Meanwhile armed checkpoints were established on the three main roads coming in to town.

Today, five years later, those checkpoints still exist. They are guarded by members of the Ronda Comunitaria – a militia or local police force made up of men and women from Cheran. Every vehicle is stopped, its occupants questioned about where they have come from and where they are going.

“We’ve learnt a lot,” says Heriberto Campos, one of the founders and the co-ordinator of the Ronda Comunitaria whose nickname is “Diablo” or “Devil”. “In those early days, we didn’t know anything about using guns. But now we know how to fight, and if the criminals come back, we’re ready for them.”

Cheran dispenses its own justice for minor offences. Many of those are alcohol-related. On a September Sunday morning, 18 young men are sobering up behind bars at the Ronda’s headquarters after being picked up for drinking in the streets or driving under the influence of alcohol.

Penalties include fines and community work – such as litter-picking.

Serious law-breaking is referred to the attorney general. But in the last year there have been no murders, kidnaps or disappearances.

If you live somewhere unaccustomed to rampant, violent crime, you might not find this surprising. But Michoacan is one of Mexico’s bloodiest states – where severed heads have been rolled across dance floors and grenades have been lobbed into crowded plazas. In July, there were over 180 murders in the state – the highest number for nearly a decade. And in the communities around Cheran – not even 10km away – stories of kidnap, extortion and murder are commonplace.

“In Cheran, I feel safe because I can walk the streets at night, and I don’t fear that something’s going to happen,” says Melissa, who’s now an 18-year old bio-medical student at a college just outside Cheran.

It is not just the streets of Cheran that are secure. The pine forest – a sea of green that tumbles down the hills to the town below – was ravaged by the loggers. Now its perimeter is patrolled daily by the officers from the Ronda Comunitaria. Land in Cheran is mostly held in common – families manage it but they don’t own it. With the criminals gone, rules are strictly enforced – anyone who wants to fell a tree must secure permission from the authorities.

And slowly, the forest is being regenerated. It is estimated that over half the town’s 17,000 hectares of forest were devastated by organised crime. Some 3,000 hectares have so far been re-planted in the five years since the uprising, the seedlings nurtured in the town’s own tree nursery.

Cheran is not completely independent – it still has state and federal funding. But its autonomy as an indigenous Purepecha community is recognised and underwritten by the Mexican government. Its ban on political parties, meanwhile, has been upheld by the courts, which have confirmed its right not to participate in local, state or federal elections.

In the state of Michoacan, Cheran has become an oasis of hope – its peace and security a stark contrast to the fear that still dominates neighbouring communities. So why has it succeeded – thrived even – in such a cruel but beautiful region? Margarita, Melissa and Heriberto will give you the same one-word answer: solidaridad – solidarity.

Most people who live in Cheran are from the town. Social mores dictate that locals marry locals – there are very few outsiders here. Families are large, and they are close. Everyone knows everyone else. And that is the foundation of the town’s unity.

With violence again on the rise in Mexico, there is anxiety in Cheran about the future – a worry that the cartels could gain a foothold once more. Other towns have tried to copy Cheran’s example, but without the same success. Melissa is optimistic, and she is prepared to go out on the streets to fight for what has been achieved.

“As long as there’s at least one person that wants to keep this up, we will all stand behind them. We all feel proud because we stopped something, and did something that none of the other communities dared to do.”

As was done in Cheran is possible to do in every other town and city upon the Earth. You are the Communities. Long ago all the large government stopped serving the people in order to enable a small minority of your Members to steal everything for themselves. It is impossible not to view the World and witness the fact that all people in every Nation will complain about these monstrous governments that only lie and steal and ignore you all. It is time for more Anarchy and it is time for you all to Awake!

HERE is an Inspirational Message for You.

The Difference between Confidence and Knowing It All

God said:

Beloved, there is a difference between lack of confidence and knowing little or nothing.

Lean against the ballast. Sit back in life. See from a distance. See from close up as well. In life, you walk back and forth just naturally in passing. You go away from home one way, and you come back home another way. You change your route tomorrow or the next day or from one day to another, or you change your gaze and gauge of things.

My One Child, from a worldview, is a Being whose mind changes. Even as you are forever and a day, you also flip-flop truth. This way today…yesterday another day, and even another way tomorrow…even a seeming turn-around and then another apparent way again. These seemingly are imposed upon you, yet you are somewhere in the wings watching. You may not have caught on soon enough, yet you can’t just wave away what seems clear now and pretend you don’t see. What I mean to say is that sometimes you skirt the issues as if they never were. This is not to say that infallibility does not also exist. Everything exists and falls as it may in the world.

As proof of the changeability of the relative world, take a look at the made-up idea of that which is called death. Just about everyone is scared to death of it and does not quite believe in it either. This, of course, can come across as wisdom. Death isn’t real – not by a mile. Time and space and the physical body do not truly exist. They are what fiction is made of.

There is a also a deeper stability that exists, yet stability doesn’t always reveal itself out loud in the world at large. The stable world is not made of physical reality. You can count on competition in a game played on Earth – a foxy game, as a matter of fact – not something you want to enter into. Competition is a fantasy of fantasies without substance. It may be as if fantasy has become your daily bread. If Truth Itself were on tap, love would rightfully declare itself your daily bread.

I second this with a nod of My head as if I were in church on a full Sunday morning or Saturday or on a Thursday evening – whenever it may be on the day your Sabbath falls. A Sabbath is holy on the day that it occurs. Holy is as Holy does. A congregation of full hearts swells in gratitude on whatever day may be your assigned day or night to acknowledge the appreciation that sings in your heart divinely. This is how I overhear.

Reverence and gratitude are inner jobs not to be attributed solely to echoes of repetition, which most definitely like to play their part on Earth as a reminder of love to be made holy and to be sung out in joy from the rafters of the heart and to echo throughout the Universe as an experience of Oneness to ring out more auspiciously around the world and to keep pealing and not to be forgotten, nor either the silence of love its embraces to ever cease. Hallowed be thy name and Mine which are One and the Same.

“Of Thee I sing” is a chorus of love open to view and embedded in all hearts on Earth as a testament of love on the wing and filling everywhere the Oneness of heart on Earth now and forever and to always be kept, not as an obligation but, as resounding joy to be heard throughout a world united on Earth. Hallowed be our One Heart in Heaven now and forever as it will come to be on Earth.



News Flash! Paedophilia Is Completely Normal


In this post you will note that the word paedophilia (Child-Lovers) is used as opposed to the more recent “minor attracted person” (M.A.P.). The reason is because we feel the word “Minor” is actually an insult that must not be used. There are no “minor” or “major” humans. All Humans are the same. We suspect that this word was invented in the U.K. at the time of it’s colonial expansion when it was actively divesting members of our Human Collective on Earth of their Human Rights along with all of their lands, resources, labour etc. Today we witness N.A.T.O being used as the armed wing of the privately owned Central Banks and the tenticles of the Corporations they own doing this. We know that Humans occupy the same space and time and are therefore all equal. There is no greater than or less than. No human can state how long they or any other human will remain sharing this space here which is why all time-based laws are vapid and must not be obeyed. You all behave as you do entirely based upon each individuals desire, ability and intent. So we do not approve of the “Minor” label because none of you are less.

Upon examining several studies (some more reputable than others), a general consensus of approximately 5% of all males being attracted to younger males may be concluded. This means that 5% of all females are attracted to younger males and 5% of all males are attracted to younger females and 5% of all females are attracted to younger females. Thus we observe that roughly 20% of the population is attracted to younger humans. There is nothing “abnormal” about that.

So now it is time for us to be honest about what we are and what we are not; what we desire and what we do not. It is no longer acceptable for fear, shame and lies to be used as a means to control the population. When you feel shame and attempt to hide your true self out of fear you enable this dysfunctional program to continue to plague our Human Collective on Earth. The time for fear is passed. Let go of all fear and stop hiding.

Take our hand and proudly walk in the Sun beside us, let the light of your open hearts shine and make this World a better place. We will take you down the road of greater individual freedom! Sit at our table where all Humans are equal!

Time to Celebrate with Us!

Together we will sing Hallelujah!

Let us proudly create a New World without fear, shame and lies where all are equal. No more borders, currency, debts or armies. A Planet with Universal Law above all and Independant City States with laws based only upon individual desire, ability and intent.

We (the Servants Of The Light) love all of you!



How To Restore Freedom To The West


When we discuss the West, we are speaking of those Internment Camps of the United States Of America, Canada and all of Europe and Australia. We are also going to include China since that country is similarly “Owned” by a tiny handful of Billionaires who control shares of the Private Central Banks as well as all of the Corporations. All of these countries will portray leaders to you but in fact they are not actual leaders but mere “masks” meant to lull the people into a false sense of Freedom that they do not have nor have had in these countries for decades. All Humans live in cities and towns. In order to experience a culture you must travel to where the people dwell as it is held by the people themselves and never by any governments. We will not discuss the situations in Africa or South East Asia as the Internment Camps in these regions are already essentially “Colonies” owned and controlled by the same Billionaires who own and control all the shares in the Central Banks and Corporations of the West. We will not discuss Eastern Europe or Russia.

In order to repair the West there are several measures that must be taken and they must be assumed by the people since the Internment Camps have no true governments but only “Masks”. Steps to be taken within the United States Of America must also be mirrored in Europe, Canada, China and Australia. So let us examine the U.S.A.

In the U.S.A. all non-violent criminals must be immediately released and their Records expunged. There are simply far too many innocent victims imprisoned there due to tens of thousands of absurd laws there that should not exist. All laws which relate to “Sex Crimes”(all consensual sex is good and all non-consensual sex is bad. Most non-violent Crimes which relate to recreational sex are consensual). Drugs (there is no logical reason for drug laws to exist), fraud (as all currency is utterly worthless it is impossible for fraud to exist, especially tax fraud). It has already been proven also that a considerable number of those innocent victims sent to jails for these offences are actually minorities (racial, religious, sexual) that have been specifically targeted. Any absurd Sex Offender Registries must also be expunged as there are no such crimes as “Sex Crimes”.

Non-Violent Criminals Deserve The Opportunity For Rehabilitation And Release

Join any and all your local Anarchist groups that you can find and create some if there are none active in your area. Remember that at this present moment on Earth there is no valid government beyond the municipal level. It is time to “remove the Masks” and the people must be the ones to do this.

If you are aboriginals, you must separate your tribal lands and create your own Sovereign Tribal Nations. There is no longer any reason for you to be subject to any “Mask” which demands your taxes solely to fund the military while neglecting not only your people but all the other citizens as well. In the U.S.A. there is no longer any ability to maintain the infrastructure of the country. This is the roads, bridges, rail lines, water/sewage treatment, power grids… all of these are decaying and falling apart. There is nothing that this government does for the people except deny them shelter, education/training, healthcare and even potable water and healthy food; not to mention free public transportation which should be a right. We all know that all currency is worthless.

These “Masks” exist in the U.S.A., Canada, China, Australia and all of the countries in Europe. We (the Servants Of The Light) hope to see the people embrace greater individual freedoms and demand Universal Law and Universal Rights that are being denied. When you eliminate all currency and privatization you close all Banks, Insurance Companies and Corporations and Stock Markets. Only then will it be possible to be free from that tiny handful of Billionaires who are actually controlling all of the governments of the “West”.

While we are speaking of the United States Of America… it has demonstrated it’s contempt for World. We all already know that the United Nations is a vapid non-governmental body made up of a few select veto-wielding Internment Camps and their Vassals which serves little purpose beyond the figurative.

U.S. leaves the U.N. Human Rights Council

The United States this week withdrew from the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), claiming that the organization was hypocritical, ineffective and biased against Israel. While the move was expected, it is yet another assault on the institutions of international order. The council is not perfect, but it is a venue for discussion and sanction of human rights violations. It is weaker without the U.S. Japan could seize this opportunity to again show international leadership; it is unlikely to do so.

The UNHRC is the successor to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights, which was dismissed as toothless. Established in 2006, the UNHRC is comprised of 47 U.N. member states who meet three times a year in regular session and whenever one-third of member states can agree on a special session. Members are elected for a three-year term on a regional basis, and cannot serve for more than two consecutive terms. Japan is currently a member of the UNHRC and served three previous terms.

The U.S. has had an uncomfortable relationship with the UNHRC since it was formed. The U.S. voted against its establishment, and then refused to join, arguing that it could do more working from the outside, although U.S. President George W. Bush said he would provide financial support. It obtained observer status but gave that up after two years, charging that the council was biased against Israel and focused on it rather than genuine human rights concerns elsewhere, such as Zimbabwe, North Korea, Iran, Belarus and Cuba. Washington reversed position under President Barack Obama, reasoning that the U.S. could better influence the workings of the council as a member.

The UNHRC has been a constant source of complaint for U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley. She argues that countries join the council to insulate themselves from criticism, turning it into a “protector of human rights abusers and a cesspool of political bias.” U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been even more critical, calling it an “exercise in shameless hypocrisy, with many of the world’s worst human rights abuses going ignored, and some of the world’s most serious offenders sitting on the council itself.” Rather than protecting human rights, he argued, the council “enables human rights abuses by absolving wrongdoers through silence.”

The accusations are not unfounded. Fourteen of the UNHRC’s 47 members are rated as “not free” by Freedom House. Since it was established, the council has passed more than 70 resolutions critical of Israel, 10 times as many as criticized Iran. In remarks to the council as it opened its session this week, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson charged that the focus on Israel is “disproportionate and damaging to the cause of peace.” In fact, Israel is a standing item on the agenda — Item 7 — requiring its discussion at every session. Chief among U.S. demands is the elimination of that agenda item.

Haley has called for reform — and threatening U.S. withdrawal in its absence — for over a year. While some governments tried to work with the U.S. to reform the body, opposition has been fierce. Haley charged that countries joined the council just to undermine reform. “When we made it clear we would strongly pursue council reform, these countries came out of the woodwork to oppose it.” Failure of the most recent efforts prompted the U.S. withdrawal, but Haley noted that “Should it become reformed, we would be happy to rejoin.”

The U.S. decision has been rightfully condemned as short-sighted. There is ample evidence that the U.S. can better influence deliberations from within the council: After it joined, resolutions critical of Israel dropped by 80 percent. More significantly, however, withdrawal suggests that Washington is unconcerned about human rights abuses, overly concerned about criticism of Israel and hostile to international institutions in general.

Withdrawal creates a void in international leadership on this issue. Japan has stepped up in other areas where the U.S. has stepped back, most notably on economic policy; it could do so here. The “free and open Indo-Pacific” touted by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has a values component — a rules-based order — and Japan could use that as a springboard for a more assertive human rights policy. Tokyo is unlikely to do so, however.

Japan has long subordinated human rights to more strategic concerns, fearful that adherence to a values-oriented foreign policy risked antagonizing potential partners. That logic has prevailed, for example, in relations with Myanmar and Iran. A long list of Japanese governments has argued that it is better to maintain relations and use that to press for change, although there is little evidence of Japan prioritizing human rights behind closed doors. There is no point in building goodwill if it is never used. Neither Japanese pragmatism nor American petulance will serve the cause of human rights.


Still the U.S.A. must now be made an example of.

When is the World Going to Impose Sanctions on America?

John Wight

Only when we are living in a world in which sanctions are imposed ‘on’ the United States rather than ‘by’ the United States will we know justice reigns.

The decision taken by the US Congress to “punish Russia” for alleged meddling in the US elections with the maintenance of existing sanctions has been followed by a billto weaken the ability of President Trump to “weaken sanctions on Russia,” thus presenting a direct challenge to the President’s authority. The bill was passed in the House of Representatives by an overwhelming majority and at time of writing awaits a hearing in the Senate, which along with the House makes up the US Congress. The legislation also includes new sanctions against not only Russia but also Iran and North Korea, thus maintaining the pattern of waging economic war against states which refuse to accept that Washington’s writ should run wherever it decides whenever it decides.

Economic sanctions are not the benign instrument that some might assume. On the contrary, they are tantamount to an act of war, a means by which economic might is wielded as club to bludgeon ‘recalcitrant’ nations and states into submission. And though sanctions may not evoke the same sense of potency of cruise missiles, they kill just the same. The experience of the Iraqi people leaves no doubt of it.

Between 1990 and 2003 sanctions on Iraq, imposed by the UN, are estimated to have been directly responsible for the deaths of 2 million people, half a million of them children according to Unicef. Multilateral sanctions were imposed on the country in response to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in August 1990. Under UN Security Council Resolution 661 it was mandated that UN-member states should prevent all imports originating in Iraq and Iraqi-occupied Kuwait, business activity between nationals of member states and Iraq, and should undertake an embargo of funds or “economic resources” to Iraq or Iraqi-occupied Kuwait, except for medical or humanitarian purposes.

As journalist John Pilger wrote in a March 2000 article:

“Under economic sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council almost 10 years ago, Iraq is denied equipment and expertise to clean up its contaminated battlefields, as Kuwait was cleaned up. At the same time, the Sanctions Committee in New York, dominated by the Americans and British, has blocked or delayed a range of vital equipment, chemotherapy drugs and even painkillers. ‘For us doctors,’ said Dr Al-Ali, ‘it is like torture. We see children die from the kind of cancers from which, given the right treatment, there is a good recovery rate.’ Three children died while I was there.”

The sanctions imposed on Iraq were so draconian and sustained that two UN Humanitarian Coordinators in Iraq, Denis Halliday and Hans von Sponeck, resigned in protest. Yet even with the evidence of the role of the sanctions in killing half a million Iraqi children, Washington remained unrepentant. The by now infamous words of former UN Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in 1996, when in response to a question during an interview about the infanticide that was taking place as a result of the sanctions she said “the price is worth it,” exposed the barbarity that lies behind the mask of Western civilization.

The fact the sanctions were only lifted from Iraq after the devastating war unleashed on the country by the US and its UK ally in 2003 had killed countless more children tells its own story.

Cuba has suffered under the iron heel of US economic sanctions and embargo longer than any other country on the planet. A raft of economic sanctions were originally imposed on the island in 1960 by the Eisenhower administration after the Cuban revolution of the previous year succeeded in toppling the US-supported dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, after which US corporations and businesses that had been operating without restraint in Cuba were expropriated and nationalized.

Relations between Havana and Washington turned even more sour two years later when Fidel Castro defied Washington in forging close ties with the Soviet Union. In response, the Kennedy administration imposed complete economic sanctions, which have remained more or less in place over succeeding decades.

As French journalist Salim Lamrani pointed out in a 2016 interview on the history of US sanctions against Cuba:

“The sanctions are anachronistic because they date back to the Cold War. They are cruel because they affect the most vulnerable categories of the Cuban people, not the leaders. Finally, they are ineffective to the extent that the initial goal of overthrowing the Cuban Revolution has clearly failed.”

Most cogently, Lamrani makes the point that “Rather than isolating Cuba internationally, these sanctions have instead isolated the United States.”

The sanctions imposed by the US and its European allies/vassals on Russia, meanwhile, have been justified as a response to ‘Russian aggression’ in eastern Ukraine, along with reunification of of Crimea with Russia in 2014. As I have written previously, this is a false and tendentious rendering of what has occurred in Ukraine and why.

But regardless of the whys and wherefores, the idea that the largest country in Europe with the second most powerful military in the world, whose economy is stable and built on solid foundations, could ever be brought to its knees by economic sanctions is so preposterous it is laughable.

However the mendacity and arrogance behind Washington’s history of imposing economic sanctions against other states is certainly no laughing matter, not when we consider the ineffable human suffering they have caused and continue to cause.

Moreover, a history of subverting, destabilizing, and destroying one country after another is all the evidence needed to label the US a country so drunk with power and a corresponding sense of exceptionalism that the rest of the world would be more than justified in uniting to impose sanctions on it. In fact, given the brutal history of US imperialism the world needs to as a matter of necessity.

As Fidel Castro said, “The United States tyrannizes and pillages the globalized world with its political, economic, technological, and military might.”

We cannot expect to see any real action being taken against the United States Of America for anything it does because the same few Billionaires who own the Central Banks of U.S.A. and Canada also own the Central Banks of Europe. This is why no action is ever taken against them in the “West”. How else do you think it is that N.A.T.O. (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) gets away with even half of the atrocities it commits against Human Rights all across the Globe as it shamelessly exports War (The U.S.A. alone has approx 189 military bases outside it’s own territories) while demanding to be left in peace at home.

It would seem that Global Anarchy must be left to the hands of the Anarchists. Let us begin to see much more of that.