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A charming fellow by the name of Lex, wrote a polite article about my book here Lex’s BLog was deleted by BLOGGER.

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Here is the article that was written by Lex that resulted in his BLog being deleted by the stupid, dirty pigs at Blogger.

2 March 2007

Burnt any good books lately?

Lately, I’ve been seeing the slogan appear – mainly on anti-paedo blogs, but occasionally elsewhere amongst the general redneck community – saying “Protect children, boycott Amazon”. How the one would logically result from the other isn’t clear, but most of them parrot the same text, that Octaevius Altair, the author (or editor) of Viamund the Boy-Love Vampyre Says is a paedophile and predatory child-molester.

Now, the fact he’s a paedophile is stated on his own pages, but as far as I can find out, the accusations of any criminal activity are entirely without foundation. Or to put it another way, are lies intended to defame him. Otherwise known as libel – which is illegal.

What’s also interesting is that not one of the writers who are complaining about this book being sold seem to have actually read it. Even those who wrote reviews for Amazon’s web site appear to have based their comments on the hype rather than the content. They want the book to be withdrawn from sale, not because of what it contains, but because of what they think of the subject. It would seem from the description that parts of the book might make for uncomfortable reading. That’s OK, no-one is being forced to read it. What I object to is being forced not to read it. As a consenting adult, I have the right to make my own choices regarding reading matter.

This isn’t the first time such pointless smear campaigns have come up. Not long ago, Judith Levine’s Harmful to Minors was likewise pilloried because of its subject; before that, David Riegel’s Understanding Loved Boys and Boylovers and Edward Brongersma’s Loving Boys got the treatment, simply because of the title or even the importer’s name, despite the fact that the latter has been out of print for many years.

Even when – or perhaps because – the books contain accounts from young people themselves who don’t come under the “victim” mentality, the self-styled censors demand that we shall not be told this.

Having read both the Levine and Riegel books, I can state categorically that the accusations levelled, that they are pornographic, promote child abuse, etc., are false. I haven’t read the Altair, but I intend to, and shall be able to comment on it then. I’m still trying to get hold of the Brongersma.

I have no objection at all to people saying that a book is bad. Providing they have read it and are able to explain their viewpoint with reference to the content. If they haven’t, their opinions have no merit.

Posted by LeX at 16:18

Hope you don’t mind me reposting here LEX. We have to remain vigilant. Remember that while those who attack us rely on superstition, fear, shame, lies and dishonour… we must use reason, courage, pride, truth and honour to combat them.