Inspirational God Letter

Here is a sweet letter to inspire you from God in the Celestial Realm.


The Stars of the Universe

Heavenletter #5658 Published on: May 22, 2016
God said:
Everything in the world is as you perceive it or misperceive it. There is understanding and misunderstanding and jumping to conclusions. Offenses came into being. Obligation entered the world. Heartache grew. The concept of foe grew. All the opposites were firmly planted. The unwanted grew. Weeds of thought took over. The world became haphazard and hazardous.

It hasn’t been an easy thing to choose to leave Earth, nor is it always charming to stay.

Words expanded the Universe while words also cut the Universe down. People were construed in wild ways and struck down, sorted and classified according to who-knows-what.

How brief was life for a human being on Earth, and how long it took.

Time was bowed down to. Space cost money. Water became sparse and charged for. There were all kinds of shortages in the world.

There grew a shortage on Earth of heart. Hearts withered as though heartlessness were a sought-after treasure. Heartlessness was no rarity.

Blame was perpetuated upon Earth. It grew like a vine. It took over the fields. No one could escape the vine of blame although some blamed more or less vigorously.

Nevertheless, the daily miracles of life continued.

I saw beyond what you in the world saw. You forgot to look up at the sky. Wherever you looked, you saw errors, and you counted them. This is how you learned arithmetic, and the world told you that pointing out fault was a good thing.

Man thought he had mastered the Universe. He couldn’t even master himself. He appointed himself an expert. He was an expert at craziness.

Man figured Life on Earth to bow down to him. He exalted himself at the same time as he went to pot.

Stewards of the Universe fell down on their work. They vehemently sought gain and admired selfishness as if it were a diamond in the Sun.

Nevertheless, the Sun came out loyally. Light on Earth never stopped. The Sun was so often, it wasn’t heeded. Rarity became valued.

You, My children, wore masks. You found many ways to hide. Worst of all, you hid Truths from yourself. Lies were invented and believed in and strewn upon the Earth.

This is a short history of how woe was born to the world. History was a mistake of the intellect. History was a resounding mistake of the intellect. Bells were not rung. Hands were wrung, and wells wrung dry.

Pandora’s Box was opened. Now it is closing. The era of suffering is on its way out. Woe is backing away. There is no longer place for sacrifice on Earth.

Life is to be honored. The human heart is gaining ascendancy. The world is growing in divinity divinely.

The herald angels sing. Music of the spheres and hemispheres is being renewed. The Earth is coming out of its confinement.

Love is being let loose upon the world.

Love is remembered, and love is recharged.

Vastness is accruing. Disharmony is receding. There is no place for disharmony. Disharmony is no longer possible. Harmony has risen. Harmony sings its own song.

Love has been let loose from its cave. Love can no longer be withheld. Love sings itself loud and clear.

Love is no longer disputed.

Assonance has replaced dissonance.

No longer can Expression of Love be held down.

You and the world expand together.

No longer does shallowness or callousness exist. There never was a place for less than Greatness. That which is not lovely recedes.

The world is now a hop, skip, and jump away from Elegance. Consider now that Beauty of Life has been declared and accepted.

No one any longer is an island unto himself. Islands no longer exist.

The world is covered in splendor.

Stars were born and honored. You, My Children, are the Stars of the Universe. I have announced your Presence. You arrived long ago, yet may not yet be clear about who you always have been. It is you who lights up the world. You are the Light upon Earth. You are the Sun. Who is the Savior of the World? Why, it’s you.


Reality is what you will it to be. Choose Bliss as your natural state, know that you were made perfect, just be proud and happy as you are. Unconditionally love yourself, all around you and our Planet (Mother Gaia/Earth). We are all One Family.


To Wean The Human Collective From Currency Addiction

At present there are some serious barriers to unity upon the Planet Earth which plague our Human Collective here. These things are Country internment and addiction to conflict and currency.

There is in the process already a method being implemented on Earth in order to wean the Human Collective from addiction to currency. In this realm of duality it is important not to strive for one extreme or the other but to maintain a balance. Even though many on Earth (including myself) loathe currency, it is important to make use of this addiction as most Humans are unable to conceive of a value of anything apart from some vague currency figure. So this is why the Global currencies of Earth will be reset within the internment camps to a comfortable metal-based value as opposed to the present imaginary value. All currency has only a value that the population believes it to have at any rate. Even though Gold and other materials are considered rare and valuable while in truth they are not (they are found everywhere in the Universe and are in ample supply on Earth), we will rely upon this construct in order to begin to wean the population from their currency addiction. It is sometimes required to take “baby steps” towards a direction so that we do not cause undue fear within the Human Collective.

So shortly we will witness all currency on Earth be reset to a new Universal metal based currency value. We will then be able to concentrate our efforts on disbanding this vapid entity known as the United Nations by making use of it to establish the Planetary Council of Earth. For those who are unfamiliar with this term, it will be the new governing body of Earth comprised of elected representatives from each of the 4 Worlds (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th World Nations), as well as Environmentalists, Physicists and Engineers elected by the Global Body of their peers. This will enable us to then disband all Nation States (countries) and establish the means for like-minded individuals to gather together into communities of service to each other in unconditional Love (City States).

So do not be afraid of this new Currency reset as it is a small step towards our goal of abolishing all forms of currency upon the Planet along with borders and the concepts of private ownership.


In Love, Light and Liberation.

Sue Gun Manufacturers Worldwide

It should not be difficult for all peace loving citizens globally to demand that all gun manufacturers be sued as accomplices to murder and their products declared illegal to manufacture. A gun is for killing. It is not intended for any other purpose and when anyone tries to persuade you that a firearm is for any purpose other than killing, they are being dishonest.

“There are many who want to make you believe that the Planet Earth is a colourless world where everything is both lies and truth as well as both good and bad. This is a lie. A thing is all good or it is all bad, a thing is the truth or it is a lie, it cannot be both. Whenever any person attempts to convince you that there is no Universal Truth but only perceptions of truth, this is a lie. If 8 billion people claim the Earth is flat and only 8 people claim the Earth is round, the Earth will still be round. Perception has nothing to do with Universal Truth.”

At present in the United States there are laws that exist to protect Gun Manufacturers by claiming that guns must be regarded as legal products to manufacture and sell to the public. To accept this is to accept the statement that there is such a thing as “murder in moderation”. There is not. Guns are murder weapons and those who mass-manufacture them must be shut down and punished legally punished and some sent to prison for their rolls in the mass-manufacture of murder weapons. Do not permit any to frighten you into accepting anything less.

Here is a link to an article that is ripe with lies. or let’s have fun with it below.


5 Reasons Suing Gun Manufacturers Is Dumb
by Aaron Bandler The Daily Wire, APRIL 26, 2016

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have been calling for the repeal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act to open up the gun manufacturing industry to be subject to lawsuits for gun deaths. Here are five reasons why that is completely stupid.

1. It is politically stupid. It’s a position that could potentially result in a shellacking for the Democrats in a general election. Harper Polling data shows that a whopping 72 percent of Americans support the PLCAA and only 4 percent were unsure or didn’t have an opinion on the matter. That’s a problem for Clinton, who has made suing gun manufacturers one of her signature issues.

Most Americans have been staunch supporters of many stupid things in the past such as slavery. So what? Education will change opinions. Also the wording of this question must be provided. Was it this question? “Choose which World you would rather live in: WORLD A – A World where all Humans including teens and preteens feel the need to carry loaded firearms at all times for personal safety. or WORLD B – A peaceful World where firearms do not even exist? Are they telling us that 7 out of 10 people will select World A?”

2. Gun manufacturers don’t have blanket immunity. One of the main arguments against the PLCAA is that it gives the gun manufacturing industry immunity from lawsuits altogether. This couldn’t be further from the truth. According to UCLA law professor Adam Winkler, “The 2005 law does not prevent gun makers from being held liable for defects in their design. Like car makers, gun makers can be sued for selling a defective product. The problem is that gun violence victims often want to hold gun makers liable for the criminal misuse of a properly functioning product.” The Washington Post confirms Winkler’s claim. Gun manufacturers can also be legally held responsible if they knowingly sell guns to people who plan on using them in an illegal manner.

In other words, if a gun has a defective part – such as a safety button that isn’t working properly – then the manufacturer won’t be protected from a lawsuit. But leftists like Clinton want to open up lawsuits for victims of gun violence to use against gun industries, which leads to…

It is impossible for guns to be used for anything other than killing because that is their only intended purpose.

3. If gun manufacturers can be sued for gun deaths, then numerous other industries need to be prepared for frivolous lawsuits. Conservative Review’s Jay Caruso points out that more people were killed by knives, blunt objects and fists than by guns. CDC data also shows that more people died from falling, drowning and suffocation than accidental gun deaths. If the gun manufacturing industry can be held responsible for gun deaths, then will companies selling hammers, knives, ladders and pillows all be open to lawsuits? What about the automobile companies for car deaths, or alcohol companies for alcohol-related deaths? Such a precedent would unleash a massive can of worms.

Knives, hammers and pillows (haha), are not intentionally manufactured to kill. Guns serve no other purpose than to be used as murder weapons. This is their only intended purpose. Why did you get a firearm if not to kill? You certainly did not purchase one with the intention of using it to bang in nails.

4. The gun manufacturers have no responsibility for how their guns are used. As Caruso writes, “Families of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting want to be able to sue Bushmaster because Adam Lanza used one of their firearms to carry out his crimes. But how was Bushmaster liable? Millions of people own rifles similar to that of the Bushmaster XM15-E2S and they don’t go on shooting rampages.

“It is absurd to think the manufacturer had anything to do with the carnage carried out by Lanza.”

Given that the vast majority of gun owners use their guns legally, it’s irrational to hold the gun manufacturers responsible when it is the criminal who should be held responsible instead.

Guns are meant to kill. Some can say that a lawful use is to kill only animals and not Human Beings. Sadly for those who try to convince you of this, Human Beings are animals.”

5. It will drive gun manufacturers out of business and make it increasingly difficult for people to obtain firearms. Which has been the left’s goal all along.

This is the only valid point. It is certainly what must occur Globally. On this there is no debate.


So let all the peace loving people who have had enough of the lies about, “good murder and bad murder and good war and bad war” etc. Sue all Gun Manufacturers Globally until we get them shut down and
incarcerated if required.

From The Sleeper

Luna Schlosser: “Regis – register commies, not guns.” What’s that mean?

Miles Monroe: What?

Luna Schlosser: “Register commies, not guns.”

Miles Monroe: Oh, he was probably a member of the National Rifle Association. There was a group that helped criminals get guns so they could shoot citizens. It was a public service.