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A charming fellow by the name of Lex, wrote a polite article about my book here Lex’s BLog was deleted by BLOGGER.

Remember that BLOGSPOT/BLOGGER is now an official part of the ugly propaganda machine that the stupid Evangelical Christians use.


Here is the article that was written by Lex that resulted in his BLog being deleted by the stupid, dirty pigs at Blogger.

2 March 2007

Burnt any good books lately?

Lately, I’ve been seeing the slogan appear – mainly on anti-paedo blogs, but occasionally elsewhere amongst the general redneck community – saying “Protect children, boycott Amazon”. How the one would logically result from the other isn’t clear, but most of them parrot the same text, that Octaevius Altair, the author (or editor) of Viamund the Boy-Love Vampyre Says is a paedophile and predatory child-molester.

Now, the fact he’s a paedophile is stated on his own pages, but as far as I can find out, the accusations of any criminal activity are entirely without foundation. Or to put it another way, are lies intended to defame him. Otherwise known as libel – which is illegal.

What’s also interesting is that not one of the writers who are complaining about this book being sold seem to have actually read it. Even those who wrote reviews for Amazon’s web site appear to have based their comments on the hype rather than the content. They want the book to be withdrawn from sale, not because of what it contains, but because of what they think of the subject. It would seem from the description that parts of the book might make for uncomfortable reading. That’s OK, no-one is being forced to read it. What I object to is being forced not to read it. As a consenting adult, I have the right to make my own choices regarding reading matter.

This isn’t the first time such pointless smear campaigns have come up. Not long ago, Judith Levine’s Harmful to Minors was likewise pilloried because of its subject; before that, David Riegel’s Understanding Loved Boys and Boylovers and Edward Brongersma’s Loving Boys got the treatment, simply because of the title or even the importer’s name, despite the fact that the latter has been out of print for many years.

Even when – or perhaps because – the books contain accounts from young people themselves who don’t come under the “victim” mentality, the self-styled censors demand that we shall not be told this.

Having read both the Levine and Riegel books, I can state categorically that the accusations levelled, that they are pornographic, promote child abuse, etc., are false. I haven’t read the Altair, but I intend to, and shall be able to comment on it then. I’m still trying to get hold of the Brongersma.

I have no objection at all to people saying that a book is bad. Providing they have read it and are able to explain their viewpoint with reference to the content. If they haven’t, their opinions have no merit.

Posted by LeX at 16:18

Hope you don’t mind me reposting here LEX. We have to remain vigilant. Remember that while those who attack us rely on superstition, fear, shame, lies and dishonour… we must use reason, courage, pride, truth and honour to combat them.


The Sick, Sexual Dimentia Within the U.S.A.

28 February 2007 ~ 1 COMMENT
The Sick, Sexual Dimentia Within the U.S.A.

High school teacher is sentenced to 200 years in prison for 20 counts of child pornography possession. The attempt to overturn this sentence within the supreme court of the U.S.A. was denied. Typical of a country without any human rights. Read all about the story here. This is the sort of thing that happens when you permit the separation between Church and State to end in a country. We must do our best to prevent this type of sickness to prevail over common-sense within our beloved Canada.

Steve 7 April 2007 1:47 pm Permalink
Unfortunately, I live in the heart of this Evil Empire known as the United States. 200 years for possessing images? What an awful joke. Do what you can to save Canada from this tyrannical terror.

Dirty folks at BLOGGER are at it again

09 February 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Dirty folks at BLOGGER are at it again

Once again we see that the people at Blogspot (BLOGGER) are still targeting sexual minorities and left wing political expression for discriminatory practice. Blogger is willing to permit the infiltration of sites here by vigilantes. They continuously delete my BLOGS here (such as that was maintained since Spt 2005) and refuse to inform me of the reason why. The reason is vigilante groups that target sexual minorities with complaints that are based on pure lies. These groups try to get accounts deleted so that they can later attempt to steal the web addresses by making fake accounts. They use impersonation and other forms of subterfuge to operate outside the law. To steal the identities of others while trying to conceal their own. BLOGGER is just another group of idiots who permit, nay encourage this type of despicable behavior through permitting it. Delete my BLOGS but leave my account and you know I will continue to make more BLOGS. I will continue to speak the truth about the targeting of sexual minorities for discriminatory practice and the harmless nature of human sexuality.
These morons continue to go to sites that are known to have opinions in direct opposite of their own. They do this so that they can try to attract attention by demeaning others. These morons are best ignored to a degree but they must sooner or later be taught that operating outside the law will bring them the justice they deserve. This despite the idiots that work at sites such as BLOGGER and allow these freaks to have their games.

Do Not Fret Over N.A.M.B.L.A.


For any of you who are concerned about the links to N.A.M.B.L.A.’s website being inoperative, please do not fret. The site is just going through a retooling of sorts and it has not been deleted. So if you provide links to N.AM.B.L.A.’s homepage or have it bookmarked, it is alright to retain these. The site is only down temporarily.

For those of you who enjoy reading this BLOG and are champions of the LIGHT, and are not members of the North American Man/Boy Love Association, please join and support N.A.M.B.L.A. today. You can discover how to become a member through the webpage when it is up and running again.
PLEASE remember that N.A.M.B.L.A. is not a SEX GROUP – as the liars often try to paint the group -. It is a support group dedicated to the truth about the harmless nature of sexuality and the need to educate the public to this end.

HERE is a back-up site in case the main is down.

Secret American Organization Controls The Conservative Party in Canada

15 February 2007 ~ 0 COMMENTS
Secret American Organization Controls The Conservative Party in Canada

Are you familiar with the C.N.P. (Council for National Policy)? If not, it is recommended that you read this article that was posted originally at Vivelecanada.

See story Below that was provided to Vivelecanada by rearguard.

Originally from January 16, 2007.

Conservative Party Links to Right-Wing American Groups
Contributed by: rearguard
Conservative Party Links to Right Wing American Groups


Over 20 candidates and members of Parliament for the Conservative Party of Canada, including leader Stephen Harper, Justice Critic Vic Toews, Foreign Affairs Critic Stockwell Day and Firearms Critic Garry Breitkreuz, have links to organizations established under the umbrella of the Council for National Policy (CNP), an American group that the New York Times calls a “club of a few hundred of the most powerful conservatives in the country,” and which Rolling Stone reports has “funnelled billions of dollars to right-wing Christian activists.”

Stephen Harper addressed CNP members in 1997 at its meeting in Montreal, where the group reportedly conceived of the Republican effort to impeach President Clinton.

Addressing the elite group is no small feat, given that guests may only attend meetings with the unanimous consent of the Executive Committee. Since Mr. Harper’s address, links between Conservative Party members and groups sponsored by the CNP like Focus on the Family, the Christian Coalition of America and the National Rifle Association have grown. In turn, these groups have taken an increasingly forthright role in influencing Canadian politics through radio broadcasts, Canadian affiliates, and training for grassroots advocacy efforts in support of Conservative Party candidates. This should perhaps come as no surprise given that the Vancouver Sun estimates that “roughly half the current 98 members” of the Conservative caucus “are religious social conservatives,” which is “well over double the national average.”

It suggests, however, that powerful forces may be affecting the distribution of political power in this country about which Canadians may not be aware. The following report describes in detail the links among the CNP, its associated organizations, their activities in Canada, and various Conservative Party candidates for the 2006 election.

The disclosure of this social conservative network is important because such links are likely to become stronger in the future. Influential young Canadian conservatives like Tasha Kheiriddin of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation have called for the creation of leadership training institutes along the lines of the Leadership Institute in Washington, D.C., which teaches, according to two Wall Street Journal reporters, “young members of the Religious Right how to take a role in national politics,” to train a new generation of Canadian conservatives “how to do all the things in politics.”

Within the last year, Cliff Fryers, current Director and Chairman of the Manning Centre and the Chair of the Conservative Party’s 2005 policy conference, and other officials from the former Reform Party leader Preston Manning’s advocacy organization have met with the President of the Leadership Institute, Morton Blackwell, a former Special Assistant to President Reagan and “a particularly hard core conservative activist,” specifically for this purpose. Blackwell, in turn, has shown a keen interest in spreading the teachings of his school to would-be conservative leaders from all over the world. It is perhaps no coincidence, then, that Mr. Blackwell was the Executive Director of the CNP when it invited Mr. Harper to address the organization in 1997, having administered the powerful social conservative group in that capacity from 1991 until at least 2000.

Time to send them packing.

HOW TO… Destabilize A Central Government

Know that the following information is not original. It is a reiteration packaged as a personal interpretation of content readily available elsewhere. This information is neutral and not meant to be construed as a means to incite the destabilization of any specific government. Any governments mentioned are for example only.
We must first deconstruct in order to reconstruct. The HUMAN reality is an interpretation of various elements. These are not just the five senses but our brains ability to interpret through our programming. This programming is affected though several aspects of self and the environment that contributes to these senses and our overall sense of “self” within the confines of this dimension. In order to destabilize a government it is essential to be able to tap into the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Each human on this planet relates in various ways to their fellows and environment. Each has a sense of which category they belong in terms of the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. The simple term we will use to explain this will be our CLASS system.
When ” Hakim Bey “ talks of Temporary Autonomous Zones he is providing us with the key to the destabilization of most central governments. We will use the government of the United States of America as an example – since I am aware on a personal level of the TRUE evil nature of the government there -. This country is RIPE for the creation of these pockets of anarchy as it has a very large population of disaffected citizens at the base of the social construct. It has been brought to my attention – from an ex-CSIS agent – that there is a black market for human flesh in Russia. It is undoubtedly the lower classes being exploited for this demand. The use of slave labour in the U.S.A. through convicts – and the ever increasing prison population – and work for welfare social programming is another example of the exploitation of the lower class. The glamourization of wealth, consumerism, the AMERICAN DREAM – failed utopia vision – provides a ready outlet for this disaffected population. The increase of this disaffected class through the shrinking of the middle-class as a result of corporate globalization. In Canada we see the same outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries as it is not profit they seek – JUST GREATER PROFIT – with no regard for those human beings affected through this decision to please the ever decreasing sphere of wealthy shareholders. Such an example is BOMBARDIER and the current outsourcing of jobs to the labour market in India. We seen an example of this anarchy take place in ” France “ earlier this year. This is an example of the spontaneous creation of a state of anarchy. There is nothing to prevent the lower classes of the United States of America from easily replicating these Anarchic Spaces in every state – simultaneously in several cities within each state -. To begin to express the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of the people through action. To claim their rights to the WEALTH and CONSUMERISM they have been programmed to seek. To vent their frustration against the higher institutions of learning which excludes the vast majority of them. To begin to effectively dismantle the artifices of those cityscapes in terms of the actual physical destruction of the edifices of these institutions themselves. These institutions such as all religions – being once again used to distract the lower classes – ( churches, cathedrals, mosques, temples etc. ), banks, police stations, media outlets ( television stations, radio stations, newspapers ), universities etc. To just take what they seek. To seize those goods such as televisions, jewelery, luxury cars, electronics etc. they feel is their due. A country such as the United States of America is so taxed in terms of the external commitments as to be unable to deal with such anarchy on a massive scale. The means for this MASS CONSCIOUSNESS to communicate currently exists through the internet and various mobile technology. Such spontaneous anarchy could effectively destabilize many central governments – such as the United Kingdom – not only the U.S.A.

Group Mentality

Having had an interesting conversation with a young lady earlier about terminology and the importance of perceptions of groups and mentality. Here are some conclusions about this matter. It is becoming increasingly popular when discussing specific stigmatized minorities to note the terms of perceived group-mentalities as the face of the group and to lose sight of the fact that this group is comprised of individuals. The method of language in regards to popular group terminology lends itself to a less HUMAN perception of the groups discussed. By groups I am regarding the stigmatized minority groups in general. It is the generalizing that is used to dehumanize these groups. To take the humanity away is a clinical approach that is flawed. These approaches may be used by those engaged in clinical research to distance themselves from their subject but never in social terms. The fact that we reside in social constructs is a fact that is nothing more than an extension of our humanity. We are a social species. To begin to define and to categorize with dehumanized terminologies is to encourage the loss of the humanity that is the essence of the group itself. To do this renders any complete understanding of the group a futile effort. This is something that is used and has been used in the past. Not only the Holocaust but also such tragedies as Uganda and Bosnia. It is not important that we cannot undo as it is to try and serve as guides in terms of correct social thinking.