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The Workers World has a great article about the present struggle of the people of Greece to save themselves from the demented Imperialist European Slavers. Read it here or down below in a re-post.



Greece: Cradle of class struggle

Published Jul 6, 2011 7:36 PM
Given the oppressive and criminal role of Western imperialism in the world today, it is no compliment to call Greece the “cradle of Western civilization.” But it is true that this summer Greece is the cradle of the class struggle against that same imperialist ruling class. In the past two years the unions there — those in the union federation called PAME — have held 20 general strikes, the last one for two consecutive days on June 28-29.

Along with the well-organized and politically clear anti-capitalist and anti-banker program of the PAME labor unions and their allies in the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), there have been tens of thousands of “indignant ones” — not yet organized, but anti-establishment people, including many youths — marching and demonstrating in Athens’ Syntagma Square. They are attempting to convince the Parliament to choose to serve the workers in Greece rather than the bankers in France and Germany.

On June 29 the Georges Papandreou government — his PASOK party is nominally “Socialist” but is in reality a complete tool of the international and local big capitalists — passed the latest austerity program. Papandreou then unleashed the Greek cops against the demonstrators in the square, injuring 500 of our sisters and brothers there. The austerity plan not only cuts social services and public worker jobs, but is offering the remaining nationalized industries for sale to the rich. It even allows corporations to lease Greek islands.

To understand the heroism shown by the workers in Greece, you have to know that they are combating not only the Greek bankers and capitalists but their more powerful co-criminals in France and Germany. The banks in these imperialist powers — along with the big capitalists and bankers in Greece itself — are using Papandreou to squeeze money out of the workers that the Greek government owes these banks as interest payments on loans.

But it wasn’t the workers who got the benefit of these loans — it was the Greek capitalist class.

The terms of payment are set by the European Central Bank, the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, called the “Troika,” which is a relatively benign term considering that they — along with the bosses in Greece — represent the biggest thieves on the continent.

Elisseos Vagenas, member of the Central Committee of the KKE, wrote an article during the two-day strike that gives an overall picture. Here’s one point he makes in his conclusion:

“The communists in Greece support firmly that it is the plutocracy that must pay for the crisis as it is responsible for it. At the same time, the KKE believes that the struggle for every problem of the people must develop in the direction of organizing, concentrating and preparing broad popular and working-class forces not only in order to create better conditions for the sale of labor power but also for the overthrow of the exploitative system so as to pave the way for the people’s power and the people’s economy, for socialism.” (For the entire article, see

Think of the governors and mayors in the U.S. who are cutting pensions, enforcing evictions, laying off teachers and public workers, closing schools and firehouses to pay off bonds to the big U.S. banks and you get an idea of what is happening in Greece — and why U.S. imperialism backs Papandreou against the workers. The workers there are fighting for all of us, as well as for the workers of Portugal, Spain and Ireland whose increased servitude is also being planned by the Troika in cahoots with local capitalists.

There is no doubt that the struggle will be hard. But we can all take courage from the decision of the workers in Greece not to shrink before the challenge. The longer they hold on, the likelier a victory that seems impossible can become conceivable. It then can spread and move from being conceivable to being possible.

What class-conscious workers and all progressives in the other imperialist countries — including here in the United States — should be thinking about now is this: What can we do to help the workers in Greece hold on and win?

Long live the struggle of the workers and youth in Greece!

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The task set before us should not be complicated. As New Global Communists we cannot permit any petty ideological differences to divide our power. The Marxists, Trotskyists and Maoists must unite and form the New Global Communist Party. We require the abandonment of all currency, banks, private ownership of any vehicles or property. The abandonment of the Nuclear Family ( no more marriage or private rearing of youth will be permitted). It is time to unify and to conquer. Let us show support to our family in Greece in their defense against the evil slavers of this Imperialist Europe and their desire to keep the Workers of the World enslaved to a valueless currency.

Only Labour has value. Nothing else has value.

One Planet

One Family

One Party – the New Global Communist Party –

One Order


Exciting News for Greece

At present the population of Greece is approx 11.5 million people and is claimed to have a debt of approx 480 billion. This is an invention as all currency is invention. Hopefully the protests will continue and the Central Bank of Greece will fall and start a chain reaction that will – as a domino – cause a Global Economic collapse. It would be advantageous for the New Global Communist Party to be born in Greece and the New Global Economy – to be based on Universal Labour Value debits/credits.- We can only hope the anarchy will spread and that Greece will opt out of the European Union. Time will tell if the dry fields of Economic disparity are flamed by Greece. A flame that will engulf the entire World.

Once upon a time currency was based on objects of value – gold, silver, gems- and on the barter system. Then some individuals decided to enable the mass transport of gold through holdings and notes of credit. These notes later became our currency. These were still based on some form of actual holdings to back-up their issue. This is no longer the case today. The greed of the imperialists (they have sown the seeds of their own destruction and now it is time for us to reap the harvest) has caused these privately owned central banks to issue upon issue of notes that have nothing to back up their value (to fuel their “war machine” in attacks against sovereign states such as harmless Libya where they have opted to ally themselves with the Islamic Jihad faction). They are merely run off a press and have only the value people invent for them to have. Not unlike the Stock Market where values are manipulated through greed and subversion to make them appear to have a value they do not. It is like the C.E.O.’s who rape a company in order to glean a greater profit for the shareholders through layoffs, cutting of benefits and downgrading in quality of goods. Later we see these raped companies go bankrupt and layoffs on mass as a result. With the Universal Labour Value system we will return to true value. Only labour has value because without the labour of Humans we have nothing.

So let us hope that the people of Greece will display some backbone and defend their Liberty from those who wish only to enslave them to valueless currency. Let us hope that the birth of the New Global Communist Party and the use of the Universal Labour Value will begin in Greece and spread throughout the World. Finally liberating the people. For those who feel threatened. Do not fret. All those who can provide labour will be provided for in the New Global Economy. Labour for the State and the State will provide for you.

All education will be free

All healthcare will be free

Every person will be entitled to a free dwelling unit

No more tax or inflation

From chaos comes order.

Labour Value Debits/Credits: An end to the Global Ponzi Scam/An end to all currency

It is time to reveal more about the new Universal Labour Value Debit/Credit system that will replace all currency and bring about an end to all Central Banking.

Some have asked if this is based upon some form of Labour Barter system. It is not. At present the economy is based on invented currencies by private Central Banks that create these currencies and permit the population to give them a value. All the while creating these for themselves and their friends out of “thin air”. This has resulted in a World Today – yes right now – where we have some who work 9 hours per day for 6 days per week in order to earn $2.50 USD – I have visited these people in their native lands and spoke with them personally-. At the same time we have still others who have never worked a day in their entire lives (nor did their fathers or grandfathers etc.). We have people who actually believe that they “own” their property while in reality this is an illusion.

Under the Universal Labour Value debit/credit system, one hour of labour will be equal to a base value of 60 labour credits. An individuals labour value will be calculated according to a mathematical equation so that any individual who works labour anyplace on the planet will have the same value for their work.

Basic Labour Value = BLV

Experience = E

Risk = R

Skill Level = SK

Educational requirement = ER

Stress Level = SL

Actual LAbour Value = ALV

Hence to calculate BLV+E+R+SK+ER+SL= ALV

As there will be no more ownership of private property there will be no more taxes. No tax on Labour Value. No more investments or banking of any kind. No more private ownership of vehicles.

Some will call this Communism. Actually it has been said that Communism is “just another religion.” The reason for this is due to the multitude of various Communist organizations that exist and although they have the same goals in theory they refuse to co-operate with each other. The fault of these present Communist organizations is primarily the fact that they have been unable to free themselves from their capitalist masters. They still rely on the outdated concept of personal wealth. Of currency and banking. Soon this will end.

All things are a construct. Wealth and debts are invented. When we hear about a country having a large national debt, this is a thing that is invented. All constructs may be changed, to deconstruct and reconstruct.

As an example, we will examine Greece. This country is in an excellent spot to deconstruct and reconstruct the economy. They can easily take leadership by creating the New Global Communist Party there.

End all banking and currency and convert to the Universal Labour Value debit/credit system. End all Private ownership of property and vehicles. Introduce the Communal Birthing centres/family units and outlaw all marriage/religion.

Terminate all memberships with the E.U. and any other organization that is related to any way the imperialist powers and their use of the corrupt currencies as a means of population enslavement.

Eventually a book will be released that will present the details of how and why this is required in order to obtain the Next Level of Human Civilization.

Middle East Update

he episodes taking place within Tunisia and Egypt are not alike to that of Libya. It would be delightful to see this spread to places such as Dubai and Saudi Arabia. It seems that the theory of Temporary autonomous zones by Hakim Bey has been proven through these uprisings. Still Libya is not in this category. A great article about Libya can be found Here. Or below
Libya, Getting it Right: A Revolutionary Pan-African Perspective

by Gerald A. Perreira
The conflict in Libya is not a revolution, but a counter-revolution. The struggle “is fundamentally a battle between Pan-African forces on the one hand, who are dedicated to the realization of Qaddafi’s vision of a united Africa, and reactionary racist Libyan Arab forces who reject Qaddafi’s vision of Libya as part of a united Africa.” The so-called Black African “mercenaries” are misnamed. “As a result of Libya’s support for liberation movements throughout Africa and the world, international battalions were formed” which are part of the Libyan armed forces.

Libya, Getting it Right: A Revolutionary Pan-African Perspective
by Gerald A. Perreira
“The media and their selected commentators have done their best to manufacture an opinion that Libya is essentially the same as Egypt and Tunisia.”
Thousands of Indians, Egyptians, Chinese, Filipinos, Turks, Germans, English, Italians, Malaysians, Koreans and a host of other nationalities are lining up at the borders and the airport to leave Libya. It begs the question: What were they doing in Libya in the first place? Unemployment figures, according to the Western media and Al Jazeera, are at 30%. If this is so, then why all these foreign workers?
For those of us who have lived and worked in Libya, there are many complexities to the current situation that have been completely overlooked by the Western media and ‘Westoxicated’ analysts, who have nothing other than a Eurocentric perspective to draw on. Let us be clear – there is no possibility of understanding what is happening in Libya within a Eurocentric framework. Westerners are incapable of understanding a system unless the system emanates from or is attached in some way to the West. Libya’s system and the battle now taking place on its soil, stands completely outside of the Western imagination.
News coverage by the BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera has been oversimplified and misleading. An array of anti-Qaddafi spokespersons, most living outside Libya, have been paraded in front of us – each one clearly a counter-revolutionary and less credible than the last. Despite the clear and irrefutable evidence from the beginning of these protests that Muammar Qaddafi had considerable support both inside Libya and internationally, not one pro-Qaddafi voice has been allowed to air. The media and their selected commentators have done their best to manufacture an opinion that Libya is essentially the same as Egypt and Tunisia and that Qaddafi is just another tyrant amassing large sums of money in Swiss bank accounts. But no matter how hard they try, they cannot make Qaddafi into a Mubarak or Libya into Egypt.
“Libya’s system and the battle now taking place on its soil, stands completely outside of the Western imagination.”
The first question is: Is the revolt taking place in Libya fuelled by a concern over economic issues such as poverty and unemployment as the media would have us believe? Let us examine the facts.
Under the revolutionary leadership of Muammar Qaddafi, Libya has attained the highest standard of living in Africa. In 2007, in an article which appeared in the African Executive Magazine, Norah Owaraga noted that Libya, “unlike other oil producing countries such as Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, utilized the revenue from its oil to develop its country. The standard of living of the people of Libya is one of the highest in Africa, falling in the category of countries with a GNP per capita of between USD 2,200 and 6,000.”
This is all the more remarkable when we consider that in 1951 Libya was officially the poorest country in the world. According to the World Bank, the per capita income was less than $50 a year – even lower than India. Today, all Libyans own their own homes and cars. Two Fleet Street journalists, David Blundy and Andrew Lycett, who are by no means supporters of the Libyan revolution, had this to say:
“The young people are well dressed, well fed and well educated. Libyans now earn more per capita than the British. The disparity in annual incomes… is smaller than in most countries. Libya’s wealth has been fairly spread throughout society. Every Libyan gets free, and often excellent, education, medical and health services. New colleges and hospitals are impressive by any international standard. All Libyans have a house or a flat, a car and most have televisions, video recorders and telephones. Compared with most citizens of the Third World countries, and with many in the First World, Libyans have it very good indeed.” (Source: Qaddafi and the Libyan Revolution)
Large scale housing construction has taken place right across the country. Every citizen has been given a decent house or apartment to live in rent-free. In Qaddafi’s Green Book it states: “The house is a basic need of both the individual and the family, therefore it should not be owned by others.” This dictum has now become a reality for the Libyan people.
Large scale agricultural projects have been implemented in an effort to “make the desert bloom” and achieve self-sufficiency in food production. Any Libyan who wants to become a farmer is given free use of land, a house, farm equipment, some livestock and seed.
“The standard of living of the people of Libya is one of the highest in Africa.”
Today, Libya can boast one of the finest health care systems in the Arab and African World. All people have access to doctors, hospitals, clinics and medicines, completely free of all charges. The fact is that the Libyan revolution has achieved such a high standard of living for its people that they import labor from other parts of the world to do the jobs that the unemployed Libyans refuse to do. Libya has been called by many observers inside and out, “a nation of shop keepers.” It is part of the Libyan Arab psyche to own your own small business and this type of small scale private enterprise flourishes in Libya. We can draw on many examples of Libyans with young sons who expressed the idea that it would be shameful for the family if these same young men were to seek menial work and instead preferred for them to remain at home supported by the extended family.
No system is perfect, and Libya is no exception. They suffered nine years of economic sanctions and this caused huge problems for the Libyan economy. Also, there is nowhere on planet earth that has escaped the monumental crisis of neo-liberal capitalism. It has impacted everywhere – even on post revolutionary societies that have rejected “free market” capitalism. However, what we are saying is that severe economic injustice is not at the heart of this conflict. So then, what is?
A Battle for Africa
The battle that is being waged in Libya is fundamentally a battle between Pan-African forces on the one hand, who are dedicated to the realization of Qaddafi’s vision of a united Africa, and reactionary racist Libyan Arab forces who reject Qaddafi’s vision of Libya as part of a united Africa and want to ally themselves instead with the EU and look toward Europe and the Arab World for Libya’s future.
One of Muammar Qaddafi’s most controversial and difficult moves in the eyes of many Libyans was his championing of Africa and his determined drive to unite Africa with one currency, one army and a shared vision regarding the true independence and liberation of the entire continent. He has contributed large amounts of his time and energy and large sums of money to this project and like Kwame Nkrumah, he has paid a high price.
Many of the Libyan people did not approve of this move. They wanted their leader to look towards Europe. Of course, Libya has extensive investments and commercial ties with Europe but the Libyans know that Qaddafi’s heart is in Africa.
Many years ago, Qaddafi told a large gathering, which included Libyans and revolutionaries from many parts of the world, that the Black Africans were the true owners of Libya long before the Arab incursion into North Africa, and that Libyans need to acknowledge and pay tribute to their ancient African roots. He ended by saying, as is proclaimed in his Green Book, that “the Black race shall prevail throughout the world.” This is not what many Libyans wanted to hear. As with all fair skinned Arabs, prejudice against Black Africans is endemic.
Brother Leader, Guide of the Revolution and King of Kings are some of the titles that have been bestowed on Qaddafi by Africans. Only last month Qaddafi called for the creation of a Secretariat of traditional African Chiefs and Kings, with whom he has excellent ties, to co-ordinate efforts to build African unity at the grassroots level throughout the continent, a bottom up approach, as opposed to trying to build unity at the government/state level, an approach which has failed the African unification project since the days of Kwame Nkrumah and Sekou Toure. This bottom up approach is widely supported by many Pan Africanists worldwide.
African Mercenaries or Freedom Fighters?
In the past week, the phrase “African mercenaries” has been repeated over and over by the media and the selected Libyan citizens they choose to speak to have, as one commentator put it, “spat the word ‘African’ with a venomous hatred.”
The media has assumed, without any research or understanding of the situation because they are refusing to give any air time to pro-Qaddafi forces, that the many Africans in military uniform fighting alongside the pro-Qaddafi Libyan forces are mercenaries. However, it is a myth that the Africans fighting to defend the Jamahiriya and Muammar Qaddafi are mercenaries being paid a few dollars and this assumption is based solely on the usual racist and contemptuous view of Black Africans.
Actually, in truth, there are people all over Africa and the African Diaspora who support and respect Muammar Qaddafi as a result of his invaluable contribution to the worldwide struggle for African emancipation.
“It is a myth that the Africans fighting to defend the Jamahiriya and Muammar Qaddafi are mercenaries being paid a few dollars.”
Over the past two decades, thousands of Africans from all over the continent were provided with education, work and military training – many of them coming from liberation movements. As a result of Libya’s support for liberation movements throughout Africa and the world, international battalions were formed. These battalions saw themselves as a part of the Libyan revolution, and took it upon themselves to defend the revolution against attacks from within its borders or outside.
These are the Africans who are fighting to defend Qaddafi and the gains of the Libyan revolution to their death if need be. It is not unlike what happened when internationalist battalions came to the aid of the revolutionary forces against Franco’s fascist forces in Spain.
Malian political analyst, Adam Thiam, notes that “thousands of Tuaregs who were enrolled in the Islamic Legion established by the Libyan revolution remained in Libya and they are enrolled in the Libyan security forces.”
African Migrants under Attack
As African fighters from Chad, Niger, Mali, Ghana, Kenya and Southern Sudan (it should be noted that Libya supported the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army under John Garang in their war of liberation against Arab hegemonists in Khartoum, while all other Arab leaders backed the Khartoum regime) fight to defend this African revolution, a million African refugees and thousands of African migrant workers stand the risk of being murdered as a result of their perceived support for Qaddafi.
One Turkish construction worker described a massacre: “We had 70-80 people from Chad working for our company. They were cut dead with pruning shears and axes, attackers saying: ‘You are providing troops for Qaddafi. The Sudanese were also massacred. We saw it for ourselves.”
This is a far cry from what is being portrayed in the media as “peaceful protesters” being set upon by pro-Qaddafi forces. In fact, footage of the Benghazi revolt shows men with machetes, AK 47s and RPGs. In the Green Book, Qaddafi argues for the transfer of all power, wealth and arms directly into the hands of the people themselves. No one can deny that the Libyan populace is heavily armed. This is part of Qaddafi’s philosophy of arms not being monopolised by any section of the society, including the armed forces. It must be said that it is not usual practice for tyrants and dictators to arm their population.
Qaddafi has also been very vocal regarding the plight of Africans who migrate to Europe, where they are met with racism, more poverty, violence at the hands of extreme right wing groups and in many cases death, when the un-seaworthy boats they travel in sink.
“Qaddafi has also been very vocal regarding the plight of Africans who migrate to Europe.”
Moved by their plight, a conference was held in Libya in January this year, to address their needs and concerns. More than 500 delegates and speakers from around the world attended the conference titled “A Decent Life in Europe or a Welcome Return to Africa.”
“We should live in Europe with decency and dignity,” Qaddafi told participants. “We need a good relationship with Europe not a relationship of master and slave. There should be a strong relationship between Africa and Europe. Our presence should be strong, tangible and good. It’s up to you as the Africans in the Diaspora. We have to continue more and more until the unity of Africa is achieved.
From now on, by the will of God, I will assign teams to search, investigate and liaise with the Africans in Europe and to check their situations…this is my duty and role towards the sons of Africa; I am a soldier for Africa. I am here for you and I work for you; therefore, I will not leave you and I will follow up on your conditions.”
Joint committees of African migrants, the United Nations, the African Union, the European Union and international organizations present at the conference discussed the need to coordinate the implementation of many of the conference’s recommendations.
Statements are appearing all over the internet from Africans who have a different view to that being perpetuated by those intent on discrediting Qaddafi and the Libyan revolution. One African commented:
“When I was growing up I first read a comic book of his revolution at the age of ten. Since then, as dictators came and went, Colonel Qaddafi has made an impression on me as a man who truly loves Africa! Libyans could complain that he spent their wealth on other Africans! But those Africans he helped put in power, built schools and mosques and brought in many forms of development showing that Africans can do for themselves. If those Africans would abandon him to be swallowed by Western Imperialism and their lies and just let him go as a dictator in the name of so-called democracy…if they could do that…they should receive the names and fate that the Western press gives our beloved leader. If there is any one person who was half as generous as he is, let them step forward.”
And another African comments:
“This man has been accused of many things and listening to the West who just recently were happy to accept his generous hospitality, you will think that he is worse than Hitler. The racism and contemptuous attitudes of Arabs towards Black Africans has made me a natural sceptic of any overtures from them to forge a closer link with Black Africa but Qaddafi was an exception.”
Opportunistic Revolt
This counter-revolutionary revolt caught everyone, including the Libyan authorities, by surprise. They knew what the media is not reporting: that unlike Egypt and Tunisia and other countries in the region, where there is tremendous poverty, unemployment and repressive pro-Western regimes, the Libyan dynamic was entirely different. However, an array of opportunistic forces, ranging from so-called Islamists, Arab-Supremacists, including some of those who have recently defected from Qaddafi’s inner circle, have used the events in neighbouring countries as a pretext to stage a coup and to advance their own agenda for the Libyan nation. Many of these former officials were the authors of, and covertly fuelled the anti-African pogrom in Libya a few years ago when many Africans lost their lives in street battles between Africans and Arab Libyans. This was a deliberate attempt to embarrass Qaddafi and to undermine his efforts in Africa.
Qaddafi has long been a thorn in the Islamists side. In his recent address to the Libyan people, broadcast from the ruins of the Bab al-Azizia compound bombed by Reagan in 1986, he asked the “bearded ones” in Benghazi and Jabal al Akhdar where they were when Reagan bombed his compound in Tripoli, killing hundreds of Libyans, including his daughter. He said they were hiding in their homes applauding the US and he vowed that he would never allow the country to be returned to the grip of them and their colonial masters.
Al Qaeda is in the Sahara on his borders and the International Union of Muslim Scholars is calling for him to be tried in a court. One asks why are they calling for Qaddafi’s blood? Why not Mubarak who closed the Rafah Border Crossing while the Israeli’s slaughtered the Palestinians in Gaza. Why not Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Blair who are responsible for the murder of millions of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan?
“An array of opportunistic forces, ranging from so-called Islamists, Arab-Supremacists, including some of those who have recently defected from Qaddafi’s inner circle, have used the events in neighbouring countries as a pretext to stage a coup.”
The answer is simple – because Qaddafi committed some “cardinal sins.” He dared to challenge their reactionary and feudal notions of Islam. He has upheld the idea that every Muslim is a ruler (Caliph) and does not need the Ulema to interpret the Quran for them. He has questioned the Islam of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda from a Quranic/theological perspective and is one of the few political leaders equipped to do so. Qaddafi has been called a Mujaddid (this term refers to a person who appears to revive Islam and to purge it of alien elements, restoring it to its authentic form) and he comes in the tradition of Jamaludeen Afghani and the late Iranian revolutionary, Ali Shariati.
Libya is a deeply traditional society, plagued with some outmoded and bankrupt ideas that continue to surface to this day. In many ways, Qaddafi has had to struggle against the same reactionary aspects of Arab culture and tradition that the holy prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was struggling against in 7th century Arabia – Arab supremacy/racism, supremacy of family and tribe, historical feuding tribe against tribe and the marginalisation of women. Benghazi has always been at the heart of counter-revolution in Libya, fostering reactionary Islamic movements such as the Wahhabis and Salafists. It is these people who founded the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group based in Benghazi which allies itself with Al Qaeda and who have, over the years, been responsible for the assassination of leading members of the Libyan revolutionary committees.
These forces hate Qaddafi’s revolutionary reading of the Quran. They foster an Islam concerned with outward trappings and mere religiosity, in the form of rituals, which at the same time is feudal and repressive, while rejecting the liberatory spirituality of Islam. While these so-called Islamists are opposed to Western occupation of Muslim lands, they have no concrete programmatic platform for meaningful socio-economic and political transformation to advance their societies beyond semi-feudal and capitalist systems which reinforce the most backward and reactionary ideas and traditions. Qaddafi’s political philosophy, as outlined in the Green Book, rejects unfettered capitalism in all its manifestations, including the “State capitalism” of the former communist countries and the neo-liberal capitalist model that has been imposed at a global level. The idea that capitalism is not compatible with Islam and the Quran is not palatable to many Arabs and so-called Islamists because they hold onto the fallacious notion that business and trade is synonymous with capitalism.
Getting it Right
Whatever the mistakes made by Qaddafi and the Libyan revolution, its gains and its huge contribution to the struggle of oppressed peoples worldwide cannot and must not be ignored. Saif Qaddafi, when asked about the position of his father and family, said this battle is not about one man and his family, it is about Libya and the direction it will take.
That direction has always been controversial. In 1982, The World Mathaba was established in Libya. Mathaba means a gathering place for people with a common purpose. The World Mathaba brought together revolutionaries and freedom fighters from every corner of the globe to share ideas and develop their revolutionary knowledge. Many liberation groups throughout the world received education, training and support from Muammar Qaddafi and the Libyan revolution including ANC, AZAPO, PAC and BCM of Azania (South Africa), SWAPO of Namibia, MPLA of Angola, The Sandinistas of Nicaragua, The Polisario of the Sahara, the PLO, The Native American Movements throughout the Americas, The Nation of Islam led by Louis Farrakhan to name but a few. Nelson Mandela called Muammar Qaddafi one of this century’s greatest freedom fighters, and insisted that the eventual collapse of the apartheid system owed much to Qaddafi and Libyan support. Mandela said that in the darkest moments of their struggle, when their backs were to the wall, it was Muammar Qaddafi who stood with them. The late African freedom fighter, Kwame Ture, referred to Qaddafi as “a diamond in a cesspool of African misleaders.”
“Nelson Mandela called Muammar Qaddafi one of this century’s greatest freedom fighters.”
The hideous notion being perpetuated by the media and reactionary forces, inside and outside of Libya, that this is just another story of a bloated dictatorship that has run its course is mis-information and deliberate distortion. Whatever one’s opinions of Qaddafi the man, no one can deny his invaluable contribution to human emancipation and the universal truths outlined in his Green Book.
Progressive scholars in many parts of the world, including the West, have acclaimed The Green Book as an incisive critique of capitalism and the Western Parliamentary model of multi-party democracy. In addition, there is no denying that the system of direct democracy posited by Qaddafi in The Green Book offers an alternative model and solution for Africa and the Third World, where multi-party so-called democracy has been a dismal failure, resulting in poverty, ethnic and tribal conflict and chaos.
Every revolution, since the beginning of time, has defended itself against those who would want to roll back its gains. Europeans should look back into their own bloody history to see that this includes the American, French and Bolshevik revolutions. Marxists speak of Trotsky and Lenin’s brutal suppression of the Kronstadt rebellion by the Red Army as being a “tragic necessity.”
Let’s get it right: The battle in Libya is not about peaceful protestors versus an armed and hostile State. All sides are heavily armed and hostile. The battle being waged in Libya is essentially a battle between those who want to see a united and liberated Libya and Africa, free of neo-colonialism and neo-liberal capitalism and free to construct their own system of governance compatible with the African and Arab personalities and cultures and those who find this entire notion repugnant. And both sides are willing to pay the ultimate price to defend their positions.
Make no mistake, if Qaddafi and the Libyan revolution are defeated by this opportunistic conglomerate of reactionaries and racists, then progressive forces worldwide and the Pan African project will suffer a huge defeat and set back.
Gerald A. Perreira has lived in Libya for many years and was an executive member of the World Mathaba. He can be contacted at

Will the Libyan people be better off without Qaddafi? That is highly unlikely. One wonders who, or why this conflict began in Libya. Surely the people will regret this when they end up with a government 10 times worse then the one they are presently attacking.

The Imperialist forces are busy constructing their own downfall. How can one unite the world without a united Africa? Communism is the key.

“Eyes open.”

The Violators: No human rights for you.

We –Project Freedom Canada– have done all that it is possible for the time being in regards to the flagrant violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms by the Federal Conservative Party in Canada. We went to the Supreme Court in hopes that we could sue the Attorney General of Canada and strike all of these illegal amendments from the Criminal Code before any innocent victims targeted by this oppressive Federal Government could be charged. Sadly it was not possible as we were denied standing. We then attempted to intervene in cases before the courts as we were instructed to by the Supreme Court but we were stonewalled by legal firms that refused to co-operate. We then attempted to enforce justice by complaining to the Canadian Bar Association about the possible cohesion of Legal Teams in regards to the defense of these innocent victims targeted by the Federal Government for imprisonment. The Canadian Bar Association did not co-operate with us. Apparently if an innocent victim is charged and the Law Firm representing them is aware that they are innocent it is still permitted to aid them to plea Guilty in order to avoid fuss. This is not justice. Do not fret. We still intend to restore Law and Order to Canada.

We will be publishing a Book entitled “The Violators: No Human Rights for You”. This book will provide details about the Federal Conservative Party members and the organizations they belong to as well as our factum and the factum of the Attorney General of Canada. Also we will provide correspondence between ourselves and the Canadian Bar Association. It is our hope that we will be able to reveal to the Canadian Public the outrageous nature of this violation and encourage innocent victims to do the correct thing and take this evil government to court. We intend to hire a publicist in order to ensure this is brought to the attention of the Canadian Public.

It will be available we hope before the end of 2011. It would be wonderful if after Law and Order is restored to Canada that the innocent victims will participate in class-action lawsuit against the Federal Conservative Party of Canada. They do not belong in Canada.

Stupid Stephen Harper: Flaunts his disregard of Canadian laws in order to impose his backward morals on Canada, yet again

Stephen Harper decides to ignore court ruling that makes Prostitution aspects legal in Canada because “… we believe that the prostitution trade is bad for society.” Again we see the Stephen Harper Minority Christian Fundamentalist Conservative government displaying their utter contempt for the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Constitution that it is a part of through their despicable actions.

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Published: December 02, 2010 10:30 p.m.

Dominatrix to Harper: ‘fight like a man’

TORONTO – Sex-trade workers will one day be able to legally provide for their families and work in Canada without fear of violence, advocates predicted Thursday, even as Ontario’s top court kept prostitution laws in place for now.

A landmark court ruling striking down three key prostitution laws was put on hold until April 29, giving the federal and provincial governments time to appeal.

Dominatrix Terri-Jean Bedford, one of the three sex-trade workers at the heart of this case, said outside court Thursday that she is confident they will win in the end.

But she suggested Prime Minister Stephen Harper is hiding behind the courts on the contentious issue, and challenged him to “fight like a man.”

“He can withdraw this appeal at any moment and change the law through Parliament,” she said.

“His silence means that he does not know what to do and is not concerned about the violence against women.”

Harper was asked about Bedford’s comments after he made an unrelated announcement and seemed tickled.

“I’ve never been called upon to respond to a dominatrix before,” he said with a smirk.

Harper said the government supports the laws and his government looks forward to fighting on appeal to keep them on the books.

“We believe that the prostitution trade is bad for society,” he said. “That’s a strong view held by our government, I think by most Canadians.”

Even with the full weight of the federal government on the opposing side, Bedford said she will continue to fight for the safety of other women. Unspecified disabilities have left her unable to “tie people up and spank them” as much as she’d like to these days.

“The only people who benefit from this law right now are tax evaders and organized crime,” she said.

“The women need to be able to call the police when they’re beat up by the pimps and the johns. As it stands right now they can”t.

They can’t press charges because they’re carted to jail along with (the assailants).”

In September, Ontario Superior Court Judge Susan Himel struck down laws against keeping a common bawdy house, communicating for the purposes of prostitution and living on the avails of the trade.

That ruling was subject to a temporary stay, and the federal and Ontario governments argued the stay should be extended, lest prostitutes from all over flood to Ontario amid an unprecedented “social experiment.”

On Thursday the Court of Appeal for Ontario granted another temporary stay, meaning the laws will remain on the books until at least April 29. It puts pressure on the government to expedite the appeal.

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said the government was pleased with the stay, saying there are “considerable” harms that flow from unfettered prostitution.

“These laws are necessary to protect not only the individuals…but the communities as well,” he said.

“If the activity is carried on on the street and police are unable to intervene, this can have a devastating effect on communities and neighbourhoods.”

Nikki Thomas, the deputy director of the Sex Professionals of Canada, said when — not if — Himel’s decision is affirmed by higher courts and comes into effect, it won’t mean that prostitutes will ply their trade on playgrounds and bring sexual anarchy to the streets.

“All that you’ll see is one of the most marginalized groups in the country will finally have the opportunity to take care of their own safety,” she said outside court.

Advocates say Himel’s ruling, once in effect, will allow sex-trade workers to hire bodyguards and file income taxes.

In his ruling, the Appeal Court judge said it would be harmful to the public interest to have the lower court ruling come into effect immediately.

“I am satisfied that it is in the public interest that the judgment be stayed for a relatively short period to permit appellate review of the decision,” Justice Marc Rosenberg wrote.

He called the governments’ evidence “less than compelling” and “somewhat overblown,” but said his principal concern was having a regulatory void if no stay was granted.

Rosenberg ordered that his stay remain in place until April 29 or until the appeal is heard — whichever is earlier.

A current schedule worked out between lawyer Alan Young, who represents the sex-trade workers, and the government lawyers suggests an appeal will be heard in the summer. But Young said he is ready to argue the case tomorrow and urged the governments to press ahead so the appeal can be heard before the stay expires.

It’s likely the case will end up before the Supreme Court of Canada, and Young believes Himel’s decision will ultimately stand.

“The only really important issue right now is not whether the law is going to be applied in the short term, it’s whether or not Justice Himel is right that we have an irrational regime that is hurting a vulnerable population,” Young said.

Prostitution was not illegal in Canada, but the court struck down three provisions that criminalized most aspects of prostitution, however, Criminal Code offences dealing with people under 18 are not affected.


Stephen Harper can’t fight like a Man because he is not a man – he’s an Imperialist Dog

Time to send them packing.

Remember this about Stephen Harper and those within his government

– they are mentally deranged

– they believe the Universe was created by a GOD about 8000 years ago

– they believe that the Earth is actually 6000 years old and that Dinosaur remains and Carbon dating are false and only put there by GOD to test the faith of Man

– they believe the Human Body is evil and that all sex shouldn’t be for pleasure but for procreation only

We could go on and on about how freakish they are but we have said enough already.

Yet another attempt to end the separation between Church and State and spread more Shame, Fear and Lies across Canada.

Beautiful Chaos in Europe

It is great that the just riots in France continue. Hopefully they will escalate and begin to grow to other places of social disgrace throughout Europe. The British should be well to follow the example of outraged citizens in France in their discontent over a Billionaire leader who’d rather balance a budget by taking from the “Have not’s” as opposed to the “haves”. It is time to begin heavily taxing all corporations everywhere all over the globe. Time to do whatever is required to ensure that this is done regardless of the positions of governments. Those who say that taxing corporations is not good for the economy are telling lies. It is only because they flee to places void in tax. We must ensure that no such places are left unmolested anywhere in the World.

So let us hope that the crisis in France continues and grows worse and spreads until it engulfs the whole of Imperialist Europe and all those who do not support the riots are exposed and reviled. Never forget that the United Nations is a vapid organization that is only interested in maintaining the status quo of the Imperialists. Canada should not be a member of the United Nations. It is time to replace the United Nations with a new world body that will be composed of representatives from First, Second, Third and Fourth World nations as well as representatives of Environmental Groups and Scientists. No more this United Nations and it’s Veto Holding interests – not being interested in the people of the World -. It’s a small World and it is only going to get smaller as the population grows along with technology while Human Civilization remains at Level Zero.