Violence And War Chosen Before Peace And Love

It has been proven through several studies which are shielded from the population by the privately owned and heavily censored media in all of the Western Nations, that when you forbid free-love you promote violence. We have discussed this in the past, yet it seems that the situation of ever increasing mass shootings globally and propagation of War, make it necessary to bring it up again.

Octaevius Altair: It has been 10 1/2 years since I took the Attorney General of Canada before the Supreme Court of Canada to restore law and order to Canada by using the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to launch the Constitutional Challenge in order to prevent the illegal age of sexual consent increase which was ratified in February 2009. I was denied standing of behalf of public interest simply because I was advised to permit these new laws to be challenged by those newly charged (as I have never been criminally charged for anything personally). It was suggested that this matter would resolve itself before the courts in given time. Well, as we have discussed before, there are no criminal lawyers in Canada. The culture of criminal law itself has been mutated into a method to encourage all matters with plea bargains outside of the courts. Yes… I was told by some within the Criminal Lawyers Association that this “plea Bargaining” is the new culture. Even if the party is innocent and proclaim it to be true, the lawyers will insist that they plea guilty or “suffer the consequences”. Not a single case has used the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to strike all of these illegal amendments from the criminal code and prevent the mass incarceration of tens of thousands of innocent victims within Canada. You cannot divest the rights of 14-year-old adults just as you cannot arbitrarily raise the voting age or divest females of the right to vote; the Charter prevents this.

This is yet another example of fear, shame and lies being used to control the population while condemning free-love in all of it’s forms; thus promoting greater and greater violence. This violence is increasing not only across the globe, but among the youth especially. These same techniques of promoting violence were used by the Hitler Youth just as they are presently being used by the numerous Street Gangs across the Western World and the indoctrination of youth into violent para-military thug-like organizatons.

We must all promote a return to free love! I say it again, free love and free drugs. Let us see more and more Block Orgies with signs that advise caution against leaving the children at home. Free love for all. Free drugs and free prostitution!

Message Number 272

God Says

Sometimes humans act and perceive the world as well as the behaviors all about them, based upon assumptions. You will assume that this particular animal is a certain way or that this or that other human is a certain way based upon your beliefs -you make presumptions and assumptions-. You fall into habits without realizing that your attitudes to a particular people, behaviors or other things are not based upon fact. Here is a new deal. Forget what you think you know. Many fables are taken as facts because habits and a fear of change blind you to what is before you in truth. These attitudes will affect the way you react to the world about you. So… a fear of sharks cause you to kill all sharks or as fear of spiders will cause you to kill every spider you see… just because you made an assumption that they are after you. People will also act this way towards other humans/groups as well. You build up assumptions. You decide all wealthy humans are this way or all impoverished humans are that way. This or that tribe is this or that… etc. I am asking you to forget what you think you know because these assumptions can cause fears and create reactions which are imaginary, yet lead to real hurts and true problems within the world. Let Us walk together in peace. Forget these assumptions as each of you is unique, as is everything else. Try it today.

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