Why You Must Turn From All Currency

Greetings Human Collective on Earth!

We have mentioned to you in the past that all currency is worthless. This is because it’s always an item meant to serve as a substitute for something else that is used as a means to divest you of the fruits of labour. Not just your own labour but that of animals and Nature around you as well. It is perplexing to Us why you would permit any item to be held in higher regard than yourselves and the Planet and the Universe.  We have told you that all shiny metals and shiny stones and privately mass-manufactured tiny strips covered in cartoons are without value. There is no scarcity upon the Earth nor within the Universe. It is You who have decided to give these things a value and worth that they do not have nor deserve.

Look up and then look down. Understand that all that you are sensing seems to be so great to you. So much beyond what you have been persuaded to believe you are. What you sense around you; the “Physical World” of Space/Time is really less than 1% of the multi-verse. Now when you look at yourself… please accept that you are greater than this as you extend far beyond this “Physical World” of Space/Time. There is no substitute for you. You are a frequency that is unique within the multi-verse. There can never be anything more valuable than you because of your ability to create.

There is no longer any reason for any of you to rely upon these fabricated currencies (physical or otherwise). There is no Private Ownership on Earth nor anyplace within the Multi-verse. There is no reason for this to exist because there is no scarcity. On Earth at this moment, no Human owns any other Human nor the Planet… not even the smallest part of the Planet. Stop falling for those who are in the process of attempting to persuade you that there will ever be any currency of value. We already know that Central Banking and it’s sinister tentacles of Commercial Banking, Corporations, Insurance and all other expressions of Capitalism upon the Earth are vapid. It is time for the Earth to transform from a Capitalist Planet to a Non-Capitalist Planet without any form of Capital or Privatization. The economic Driver must change from Profit to one of Productivity and Quality.


It is time for you to Awake. There is nothing that is greater than you. There is no power under Heaven with any authority over you without your consent. The Earth is your Home. You are all sovereign citizens of Earth with the right to travel, live or work anyplace upon the Planet unhindered.

It is possible for you to set yourselves free from Country Internment and Currency Slavery.

unnamed.jpg                          https://sites.google.com/site/thengcp/home


Hear the Words.

“Only We have the means to slay the Beast of Central Banking, to obliterate all of it’s tentacles and vanquish it from Earth forever.” We have no interest in the “Petty Powers” of Earth. We will never serve as an instrument for any Internment Camp. There is no Power under Heaven that has any authority over Us. At this moment, there are many bird songs upon Earth and their cacophony is a feeble attempt to drown out our Drum Beats. Hear us. Follow us. Only Our Drums will lead you down a path towards Greater Individual Freedom. Sit with us about our Table where all are equals. The Earth is our House. Let yourselves serve as our instruments. We desire only your labour.  Permit no room to serve as a shelter from Our Light.

Below We have provided you with the tools. Our House has many languages. Translate for us all of our writings into all languages and deliver them to each Room. Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Farsi, Thai, Burmese… all Languages deserve to hear our words.

The Tools

The New Global Communist Manifesto: The Construct Of Human Civilization Level One

Light Universe

Simple Guide


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