Free Spirits Fundraiser 2017

Greetings Brothers and Sisters!

It is that time of the year when we will be receiving many requests for donations. Please do consider placing Free Spirits (Boylinks is just one of the many things they do) at the top of your list.

Thank you for supporting the

Free Spirits 22nd Annual Fundraiser

For the fiscal year of 2017 we anticipate hosting expenses for two servers, plus cover costs incurred for maintaining them.

We rely entirely on selfless monetary contributions made by FreeSpirits Resource Participants (you) for maintaining the Web presence of these FreeSpirits Resources.

Our goal is €4000 EUR. The “BLogometer” to the right indicates the progress we are making with your help.

Please register your Pledge Now.
Outline of the Donation Process

Third-party processors will be involved in the donation processing logistics. To help ensure your security will not be compromised while maintaining transparency we have created and implemented a donation processing system having your security foremost in mind throughout each step.

Donations can be made anonymously if you submit a valid e-mail address, but we prefer you use a nickname that is registered at one of our FreeSpirits Resources to authenticate your submitted pledge details. Our Pledge submission form provides only verified registered posters with immediate instructions on how and where to send their donations. We will provide unregistered contributors instructions via their verified e-mail account. With the possible exception of a general geographical location, we will not ask you for any information that you have not already disclosed to us.

A unique Donation Tracking Number will be generated for each and every donation. If you choose to mail in your donation the Donation Tracking Number must to be included, written down on paper inside your envelope, so we can track your donation and mark it received.

Please note that the postal addresses and Donation Tracking Numbers we provide for sending in donations are good for one-time use only. Things change too often so it is important that the postal information is destroyed once your contribution is put in the mail, but remember to save your tracking number!

Once your tracking number is generated you will be provided with further instructions, plus you will be allowed to check the status of your contribution by utilizing our Donation Tracking Feature.

In the event you need more information about any of this, please use the support form for submitting inquiries.


So go to the site HERE and make a donation for this year PLEASE.


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