Abandon The Space Race


It is time for all Internment Camps on Earth to abandon the “Space Race”! Why would you think that you have any business at all in soiling the Universe about you with your muddy feet? You will never succeed in colonizing nor asserting any rights in your Galactic neighbourhood until you obtain order on the Planet first. The wars, absurd laws and situations of scarcity for most and abundance for the few exist because you created it and continue to maintain it. You have free will. The behavior of Humans upon the surface of the Earth is insane. You continue to permit a small minority of your members to keep the majority interned in camps called “countries” and covet all land and resources for themselves; with nonsense borders and the strife caused by them which you continue to defend. You see enemies all about you instead of your own family! You brag about living on “Postage Stamps” and holding paper as being the greatest value along with shiny bits of metal, shiny stones and the liquids and vapours of the Earth more so than Human life and the very Planet itself upon which all depend.
Until the Earth has obtained order through the creation of a Planetary Counsel, the elimination of all borders and the establishment of Universal Law on Earth; you have no business trespassing in Space. You have got your work cut out for you by cleaning up the Planet until you start polluting the Universe about you. This is no joke.

List of space agencies with human spaceflight capability

China National Space Administration
(Chinese: 中华人民共和国国家航天局) CNSA

National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA

Russian: Федеральное космическое агентство RFSA
(Russian Federal Space Agency)

Expected and proposed future space agencies[edit]

Pan-Arab Space Agency PASA

African Space Agency AfriSpace

South American Space Agency

Philippine Space Agency PSA

Sri Lanka Aeronautics and Space Agency SLASA

This information was provided by Wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_government_space_agencies


Just look at this absurd waste of resources by all these organizations because you are too selfish and immature to even be able to create a single space agency for all Humans upon the surface of the Earth.

You still have many groups upon Earth that hate and fear each other along with many dying from curable diseases and hunger and thirst and all other manner of suffering from the situations created and maintained by YOU.

Please get it together and start fixing all of the problems created by you on your own planet first before you even think of polluting the rest of the Universe.

It is tempting for the small minority who control Earth to think about extending their “Power over others ambitions and selfish greed” to include the Universe around you. Just look at the Asteroid Belt which is full of resources as it was once upon a time a Planet itself. Know that there are interests upon the Earth that have a strong desire to create a new asteroid belt where the Earth is today (eliminating Earth and all life upon and within it). This will never happen even though it seems that you are helping them through your own apathy. They will never be permitted to harm the Earth because it does not belong to them nor does it belong to you (Humans). We (The Servants Of The Light) do not care to see you shaking your fists with firmly grasped paper and objecting that according to your paper you are the “owners” of Earth and have the right to destroy it along with yourselves and all life upon it and within it. You own only yourself and worthless paper. It is forbidden for any harm to befall the Earth.
It appears as though the majority of Humans would rather shirk all responsibility by handing it gladly to a tiny handful who lust after power for themselves while keeping you distracted by invented drama and greed.

Abandon the Space Race and start taking some responsibility for the mess you have created on Earth.

HERE is an Inspirational Letter below.


The Story-Telling Arts
Heavenletter #6140 Published on: September 16, 2017

God said:
Within each heart on Earth am I. That’s it. This is what Life is. It is all My Self, yet you may well believe that you are someone else when All of Life is all about Me, the One of Us. You reflect Me in a fantasy you play at, this Make-Believe you like to think you are deeply into.

It’s like you play a piano that doesn’t exist, and yet you imagine that music comes from this piano that does not exist. You see the piano. Your fingers move over the made-up keys. Layers and layers of notes resound and continue to resound in the world, yet never in actuality is this piano to be seen or to be found. How bizarre.

Actually, you are a way-out Teller of tales and Believer in tales. You beat the author of Sherlock Holmes as a writer of mysteries. You are quite a Story-Maker and Storyteller. In your Life Story, you surpass the greatest poets, playwrights, novelists. The extent of your imagination cannot be imagined. You exceed in the Storytelling Arts.

You are a magician who performs his magic tricks, only you have hypnotized yourself into believing that your magic is not a trick but the stuff of which Life itself is made. The fact is that you don’t know Truth from fiction. You believe that what you see is what you get. This theory goes only so far as you can see and does not reach all the way to Truth.

Somehow you wander down the Aisles of Life, preferring to see ups and downs and even terrors of all kinds. You invent new inventions and practices and new illnesses and restrictions too. Leave it to you or someone who is called you.

You make up laws and business practices designed for profit, as if individual profit were the Foundation of Life, as if getting ahead were your main purpose. If not getting ahead, then perhaps it is your purpose to escape Life one way or another as best you can.

Or, as if you have all the rights in the world, and you are the main stroller down the streets of Laredo or New York.

Or, as if you are the owner of the world, and you are entitled to keep out all those you want to for no reason or for any reason you feel like.

Whether in a school or a gang, you may pronounce yourself Kingpin by your own authority. Within the strata of where you place yourself, you may arrange other human Beings and sentient creatures this way or that, and some you oust, or somebody does. You decide what the world should look like, and it can be the person with the biggest mouth who wins the biggest prizes.

If anyone has heartache, you may even say he deserves it. Not you, of course — you may receive ill-gotten goods. You may masquerade as the power and the glory. Only you and a few other chosen do. You may feel that what you want is yours to take or you can do anything you want to do.

There is you, and except for a very few, others may not be of the significance you merit. There are wolves and sheep. There are higher and lower. Ideals are laughable. Might is right. So it may seem.

Even so, I, God, am visible. Nature continues to grow crops. Nature continues the seasons and weather. The Sun shines. The Moon copies the Sun. Stars come out.

Despite perceived devastation, there is also Goodness and Peace on Earth and Good Will to man, and Joy and Laughter. There is Goodness and Mercy on Earth and Unbounded Joy.

Love rebirths again and again.


The sooner that the Tsunami Of Love engulfs the Earth and awakens the vast majority of you to your status as a Family and your own Personal Power, the sooner will you be ready to explore and greet on equal footing your Galactic Family. Until that time… please stay at home.


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