No Shame, Fear and Lies

Oftentimes we (The Servants Of The Light) feel compelled to enforce certain messages. None can be more important for you to remember than to avoid the use of shame, fear and lies and those who use it. The Unorganized Path Of Light will always rely upon the use of pride, courage and truth. Please read this important letter Here or below.

Be a New Moonbeam

God said:

Stay out of the mud.

Refrain from gossip. Your purpose isn’t to toss around words about others rapturously with glee while you put them down. This is not a high vibration whatsoever. Not a high vibration at all. You won’t hear me giving you any such instructions to cast anyone down. Only smallness would make you do this.

Gossip is a long-held paltry subject. Whole magazines are filled with gossip. Fill your heart and mind with merit and not gossip.

You have a whole Life ahead of you.

Gossip isn’t your business.

Infringing in others’ lives isn’t your business.

Who is having an affair with whomever is not your business.

Catastrophes are not your business.

Casting dispersions on others is absolutely not your business.

Faulting yourself is not your business.

Falseness is not your business.

Superiority is not your business.

Other people’s lives are not your business.

There is no profit in filling your Life up with other people’s doings and idle news and views.

Be with people who make you glad to be with them.

And you be someone who makes others glad to be with you.

Life does not have to be urgent, nor is Life to be wasted.

Life does not have to be superficial.

Raise yourself a notch every day.

Go higher and higher.

Don’t rest on your laurels. Times a-wasting. Life’s a-wasting.

Live your God-given Life. Make Life worth living and holding dear.

Now is the time for all good people to come together. Even if you are a private person, you can share your Being. Every moment is ultimately shared. There is always sharing. Share something worth sharing.

Reflect. Think of what you are doing. Make others’ lives the same way you would like your Life to be like. Have some good news and wonderfulness in mind to share. What stories do you tell? What upliftment will you give to a weary world that craves more goodness and mercy?

I tell you frankly that you have far more to contribute to the world than gossip or any kind of belittlement.

Scatter the world with Stars.

Multiply the Sun.

Admire the Moon that reflects the Sun.

Be you the Moon that reflects the Sun.

Lift the world high.

Enjoy Life more. Expand happiness. Lead the world and raise the world Higher.

You have your work cut out for you.

Begin. Begin now. No more as you were. Be a new Moonbeam now.

The world has been waiting for you. I have been waiting for you.

Jumpstart your Life right now.

No waiting for tomorrow. Today is the day you are painting. Don’t let the paint dry.

Wherever you are, whatever else you are doing, bless. Bless while you are at it.

Bless one sentient Being, and you bless all.

It has been discussed that you must care about where you are standing, what you are thinking and how you are treating those about you. You must not care about where others are standing, what others are thinking or how others are treating those about them. It is not your place to judge others or the world or even yourself. Be kind and loving right now! Be an inspiration to those about you right now! Shine and be an example of God’s Love Now! There is no past as you are all existing in this Now moment together and no being is living at a different time from you. No Being is deserving of less rights or entitled to more rights than any other. Each of you will do as you do based upon your individual desire, ability and intent. Obey Universal Law and never permit fear, shame and lies into your life or rely upon these tools which are of the Darkness and will cause you to become wayward in your mission to increase the frequency of Light for this Planet and this Realm.

Blessings be upon you in Love, Light and Liberation!


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