Today’s New Global Communist Party’s Propaganda

Greetings! I am Octaevius Altair and I am the Permanent Chief State Advisor to the New Global Communist Party. Please note that at present there is no Communism on Earth as the present Human Collective on Earth does not know what Communism is. We have no Leaders within the Party at this moment.

Why the New Global Communist Party is the only valid choice for Earth government. Ask many Humans who are aware of the concept of Human Civilization Level One and most will agree that it is the desired form of expression and government. This is something that will never be achieved as long as there remains divisions upon the Earth. In order to expand the civilization off Earth and begin to exert rights such as mining and colonization off Planet; requires a unity upon the Planet itself. We – The New Global Communist Party – are the only available option to provide this unity on Earth. All of these Nation States and their unnatural, fabricated borders must be gotten rid of immediately. We will introduce the first ever Planetary Council (The Governing Body on Earth composed of elected representatives from the First World, Second World, Third World, Fourth World Nations as well as Engineers, Physicists, Environmentalists and Scientists) to oversee the Introduction of Universal Law and the sharing of all Planetary Resources of Earth among the Human Collective. These Nation States do nothing for you now nor have they ever! Only to steal land, resources and the very fruits of human labour itself through currency slavery and taxes. They are also good at starting wars with each other over nothing at all which causes significant loss of human life and suffering as well as destruction of the Planet itself. When we eliminate all Nation States, we will end all war forever upon the Earth. Each member of the Human Collective on Earth is a Sovereign Citizen of Earth with the right to travel, live and work anyplace upon the Earth unhindered.

These false concepts of ownership must be cast aside immediately. All Humans own exactly the same thing. You only own yourself. There is no ownership of this Planet. No private ownership of Property, Resources or of any other Human. We will end these concepts. We will eliminate all Banks and physical forms of currency from the Planet as well as Copyrights, Patents, Corporations and their corresponding Stocks and Markets and the Nuclear Family unit on Earth.

All thoughts and ideas are from the Source Field. Your Human Brain is a computer that operates your physical vessel and acts as a receiver for all information from the Source Field. When something new is introduced to Earth as an idea or invention; it’s purpose is to enrich the entire Human Collective of Earth. This is why many ideas that occur to one Human are also occurring to others on the Planet at the same time. So it is imperative that all forms of Copyrights, Patents etc. be eliminated. Since there will be no more currency or wealth of any form, there is no reason for these things to exist. These primitive concepts of coveting in fear of theft will no longer exist. The only thing of value on the Planet will be Life and the Planet itself. Shelter, Potable Water, Healthy Food, all expressions of Healthcare and all forms of Training/Education will be guaranteed rights to all Global Citizens. After we eliminate currency we will be able to utilize the resources and labour pool of the Human Collective to repair all damage to the Planet and to provide a permanent solution to the petty problems that currently plague many pockets of the Human Population there such as Famine, Drought and Disease.

Imagine a World with two expressions of government. Macro: The Planetary Counsel and Micro: The City States

“Like-minded individuals gathered together in Communities of service to each other in unconditional love”
. These will be your City States. We will begin the construction of Super City-State buildings that will be capable of housing millions of humans each. We will not force humans to comply with an overall standard of behavior. We insist only on Universal Law. So Humans will be free to create their own City States with those of like-mind to foster greater peace. If you do not like the predominate lifestyle of a particular City-State; go and find a different one more suited to your personal taste. There is not such a great variety of lifestyles upon the Planet Earth as you might think. After these City-States have begun construction it will be possible for us to deconstruct the current cities that are in our eyes a great waste of space and an “eyesore”. All resources and works of art from the present Cityscapes will be salvaged and incorporated into the new City-State buildings. This will enable us to free up vast resources of land to be put to better, more productive use as well as save great expanses for natural parks.

The Nuclear Family Unit will be replaced with the new Communal Family Unit. Originally the population of Earth were Hunter/Gatherer tribes that relied upon the entire tribe for their mutual welfare. Children born into the tribe were provided with initial caregivers usually for only about the first six or seven years until they were able to assume a place in the Communal Hut and develop their future roles. Marriages per se. were nothing more than temporary convenient arrangements. Hence that expression “Seven Year Itch”. The Children were treated as equal members of the tribe. This concept will be reintroduced to the Planet with our Communal Family Units. All pregnant females will register their pregnancy at their local Birthing Centre. They will give birth when it is time and then resume their normal lives. This will also put an end to the use of Abortion. All Children born on Earth will be new members of the Human Collective on Earth and not viewed as “Property”. All Children will be Wards of the State and remain in Communal Units until individually assessed to be ready to accept their own Private, Single Dwelling Unit. All Humans do what they do based upon individual desire, ability and intent. Not based upon physical age, I.Q., Tribe, Gender, Race etc. We will introduce full equality for all Humans on Earth.

How does it benefit the entire Human Collective on Earth to deny even a single member the education/training required to enable them to contribute to the whole utilizing their natural abilities? The current structure of education/training on Earth makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and it must go.

Please feel free to learn more about the New Global Communist Party or ask us anything


“We Are Moving To Your Side, Oh Holy, Holy Lord!”

Please read this inspiration message from Our Creator (The Collective Consciousness of all Light)


The Past Is Only an Idea

Heavenletter #5941 Published on: March 1, 2017

God said:
There is to be no repenting. When you make an error, correct it and then keep going. Don’t weep over it. Don’t rue it. A mistake, no matter how serious or how ridiculous, is an error. Even if you did do something averse on purpose, it was an error.

If you committed a deliberate action that was hurtful, now in your higher consciousness an action you would not commit, don’t belabor it. At the time, you thought you were right. You didn’t know better. Now you know better. Congratulate yourself, and free yourself from aching regret.

Undo the deed by letting go of it. Get out from under the yoke of guilt. Guilt doesn’t behoove you or anyone. Now come from a higher place. Do not identify yourself with a past action. There is no profit in it. Be glad you have grown, and keep going forward.

The act of nurturing your conscience and feeling bad about the past is not elevating. Be done with the past. Expiate the past with the present. For Heaven’s sake, this is the right thing to do. Agonizing over the past is not the right thing to do.

Feeling guilt is a not a beneficial state of consciousness. Go, make the world a better place now with you in it. You are you now. You are not you back then.

Listen, do not sweat the past. Do not occupy your heart or mind with the past. Daily, let go of the past. Do not harp on your past mistakes. Not harping on your past mistakes is not the same as excusing or babying yourself.

No one can undo what has been done. Take care of now. Give yourself a break. Even within yourself, let bygones be bygones.

As for embarrassment, let go of it. As for shame, you have to let it go. Be glad you know better now.

Do you know how much energy is accumulatively spent on agony over past mistakes? This energy can be better used on something more viable than the past.

I am telling you strongly to get out of the idea of the past. The past is an idea. You are to get off that idea. The future is not exactly the opposite of the past either. Where are you right now?

There are good people who can’t sleep, for they rue even a nothing event when they were in first grade. The teacher made it big. The class laughed. They were humiliated. What a waste of time to flip the pages of the past and rue it.

In fact, the future doesn’t exist either. The future, like the past, is only an idea. Have a higher picture of yourself right now, and sleep at night.

You know I tell you to dream big. You may debate that this is future-oriented. Dreaming big is recuperative. Dreaming big is not effort. Dreaming allows you right now to climb higher. Dreaming big is part of the present.

Nothing is idle in Life. Life in the world is about change. I am telling you to absolve yourself from the past. I am suggesting that you live right now in peace and harmony with yourself. For anything in the past that lingers, no matter how big or how small, forgive yourself and move on. This is very practical advice I give you. This is Realistic.

If you have made an error, don’t make it again. And this is the same as to say to move on in Life. Move on in Life itself. Don’t stagnate in a pool of guilt or anger or anything unworthy of a Child of God. Let go. Once and for all, get the past off your mind.


Remember that Fear, Shame and Lies will lead you into Darkness, hate and power over others whereas Courage, Pride and Truth will lead you into the Light, love and serving others joyfully.


Author: octaevius

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One thought on “Today’s New Global Communist Party’s Propaganda”

  1. This is off topic but need to give you the most recent developments in my work. We have met before online. I am continuing work on crafting economic boycotts against all countries that persecute MAPs. It has come to my attention that there are countries that do not have officially have SO registries but in reality do, and accomplish just as much to ruin the lives of MAPs who would not harm a flea. This is probably the work of the UK and USA.
    Two countries with stealth registries are Thailand and Hong Kong. I am now creating a guide to boycotting Hong Kong products focusing on consumer retail. As you may remember from our contact when we were both on Newgon, I believe in taking the fight to the enemy.
    Below is what I have developed for a Hong Kong boycott guide. It will be fleshed out in the next few weeks.

    mannings- drugs beauty
    watsons – drugs, beauty
    SF Express – courier

    BOYCOTT:VITA/VITASOY teas, juices
    SUBSTITUTE: Ichitan, Pokka, Oichi tea and juices (Japan)




    SUBSTITUTE: many Japanese alternatives.


    BOYCOTT PACSAFE (travel equipment)

    BOYCOTT WeMine,

    BOYCOTT: Dragonair, Hong Kong Airlines, Hong Kong Express Airways, Cathay Pacific
    SUBSTITUTE: AirAsia (Malaysia)

    BOYCOTT: Bank of China, Bank of East Asia, Wing Ang Bank, Chinachem Group, CITIC Bank International, DBS Bank, Hang Seng Bank, Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, MTR Properties, Nanyang Commercial Bank, New World Development, OCBC Wing Hang Bank, Shanghai Commercial Bank, Sino Land, Sun Hung Kai Properties, Taylor Brunswick Group, Wing Lung Bank

    BOYCOTT FUJIKON (audio), Group Sense
    SUBSTITUTE: Japanese electronics



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