Non-Pornographic Images Of Children Being Banned Worldwide

What type of sickness is beginning to creep over the Planet Earth where we are witnessing Non-Pornographic images of children being banned worldwide? It is not Non-Pornographic nudes I am speaking of here but images of children in clothing. It is bad enough to witness the hundreds of thousands of youth (yes that many) being accused of distributing child porn just because they foolishly sent a nude photograph of themselves or posted one only or texted one privately. We are witnessing this disturbing behaviour spreading to include not only Non-Pornographic nude photos but even fully clothed children. It happens on YouTube almost daily ( don’t believe me? Just get any child to make a video wiggling their toes in front of a camera and see how long it takes before it is flagged, deleted and possibly even the associated account banned). This is hysteria that amounts to a sickness. What is the cause of it? It must be the burgeoning growth of equality in youth; including sexuality and expression that they deserve that is responsible for this irrational fear. It even happens on the Google Plus Communities to accounts that post images of fully clothed Youth.
We must assume it is due to people flagging accounts out of mischief and those who receive them couldn’t be bothered to look personally at what is flagged or perhaps they are themselves forbidden to look. So many flags means an automatic banning.
It isn’t only personal accounts but even entire websites. I know many individuals who have had photo accounts such as TUMBLR or INSTAGRAM deleted only because they were posting pictures of boys not even in the nude!
Read this : BoB and Boyart is closed

Europe Authorities did force the server provider to stop it. 😦
So it is closed, for clarifying the situation.
Thank you for your understanding.

That was from a popular photosite that never ever permitted porn or even nude photos.

How much further is this hysteria going to go unreported and unchallenged?


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