Tsunami Of Love 2017

It has been discussed that the target completion date for the Tsunami Of Love self awareness of the Human Collective on Earth is 2017. Now, more than ever is it important for those of us who serve the Light to be unconditionally loving, honest and fearless in the spreading of our assigned truths with our Human Family here. Remember that to love others, you must love yourself first and to know others you must know yourself first. Let us hope to see the successful completion of our personal missions before the end of 2017.
All Blessings be upon Us! Soon our Brothers and Sisters will be aware of their Nature as Spiritual/Energetic beings contained within a Human Vessel here in this low frequency Realm of Time/Space Duality. To be aware that in truth all things share the same space without time and are separated only according to their frequency of Energetic expression. Soon may we all bear witness to the end of Country Internment (Humans live in towns and cities and not in Nation States) and Currency Slavery (all Currency is privately mass-manufactured, worthless tiny strips covered in cartoons). Humans require only Planetary Resources and Human Labour for all things. An end to Classificationism, an acceptance of Universalism along with the knowledge of shared time.

Below we have an important message from Master Jesus about 2017.


Author: octaevius

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