Child Suffrage

We “the Servants of the Light” have entitled this post “Child Suffrage” but it is about so much more. The issue of Child Suffrage is a Global issue that is tied to the overall expression of politics and laws being based upon the Classificationist view over the Universalist view. You will rarely hear this topic discussed, as at present all Children born into our human Collective on this Planet are not regarded as Beings unto themselves, entitled to full Human Rights but merely as property and not fully Human at all.

Classificationists: View all members of our human Collective as unequal. Some are more Human and entitled to more or less rights while others are less so; dependent upon which category/class the Classificationists choose to invent and impose upon them. This is the reason why the struggle to liberate so many is difficult as the base upon which the entire structure of politics and laws is built upon is flawed. They define behavior as being based solely upon which category of Human they have opted to invent and impose upon our Human Collective. So they will believe that Humans do things based upon their Age Group, Tribe, Race, Religion, Gender, Socio-economic Class, I.Q. , Body Shape etc. basically defining Human Behavior upon their own inventions. They desire Power over others. They want you to believe that different Humans are living at different times. They view time as a line and will trick you into believing that they know how long your span upon this World within your Human Vessel will be.
Universalists: View all members of our Human Collective here on Earth as the same. There is no greater than or less than. We know that all Human Beings are the same and that what is good or bad for one Human vessel is good or bad for them all. We know that all members of our Human Collective here do things based exclusively on Desire, Ability and Intent; regardless of which type of Human they are. We desire mutual respect of Free Will. We know that Time is only a series of points and not a line. We know all Beings are here and are sharing the present time all together within the Now of this moment. There are no different times for different Humans. Be joyful and loving Now! We will not tell you that We know how long you will be present with us, so we will never tell you to wait upon any desire!

All laws at present within the Internment Camps of Earth (masquerading as Countries/Nation States) are based upon the Classificationist views. The approach is flawed and it is our responsibility as “Servants of the Light” to make our fellow members of the Human Collective on Earth aware of this as well as the techniques that the Classificationists use to impose their views upon others. There have been prior posts (not all migrated here yet) about the Deceivers of the World who will always attempt to appear to Us as other than what they are. They will use pleasing forms and mask themselves behind religion or patriotism or some other ruse in order to force you to follow them. You will always be able to recognize them by their works.

Whenever any Human attempts to alter your Free Will through the use of Shame, Fear and Lies you will know them as a Deceiver and should immediately distance yourself from them. The Servants of the Light will always use Pride, Courage and Truth to convince you to follow us of your own Free Will. Soon (before the end of 2017) we hope to see our Human Collective here on Earth set free from Country Internment and Currency Slavery. As the Tsunami of Love covers this Universe, We will witness the formation of a Planetary Council and an introduction of Universal Law which will enable all Humans do gather together into their own City States and establish New Laws that will be based upon Desire, Ability and Intent and no longer upon narrow categories imposed upon you.

So relax and await the new Freedoms that will be unveiled here on Earth which will include Child Suffrage. Just be brave and loving at all times. Do not concern yourselves with where others are or what others are thinking or how others are acting. Concern yourself with where you are, how you are thinking and how you are treating those about you. Be Loving!


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