How To Treat The Currency Slavers

Here is an important message about how we should be treating the “Currency Slavers” (all those who own shares in and are directly responsible for the Central Banks).

“Expel all of the Currency Slavers from your towns and cities. Load them up as pack mules with all of their worthless currency – including coinage – and drive them before ye as cattle. Permit them no respite and do not allow them to leave even a single penny in their wake. Know that as they take their currency away they also are carrying away all of your “debt” along with all of their lies. Do not share their burden, be it as great as all the weight upon the Earth. Be as compassionate towards them as you would be towards a bedbug in a dwelling. They are loathsome, contemptible bloodsuckers!”

All those who claim that any form of currency is in any way valuable and deserving of interest collected or paid are criminals.

The Prophet Jesus said

“Deliver unto Caesar all that is Caesar’s.”

So I call upon you all to do the same.


Author: octaevius

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