Nationalist and Capitalist Chat

Nationalist One: “My internment camp is the best!”

Nationalist Two: “Well, I don’t know if it is the best but I agree that Internment camps A to N are the best and those other internment camps O to Z are evil!”

Nationalist One: “You bet internment camps O to Z are evil. We should erect a giant electric fence completely around the perimeter of our internment camp! That will protect our prisoners from those other Humans. They will have a hard time getting in!”

Nationalist Two: “That’s a brilliant idea. I wonder why it hasn’t been done yet?”

Nationalist Three: “As a Stateless Person, I don’t have an internment camp that I can call my own yet but you can bet your life that we will create our own soon enough!”


All members of the Human Collective of Earth are sovereign citizens of the Planet, with the right to travel, live or work anyplace upon this planet unhindered. All countries are internment camps. Humans live in towns and cities upon the Earth and culture is found where the people dwell.


Capitalist One: “I am making so much money!”

Capitalist Two: “Yeah, good for you. So am I!”

Capitalist One: “You can just never have enough money. I like to imagine that I have so much money that I could pile it up and it would be as high the Empire State Building. Wouldn’t that be something to see?”

Capitalist Two: “Yeah, I would like to have so much money that I could pile it up and it would be higher than Mount Everest! It would take me at least 3 weeks to reach the top and I’d need oxygen tanks!”

Capitalist One: “Wow what a great dream. Profit is all that matters. Did I mention that you can just never have enough money? Imagine a Planet with only mountains of cash, piled as high as the sky and as far as you could see in every direction. In fact, there would be nothing else at all on the entire Planet!”

Capitalist Two: “Oh there you go! I have to go change my underwear now, you got me so excited!”


All money (currency) is privately mass-manufactured, worthless, tiny strips covered in cartoons. It is the greatest fraud perpetrated against the Human Collective of Earth. The only thing of value in the Multi-verse is labour. With labour, all is possible and without it nothing is possible. There is nothing of greater value than a single life because of the ability that life has to create for the Dark or for the Light. All who collect, or pay interest on currency are criminals. No currency has any value, nor shiny metals, nor shiny stones, nor the liquids and vapours of the Earth.


Author: octaevius

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