Urgent Action Required

It is imperative that any individual who is charged for violating the illegal age of sexual consent increase contained within the forced passage of Bill C-22 make sure that their legal counsel contacts me here
All the documentation required to restore law and order to Canada by having all illegal amendments that were made, struck permanently from the Criminal Code of Canada are ready.
– We know that human sexuality and expression is a need
– We know that all 14 and 15-year-olds have been sexually regarded as adults for hundreds of years
– We know that increasing the Age of Sexual Consent 1 year is the same act as increasing it by 10 years
– We know that increasing the age of sexual consent to age 24 will not prevent people under age 24 from being raped

It was not possible for me to pursue the Attorney General of Canada directly as I was not awarded standing. It is not feasible to bring this matter before the courts by having innocent Canadians charged for a violation on the part of the Fundamentalist Conservative government of the Canadian Constitution. The only feasible manner to bring this before the courts was to grant me standing on behalf of public interest. I am preparing to launch an appeal on this matter if I am not contacted soon by legal counsel of any who are charged. There simply is no contest as the Attorney General of Canada does not stand a chance of having any victory over us.

Here is an article about the stupid Christian Fundamentalist Conservative government and their continued attempts to instil a sense of Shame, Fear and Lies in Canada.

From METRO an article by Bruce Cheadle

Or read it below

Tories return to tough-on-crime theme with enhanced sex offender registry

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives returned to safe tough-on-crime waters Monday with a cross-country media blitz on a new bill aimed at sex offenders. Voters are just the bycatch.

Whether it be a predatory pedophile, violent repeat rapist, child-porn purveyor, drunken flasher or simply an immature 21-year-old convicted of having a consensual relationship with a 15-year-old, all will automatically go upon conviction into the national sex offender registry under the proposed new legislation.

A sample of their DNA will be held and their personal movements tracked for the balance of their lives.

And police will be able to use that information pre-emptively, rather than only as an investigative tool after a crime is committed as is currently the case.

“If police see an individual behaving suspiciously – near a school ground for example – they’ll be able to request information from the database,” Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan said at a news conference in Ottawa.

“They will be able to learn if the person involved is a registered sex offender.”

Currently, a judge has to approve registration of a convicted offender after a formal application by the Crown.

Van Loan said the automatic provision will almost double the number of sex offenders going into the registry.

No new funding, however, is being allocated to the RCMP-administered system, which currently costs $550,000 annually.

The new legislation, which won’t likely be passed into law until next fall at the earliest, will also require that Canadians convicted of sex crimes outside the country be included in the registry.

“No longer will Canada be a safe haven from which travelling sex offenders can operate safely,” said Van Loan.

Whether the expanded registry is good criminal justice policy is open to debate. Whether it is good politics is not.

“It’s very consistent with much of the Tory agenda on crime,” said criminologist Neil Boyd of Simon Fraser University.

“They’re looking at how they can shape public opinion.”

More than half a dozen different Tory MPs and cabinet ministers delivered the registry’s tough-on-crime message Monday at various points across Canada. The government had already leaked the news to selected media outlets a day earlier.

Opposition MPs leapt on the bandwagon.

“My question to the Conservatives is, what’s taken three-and-a-half years to do it?” NDP MP Joe Comartin asked outside the Commons.

MP Dominic LeBlanc sounded the requisite Liberal concerns about the Charter of Rights but added that “at first glance, anything that will improve the reliability of the information on the registry seems to us to be appropriate.”

Police chiefs across the country lauded the legislation.

Paul Gillespie, who retired from the Toronto police child exploitation unit three years ago and now runs a child safety website, http://www.kinsa.net, said the changes will be a vast improvement.

The existing registry, said Gillespie, is “not easily accessible to front-line officers or investigators, so it was useless.”

The new registry will also enforce ongoing monitoring of offenders, unlike the existing version.

“I think it’s a tremendous piece of legislation,” said Gillespie.

But Boyd said repeated studies have shown convicted sex offenders – “contrary to public perceptions” – are actually less likely to reoffend than other criminals.

“There isn’t a singular sex offender,” he said.

“If the sex offender registry was really only for violent, predatory sex offenders then it would have a very small number of names.”

The policy change, said Boyd, “is really about imagery. It’s not about reality.”

His was not the common view.

Lianna McDonald of the Winnipeg-based Canadian Centre for Child Protection called the registry changes “an important step in the right direction.”

McDonald lauded both automatic inclusion and allowing police to use the registry “proactively.”

“I think Canadians will be quite shocked when we see the growth of the registry, when you look at the number of individuals convicted . . . . which speaks to a larger problem we have,” she said.

She said it’s a positive development that all people convicted of possessing child pornography, for instance, will be included on the registry.

McDonald raised the spectre of the 2003 Toronto murder of 10-year-old Holly Jones. The killer confessed later to viewing child pornography before the crime – although he’d never been caught and convicted, so he would not appear on today’s registry.

“We know we’re not going to catch everybody,” McDonald conceded.

“This is only the tip of the iceberg.”

Pay particular attention to this …”or simply an immature 21-year-old convicted of having a consensual relationship with a 15-year-old…” This is what we have been waiting for. This is all we require in order to restore the Legal Age of Sexual Consent within Canada to age 14. It will not be a challenge as soon as we have standing.

Any persons charged for violating this illegal amendment must make sure their legal counsel contacts me here

The sooner, the better. It is time for Pride, Courage and Truth. “Let’s get the show on the road and clean house.” I’m waiting and I’m not going anywhere.


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